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      Last night when I went to bed I was feeling a little weird.  I

hadn't slept the hole night before last night so that could have been it. I got into the shower, barely awake. Then I got out and dried off. After that I went into my bedroom, and my brother was still downstairs on the computer.

      I started to dream about something.  I was walking around in a

forest. There was a clear path which I was following. I came upon a brass gate. That gate was surrounded by cement. I opened it and walked in. There, was a big tree. It almost looked like a cartoon. It was surrounded by cement at the bottom. It looked like a shrine to something.

      Then I started to float.  I was holding on to my bed with my

hands while my legs were being pulled into the air. It felt like I was in another dimension. I couldn't feel anything. Except I felt light. Not only weight-wise, but also light in the head.

      After that I made my self wake up by thinking 'Stop It. Stop It.

Stop It". I must have been in a lucid dream cuz I could kinda control what was happening. I looked towards the closet to see if the monsters came out(Ha HA). Then I stayed awake for about a half an hour thinking about what just happened. So I decided to go back to sleep and see what happens if I think about different things.

      So, I thought about girls.  All of a sudden I felt this

enormous pressure pushing on my waist. It hurt like a bitch. Then I tried it again, and what to my surprise, it happened again. Then I woke up again. I thought to myself 'Maybe I have some kind of super powers that I can control by dreaming about different things!'.

      After that weird encounter, I heard my brother in the top bunk

rolling over. So I said, "Hey Andy". He said. "What?". I replied, "Can I sleep in your bed?". He answered, "NO!" Then he started to make this weird noise like "gugh gugh gugh gugh gugh gugh gugh". He kept chanting something like that over and over. I tried to say, "Stop IT!", but I couldn't get it out of my mouth.

      Then I woke up again.  It was like I was in a dream within a

dream. I thought, 'Hey, maybe my hole life has been a dream, and now I have just woke up'. I doubted that when I heard my brother downstairs typing. So I got out of bed and "FLEW" down stairs. I told my brother, but he was interested in downloading things off of B.B.S.s. We went into the kitchen and got something to drink. Then went upstairs.

      I slept in his bed (EEEW!) all night.  I barely got any sleep at

all. Then I woke up or I was awake and heard a voice say "I am sorry that you didn't die.", in a calm voice. I was pretty sure it was just in a dream, but if it wasn't I must have met Satan!

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