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       [ Newsflash! ]

The real purpose of the National Enlightener is to take a objective look at the pirate/phreak world. With it's pirate/phreak cast as rock star syndrome.

We have nothing against anyone, but find the actions of most of the so called "elites" completely stupid. Not to mention funny. So they are brought to you along with our commentary, whenever we find the time.

Giving credit where it's due:

Mr. Xerox was a very good programmer & pirate. His personality needs some re- programming, but other then that. He is (or was) good at what he did.

Zero Page, same thing.

Lord Digital, same thing. But looking at some of his old posts (2-3 years ago), and comparing it to what he has had to say in the last 6 months or so, We would be inclined to agree with The (980 wpm) Infiltraitor, about him having grown up and found a new person- ality. Now if only Mr. Xerox would do the same thing.

The Wizard 414, & Broadway Hacker (like many others) damn well deserve what they get.

Gadget master, same thing.

The Atom, same thing. But he doesn't really need our help in making him look stupid.

The Infiltraitor, frankly, we don't know what to make of this guy. Except for the evident fact that he is a fast typist.

King Blotto, mixed review. On the one hand, looking at some of his posts, We are inclined to believe that he is a perfectly mature, non-idiot, person. & we almost find ourselves thinking him likeable (like Lord Digital with his new and improved personality), But then, he either slips back into his old personality, or pulls a Jekyll & Hyde, and where there was a intelligent person 30 seconds ago, there is now a 23 year old man ranting and raving at a bunch of people, 5-10 years younger then he is, and calling them rodents and losers. A perfect example of this is his reply to the Atom. At first he brings up things we agree with 100%, but then he takes a sharp turn into left field and starts rambling about rodents, chicken- shit's, and drinking the Atom's blood. In our humble opinion, if he ever got his head together, stopped ragging and hating so many people, and let his intelligent side come through more often. He'd be human.

Wrapping this up, we're not amateur phsycologists. Rather we are telling it like we see it.

Many of the people are good at what they do (or did) (not you Atom), and we can't fault their abilities. But on the other hand, some of them should take some time out and get a new personality.

ANother thing most of them seem to thrive on is hatred and pettiness. People who have never met, never talked, live on other sides of the US, vehemently hating each other for no reason. When they run out of "enemy elites" to hate, they turn their ego's loose on all the "rodents" of the world. And this is not our imagination. We will show their posts in our next installment.

Of course, any ELITES!@#! who happen to read this, will ignore it, or call us rodents. Since real elites, can't take criticism. Anyone pointing out the truth is a rodent.

Enough of this, until next time,

"I can't be wrong, I'm elite!"

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