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Network Working Group Alexander A. McKenzie RFC # 445 BBN-NET NIC # 14028 January 22, 1973

              IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This note presents the current IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance schedule. Preventive Maintenance is scheduled on a monthly basis, and a given machine is normally scheduled at the same time each month; wherever possible the time is chosen to coincide with the PM time for the Host(s) at the site.

It is sometimes necessary to reschedule PM's because of network connectivity considerations or for other reasons. Whenever such rescheduling occurs, we will announce the fact as soon as possible via two mechanisms - the TIP NEWS and a Journal note (NOT an RFC) to Technical Liaisons. Any permanent changes to the schedule will be announced via the RFC mechanism.

All times show below are Eastern Time.

  First Monday (of each month)
      BBN IMP [0830-1130]
  First Tuesday
      BBN TIP [0830-1130]
      UCSB [1130-1430]
  First Wednesday
      CARNEGIE [0830-1130]
      SRI [1130-1430]
      XEROX [1500-1800]
  First Thursday
      SAAC [0830-1130]
      UTAH [1030-1330]
  Second Monday
      MIT [0830-1130]
      NOAA [1030-1330]
  Second Tuesday
      MITRE [0830-1130]
      USC [1130-1430]
  Second Wednesday
      CCA [0830-1130]
      STANFORD [1130-1430]
      RADC [1430-1730]

McKenzie [Page 1] RFC 445 IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance Schedule January 1973

  Second Thursday
      BELVOIR [0830-1130]
      UCSD [1130-1430]
      PATRICK [0930-1230]
  Third Monday
      HARVARD [0830-1130]
      UCLA [1000-1300]
  Third Tuesday
      RAND [1130-1430]
      SDC [1530-1830]
  Third Wednesday
      ILLINOIS [0930-1230]
      ARPA [0830-1130]
      AMES IMP [1130-1430]
  Third Thursday
      ETAC [0830-1130]
      FNWC [1130-1430]
  Fourth Monday
      CASE [0830-1130]
      HAWAII [1330-1630]
  Fourth Tuesday
      NBS [0830-1130]
      LBL [1130-1430]
  Fourth Wednesday
      LINCOLN [0830-1130]
      AMES TIP [1130-1430]
  Fourth Thursday
      GWC [0930-1230]
      ISI [1300-1600]
      ABERDEEN [0830-1130]
     [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
     [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with    ]
     [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp.             9/99 ]

McKenzie [Page 2]

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