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Network Working Group J. Postel Request for Comments: 659 SRI-ARC NIC: 31177 18 October 1974

                Announcing Addtional Telnet Options
 This is to announce the set of Telnet Options defined in Request For
 Comments 651 through 658 (NIC 31154 through 31161) are part of the
 official Telnet Options and should be added to the Protocol Notebook.
 RFC 651 is a revision of the Status Option to utilize the subcommand
 feature and reduce the number of bits required to convey the status
 information.  This revised Status Option replaces the previous Status
 The other RFCs (652 through 658) are new Options for controlling the
 behavior of the format effector characters Carriage Return,
 Horizontal Tab, Form Feed, Vertical Tab, and Line Feed.
 Your attention is also called to RFC 645 (NIC 30899) "Network
 Standard Data Specification Syntax" which was prepared some time ago
 but has not received wide circulation.
 Unfortunately the Network Information Center can not provide hardcopy
 documents.  Currently the author is responsible for distribution of
 The documents are available online as:
    [SRI-ARC]<POSTEL>RFC659.TXT (This Announcement)
       (If these files are not found online they may have been
       archived, in this case the files should be accessable via the
       "interogate" command.)
           [This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry]
            [into the online RFC archives by Lorrie Shiota, 2/02]

Postel [Page 1]

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