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Network Working Group S. Crocker Request for Comments #111 UCLA NIC #5815 31 March 71

                     Pressure from the Chairman

[Categories: A.5; RFC's obsoleted: none; RFC's updated: 107]

It is time to set serious schedules for the implementation of NCP's and Telnets. To facilitate matters, John Heafner of Rand has agreed to monitor each site's progress and test its implementation.

Network Liaison Contacts are hereby responsible for preparing a schedule for implementation and informing John. Such a schedule must include dates of

 (a)  implementation of an NCP according to the specifications
      in Document #1 as modified by RFC #107;
 (b)  implementation of a user-Telnet which enables local users to
      login to foreign Hosts;
 (c)  implementation of a server-Telnet which enables foreign users to
      login on your Host;
 (d)  documentation of the mechanism for connecting to and logging in
      to your Host;
 (e)  documentation of the mechanism for obtaining job numbers,
      passwords, etc. to your Host;
 (f)  documentation of the services available on your Host; and
 (e) regular operation at advertised hours.
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RFC 111

John is hereby responsible for prodding Host teams to prodcue the requisite schedule, software and documentation; for testing out the advertised implementations; and for probing and understanding the reasons for unseemly delays. Concomitantly, John is now the right person to complain to about ambiguities, insufficiencies and misunderstandings of the protocols.

 Thank you for your cooperation.
             Steve Crocker
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       [ into the online RFC archives by Josh Elliott 1/98 ]
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