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              REALISTIC BLOOD

Ingrediants - Corn syrop or Karo syrop (clear)

  1. Zinc Oxide
  2. Red food color
  3. Yellow food color
  4. Water ( H O )


Optional - Green food color

  1. Peanut butter ( smooth )
  2. Kodak Photo-Flo

Quantitiy Table

+——————————————————————–+ I Karo Zinc Oxide Red color Yellow color Photo-flo H2O I +——————————————————————–+ I I I 1P 1/2 L Tsps. 1 Oz. 2 1/2 Tsps. 1 Oz. 1 Oz I I 1Q 1 L Tsps. 2 Oz. 5 Tsps. 2 Oz. 2 Oz I I 2Q 2 L Tsps. 4 Oz. 1oz + 4 Tsps 4 Oz. 4 Oz I I 3Q 3 L Tsps. 6 Oz. 2 1/2 Oz. 6 Oz. 6 Oz I I 1G 4 L Tsps. 8 Oz. 3oz + 2 Tsps 8 Oz. 8 Oz.I I I I note 1 note 2 I +——————————————————————–+ I P = Pint L = Level Tsps. = Tea Spoon I I Q = Quart G = Gallon Oz. = Fluid Ounce I +——————————————————————–+

Note 1 = Test yellow food color first by droping a drop of color onto white

         paper .  If the color stained is lemon yellow then use above ratio .
         If color is more orange than yellow then devide amount in half ( 1/2
         norm ) .

Note 2 = If you add Kodak Photo-flo to the blood you cannot eat it . The

         Photo-flo alows the blood to soak into cloth .

Procedure - Get a bowl slightly large than volume of Karo syrop. Add equal amounts of zinc oxide and mix together. Add color. Mix well. When color is mixed in well add a bit of the syrop , mix well. Continue until all the syrop is mixed in. Put in conatianer .

Notes - If you want the blood to soak into fabrics then add the Photo-flo when you add the colors.

Keep blood cold. It molds if left in warm area

Mix before using. The zinc oxide deposites at the bottom of the bottle if not mixed .

Zinc Oxide can be found at drug stores and chemical supply houses. In small doses it is harmless.

To Darken Add drops of green .

  To Thicken   Add small amounts of peanut butter.
     To Thin   Use above with Photo-flo , but match amounts of syrop with
               water ie.  if recipe calls for 1 Q syrop then also add 1 Q
               water .

Formula created by Mark Benett Mtl. It does work, it looks great and you can wash it out of fabrics.

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