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Network Working Group G. Huston Request for Comments: 1690 AARNet Category: Informational August 1994

                Introducing the Internet Engineering
                     and Planning Group (IEPG)

Status of this Memo

 This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
 does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
 this memo is unlimited.


 This memo introduces the IEPG to the Internet Community.  The IEPG is
 an Internet Service Operators' forum, intended to assist Service
 Operators to coordinate in operational aspects of managing Internet

1. Charter of the Internet Engineering and Planning Group

 Domain of Activity
    The Internet Engineering and Planning Group (IEPG) is a group
    principally comprised of Internet Service Operators.
    The common objective of the group is to promote a technically
    coordinated operational environment of the Global Internet.
    The activities of the IEPG will be within the following areas:
  1. To facilitate the operations and management of Global Internet


  1. To promote the introduction of new Internet services within the

Global Internet, and

  1. Liaison with related Internet Operations groups and liaison with

technical development groups.

    Explicitly the IEPG is not a group which will conduct activities
    of a technical developmental nature.

Huston [Page 1] RFC 1690 The Internet Engineering and Planning Group August 1994

    Membership of the IEPG shall be open. Any individual may subscribe
    to the IEPG mailing list, and all meeting announcements, meeting
    agenda, meetings and meeting reports shall be made openly
    The IEPG will maintain an archive of material available using
    World Wide Web (WWW) access tools. The location of this WWW
    archive, and this charter will be disseminated to the Internet
    community through an Informational RFC.

2. IEPG membership and IEPG mailing list

 Membership of the IEPG is open. Any member of the Internet community
 may join the IEPG mailing list. The mailing list is "".
 Anyone may join the list by subscribing to "".

3. Archive of IEPG material

 All IEPG material is archived at "".

4. Security Considerations

 Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

5. Author's Address

 Geoff Huston
 Australian Academic and Research Network
 GPO Box 1142
 Canberra  ACT  2601
 Phone: +61 6 249 3385
 Fax: +61 6 249 1369

Huston [Page 2]

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