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How to Buy Teltonika RMS Credits

If you've come here trying to figure out how to buy 'credits' for using their RMS solution for more than one month (that they don't tell you upfront before you buy the hardware), then you're out of luck.

Their website has no facility that we can find to buy these 'credits'. It states and I quote

"You may unlock different RMS services with RMS credits acquired from us or any of the RMS resellers. You may find a full list here. Here is how RMS credits work across different services on the platform."

it then goes on to say

We offer a free 30-day trial for every new device so you can try RMS free of charge for one month! After the trial period is over, it costs one credit to enjoy the RMS MANAGEMENT service for 30 days. The license is extended automatically as long as you have credits in your account.

Yet, there is no link to buy the credits from them, and the list of RMS resellers is just a list of companies and phone numbers with no idea of pricing. In fact at no point anywhere does it mention pricing, so at this point you also probably have no idea what these things cost or why you should need them anyway. What does seem evident is that you need a credit per device per month. So if you purchase 50 devices you're still going to need to pay them 'credits' every month to monitor them, which really doesn't make it an attractive solution when the competition provide such services free.

If you do find out how to buy them from Teltonika, please drop us a message so we know, but it may well be that the RMS solution is no longer available and being phased out.

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