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Hi I run a PCBoard BBS in Indianapolis, and have been running BBS's for

10 years now. I have one of the origional PCBoard serial numbers, my BBS is of good size "18 public nodes, 4 gigs, and around 900 conferences". I do know what I am doing. This is not an ad for my BBS, so I will not leave a phone number.

After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that I should

warn everyone about Intelec and Cliff Whatkins. I have had numerous problems with his flagrant authority and the way he runs his network.

Cases in point:
   1.  I joined his network because he said it was a lot less hassels than
       RIME.  I have had more problems with Cliff than anyone else I call
       to run mail with.  I was calling him directly to get the Intelec, 
       Interzone, and Vnet conferences.  I was not allowed to get mail for
       over 2 months because I had an incorrect tag line.  I called him
       and left messages on his system for these 2 months trying to get
       back on.  He would not do it until he had time to actually verify
       my tag line in my config file for rnet; wouldn't even let me run a
       test message to him to verify it.  On top of that I sat here calling
       him at least 24 times, and he was never in.  Finally I got him to 
       look at my config file and let me back on.
   2.  I was notified about 4 weeks ago that he had too many sysops getting
       mail from his system.  I was told bluntly to call another system 
       of his choosing to get the mail.  I was getting about 200 conferences
       from him.  I told him it would take me a little while to reconfigure
       rnet for another bbs system.  The next day I no longer had access to
       get onto Cliffs BBS.  The guy he gave me to does not have the same
       mail door, nor does he have the conferences numbered the same.  I 
       spent all day Saturday loading new software, getting it to work, and
       matching conference numbers.  I was notified by the new guy that
       his system is so busy "SMALL 2 LINES" that I need a time slot to call
       in to get the mail.  He also does not carry all of the conferences 
       that I picked up from Cliff Watkins at Intelec.  I just recieved
       a message from the sysop of the new system that he talked to Cliff
       and Cliff said "TOUGH".  So now I have conferences configured on my
       system and have no mail access to update them!!!  
      WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   If you are thinking about joining Intelec, then think twice!  This is
   what I just went through and thought that I should warn everyone. 
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