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Network Working Group B. Manning Request for Comments: 2042 ISI Category: Informational January 1997

                Registering New BGP Attribute Types

Status of this Memo

 This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
 does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
 this memo is unlimited.


 This document describes the process for creating new BGP attribute
 type codes.  Basic attribute type codes are described in RFC 1771,
 pages 12 through 15.  These, and new attribute type codes that are
 used in the Internet are registered with the IANA.
 The actual process will involve the documentation of such attribute
 type codes in an RFC.  There is no intention of segmenting the code
 space into public/private or IP/OSI or any other sectioning.
 As each attribute type code is in the process of being developed, it
 will use an octet value of 255, which will be reserved for this use.
 At the time an attribute type code is assigned a number by the IANA,
 the documetnation and code base will be updated to reflect the
 authorized attribute type code value.
 IANA maintained values will be published in the periodically updated
 Assigned Numbers RFC [6].  Requests for assignment of a new attribute
 type code should be sent to the IANA (IANA@IANA.ORG) with a subject
 that includes the phrase "BGP Attribute Type".

Manning Informational [Page 1] RFC 2042 BGP Atrribute Types January 1997

 Currently in use attribute type codes are listed below:
               Value      Code                             Reference
                 1       ORIGIN                                  [1]
                 2       AS_PATH                                 [1]
                 3       NEXT_HOP                                [1]
                 4       MULTI_EXIT_DISC                         [1]
                 5       LOCAL_PREF                              [1]
                 6       ATOMIC_AGGREGATE                        [1]
                 7       AGGREGATOR                              [1]
                 8       COMMUNITY                               [2]
                 9       ORIGINATOR_ID                           [3]
                 10      CLUSTER_LIST                            [3]
                 11      DPA                                     [4]
                 12      ADVERTISER                              [5]
                 13      RCID_PATH / CLUSTER_ID                  [5]
                 255     reserved for development

Security Considerations

 Security issues are not discussed in this memo.


 [1] Rekhter, Y., and Li, T., "A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4)",
     RFC 1771, March 1995.
 [2] Chandra, R., Traina, P., and T. Li, "BGP Communities
     Attribute", RFC 1997, August 1996.
 [3] Bates, T., Chandra, R, "BGP Route Reflection An alternative
     to full mesh IBGP", RFC 1998, June 1996.
 [4] Chen, E., Bates, T., "Destination Preference Attribute for BGP",
     Work in progress, March 1996.
 [5] Haskin, D., "A BGP/IDRP Route Server alternative to a full mesh
     routing", RFC 1863, October 1995.
 [6] Reynolds, J., and J. Postel, "Assigned Numbers", STD 2, RFC 1700,
     ISI, October 1994.

Manning Informational [Page 2] RFC 2042 BGP Atrribute Types January 1997

Author's Address

 Bill Manning
 4676 Admiralty Way
 Marina del Rey, CA. 90292
 Phone: 01.310.822.1511

Manning Informational [Page 3]

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