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Network Working Group Dean Meyer (SRI-ARC) RFC # 544 Kirk Kelley (SRI-ARC) NIC # 17782 July 13, 1973

             Locating On-Line Documentation at SRI-ARC

Where there used to be one, there are now two files to help users locate user documentation and other files available in NLS:

  <NIC>LOCATOR will lead the user to NIC functional documents by means
  of links.  Its branch labeled "ARC SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION" will direct
      (nic, locator, l:w)
  <USERGUIDES>ARCLOCATOR includes documentation of the SRI-ARC system.
  Many ARC features are available for Network use, and the documents
  in <USERGUIDES>ARCLOCATOR should serve to introduce users to these
      (userguides, arclocator, l:w)

These files are formatted in a way that allows the documents to be easily accessed by inexperienced NLS users. Both files contain instructions for their use as branch one. To see these instructions:

  L[oad] F[ile] <nic>locator CR
  P[rint] B[ranch] .1 CA wn  CA

Please send ideas and suggestions for the LOCATOR files to KIRK or NDM at SRI-ARC.

     [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
     [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with    ]
     [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp.            10/99 ]

Meyer & Kelley [Page 1]

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