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                |                  /  \                  |
                |   Real          / 6  \   A production  |
                |                 | 1  |       of        |
                |   BBSes         | 8  |                 |
                |                 |----|   Dirty Bird's  |
                |   Don't         | 3  |     Nest BBS    |
                |                 | 9  |      150 MB     |
                |   Eat           | 7  |   (A real BBS)  |
                |                 |----|                 |
                |   Upload        | 7  |   Written by:   |
                |                 | 6  |   Suicidal      |
                |   Credits       | 8  |   Maniac        |
                |                 \ 7  /                 |
                |                  \  /                  |
  I  feel  that this text file needs  a before-hand  explaination.   This
  is a run off of Real users and Real sysops.  I enjoyed those text files
  and I wanted to see more of them.  I hope that this does not  offend  a
  bunch  of uptight sysops who actually write a constitution of rules for
  their BBS.  (Really, I could care less.)   I  mainly  wrote  this  file
  because  I  wanted  to  poke fun at sysops who thought that in order to
  retain authority think they have to make rules so  that  you  can't  do
  anything,  but post nice little just stopping by to say hi messages.  I
  thought the whole idea of BBSes is to give and get files, and  to  keep
  conversation going.
  On with the show!
  Real  BBSes  do  not  require  newusers  to  give their social security
  Real BBSes have AT LEAST 2400 baud.
  Real BBSes are run on software that best fits their storage.
  Real BBSes are run by easy going sysops.
  Real BBSes don't have a complete downloadable rule book.
  Real BBSes are run on registered software.
  Real BBSes offer some support for unpaid users, or no fee.
  Real BBSes don't need to advertise.
  Real BBSes don't have a sysop that uses his first name  and  makes  all
  other callers use their full name.
  Real BBSes aren't run on disk based systems.
  Real BBSes don't have sysops that preview every message.
  Real  BBSes don't have the upload download ratio limit set to 2 to 1.
  Real BBSes support more than 3 protocols.
  Real BBSes have more than 2 message bases.
  Real BBSes have shoot-the-breeze message bases, as well as formal.
  Real BBSes run off of a machine faster than 2 mHz.
  Real BBSes are up-to-date on software.
  Real  BBSes  do  not  require  newusers  to  answer  a   300   question
  Real BBSes do not send validation notices in the mail.
  Real BBSes do not say they are the best in town.
  Real BBSes do not say be here or be square.
  Real BBSes have real sysops.
  Real BBSes have more than 50 users.
  Real BBSes have at least 5 active message bases.
  Real BBSes require an affordable fee (not $50 a year).
  Real BBSes don't have an hourly charge.
  Real BBSes don't put others down.
  Real BBSes model themselves off of Dirty Bird's Nest.
  Real BBSes support ansi graphics.
  Real  BBSes  get  at  least 40% activity during the day, and 50% on the
  Real BBSes do not brag!
  Real BBSes do not have lazy ass sysops that never do any maintenance.
  Real BBSes aren't scared to broadcast this text file!!!!!
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