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Network Working Group A. Vezza Request for Comments: 419 MIT-MAC NIC: 12763 12 December 1972

                        MIT-DMS on Vacation
 TO: Network Liaisons and Station Agents
 The PDP-10 at Project MAC, affectionately known as the Dynamic
 Modeling System, will, during the holiday season, take a short
 vacation from all activities including networking.  The best estimate
 I have, at present, is that we expect that on or about December 26,
 1972, the system will cease operation for a period of at least 10
 days and possibly as long as three weeks.  During this period, we
 will be installing a paging system.  I wish to advise people of this
 hiatus in system operation and also to advise them that during the
 first few weeks the paging system is in operation, the Dynamic
 Modeling system may not be as available as it has been in the past.
        [This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry]
    [into the online RFC archives by Helene Morin, Via Genie 12/99]

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