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Subject: Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture - 3.14.94 - p2/5

Part II of V - 3.14.94

Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 02.Cultural Signposts

      o Libraries - cyber-repositories of data
             -o- FTP sites
             -o- Telnetable Repositories
             -o- Gopher Space
      o Museums, galleries, ezines & stuph
             -o- Art FTP sites
             -o- Art Centered Elists
             -o- Ezines
             -o- Misc Internet Art
      o Organizations & Gov't 

-=- 02.Places

-=- 02.1.Libraries |

Like a child who enjoys reading, a cyberpoet will return often to hir favorite net.repository of information and check for new 'books.' Unlike everyday reality [ER], there are thousands of libraries and also unlike ER they are usually less then 100 keystrokes away. No fossil fuel is burned; they are almost never closed; and the cost of use is minimal, undoubtedly a few steps in the right direction.

A cyberpoet with a good memory or a handy Personnal Digital Assistant [PDA](such as a Newton, Sharp, or Intelligent Agent) will often be able to list off hir favorite net.repositories upon request. However it is often useful to have a pre-made list of common sites to forward if time is short or the PDA is without batteries. Consider this such a list.

  1. o0 FTP sites 0o-

the self service library


  1. UnderWorld Industries
  2. 8.3 format *yuck* =)


      - Volumes of information on Freenets and Internet Use


      - Lists of BBS's internet and dial-up
      - also the archives of the Auggie BBS.


  1. leri, cybernews info
  2. an archive on personal freedom


      - Electronic journal on virtual culture archives
      - History archives, databases, other...
      - Some internet History
      - Mostly political and military now.
      - Merton-L archives


      - Computer/Internet Security (those guys in red shirts)
      - Computer Emergency Response Team FAQ (anti-viral)
      - virus-l archives


      - a variety of research papers about the 'internet' etc.
      - some papers on buddhism.


      - Toward a truely global network
      - Archives on networks around the world, mostly 3rd world.
        (Maybe it's his first time around.)


      - Library Resources Guide


  1. a wealth of text archives
  2. recipient of the most discriptive e-address award


     - Windows software archive  Also the home of the


  1. Tap-Info archives (Ralph Nader's Internet Group)


  1. CPU: an ezine for cpsr news and info.


  1. cypherpunks archive


     - Supreme Court ASCII rulings.
     - Also available thru telnet and gopher.


  1. preferred access: gopher
  2. recently reorganized to server you better.
    1. There is no way I could cover all the good stuff available here.

It is my suggestion that you spend some time skimming each

        document to grok its true purpose.
      - also note that all the zines & journals have been moved to and the IRC archive has been moved
        to /pub/irc
      /pub/Alerts     - Up to the minute alerts for the iNet community.
      /pub/CAF        - Computer Academic Freedom Archives
              /banned - banned books list.
      /pub/EFF        - misc, newsletters & eff Policy
      /pub/Groups     - Info/archives from groups on the outposts.faq
      /pub/Net_info   - Big Dummy Guide, Cyberpoet's Guide and more.
      /pub/Publications - written material from the likes of
              - Bruce_Sterling, Esther_Dyson, John_Gilmore, CuD,
                John_Perry_Barlow, Mike_Godwin, Mitch_Kapor and more


      - irc elist archives.


  1. History - Africa & Americas
  2. fineart_online (an epub and archives)


     - Guitar Chords, Tablature.


     - internet-cmc (also known as the december list).


  [] the alt.cyberpunk archives that used to be maintianed here    []
  [] are missing. If you know where they are now, please update me []
  [] ditto the alt.drugs archives                                  []
     - a library of information of Virtual Reality


  1. THE central repository for music information
  2. Lyrics, gifs, discographies, etc, etc, etc…

o ( /info/articles

  1. Academic papers and news articles about hacking


  1. Quotations from "experts" about hackers and hacking


  1. JFK conspiracy files, alt.conspiracy.jfk archives
    1. you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs


     - Acadlist - list of academic elists


  1. many texts (including SF zines and stories)
  2. Magick, religion et al.
  3. Black7 disc. list archives =)


     - information concerning the mit media lab in
       particular, see ProjList, the list of
       medialab-related projects


     - Project Gutenberg and other etext holdings (books!)


     - General files about postmodernism
     - Avital Ronell Interview
     - Dead Doll Humility
           by Kathy Acker
     - Notes Toward an Un-written Non-Linear
       Electronic Text "The End of Print Culture"
       A Work in Progress
           by Michael Joyce
     - Play it Again, Pac-Man
           by Charles Bernstein


   - leftist, liberal, activism stuff.
   - collabrative fiction, but more.
   - the Internet Mall (commercial entities on the net)
   - Unofficial archive e-list.
   - FreeBSD Unix-related files and info 
   - programming docs MUF on TinyMUCKs; useful MUF programs
   - Computer Underground Digest; Funhouse  
   - solar eclipse photography; GIF and JPEG images
   - Socially Responsible Investment Oppty.
   - misc stuff that are funny or insightful
   - lpmud and other misc.
   - TinyMUCK 2.2fb mud server source code, and muf source code. 
   - Design & print IFS fractals, advanced features  
   - Documentation and demo files of FORGE product set.  
   - Quotes, witticisms, etc. stolen from others for YOUR usage.
   - Anime pictures, original and just colorized.
   - Interesting Mac shareware/free
   - E-zine-list (list of net-accessible zines); CRASH zine
   - info on Kathleen Brown's Campaign for California Governor
   - Internet Underground Music Archive curent info; cool stuff.
   - Synaesthsorium Archives
   - Short stories; mostly horror, gothic
   - Xenon's ftp site. PGP FAQ and "Here's How to MacPGP!"
   - Miscellaneous files and assorted junque; pictures; News.
   - Oingo Boingo Electronic Newsletter backissues;
   - Temple of the Screaming Electron BBS  
   - Electronic Game FAQ's; Mortal Kombat II; Game Genie
   - public keyserver; pseudonym registry 


     - Lot's of stuff, including High Weirdness.


     - Cultural Information


      [] Gone! ugh... anyone know any mirrors? []
     - a course in sociology and cyberspace by Peter Kollock
     - Mark Smith's masters thesis
     - virtual center for the study of virtual spaces archives


     - AIDS info/gay rights info
      - like it says... erotica (a fair sized archive too)


  1. software archive for PCs and UNIX.


     - On-Line Text (published works)


     - lib. of docs, bible, lyrics, etc.

o pub/religion

  1. Electric Mystics Guide
  2. Much religious stuff


      [] down due to (hacking?)  back soon []
     - mud-related perspectives on social worlds in vr
     - stuph.


     - Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model


     - List of FTP Sites (1992 version)

o or

      -  text/humor files (tv, sex..)


  1. USENET FAQ repository
  2. General Net Info
  3. tends to be a little techie (RFC's and the like)


      - Law libraries and legal research.


     - Loopy (Quantum Gravity & String Theory)
     - Magick, not parlor tricks.
     - Church of Virtuality/Reality
     - High Weirdness
           + Guide to some interesting stuph
     - The Human Evasion
           + by Celia Green
     - Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Selected Bibliography
           + by Terence Harpold
     - Principia Discordia
           + by Malacalypse the Younger
     - wilson.on.cis
           + Interview with Robert Anton Wilson
     - Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ)
           + by hakim Bey
           + a defining work of virtual space.
     - New Maps of HyperSpace
           + Terence McKenna
     - schizmat
           + Tom Maddox on Schizmatrix (by B. Sterling)


     - CryptoAnarchist Manifesto
     - Cryptography Glossary


  1. sounds archive


  1. pictures, sounds


     - internet-info
     - OTIS archives.


      - Clinton Public Docs & Speeches


  1. pictures, sounds
  1. o0 Telnetable Repositories 0o-

o CARL telnet or

  1. Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery

o FedWorld Gateway telnet or

  1. Access to some gov't databases, files, libraries, etc.

o Hpcwire telnet (Login: hpcwire)

  1. menu-driven information searches.

o InterNIC telnet

  1. Gopher, WAIS, Whois, finger, book orders, etc

o Law Library telnet (login: lawlib)

  1. State,Computer,Law Library.

o LawNet telnet (login: lawnet)

  1. Law/Judicial info and catalogs access.

o Library of Congress telnet

  1. lib. of congress, legislative info, and copyright info.


login as "NODIS" no password
      - online catalog of NASA material

o Rutgers CWIS telnet

  1. (CIA World Factbook, Religious/Gov't Texts)
  2. Recommend select LIBRARY
  3. dictionary/thesaurus/familiar-quotations

o World Wide Web

  1. an attempt to build an online hypertext reference work.
  1. o0 Gopher Space 0o-

A menu based realm of information access. To use these gopher servers, 'gopher', (unless otherwise noted) else hunt them down from the global menu. Much gopher stuff is duplicated at ftp sites, and vica versa.


share interesting gopher finds via this elist 
 msg: sub gopherjewels <your name>

o gopher

Bell Atlantic Gopher
The seven baby bells have made a gopher to store information 
about their task force on the future of the baby bells and the 
information super highway

o gopher

 offers: ASCII Clip Art, USA Today, UPI News,
      Commerce Biz Daily, Classifieds

o gopher

location of foundation center libraries
and book listing funding info sources

o gopher

 A variety of info... worth a surf. Lots of links.. almost uptodate

o telnet (login: gopher)

  1. mucho stuph concerning LAW, legal issues, gov't.


  1. legal issues in cyberspace. privacy, freedom, etc.

o telnet GOPHER.GSFC.NASA.GOV (login: gopher)

  1. nasa info & GSFC info (was Nicolas BBS)
  2. images
  3. a selection of internet resources
  4. a selection of internet resources

o gopher


o gopher

Mount Allison University Gopher
   - on-line art Galler

o gopher

  1. gnews-archive
  2. big archive too

o telnet or telnet (Login: nicol)

  1. Access to internet resources
  2. Elec. Publishing Service (library resources)

o gopher 7000

URL: gopher://
An example of a well organized gopher (kewl stuff too)

o gopher

  1. helpful directories for the Inet
  2. much more stuff (really incredible)


  1. collection of etexts
  2. white house releases


  1. alternative: telnet login gopher
  2. pointers to and fulltext of resource guides
  3. information about the internet itself
  1. o0 World Wide Web 0o-

Although others would claim that WWW isn't the latest greatest thing on the Internet, it is just beginning to come into wider use (what with the advent of Mosaic at al). So, like a good soldier, I have added this section. It is small now, but with your support, and a keen eye, it will grow fast.

Introducing Lynx. The solution too your dialup WWW needs.

o Lynx (a textbased WWW server)

code available via ftp at pub/lynx 
or try out lynx by telnetting to: ( login: www )  ( login: lynx )  (login: lynx )


  1. Look here for "What's Hot and Cool" on the Web.


  1. a variety of Internet guides here


  1. (A live index to "newsy" civil-liberties related Net material)


The Cyberspace Report, a radio show aired on KUCI, 88.9 FM


  1. Singapore National Computer board


  1. O'Reilly & Associates Global Network News


  1. New Russia-American Friends and Partners

o A virtual World's Fair that lets you tour exhibits from around

  the world and, at the end of the day, hop on a computerized 
  shuttle bus for a trip to the official Expo restaurant.


 The Little Garden cooperative has a WWW service online,


  1. Nexus elist info


  1. WiReD magazine


  1. Contains Hot and Cool- pointers and reviews of Web spots
  2. Worth a long look(and probably point you to even cooler sites)

-=- 02.2.Museums, galleries & stuph |

Every subculture has art it can call it's own. Indeed, some would say that without art it would not really be a culture at all. The world of virtual culture is no exception. Civilizations, uncivilized that they are, have been prone to collecting art in museums, supposedly to make public viewing easier. The result, however, is that only a few people see this art every year and the scarcity of this viewing makes the art-world seem elitist. To some extent, this has been replicated in virutal space.

However, the medium of the net allows for wider distribution and new spaces for all forms of art. New spaces, even new artforms, pop up all the time and hopefully find their way into this document. This activity seems to be both motivated by and motivating a groundswell in popular art and computer mediated art.

  1. o0 Gopher, FTP & WWW sites 0o-

o Agrippa available @



     archives can be found the file
  ftp  /pub/fine-art

o Amine Info

  1. /pub/anime

o collection of sci-fi stories

o gopher

  1. Ascii pics and other art

o GIF Pictures (general archives)

  2. /pub/images
  3. /pub
  4. /pub

o Music

  1. /pub/music

+ Music (lyrics/discographies/etc.)

o mtv www page

o OTIS (Operative Term Is Stimulate) archives

  1. /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS

+ original e-art

o Spunk Press archive:

 gopher:  o
 AnonFTP: o
 WWW:    o

o Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Info

  1. /public/alt.cyberpunk

+ info on the industrial robot group

      [] missing in action - do you know of copies? []

o WAX: The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

a film by Davids Blair
   -  /public/alt.cyberpunk
   - reviews and info about David Blair's cyberdelic film
      [] missing in action - do you know of copies? []
  1. o0 Art Centered Elists 0o-

o FineArt Forum
<SUB FINE-ART your email address, first-name, last-name,
and postal address>
     - elist on arts on the net and elsewhere

o Gibraltar
     - discussion of artistic and progressive music

o NetJam
     - MIDI, musc makers, etc.

o Phillip K. Dick
     - list celebrating the famous sf author

o Playlist <sub [name]>
     - alternative radio/dj playlists and discussion
  1. o0 Ezines 0o-

o Armadillo Culture
      - cool ezine

o ArtCom
     - interfacing art and communicaion
     - usenet alt.artcom


  1. FTP:
  2. Gopher:
  3. Issues surrounding the intersection of consciousness and


o Computer Underground Digest

  1. An open forum dedicated to sharing information and the

presentation and debate of diverse views.

   (United Kingdom)

     - fictional/essay e-zine
     - ftp for back issues

o Crash

  1. Guide to traveling through the underground. Alternative travel

stories, hints, and tips.

  1. FTP:

o Drum

  1. Interesting ASCII layout concept.
  2. FTP:
  3. Gopher:

o Fact Sheet 5 - the e.version

  1. FTP:
  2. Gopher:

o Hi-Rez

  1. Electronic Journal for CyberBeatniks
  2. FTP:
  3. Gopher:

o Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

  1. strong ties to the finest SubGenius traditions
  2. ftp: /pub/journals/HToMC

o inter\face

  1. FTP:
  2. Gopher:

o InterText (was Athene)

  1. FTP:

  1. Gopher:

o Line_Noiz_

  1. for info
  2. to sub send email to
  3. with the body: Subscription LineNoiz <your address>

o Meta

  1. cryptography, electronic publishing, free software development,

intellectual property, internet commercialization, privacy and

       virtual communities.

o Morpho_online

  2. alt.cyberpunk

o Obscure Electronic

  1. Profiles the people in this publishing subculture
  2. FTP:
  3. Gopher:

o Parthenogenesis

  1. FTP:
  2. Gopher:

o Quanta  /pub/quanta /pub/cud/misc/journals
     -fiction ezine

o Scream Baby /pub/journals/ScreamBaby /poli /poli

o SOUND News and Arts /pub/journals
     - e-version of the popular zine

o The Undiscovered Country

  1. the undiscovered country is a netzine regarding


  1. FTP:

o UnPlastic News /pub/cud/misc/journals

o Voices from the net
ftp sites for Voices are:  /pub/Zines/Voices           /pub/Zines/Voices_from_the_Net
  1. o0 Misc Internet Art 0o-

o Adam Curry's Cyber-Sleaze Report

  1. finger or
  2. worth putting in your .logout file

o Coke Machines et al.

  1. finger info or
    1. finger

+ Tap that coke machine.

  1. finger

+ Random Star Trek quotes.

  1. finger

+ U.S. Top Pop singles for the week.

  1. finger

+ Nasa daily news briefs

  1. finger

+ Weekly Nielsen TV ratings

  1. internet coffee machine (with Jpeg of coffee)


-=- 02.4.Organizations & Gov't |

The internet is international, national and pinpoint local; private, public, profit, non-profit, all at the same time. This structure makes it not only unreasonable to impose a government upon the net, but nearly impossible. So when you talk about Gov't on the net, you are talking about the Goverment's attempts to reach out to the net.citizens and, ideally, to listen to them.

-o0 The Legislative Branch 0o-

o Congress Email/FTP

  1. mail and ftp
  2. sadly I only found two senators who were using this (Alaska &


o The Congress is in the process of establishing its own electronic public access links. You can get more information from any of the following. Please remember that these are not connected in any way to any White House online projects (due to the separation of powers), so if you have any problems with their systems, you will have to contact their system administrators for assistance.

    Senate gopher site:   gopher
       Senate ftp site:   ftp
   Library of Congress:   telnet
      "    "      "   :   ftp
      "    "      "   :   gopher
  Government documents:   gopher 
  Government documents:   gopher

-o0 The Executive Branch 0o-

The official Party Line: "The White House e-mail system is under construction. This is a new project and suffers from all of the problems common to a startup operation. The Communications office is currently working on defining what this system will do, as well as trying to come up with equipment and staffing to make sure that it works. E-mail messages are currently being printed out and responses are being sent out via US Mail.

"Nobody wants this new venture to work more than the staff that has devoted so many hours to getting it up and running. But much time and effort will be required before the system is truly interactive. In the mean time, they will need a little patience from the electronic community. If you send a message to the White House, please include a US Post office address for replies."

On the Internet, send to: or

-o0 Other 0o-

o Voice of America

    - Voice of America Newsfiles (very very interesting. hm?)

o FCC (Federal Communications Commision)

Open to the public since 2-22-94

o California Gov's Race

- /pub/katbrown - info on Kathleen Brown's Campaign for California 


-=- 02.5.Organizations |

Home, home on the net. The ability of the Internet to bring people together who share common interests is amazing. Someone may start a mailing list to discuss a local environmental problem, then suddenly someone from halfway around the world joins in and you learn they are having the same problem as well. Before you know it, the mailing list becomes a clearing house for information regarding environmental pollution. That is one sort of organization on the net. Other's join the net with the explicit intention of operating as an Organization. Both are growing in numbers everyday.

This is the last time this section will be in the Guide. In the future please refer to the

  1. ⇒ OUTPOSTS ⇐-

on the Electronic Frontier list maintained by Stanton McCandlish available via ftp from or EFF's gopher. OUTPOSTS is posted every 21 days to the groups

_ /\ _\ /\ \ /\ "-.\ \ /\ _\ \ \ \\ \ \/\
\ \-. \\/_/\ \/
\ \_
\_\\"\_\ \ \_\ /\_\

\/_____/ \/____ / \/_/ \/_/   \/_/ \/_/  In Part 3 of 5
                                         copyright 1994 John Frost   
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