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Network Working Group Richard Watson Request for Comments: 118 Stanford Research Institute (ARC) NIC: 5830 16 April 1971



 There are two classes of information which a site needs to provide
 for each service or process it makes available over the Network:
    i) information required by system programmers in order to
    establish a connection to the facility
    ii) information required by a user to gain access to and use the
 The above two basic kinds of information which need to be in each
 facility description will comprise a "functional document" (see RFC
 115, NIC (5822,) for a description of functional documents and
 recommended procedures for updating them).
 The information required by user site system programmers may be a
 detailed document or a reference to a document containing a protocol
 common to several facilities or some combination of the above.  All
 information required such as connection socket numbers, message
 formats, and character set information must be included.  Two
 examples of system programmer type information are RFC 74, NIC
 (5417,) and RFC 105, NIC (5775,) prepared by James White of UCSB.
 The information required by user site users is of three types:
    a) information unique to Network users of the facility
    b) information in common between Network users and server site
    users of the facility
    c) information unique to particular Network user site.
 The information of type c) would be prepared by the user site from
 the information provided by the server site.  An example might be
 keying conventions required in order to send certain codes to the
 server site.

Watson [Page 1] RFC 118 Recommendations for Facility Documentation April 1971

 Future documentation will probably be written with information types
 a) and b) above integrated in one document, but initially server
 sites will probably have user manuals or documentation for their
 local users and will need to write a short document giving any
 additional information required for Network users.  This information
 will vary, but might include a different login or control card
 sequence, varying echo or syntax for user sites operating with
 character at a time, line at a time, server site or user site echoing
 and so forth.  Some features available to server site users may not
 be available to Network user site users or certain features may
 behave differently.
 In addition to the above types of information, there should be
 instructions to the user on how to obtain help or answers to
 questions about using the facility.
 Information about how to obtain administrative access (charge
 numbers, etc.) to a site should be contained in the document, ARPA
 Network Current Guides to Network Facilities, NIC (5148,).  This
 information is being collected by BBN.  This document will in turn
 contain references to the functional documents containing detailed
 descriptions of available Network facilities and how to use them.
 Even if there are no special conventions or information unique to a
 Network user as opposed to a server site user, this fact should be
 explicitly stated in order to avoid confusion or uncertainty.


 The Network Information Center will distribute and maintain one copy
 of each functional document describing a facility in each Network
 Station NIC Collection.  For this purpose we would appreciate it if
 100 copies of each manual and set of manual updates, when they occur,
 could be sent to the NIC.  Users at sites desiring their own copies
 of user documentation can obtain them either directly from the server
 site or by copying the master in their local NIC Collection.  In
 order that users may know where to obtain additional copies of the
 documentation, an address and a price, if any, should be included in
 the information about each facility.
      [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
      [ into the online RFC archives by Mirsad Todorovac 10/98 ]

Watson [Page 2]

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