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Network Working Group A. McKenzie RFC # 461 BBN-NET NIC # 14416 February 14, 1973

                TELNET Protocol Meeting Announcement

Since the publication of RFC #318 there have been a great number of proposals for changes and/or extensions to the (still unofficial) TELNET Protocol. It now seems appropriate to have a meeting of concerned parties to try, once again, to reach a consensus position and define an "official" protocol (with perhaps, some room for optional expansion).

Accordingly, I hereby announce a TELNET Protocol meeting to be held at UCLA on Monday, March 5. I expect this to be a working meeting (rather than a tutorial to bring new members of the network community up-to- speed) and therefore wish to invite the attendance of only those individuals prepared to discuss at LEAST those issues which have already been raised. At a minimum, attendees should be familiar with the following:

  RFC 318
  RFC 328
  RFC 340
  RFC 357
  RFC 393
  RFC 426
  RFC 435

A familiarity with deliberations of the TELNET Committee prior to RFC 318 would probably also be helpful. Finally, attendees should be aware that there are few (no?) Hosts which follow the echo-control conventions described in RFC 318.

Anyone wishing to attend this meeting should contact Alex McKenzie at BBN (NIC ident aam) 50 Moulton Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02l38. My telephone number is

  (617) 491-1850 ext. 441

When there is some indication of the number of individuals planning to attend, a meeting room will be selected, a time announced, etc.

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