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Setting up email on Office 365 (Outlook 2019)

This needs to be done via the windows control panel. To access the control panel, right click the start menu (the windows icon bottom left) and select Control Panel

Once in the control panel it will look something like this…

Select Mail (Outlook) from the icons

If you are asked to select a Profile, select it then select Properties.

If you have never setup any email accounts then it will jump directly to the new email dialogue, otherwise select "Email Accounts", then "New".

Select Manually Setup and Next

Select POP or IMAP and Next

Fill in the information as provided in the configuration ticket, or by your IT department, Then "More Settings", then "Outgoing Server" Tab.

Select as per the screenshot above, then select the "Advanced" Tab.

Complete the screen as per the screenshot above. Then click "OK".

Now click "Next" to have Outlook perform a test. If you got all the information correct, then this will succeed and your account will be setup.

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