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Subject: Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture - 3.14.94 - p4/5

Part IIII of V - 3.14.94

A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 04.Resources & References

      o Online how-to's
      o Similar Lists
      o Assorted Online Resources
      o Access Points

-=- 04.1.Online how-to's |

Admittedly, the the more exotic centers of virtual culture have a steep learning curve. There are plenty of places, however, that require hardly any excess knowledge at all. Fortunately, a plethora of manuals, books and FAQs (Frequently Asked Question lists) exist to help you through your troubled times.

o Zen and the Art of the Internet

by Brendan Kahoe
  - ftp at /pub/zen pub/net/zen pub/internet/zen pub/zen gutenberg/etext92/zen10*

o ftp

  - How-to's about internet (email, ftp, telnet, etc.)


  - Gold in Networks!
  - Hitchikers Guide to the Internet
  - New User's Questions
  - What is the Internet
  - Internet Cruise


  - Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet


  - Virtual Reality on Five Dollars a Day
        by Randy Pausch, U. of Virginia, Tech Report CS-91-19

o news.answers

  1. On USENET. (also see misc.answers)

-=- 04.2.Similar lists |

Hey, I wasn't the first one to have this idea. There are a variety of other lists out there that can direct you to Oft' used Internet resources.

o gopher to

  1. inetdirs/
  2. A project called the Internet Clearing House (very nice work ppl)

o Bert's BigFun List

  1. ftp pub/misc/bigfun

o Electric Mystics Guide

  1. ftp pub/religion
  2. guide to religious things on the net.
  3. if you are techno-pagan they don't include you, sorry.

o FutureCulture FAQ

  1. ftp sites /pub/cud/papers/future
 /poli/future.culture.d /public/alt.cyberpunk
    - Also through thesisnet and listserv
    - started by Andy Hawks ( as
      a compendium of all things futureculture
    - now maintained by the list members of FutureCulture.

o Internet Services - FAQ

  1. USENET news.answers
  2. FTP

o The Jargon File (same as The Hacker's Dictionary)

  1. ftp sites /pub
 /doc /pub/doc /pub/doc /pub
    - nice. You'll like it.

o the internet and computer-mediated communication

  1. ftp pub/communications/internet-cmc
  2. an all-encompassing list of internet-accessible

information (so why are you still reading this) :-)

o alt.cyberpunk faq

  1. ftp pub/alt.cyberpunk/
  2. restricted to the purview of the newsgroup
  3. a WWW - HTML hypertext version now exists… keen!

-=- 04.3.Assorted Online Resources |

o Almanac of Events

  1. "On this day" information. For the trivia minded.
  2. finger
    1. mail to join the mailing list

o Anonymous post

  1. mail "help"
  2. mail "help"

o Archeological Dbase

telnet or telnet (Login: nadb)
    - National Arch. Database information management system.

o BBSlists -

  1. National Graphical BBS List

+ mail

          + USENET alt.bbs.*

o CARL telnet or

  1. Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery

o current cites

  1. ftp /pub/Current.Cites pub/journals

  1. Over 30 journals in librarianship and information

technology are scanned for selected articles on optical

      disk technologies, computer networks and networking,
      information transfer, expert systems and artificial
      intelligence, electronic publishing, and hypermedia and
      multimedia.  Brief annotations accompany most of the

o DataBase Via Finger

  1. finger
  2. Query databases, find newsgroups, access archie, etc., via finger.

o Empire Schoolhouse telnet (login: empire)

  1. K-12 resources, discussion groups, etc.
  2. A gopher based BBS in NY.

o FEDIX/MOLIS/HERO telnet or telnet

  1. info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc.
  2. alternative access via Gopher world menu

o ftp by mail

  1. mail "help"

o History Databases telnet

  1. History databases

o Hpcwire telnet (Login: hpcwire)

  1. menu-driven information searches.

o human-computer interaction bibliography (hcibib)

mail message body "help"
  1. a publically accessible mail-based retrieval system for

searching Human-Computer Interaction journals, conference

      proceedings and books. Users can send in both word
      queries and relevance feedback queries.  Over 3200
      abstracts from non-electronic sources.

o Hytelnet

      Are you familiar with HYTELNET by Peter Scott? This is a hypertext

program for PC, Mac and other platforms that lists ostensibly ALL telnet-accessible resources on the Net, all over the world. Updates are almost constant and are mailed to Scott's mailing list members.

You can anonymous ftp the files from or telnet to that same address and check out a (slow) Unix version of HYTELNET. (on Netcom you can just type <hytelnet>)

o USENET posts thru email

  1. News Mail Servers mail [newsgroup]
  2. Post to Usenet news via email.(eg. [newsgroup] = alt-bbs)

o virtual center for the study of virtual spaces (vcsvs)

mail asking for info
    - ftp  /pub/papers

-=- 04.4.Access Points |

So, you say, I've got this wonderful Internet access setup at work or school… what happens when I graduate or lose my job? Or perhaps you've got a friend who is moving to the otherside of the continent. Is there a way for you to remain in contact over email? Fortunately, there are easy answers to these queries.

-o0 Lists to checkout 0o-

o Community Networks Surv

     - A collection of data regarding freenet's around
       the world.

o Pdial/Kaminski List

ftp       pub/usenet/news.answers/pdial
USENET: news.answers, alt.internet.access.wanted, alt.bbs.lists
     - A nearly complete list of access points to the
       the Internet. Check the Pdial list first.
     - Area Codes with access as of Oct 1st 1993.
       (may not be local to your prefix, check phone book)
     201 jvnc-tiger
     202 CAPCON clarknet express tmn
     203 jvnc-tiger
     205 nuance
     206 eskimo GLAIDS halcyon netcom nwnexus olympus
     212 echonyc maestro mindvox panix pipeline
     213 crl dial-n-cerf kaiwan netcom
     214 metronet netcom
     215 jvnc-tiger PREPnet
     216 OARnet wariat
     217 prairienet
     301 CAPCON clarknet express tmn
     303 cns csn netcom nyx
     310 class crl dial-n-cerf kaiwan netcom
     312 mcsnet netcom
     313 michnet MSen
     401 anomaly ids jvnc-tiger
     403 PUCnet
     404 crl netcom
     408 a2i netcom portal tellink
     410 CAPCON clarknet express
     412 PREPnet telerama
     415 a2i class crl dial-n-cerf IGC netcom portal tellink well
     416 uunorth
     419 OARnet
     503 netcom
     503 teleport
     504 sugar
     508 anomaly nearnet northshore novalink
     510 class crl dial-n-cerf holonet netcom
     512 realtime
     513 fsp OARnet
     514 CAM.ORG
     516 jvnc-tiger
     517 michnet
     519 uunorth
     602 crl evergreen indirect
     603 MV nearnet
     609 jvnc-tiger
     613 uunorth
     614 OARnet
     616 michnet
     617 delphi nearnet netcom northshore novalink world
     619 class cyber dial-n-cerf netcom
     703 CAPCON clarknet express netcom tmn
     704 concert Vnet
     707 crl
     708 mcsnet
     713 blkbox nuchat sugar
     714 class dial-n-cerf express kaiwan netcom
     717 PREPnet
     718 maestro mindvox netcom panix pipeline
     719 cns csn oldcolo
     804 wyvern
     814 PREPnet
     815 mcsnet
     818 class dial-n-cerf netcom
     906 michnet
     908 express jvnc-tiger
     916 netcom
     919 concert
  1. o0 Public Access Sites & Freenets 0o-

o Freenets

telnet or     (login: new)
    - Free account, with access to various UNIX features.
telnet or telnet
              telnet or telnet
    - Which host: um-m-net  Enter 'g' for guest.  login: newuser
telnet login: visitor

_ /\ _\ /\ \ /\ "-.\ \ /\ _\ \ \ \\ \ \/\
\ \-. \\/_/\ \/
\ \_
\_\\"\_\ \ \_\ /\_\

\/_____/ \/____ / \/_/ \/_/   \/_/ \/_/  In Part 5 of 5
                                         copyright 1994 John Frost
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