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                               December 22, 1990
                   Scanning Masers for Information Retrieval
     This file is  inspired  by  the  TV show, "Science Fiction Theatre".
     One of their segments had to do with  spying  on  a conference.  The
     method used was  unknown  and was traced to what appeared  to  be  a
     bottle of ant poison.
     The show used  the term "Crystal of Deception".  Unfortunately, I do
     not remember the EXACT technique although it can be narrowed down to
     only two.
     The first technique used a clear fluid  placed  in the bottle of ant
     poison.  This fluid hardened (crystallized) over time.  As the fluid
     crystallized, the matrix  thus  formed  recorded   the  sonic  waves
     present just as recordings are made in plastic or wax.
     The second technique  used  a  seed crystal onto which the new fluid
     accumulated.  Much like  the  saturated  solutions  used  to  "grow"
     crystal formations. Since the absorption was somewhat  regular  over
     time, it would also record sonic patterns.
     Of the two,  I  think  the  seed  crystal  technique  to be the most
     logical since the initiator of the  growth  process would already be
     By using M.A.S.E.R. (molecular amplification by stimulated  emission
     of radiation) energy  in  a  scanning  pattern,  the sounds could be
     When the molecules are excited,  they  produce  modulations  in  the
     audible spectrum which can be recovered much like radio  signals are
     broadcast on the AM (amplitude modulation) bands.
     Scanning is done  by  raking the focussed beam over the area in an X
     and Y pattern (vertical and horizontal  to  produced a 2 dimensional
     pattern).  Of course,   by   adding  a  Y  vector   (through   phase
     conjugation) we could scan a 3 dimensional matrix.
     For a twist,  the show used a rock which when scanned yielded voices
     and screams.  Of course, the rock  was  a  piece  of  lava  from Mt.
     Vesuvius and had "captured" the screams of the dying  inhabitants as
     the lava cooled.  A very interesting concept.
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     Needless to say, the aggregation rate and the size and thus response
     time of the  particles  would  play  a distinct part in the clarity,
     fidelity and resolution of the recording.
     Note that Star Trek used a credit  card  size  piece  of  plastic to
     record both video and audio.  Science fiction it  might  be  FOR NOW
     but it does have possibilities.
     Also remember the  claims  of  Richard Shaver regarding what he said
     were images recorded in stone geodes by some ancient civilization.
     The geodes were sliced into thin  plates  which  could  be projected
     onto a wall to see the images.
     I have seen photos of these images and they are somewhat reminiscent
     of intelligible patterns.  By today's standards they  have almost no
     merit, however.
     Bear in mind  that most images, either audible or visual, are direct
     reproductions of ANALOG patterns (amplitude variations).
     This crystal recording technique simply points to another phenomenon
     that might produce a useable technology.
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