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Network Working Group S. Greenfield Request for Comments: 1300 Ziff-Davis

                                                         February 1992
                    Remembrances of Things Past

Status of this Memo

 This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
 not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


              When Shannon was a river
                 and Turing was a car
              When Banyan was a tree
                 and buses travelled far
              dBase was where you ran to
                 after you hit the ball
              Often we were ANSI
                 RISC aversive not at all
              Windows were for looking out of
                 in a Tandem, two could take a spin
              Bridges were for crossing
                 a frame was to keep pictures in
              A semi-conductor was a maestro
                 not in the big time yet
              A port you sought in a storm
                 fishermen used a net
              Woody Guthrie sang of "My LAN"
                 WAN was a despairing mood
              LATAs were for high places
                 menus featured food

Greenfield [Page 1] RFC 1300 Remembrances of Things Past February 1992

              If a cursor used four letter words
                 a sensor cut them out
              The sight of a mouse in an office
                 was sure to raise a shout
              Haloid perfected photocopying
                 and thereby made a hoard
              Then came Japanese competition
                 and its "ox" was gored
              Frequency was measured in cycles
                 Hertz referred to multiple pain
              Modem was a harvesting command
                 for bringing in the grain
              Modelling was at fashion shows
                 bauds were ladies of the night
              Prompting was helping actors
                 contesting for resources, a fight
              Walking and chewing gum concurrently
                 requires considerable skill
              We called it multi-tasking
                 and by gosh we always will
              We had no electronic calculators
                 just slide rules by Keuffel & Esser
              I am still a true believer
                 Keufel & Esser war besser
              Chips were used for gambling
                 von Neuman was a pup
              Monte Carlo a place to visit
                 squaring the circle ... well, we gave up
              A Sprint was less than 880
                 a relay was a team
              Greene was just a color
                 breaking up AT&T a dream

Greenfield [Page 2] RFC 1300 Remembrances of Things Past February 1992

              Coherent was applied to speech
                 not a spectral line excited
              Multi-media meant prose and song
                 and Noel Coward was knighted
              Cerf was found at the beach
                 a Rose was a Rose was a Rose
              Jobs were to look for
                 and Gates were to close
              "2B" was an elementary school class
                 and "D" a failing grade
              A router was a tool
                 a server was a maid
              Lotus was a flower
                 adobe was a brick
              Postscript was an afterthought
                 joy a popsicle stick
              We called a plotter a CAD
                 a token ring a sham
              A buffer was for buffing
                 a male goat was a ram
              The best noise supressor was ... ssh
                 we knew little of egos and ids
              For archival storage and encryption
                 we looked to the pyramids
              Now in accordance with Greenfield's Law
                 in voice both loud and clear
              Here's to exponential growth in memory
                 & operating speed next year.
  1. -srg

Greenfield [Page 3] RFC 1300 Remembrances of Things Past February 1992

Security Considerations

 Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Author's Address

 Stanley R. Greenfield
 One Park Avenue
 New York, NY 10016

Greenfield [Page 4]

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