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Network Working Group Richard W. Watson Request for Comments #273 SRI-ARC NIC 7837 18 October 1971 Categories: Related: 7625, 7626, 7661, 7688, 7650, 7646 Obsoletes: 7662

                    MORE ON STANDARD HOST NAMES
 The Network Information Center is a logical place to handle this
 problem of Standard Host Names and so the ball now rests here.
 This is clearly a delicate subject with people having strong
 feelings and attachments to names.  No past proposal, including
 RFC 247, NIC 7668, has yet achieved any acceptance.  This
 identification seems a natural thing and should be taken into
 account in setting up a naming scheme.  Therefore, the following
 proposal is offered which I hope may be satisfactory to everyone.
 Any naming scheme must:
    (1)  Recognize the expanding character of the Network, with
    the potential eventually of several hundred sites.
    (2)  Recognize the need for abbreviations to simplify typing.
    (3) Recognize the use of names on hardcopy and online
    (4)  Recognize people's strong identification with historical
    names associated with their project.
 To meet these needs, we propose adoption of a hybrid scheme
 related to those in the other past proposals.
 Each host will have a formal name of the form:
    <Institution Mnemonic>    "-"   <Host or NIC Station Mnemonic>
    and an optional nickname of the form:
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RWW 20 OCT 71 7837 More on Standard Names

 We have heard no arguments to support severe restrictions on name
 length and, therefore, human considerations should probably
 prevail, but would suggest the following guidelines.
    <Institution Mnemonic> will be at most 4 characters, formed as
    per RFC 247, NIC (7688,).
       Examples of Institutions being:  AMES, CASE, BBN, UCLA,
       SRI, MIT, HARV, MITR, etc.
       We must recognize that in the future there may be multiple
       IMPS and TIPS and combinations at a given institution, so
       that there is not a one-to-one correspondence between
       <Institution Mnemonic> and IMPS or TIPS.  Also affiliated
       with the Network, there will be groups and individuals
       without an IMP or a TIP, or with just a terminal to a TIP,
       whose organizations need unique names.
    <Host or Nic Station Mnemonic> will not have any restriction
    on length, but should if possible be short.  In picking <Host
    or NIC Station Mnemonic>, an order of priority for choosing
    this mnemonic might be
       (1)  Suborganization within the <Institution Mnemonic>.
       (2)  Project mnemonic.
       (3)  Machine designation.
       (4) The suggestion in RFC 247, NIC 7688 to include the
       designation TIP or TEST should probably be followed as
       conveying useful information.
       Examples might be:
          DMCG, IMP, TX2, etc.
    The <nickname> should be unique within the network community,
    short, and preferably should be the same as <Host or NIC
    Station Mnemonic> to make life easy for people having to learn
 I would strongly recommend that Telnets recognize both the Formal
 Name and the Nickname.
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RWW 20 OCT 71 7837 More on Standard Names

 Now the sticky question:  who chooses the names?  The only
 satisfactory answer is to allow the hosts, through their liaison,
 to choose their own names, possibly subject to some discussion if
 duplicate or extra long names are picked.  Hosts or stations at a
 given institution should use the same <Institution Mnemonic>.
 Let's settle this issue as soon as possible, say by November 5;
 each liaison please send me your names by then.
 If there are any implementation hardship cases, other than TIPs,
 caused by the above scheme, please let me know as soon as
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