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                         RUBY'S PEARLS  

       This brief collection of short stories is electronically
  published by David and Del Freeman, with the invaluable aid of
  our Assistant Editor, Michael Hahn, for your reading pleasure. 
  The entire contents of each issue are copyrighted as a body, 
  and each individual story is independently copyrighted. Nothing 
  herein may be reproduced in forms other than electronic, nor 
  can any portion be extricated and reproduced. The whole may be 
  reproduced electronically so long as it is kept intact, and is 
  not reproduced in any form other than not-for-profit.  
       Ruby's is dedicated to fiction short stories, and may  
  frequently contain satirical spoofs, meant to amuse and  
  entertain. No offense is intended to any individual, group or
  organization, and the broad spectrum of characterization is 
  intended to be so outlandish as to obviously establish its  
  humorous intent. Any resemblance to people, places or  
  associations, living or dead, active or defunct, is purely  
      Ruby's Pearls' ISSN NO. is 1079-6673. Its Serials
  Directory International Reference Book Control No. is
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