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MacOS Catalina - Software Not Working

Catalina brings with it a portfolio of enhancements as well as a final loss of the 32bit compatibility which is great, but it breaks stuff and workaround's are sought for these.


Doesn't load anymore, says that its not designed for this operating system. Using the website doesn't work either since it tries to re-install itself and fails. Their 'rescueassist' also doesn't work - just says connecting then after a long time says that the remote host is probably offline. Using the iPhone/iPad version does work and is the only work-around so far.

SMB Shares

Connection to some SMB hosts no longer works, specifically tested with Windows Server 2003, XP, and NAS such as Buffalo Terrastation, all fail to connect anymore. There is no workaround currently for this, except to spool up a windows virtual machine and connect with that.

NTFS and EXt4

The NTFS/EXT4 KEXT provided by a third party does not function perfectly and causes kernel panics and reboots.

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