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Subject: Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture - 3.14.94 - p3/5

Part III of V - 3.14.94

A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 03.Virtual hangouts

      o Elists & newsgroups
      o e.Cafes (irc, bbs)
      o Parks & Rec

-=- 03.1.Elists & newsgroups |

Two of the most common forms of discourse in virtual culture occur on the elist (or electronic mailing list) and the USENET newsgroup. While the up-to-date listings of what elists or newsgroups are up and running are available on the newsgroup news.answers or the ftp site (/pub/usenet-by-group/rec.answers) it is very time consuming to examine each list thouroughly. The following are a few lists which either have helped to form virtual culture or deal with various aspects of it.

  1. oO Elists Oo-

o List of eLists

  1. ftp /netinfo/interest-groups.

o Acadlist

  1. ftp KSUVXA.KENT.EDU /library
  2. Acadlist - list of academic elists

o 21st-Century list

     - post your views on the 21st-century.

Americans Communicating Electronically
primary info source on government action to improve public access


     - College Activism/Information list.
     - To subscribe to this list, send the command,
       SUBSCRIBE ACTNOW-L <myname> / <myschool>


     - Sub Adv-elo <your name>
     - to discuss the latest advances in electronics.


     - Sub Adv-info <your name>
     - list to discuss the latest advances in computing.


  1. send email to LISTSERV@RUTVM1.BITNET
  2. message body: SUBSCRIBE AIDSNEWS Your_Full_Name

regular reports on legislation and access
effecting library networks

o Alternative Institutions
     - High Signal to noise ratio.

o amnesty@VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU

    - Amnesty International's Elist
    - message body: sub amnesty <yourname>

o Anarchy List
    - discussion of all aspects of anarchy

o Anne Rice

    - the works of Anne Rice.
    - To subscribe, send a request to ngustas@HAMPVMS.BITNET.


     - message body: sub apogees full name
     - information management with a business slant

o ArachNet: E-Journal of Virtual Culture
    - message body:  SUB ARACHNET <firstname> <lastname>
    - journal of all aspects of on-line life
    - ftp archive ftp  /pub/ejvc

o Artificial Life
    - artificial life

o AUtopia (Pirate Ship Utopia)

    - a floating technology-oriented commune
    - run by Jagwire X, cool ideas....


    - To help people with getting BBS's going and online
    - Message body: subscribe bbs-l full_name

o BIOSPH-L Biosphere

    - message text:  SUB BIOSPH-L Your Name

Communities in Economic Transition - for rural and small town groups


    - CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Access to
      Public Information Working Group.

    - Community and Civic Networks

    - Community Access Issues

o Computers and Academic Freedom
    - put  add comp-academic-freedom-news
           add comp-academic-freedom-talk
       in the first line
    - computing freedom, mostly deals with college campuses
    - (Usenet) or news


  1. to sub contact moderator @ taylor@LIMBO.INTUITIVE.COM
  2. Society and Computers Information Technology

Commercialization/Privatization of Inet

 Canada's Coalition for Public Information


    - Global Council Forum -- Moving Beyond the Nation-State
    - Like the UN but different. =)


    - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
    - an elist for CPSR-related materials and announcements
    - an elist for CPSR-related materials and announcements

o CRTNet
     - email  LISTSERV@PSUVM.bitnet
        message body:  SUB CRTNET <firstname> <lastname>
     - information theory and technologies

o Cybernetics
      - message body: sub cybsys-l full_name

o Cypherpunks
      - public key encryption, remailers, e-privacy list

o Cypherpunks Announcement List
      - lower volume

o Derrida

      - message body: subscribe derrida full_name
      - deconstructionalists Unite :-)

o DEVEL-L Technology Transfer in International Development

      - message text: SUB DEVEL-L Your Name

o Digital Games Review
      - mail
         [body: 'help' and 'listall Digital.Games']
      - SNES, Sega, etc.

o Edtech
      - Educational Technology

o EFF News (EFFector Online)
      - subscribe to the electronic version of EFF's
        zine, the EFFector (catchy huh!)

o E-List Review Service
      - message body: sub libref-l your name
      - a useful list, if you are looking to add to your
        elist load (most people can handle 2 or 3).

o ETHICS-L@TWNMOE10.bitnet

  1. ETHICS-L is for discussions of ethics in computing.

o Extropians
     - nanotechnology, cryonics, anarcho-capitalist
       politics, technological extension of human
       intelligence and perception
     - serious discussion from an informative perspective
     - the first two addresses are for realtime and
       digest versions, respectively, the third is for
       essays and longer posts of interest only


     - Message body:  sub fnord-l <yourname>
     - philosophies of Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr.
       Lilly, etc.

o FringeWare, Inc.
     - Paco Xander Nathan's company
     - Your online shopping mall for all that's kewl

o FutureCulture

     - message body: sub futurec <yourfullname>
     - discussion of new edge, cyebrculture,
     - Discussion of future culture and all things
       that entails. (a lot).

o Future Technologies List
      - artificial intelligence, nanotech, etc.


      - The Global Modeling Forum

     - Toward a Truely Global Network
     - archives @

o GopherJewels


share interesting gopher finds.

     - Internet Research
     - message body "index ipct-l

o The Information Professional's List

  1. to join ask for info from
  2. for verifiable private investigators, fee-based information brokers,

document retrieval liasons, commercial intelligence specialists, or

  related professional. Professional  resumes requested.

o Leri-L
     - archives at pub/leri
     - mailing list devoted to meta-programming,
       philosophy, expanding consciousness, etc.
       and a ton of chat.
     - #leri is a popular channel on IRC.

o Libernet

  2. Archives
  3. Pertaining to all things libertarian.

o Masonic SIG

contact: Peter Trei (Internet) PTREI@ASGARD.BBN.COM
     - Freemasonry, their philosophy et al.
     - the place to lurk for conspiracy theorists! =)


  1. sub address: LISTSERV@BYRD.MU.WVNET.EDU
  2. MERTON-L was formed for substantive discourse on research

and scholary inquiry to create and and develop knowledge about

       contemplative life.

o Mind Machine Digest
     - ftp /pub/mind-l
     - brain stimulation, nootropics, etc.

o Net Happennings: (MODERATED) high volume

Includes a variety of interesting postings from around the Internet
including new Gopher announcements.
- To subscribe send a subscribe message to:
      SUBSCRIBE NET-HAPPENNINGS firstname lastname

o Neuron Digest
     -neural networks

announces postings regarding new information sources including 
Gopher, Telnet, FTP, WAIS and WWW.  Moderate volume

Library & Public Access Computer Systems 

o PostModern Culture Journal [sub pmc-list your name]
     - message body: GET PMC-TALK GUIDE
                     PMC-TALK F=MAIL

o Postmodern Culture Talk
     - [sub pmc-talk your_first_name your_last_name]

o PowerGlove List
     - <subscribe glove-list>
     - ftp /pub/VR

o RISKS Digest
     - ftp risks
     - the RISKS of computing in our lives

Rural Datafication Project )  planning rural community access to
the Internet

o RRE News Service
     - Subject: subscribe <your_first_name> <your_last_name>
     - these days most of the messages concern the social and political
       aspects of computers.

o SOCHIST Social History

     - message text: SUB SOCHIST Your Name

o Subgenius
     - ftp /pub/subgenius

o TechnoNomads (Steve Roberts)
     - the guy featured on Donahue & Mondo's list
     - nomadness, ham radio, mobile communities, etc.

o Telecom Privacy Digest

o Telecom Digest
     - deals with all aspects of telecommunications

o ThesisNet
            - to 'subscribe' 'unsubscribe' and/or 'faq'

o ThinkNet
     - philosophy, systems theory

o Virtual Reality List

     - message body: subscribe virtu-l <full_name>


     - An e-conference for electronic publishing issues
     - (Usenet) BIT.LISTSERV.VPIEJ-L


     - Youth Rights, open to all.

-o0 Newsgroups 0o-

A short bit on the Usenet Hierarchy. Alt.groups is supposed to stand for alternative, but should probably stand for adolescent. These are news groups waiting to grow up and consequently have a low signal to noise ratio. But like adolescents, if you really listen to them, you can gleem some really neat insights. When Alt.groups get a large enough following or a serious enough topic, they tend to graduate into other prefixes; ie, comp. (computer) rec. (recreation), sci. (science), bit. (Bitnet listservs), soc. (social, society). What this means generally, is that the group becomes heady and cliqueish. But if you're persistant ad polite, you can usually elicit a response from somebody. One final comment about USENET, anything I said above is likely to be untrue at any moment in time. Thus the attraction of USENET for even the most experienced cyberpoets.

alt.3d Three-dimensional imaging. alt.activism Activities for activists. alt.aldus.pagemaker Forget expensive user support, come here instead. alt.amateur-comp The Amateur Computerist. alt.angst Anxiety in the modern world. alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication. alt.astrology Twinkle, twinkle, little planet. alt.atheism.* Godless heathens next on Oprah Ads for various computer BBS's. alt.bbs.internet BBS systems accessible via the Internet. alt.bbs.lists Postings of regional BBS listings. Sort of an oxymoron. alt.binaries.* Pictures, programs, multimedia, etc. alt.books.anne-rice A Biting look at the author and her books alt.buddha.short.fat.guy Religion. And not religion. Both. Neither. alt.california The state and the state of mind. That shiny amazing disc and it's users. alt.censorship Discussion about restricting speech/press. Discussion about co-operatives. alt.comp.acad-freedom.* Academic freedom issues related to computers. alt.consciousness All aspects of consciousness. alt.conspiracy Be paranoid –'they' are out to get you. alt.cult-movies Movies with a cult following alt.culture.usenet A self-referential oxymoron. alt.culture.internet A place to comment reflexively alt.cyberpunk High-tech low-life. alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Cyberpunk fiction. alt.cyberpunk.movement Cybernizing the Universe. Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology. alt.cyberspace and how it should work. alt.devilbunnies Probably better left undescribed. alt.discordia All hail Eris, etc. alt.dreams What do they mean? alt.drugs Recreational pharmaceuticals. Author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Is that a Sears poncho? Douglas Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 tv show. All facets of the fasion industry discussed. alt.gathering.rainbow For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering. alt.gopher Discussion of the gopher information service. alt.gothic Things mournful and dark. Gothic lifestyle's alt.graffiti Usenet spraypainters and their documenters. alt.hackers Boats of projects currently under develpment. alt.history.what-if Really worth reading every now and then alt.hypertext Discussion of hypertext alt.illuminati See alt.cabal. Fnord. alt.individualism Individualist discussions alt.industrial Industrial culture, etc. alt.internet.access.wanted People looking for internet access Internet services alt.irc Internet Relay Chat material. alt.magick For discussion about supernatural arts. alt.meditation.transcendental Contemplation of states beyond. alt.memetics Ideas spread like genes. A new discipline. alt.mindcontrol You WILL read this group and ENJOY it! For groups with 2 or less Platinum albums. Don't believe the hype. Commercial online services, and the Internet. alt.out-of-body Nobody's home. alt.pagan Discussions about paganism & religion. alt.paranormal Phenomena which are not explicable. alt.politics.* Politics. alt.postmodern Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction. alt.privacy Privacy issues in cyberspace. alt.prose Postings of original writings. alt.psychoactives Better living through chemistry. Discussions surrounding pirate radio. Discussion of scanning radio receivers. alt.rave Rave culture. alt.religion.computers People who believe computing is "real life." alt.religion.kibology He's Fred, Jim. alt.rock-n-roll.* Counterpart to and alt.drugs. Security issues on computer systems. The Pretty Good Privacy package.* Postings of a purient nature. alt.skate-board Discussion of all apsects of skate-boarding. alt.skinheads The skinhead culture/anti-culture. alt.slack Posting about the Church of the Subgenius. alt.society.ati The Activist Times Digest. (Moderated) alt.society.civil-disob Civil disobedience. alt.society.civil-liberties Individual rights. alt.society.revolution Discussions on revolution(s). alt.society.sovereign Independantistes, unite! alt.spam.tin Spam is neither particle nor wave. alt.techno-shamanism Can't program your VCR? Consult a TechnoShaman. alt.thrash Thrashlife. alt.uu.future Does Usenet University have a viable future? alt.wired Wired Magazine. alt.zines Small magazines, mostly noncommercial. Discussions about biologicalinformation theory. bionet.neuroscience Research issues in the neurosciences bionet.women-in-bio Discussions about women in biology. bit.listserv.biosph-l Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List. bit.listserv.cyber-l CDC Computer Discussion. bit.listserv.disarm-l Disarmament Discussion List. bit.listserv.edpolyan Professionals and Students Discuss Education. bit.listserv.edtech Educational Technology elist. bit.listserv.emusic-l Electronic Music Discussion List. bit.listserv.ethics-l Discussion of Ethics in Computing. bit.listserv.frac-l FRACTAL Discussion List. bit.listserv.4ad-l The 4AD recording label. Film making and reviews List. bit.listserv.fnord-l New Ways of Thinking List. bit.listserv.frac-l FRACTAL Discussion List. bit.listserv.gutnberg GUTNBERG Discussion List. bit.listserv.ioob-l Industrial Psychology. bit.listserv.mbu-l Megabyte University - Computers and Writing. bit.listserv.sganet Student Government Global Mail Network. bit.listserv.valert-l Virus Alert - Urgent Virus Warnings. bit.listserv.vpiej-l Electronic Publishing Discussion List. bit.listserv.xtropy-l Extropians Artificial intelligence discussions. All aspects of neural networks. Philosophical aspects of AI. comp.bbs.misc BBS Discussion comp.dcom.telecom Telecommunications digest. (Moderated) Computer graphics, art, animation. Highly technical computer graphics discussion. Info on scientific visualization. comp.internet.library Discussing electronic libraries. Applications of computers in music research. News from the Electronic Frontiers Foundation. Discussion of EFF goals, strategies, etc. The International Student Society for Neural Networks. comp.publish.cdrom.* Concerning cdrom publishing. comp.research.japan The nature of research in Japan. (Moderated) comp.risks Risks to the public from computers. (Moderated) comp.robotics All aspects of robots and their applications. Security issues of computers and networks. comp.simulation Simulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated) comp.society The impact of technology on society. (Moderated) The Computer Underground Digest. (Moderated) comp.society.development Computer technology in developing countries. comp.society.folklore Computer folklore & culture, past & present. comp.society.futures Events in technology affecting future computing. comp.sys.* Everything you would ever need to know about computer systems comp.theory Theoretical Computer Science. comp.theory.cell-automata Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata. comp.theory.dynamic-sys Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. comp.theory.self-org-sys Topics related to self-organization. Information for Progressive activists. Discussion of intellectual property rights. Discussing the legal climate of computing. news.announce.important General announcements to all. (Moderated) news.future The future technology of network news systems. rec.arts.animation Discussion of various kinds of animation. rec.arts.anime Japanese animation fen discussion. rec.arts.comics Comic books and strips, graphic novels. Discussions about interactive fiction rec.arts.sf-lovers Science fiction lovers' newsgroup. rec.arts.sf-reviews of science fiction/fantasy/horror works. rec.arts.sf.announce Major announcements of SF. (Moderated) rec.arts.sf.fandom Discussions of SF fan activities. rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal for-sale notices of SF materials. rec.arts.sf.misc Science fiction lovers' newsgroup. rec.arts.sf.movies Discussing SF motion pictures. Critiques of sf stories. (Moderated) Real and speculative aspects of SF science. Discussing general television SF. rec.arts.sf.written Discussion of written sf and fantasy. A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads. Discussion of industrial-related music styles. For performers and their discussions. "New Age" music discussions. Synthesizers and computer music. Discussion of music videos. Amateur radio practices. Topics relating to noncommercial radio. Shortwave radio enthusiasts. Video and video components. Pre-recorded video releases. Any topic relating to biotechnology. sci.chaos The science of Chaos. sci.cryonics People who freeze themselves after death. sci.crypt Different methods of data en/decryption. sci.fractals Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos. sci.lang.japan The Japanese language, both spoken and written. sci.logic Logic: math, philosophy & computational aspects. sci.nanotech Molecular-scale machines. (Moderated) Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc. sci.psychology Topics related to psychology. sci.skeptic Skeptics discussing pseudo-science. Space. The Final Frontier…not! sci.virtual-worlds Virtual reality. (Moderated). sci.virtual-worlds.apps Applications of VR technology. soc.culture.japan Everything Japanese. soc.culture.usa The culture of the United States of America. talk.bizarre The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often stupid. talk.philosophy.misc Philosophical musings on all topics. talk.politics.drugs The politics of drug issues. Non-technical issues affecting space exploration.

-=- 03.2.Cafes |

If you see a net.user with more then one window open, chances are one of those windows is linked to an electronic cafe. Like ER, these coffeehouse atmospheres are prime spots for chatting or perhaps a little gaming or roleplaying. The two most plentiful forms of these cafes in virtual culture are Mu*s, or Multi-User Dimension or Dungeon (MUDS, MUSE, MUSH, etc), and IRC, or Internet Relay Chat and of course the orginal, the BBS. But new versions, offshoots, and even completely different surroundings are likely to spring up at anytime and often do.

  1. o0 IRC 0o-

o IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Info /pub/irc /pub /pub

o IRC telnet server (Login: irc)

telnet or
telnet 6668 or telnet 6668
              telnet 6668 or telnet 6668
    - Internet Relay Chat via telnet.

o Virtual culture IRC channels #Autopia Jagwire X's Autopia group #ccc Chaos Computer Club ("/msg CCCServ info" for CCC info) #cDc Cult of the Dead Cow #CyberPunk Cyberpunk ("/msg CyberBot info" for CPBot Files) #drugs Drugs ("/msg LearyBot info" for LearyBot Files) #free.acid Hehehe #future FutureCulture #hack Hacking #leri For the discussion of Metaprograming and

              Expanding Consciousness

#mindvox MindVox #phreak Hackers and Phreakers #Rave_Scen Raves #report News reports from hot spots around the world #tribe Of, about, with the tribe elist. #wired Concerning the magazine

  1. o0 The world of Internet BBS' 0o-

o Am. Philos. Assoc.

  1. gopher
  2. Philosophy.

o Auggie BBS (

login bbs
      - Friendly... good archives.

o Badboy

login bbs/new

o Badboy's Inn

login bbs

o Chatsubo

login guest

o Cimmaron

login bbs/new  (limited hours)

o Cleveland Free-Net freenet-in-[a|b|c]

      - Usenet, MUD, USA Today, Interest groups, local mail

o Eagle's Nest

login bbs/bbs

o Endless Forest, The

login ef

o Fedworld

  1. A bbs run by the NIST to house US gov't documents.

o Greta's

login bbs/new


login new
      - largest bbs with 12,000 + users and over 200 online connections

o Island Net

telnet to (
or dial  604-477-5163.  A 'guest' account is available

o Kids

login kids/new

o Mars Hotel

login bbs/bbs

o Monochrome

login mono /psswd mono
      - oh that british humour.


login guest


  1. catering to University of Oklahoma students

o Prism BBS

login bbs

o Quartz BBS

login bbs

o Ragged Edge, the


login bbs

o SkyNet

login skynet
     - Norway

o Shadow


o Sunset BBS

login bbs

o Virtual Rave 7282

login new

o YaBBS 8888 8888

  1. o0 Other Net Cafes 0o-

o usenet

  1. alt.callahans

+ Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.

-=- 03.3.Parks & Rec. |

Q. Of course, what is a culture without fun & games? (A. Boring.) Even the most dedicated hacker craves a little fun everynow and then. Here is some of the fun stuff to explore.

  1. o0 Elists & Zines 0o-

o Cyberpunk RPGs
    - Elist discussing cyber orriented RPGs

o FlashLife (CP RPGs)
    - Elist discussing cyber orriented RPGs.

o Ravelists


      sub dcraves <yourfullname>
    - Florida Raves
    - Manchester
      ftp /pub/manchester
      bands from manchester, raving, shoegazing, etc.
    - MidWest Raves
    - NE (NorthEastern) Raves
    - SFRaves (SanFrancisco Raves)
            + rave culture, mostly in the Bay Area
    - SoCal Raves (Southern California)
    - SouthEast Raves
      'SUBSCRIBE SERAVES Your name' in body
    - UK Dance (Raves)
      subscribe uk-dance <your name>

-o0 FTP sites 0o-


     - Alt.rave FAQ
          + Brian B's excellent rave FAQ

-o0 Mu*s 0o-

o MUD Info /pub/mud
      - "mud list" in subject

o MUD List

A list of future or cyber- oriented MUDs. MUDs go up and down a lot, so,

not my fault if you can't access them.

AbacusMUD 4080 BattleTech 3026 CyberWorld 3000 Global MUSH 4207 Infinity 3000 LambdaMOO 8888 MariMUSE 4228 MediaMOO 8888 MicroMUSE

SciFiMUSH 1972 SpaceMadness 6250 StarFireMUSE 4201 Star Raiders 2000 TrekMUSE 1701 TrippyMUSH 7567 Virtual Realities 3019

  1. o0 Game Servers, Etc 0o-

o Backgammon Servers telnet 8765

  1. Backgammon! (Login: guest)

o Eliza-type Interactive AI

  1. telnet to ( login: chat)

o Chess Server telnet to 5000

  1. Play/watch real-time chess w/ human opponents.
  2. Type 'help' for help

o Game Server telnet

  1. a myriad online games. (Login: GAMES)

o GO Server telnet 6969

  1. Ancient Chinese Secret. Now on the Internet!

o Iowa Politcl. Stk Mkt telnet

  1. Buy & sell shares in political candidates.

(Non profit research proj)

o The Oracle

  1. mail w/ subject: help
  2. The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions!

o Scrabble telnet 7777

  1. The popular Milton Bradley board game. (unable to connect)

_ /\ _\ /\ \ /\ "-.\ \ /\ _\ \ \ \\ \ \/\
\ \-. \\/_/\ \/
\ \_
\_\\"\_\ \ \_\ /\_\

\/_____/ \/____ / \/_/ \/_/   \/_/ \/_/  In Part 4 of 5
                                         copyright 1994 John Frost
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