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(This file and all humorous content are (C) and (P) 1993 RageBoy Publications, a subdivision of Blue Camaro Records/Press.)

One night, at a somewhat socialite party (I have since quit attending trendy parties), I was talking to a very attractive girl. I began talking about my friend Will, who had died in a car accident in 1985, and then we began discussing drunk-driving accidents in general. Soon, as I became more and more animated and involved, she walked away. At first, I wondered why. But then I realized: I had become BORING.

But I overcame this malaise which had so suddenly stricken me, and if you are boring, THERE'S HOPE FOR YOU, TOO!


 1)  Don't use statistics or facts.  In conversation, the goal is to make 
     a point, not to sound like a World Almanac.  Examples: Don't say 
     things like "2.5% of all wife beaters are hired by the Mafia" or "In 
     India, homosexuals are gutted and their skins are used for doormats." 
     One of the main reasons you should not say those things is because 
     they are not true.
 2)  Don't be crude or gross.  If you are telling someone about the best 
     lay you've ever had, don't say, "This chick was riding me like 
     Secretariat's jockey and she was doing things that gave me the most 
     sphincter-clenching orgasm I've ever had."  Instead, simply say "Let 
     me just say that that time in the back room of the toy store was the 
     best, most memorable bout of intercourse I have ever experienced."
 3)  Don't over-emphasize.  If you're a big fan of the Minutemen, for 
     instance, never assume that your conversational companion is, as well.
     Therefore, do not refer to every song the band has ever done as 
     though both of you have heard it.
 4)  Do not use exaggerated motions.  People who flail their arms around 
     hysterically, trying to make a point, usually lose their audience 
     within a few minutes of beginning said motions.  Also, do not say, 
     really loudly, "OH, MY GOD!" or some other such exclamation, and 
     launch into a spiel about something really moronic, such as Billy 
     Ray Cyrus.  The loud exclamation can really turn people off and 
     cause them to walk away from you, bewildered and pissed.

Those were but the first steps to not being boring, but they're more than enough to get you started on the path back to "interestingness." As you evolve back to your original level of good conversational taste, you will discover other tips that will work for you. Feel free to share them with other recovering and current bores.

Meanwhile, good luck!

- Jim Douglas

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