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                   RUBY'S PROMOTIONAL BLURB   

ISSN NO: 1079-6673, International Ref. Books Serial No: A0019982

Ruby's Pearls, the elecmag Al Neuharth called "fascinating    

reading;" two-time winner of the industry's Digital Quill Award as best publication 1991-92 and 1992-93, invites your submissions.

This monthly publication does not pay its writers and does not

claim any rights to stories submitted aside from a one-time showcasing in the magazine, and possible inclusion in the "best of" anthology which is published yearly, hard copy. It makes no charge to any reader, and while it is distributed by subscription to at least one board in each of the 50 states, as well as GEnie and CompuServe, it is also uploaded, at the publisher's expense, to a number of sites internationally, such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, London, Paris, Canada and Portugal – with its latest two sites being Dublin, Ireland and Ascunsion, Paraguay. It has been written up in The New York Times, Analog Magazine, and Miami's New Times, among other publications, is listed in Writer's Market, Writer's Short Story and Novel Market, and Georgia/Florida Writer's Market. Ruby's Pearls continues to seek publicity, with an eye toward expanding readership.

Ruby's exists only for the benefit of its readers and its    

writers, and seeks submission of all quality mystery/adventure/ humor short fiction offerings. Acknowledged by Digital Publishing Association's President to be the premiere elecmag on the market, Ruby wants to put you in print in Singapore. Submissions can be made directly to the RP home board, Ruby's Joint, 1-904-777-6799 and can be made by upload on a first call; or on disk in ASCII format to: 9832-1 Sandler Road, Jacksonville, FL 32222. Other submission methods are: via FIDO NetMail, address 1:112/129; routed through RIME, board number 5215; and Internet, address:

Each entry in every Ruby issue is individually copyrighted, and

the contents are copyrighted as a whole, in their entirety, and may not be reproduced in part, but only in whole, and in no format other than electronic. Ruby's Pearls is expressly not to be reproduced in any other than a not-for-profit manner. Each story/adventure in every Ruby's Pearls issue is individually copyrighted in the name of its author, and any request to reproduce an individual piece, independent of the entire contents of any issue, must be sought and obtained from the individual author. Ruby's Pearls may not be reproduced in any CD ROM or other electronic collection which is offered for sale. Such inclusion is an express violation of the legal copyright herein advertised.

For back issues, special adventures and ongoing humor and chat, call:

           RUBY'S JOINT BBS - 1-904-777-6799 
         Home of the legendary Ruby Begonia 777-6700 

or FTP the magazine on Internet:

ftp login: anonymous

Password: [your e-mail address] 
cd /pub/users/ruby 
binary [very important; this ensures the .ZIP shows up as a 
get rubyv*.zip (any issue number up thru 39, Dec. 94.)  

When the transfer is complete, type "bye"–then download the file from your Internet provider to your own computer. Volume 39 is the latest in the Ruby's Pearls Humor/Fiction Elecmag which has been published monthly since September, 1991. Back issues are available.

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