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                           by Charlen Kyle
   Looking back over my half century of life, the decades each

seem to have their own individual character. My observations of the decades as others have experienced them leads me to believe that some aspects are similarly shared by all.

   Here they are as I see them. Do the descriptions strike any

chords with you?

   Age one to ten: During this decade you learn the basics of

human existence; such things as hot/cold, up/down, hard/soft, communication, and about the people and places nearby, family and neighborhood.

   Age ten to twenty: During this decade you learn about the rest

of the world, the various areas of human knowledge, and continue to observe closely the people around you.

   Age twenty to thirty: By now, you have formed a concept of how

an adult should be and what (s)he should do, and you proceed to fit yourself into this mold.

   Age thirty to forty: At this point, you realize that you are

somewhat different from that idealized mold, so during this decade you try to figure out how it is that you really are.

   Age forty to fifty: By now you have a great deal of experience

and people-watching under your belt. Suddenly all kinds of subtle patterns of human behavior become obvious. You become aware of a tremendous number of things going on around you that you would have totally missed when you were younger. It is fascinating!

Actually, all the decades have their own excitement and fascination. And fifty to sixty? I don't know yet. I haven't gotten far enough into it to tell. Check back with me a few years hence. In the meantime, I'm having a great time continuing the earlier delightful observation of human nature in action!

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