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Network Working Group R. Metcalfe Request for Comments: 222 Project MAC NIC: 7621 13 September 1971

 As described in RFC's #207 and #212, the next meeting of the ARPA
 Computer Network Working Group (NWG) will be held at MIT Project MAC
 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 10-14, 1971.
 The first phase of the NWG meeting is to be a workshop for a
 representative group of system programmers from those sites with
 operational TELNET interfaces.  From noon, Sunday, October 10, until
 sometime late Monday evening, teams of workshop participants will hit
 the ARPA network from MAC consoles in an intensive effort to study
 its operational characteristics and to work on any remaining trouble
 spots in protocols and their implementations.
 Although the NWG meeting is geared for heavy attendance, our
 facilities and objectives make it important that no more than a dozen
 system programmers be present for the grueling workshop sessions
 planned.  These system programmers should be from sites with
 operational TELNET interfaces (user and/or server) and should have a
 working knowledge of protocols, their own NCP's, and TELNET
 implementations.  Sites wishing to send a system programmer should
 leave his name and address with Anne Speare at (617) 864-6900 x1458.
 In preparation for the workshop, we are working on documentation
 describing our user TELNET and a site-use scenario booklet to be used
 at the workshop in exercising various systems.  It is our intention
 to establish a pattern of routine usage with as many sites as
 possible prior to the workshop.  In developing the site-use scenario
 booklet, we will be looking for advice and comment from participating
 Because the use of computers with operational network protocols is
 central to the success of the workshop, we are working hard to bring
 our developing system into a period of stability and are making
 special arrangements for on-site hardware repair personnel.  To the
 extent that participating sites can make similar preparations, the
 chances for a successful workshop will be improved.
 We are hoping that knowledgeable network people will be on call at
 the various sites during the workshop so that there will be some hope
 of fixing minor implementation problems on the fly.
 We will begin the workshop at noon on Sunday, October 10 with a brief
 strategy meeting in Project MAC's second floor conference room, #217,
 545 Technology Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Our first mission

Metcalfe [Page 1] RFC 220 System Programmer's Workshop 13 September 1971

 will be to establish and exercise all possible TELNET connections
 with MAC's PDP-10 (Host 70.).  When this first check-off is complete,
 we will meet again to discuss difficulties and to regroup for our
 second mission.  By appropriately nesting TELNET's, we will pair up
 to systematically fill in the matrix of possible TELNET connections.
 During the workshop we expect to be finding and fixing implementation
 problems, discussing protocol, and getting an extremely valuable
 introduction to the use of a wide variety of hosts.  Our experience
 in the workshop will be an important input to the NWG sessions to
 follow.  In particular, we are to generate specific reports for the
 protocol review and status sessions.
 See you then.
 Bob Metcalfe
 (617) 864-6900
  x1429 Office
  x1458 Secretary
  x2910 Computer Room
 Room 203
 Project MAC
 545 Technology Square
 Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
       [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
           [ into the online RFC archives by Ryan Kato 6/01]

Metcalfe [Page 2]

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