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Network Working Group C. Partridge Request for Comments: 1313 BBN

                                                          1 April 1992
                Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313
                        Internet Talk Radio

Status of this Memo

 This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
 not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


 Hi and welcome to KRFC Internet Talk Radio, your place on the AM dial
 for lively talk and just-breaking news on internetworking.  Sponsored
 by the Internet Society, KRFC serves the San Francisco Bay Area.  For
 those of you outside the Bay Area, copies of program transcripts can
 be anonymously FTPed from the day after the
 program, or you can listen in via vat.
 Here's today's programming for today, Wednesday, 1 April 1992.

Hacker's Hour with Phil Karn (Midnight)

 Phil's special guest today is Dr. David Mills, who will explain the
 special problems of correcting for the Doppler effect when trying to
 properly synchronize the new WWV receiver chip in your PC while
 flying on the Concorde.

Nighttime News (1AM)

 Award winning Nighttime News gives you a full hour on those key facts
 you need to know before going to bed.  Be sure to catch our network
 outage report with Elise Gerich.  (Elise's report is sponsored by

Late At Night With Ole (2 AM)

 Call in your favorite Internetwork questions to Ole Jacobsen and his
 guests.  Tonite's featured guests are John Moy, prime author of OSPF,
 and Milo Medin who will talk about how OSPF is great, but you really
 need to test it on 1822 networks to understand why.

Partridge [Page 1] RFC 1313 Today's Programming for KRFC AM 13XX 1 April 1991

Marty in the Morning (6 AM)

 Join the irrepressable Marty for five hours of eye-opening talk and
 commentary.  Hear the latest on the commercial state of data
 networking in the US and who is at fault for limiting its growth.
 Special guest Kent England plans to drop by the studio today --
 listen in for the flames!

Education Report (11 AM)

 Gordon Cook solicits advice from Prof. David Farber on good ways to
 develop a research career.  (In the likely event that Prof. Farber is
 unavailable at the last minute, Prof.  Farber has arranged for Prof.
 David Sincoskie to take his place).

Lunch with Lynch (11:30 AM)

 Dan Lynch is on vacation this week and Vint Cerf is taking his place.
 Today Vint has lunch with Mitch Kapor of the EFF, MacArthur genius
 Richard Stallman, and Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf.  Don't miss Vint's
 suggestions for wines to go with today's business lunch! [Lunch with
 Lynch is sponsored by Interop. Wines are provided by the vineyards in
 return for promotional considerations].

News (1 PM)

 Join Joyce and Jon as they report on the key networking news of the
 day.  Don't miss their update on the latest address and port
 assignments and tips on upcoming RFCs!

Two by Four Time (2 PM)

 Today Marshall Rose will take out his two-by-four and apply it to
 Phill Gross for violating the Internet Standard Meeting Rules at the
 last IETF and starting a session before 9 AM.  Additional victims to
 be announced.  Today's show will be available as a book from Prentice
 Hall by next Tuesday.

Mike at the Mike (4 PM)

 Listen in to the Marina's favorite local DJ.  Hear why They never
 listen and Never will!  How come The Book's publishers don't seem to
 be able to add and why ATM is Another Technical Mistake.  Then join
 MAP at 7:45 for a wee bit of this week's preferred single malt.

Partridge [Page 2] RFC 1313 Today's Programming for KRFC AM 13XX 1 April 1991

The Protocol Police (8 PM)

 Liven up your evening with the protocol police.  Join our intrepid
 team of Stev Knowles and Mike St. Johns as they debug various TCP/IP
 implementations from the comfort of Mike's hot tub using Stev's
 water-proof portable PC.  Last week they caught Peter Honeyman
 hijacking an NFS implementation.  This week they're joined by Yakov
 Rehkter with his new Roto-Router tool, designed to catch routing
 anomalies.  Who will our team nab this week?

Family Hour (10 PM)

 As part of this week's special series on children and networking, Bob
 Morris and Jerry Estrin talk about how much you should teach your
 young children about networking.

Securely Speaking (11 PM)

 Come eavesdrop as Steve Kent and Steve Crocker give you this week's
 latest security news (if they're allowed to talk about it).  And
 remember, just after 11 o'clock Steve and Steve will be reading this
 week's encrypted message.  If you're the first caller to call in with
 the right DES key to decrypt the message, you'll win $1,000 and an
 all expenses paid trip to Ft. Meade!  (US nationals only please).

Security Considerations

 Security issues are discussed in the above section.

Author's Address

 Craig Partridge
 824 Kipling St
 Palo Alto, CA  94301
 Phone: 415-325-4541

Partridge [Page 3]

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