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Network Working Group Robert T. Braden Request for Comments: 390 UCLA/CCM NIC: 11582 September 12, 1972

                            TSO SCENARIO

logon uid (Use your user-id) LOGON UID (TSO repeats line for reasons of its own) ENTER PASSWORD (TSO asks for password) xyz UID LOGON IN PROGRESS AT 09:59:18 ON AUGUST 28, 1972 LOGON PROCEEDING (It may take a minute or longer) WELCOME TO TSO. GOOD LUCK.




READY (call EDIT to create source data set) edit sample new fortg INPUT (for "new" data set, EDIT enters INPUT mode automatically) 00010 exec fortgcl (in INPUT mode, 00020 c a sample fortran program EDIT types out line numbers, 00030 c user enters lines.) 00040 1 format(' enter a') 00050 2 format(' the square root of',f10.3,' is',f10.3) 00060 3 format(f10.3) 00070 100 write(6,1) (Specifying "fortg" in 00080 read(5,3) a edit command sets logical tabs 00090 b=sqrt(a) correctly for Fortran) 00100 write(6,2) a, b 00110 go to 100 00120 end 00130 /* 00140 lked.syslmod dd disp=new,dsn=abc132.uid.load(root) 00150 (Null line leaves INPUT mode) verify ("verify" causes changed line to be displayed) change 140 /new/old/ 00140 LKED.SYSLMOD DD DISP=OLD,DSN=ABC123.UID.LOAD(ROOT) list 00010 EXEC FORTGCL 00020 C A SAMPLE FORTRAN PROGRAM 00030 C

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00040 1 FORMAT(' ENTER A') 00050 2 FORMAT(' THE SQUARE ROOT OF',F10.3,' IS',F10.3) 00060 3 FORMAT(F10.3) 00070 100 WRITE(6,1) 00080 READ(5,3) A 00090 B=SQRT(A) 00100 WRITE(6,2) A, B 00110 GO TO 100 00120 END 00130 /* 00140 LKED.SYSLMOD DD DISP=OLD,DSN=ABC132.UID.LOAD(ROOT) END OF DATA save (Make permanent copy of source file) SAVED end (Leave EDIT) READY (Create new load module library data set) allocate da(load) new space(5,5) block(7294) dir(1) READY free da(load) (Free library data set from TSO so batch READY job can linkedit into it) submit sample (Submit source file to batch) ENTER JOBNAME CHARACTER- p JOB ABC123P SUBMITTED (User "UID" has charge number "ABC123") READY status ABC123P WAITING FOR READER IEF404I ABC123P ENDED (Spontaneous message when job finishes) READY status ABC123P FINISHED WAITING FOR WRITER READY keepout abc123p (Save output in permanent data set) SYSOUT DATA SET FOR JOB ABC123P ADDED TO PRINT DATA SET WITH UNLIKE ATTRIBUTES+ SYSOUT DATA SET FOR JOB ABC123P ADDED TO PRINT DATA SET WITH UNLIKE ATTRIBUTES+ NO CLASS OUTPUT FOR JOB ABC123P EDIT OUTPUT.LIST ("Keepout" leaves you in EDIT to examine output list) find /return code/ CCN011I STEP RETURN CODE = 0 list ABC123P JOB 'ABC123.UID,B=0672', UID, NOTIFY=UID, MSGLEVEL=(1,1) EXEC FORTGCL 0000001

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XXFORTGCL PROC TC=1439,TL=1439,PC=150,PL=10,RL=154K,RC=100K,LEVEL=1 XXFORT EXEC PGM=IEYFORT,REGION=&RC,TIME=&TC 0000002 IEF653I SUBSTITUTION JCL - PGM=IEYFORT,REGION=100K,TIME=1439 XXSTEPLIB DD DISP=(SHR,PASS),DSN=&&FORTRAN&LEVEL 0000003 IEF653I SUBSTITUTION JCL - DISP=(SHR,PASS),DSN=&&FORTRAN1 XXSYSLIN DD DSN=&&LOADSET,DISP=(MOD,PASS),UNIT=SYSDA, 0000004 XX SPACE=(3200,(8,4),RLSE),DCB=BLKSIZE=3200 0000005 XXSYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=A,DCB=(RECFM=FBA,LRECL=120,BLKSIZE=3480), 0000006 XX SPACE=(TRK,&PC,RLSE) 0000007 IEF653I SUBSTITUTION JCL - SPACE=(TRK,150,RLSE) SYSIN DD * GENERATED STATEMENT IEF236I ALLOC. FOR ABC123P FORT IEF237I 342 ALLOCATED TO STEPLIB IEF237I 450 ALLOCATED TO SYSLIN IEF237I 630 ALLOCATED TO SYSPRINT IEF237I 230 ALLOCATED TO SYSIN 1 FORTRAN IV G LEVEL 20 MAIN DATE=72241 0 C A SAMPLE FORTRAN PROGRAM C 0001 1 FORMAT(' ENTER A') 0002 2 FORMAT(' THE SQUARE ROOT OF',F10.3,' IS',F10.3) 0003 3 FORMAT(F10.3) 0004 100 WRITE(6,1) 0005 READ(5,3) A 0006 B=SQRT(A) 0007 WRITE(6,2) A, B 0008 GO TO 100 0009 END 1 FORTRAN IV G LEVEL 20 MAIN DATE=72241 0 [Page 3] SUBPROGRAMS CALLED EDIT end (Leave EDIT) READY print output.list (Ask to have output printed at CCN) DATASET OUTPUT.LIST HAS BEEN ENQUEUED FOR PRINTING IN CLASS C READY (Now execute load module in foreground) allocate file(ft05f001) da(*) READY (Allocate Fortran input and output files to terminal) allocate file(ft06f001) da(*) READY call load(root) (Call load module) ENTER A 3.141 THE SQUARE ROOT OF 3.141 IS 1.772 ENTER A 4096. THE SQUARE ROOT OF 4096.000 IS 64.000 ENTER A READY logoff UID LOGGED OFF TSO AT 10:40:18 ON AUGUST 28, 1972+ [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Marcus Meissner 1/98 ] [Page 4]

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