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                       Obtaining FYIs

The Internet FYI (For Your Information) documents form a subseries of the RFCs. For more information on RFCs, see the RFC Editor Web site

For convenience the FYI documents are also grouped and listed by their FYI numbers. The FYIs may be obtained via EMAIL or FTP or from the Web.

FYIs are available via anonymous FTP from FTP.RFC-EDITOR.ORG with the pathname: in-notes/fyi/fyiNN.txt (where "NN" is the number of the FYI. For example fyi4.txt is the current " FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions". Login with FTP username "anonymous" and password "ftp".

FYIs can also be obtained via electronic mail from FTP.RFC-EDITOR.ORG by using the RFC-INFO service. Address the request to "" with a message body of:

 Retrieve: FYI
   Doc-ID: FYInnnn

(Where "nnnn" refers to the number of the FYI (always use 4 digits, so FYI 4 is FYI0004 in the RFC-INFO service). The RFC-INFO@RFC-EDITOR.ORG server provides other ways of selecting FYIs based on date ranges and such; for more information send a message to "" with the message body "help: help".

Note that FYIs may be very large (greater than 100,000 characters), the RFC-INFO service will return large documents in sections of less than 50,000 characters each.



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