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                         S e x   W i t h   S a t a n


by: Psycoe

call The Heavy Metal AE Line: (316) 684-0190 p/w=maiden 300/1200 baud

First of all, this file is dedicated to my late dog, Cindy, who without her influence, this file would never have been possible…

This file contains explicit sexual material, so dont jack off on the keyboard…

My life had been very boring and drab. My subscription to Penthouse and National Lampoon were about to expire so my life had no meaning. I had been working mowing lawns, trying to get enough money to buy a hard drive… since my ex-girl friend told me that hard things were nicer than floppy ones. My parents were in California for US '84. My dad posted a note on the local college job board that he needed a baby-sitter to watch his 15 year old son and sit by the pool and suntan. We got many phone calls. My babysitter's name was known to me only as "34-24-33".

      The first days of my stay alone with the star of Debbie Does Dallas

was pretty boring (since it was that time of month and I am not a vampire). The third day of my stay, my baby-sitter sat down and told me that she had fantasies of molesting younge 15 year old boys who she babysits for. She then proceeded to fufill our fate by sticking her soft hands down my pants and unzipping me. She took off her shirt and bra, slacks and panties then leaned over and told me she wanted to whisper sweet nothings in my rear.

      She told me she had seen this on a Cheech and Chong movie.  I 

naturally went along with the fantasy. She took off my pants and placed my 'joint' into her vibrating mouth. As soon as she began to choke, she turned her head up and told me that she had one more fantasy to fufill with me. I said that I would do anything for her. She tied me to the bed with these handcuffs she had ripped off a fucking cop. She proceeded to spank me and kept calling me 'bad boy'. Then, the little nympho took out a lighter and set my cock on fire and told me not to smoke.

      As I began to burn, I could faintly see her molesting my pet gerbil

while smoking a banana peel (which happened to be my pecker). I saw a violent light, then a rainbow in the dark.

      I was dead and in Heaven.  I, being an active atheist, didnt believe

a damn thing about this. I saw some gates and opened them and proceeded to go through the bars. A man with a cane stopped me and told me he could answer any questions I had about Heaven. I proceeded to ask, "Sir, if I lived a good life and kept Kosher, helped little old ladies across the street, do you think I could get a cute little angel to piss on my face every Thursday night in Heaven??" The man immediately hit me in the balls with the cane and said, "There is no sex or corruption in Heaven, we all sit around and meditate while listening to Culture Club tapes." I said, "Fuck this shit man, I absofuckinglutley dont want to spend my eternity in this fag joint." I then left the gates and jumped into oblivion through the clouds.

         I fell through the sky and felt the earth seal around me.  I began

to hear some faint music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran towards the music and heard some Ozzy Ozbourne, Crazy Train Playing. I immediately screamed "Now this is more fucking like it!" I took out my pack of Menthol Players and lit it from the fire still pertruding from my cock. A lady with extremely large breasts welcomed me into my new home. I saw men orgying in the fire-laden streets with beautiful women. I jumped on a 21- year-old woman and started gangbanging her with my cock of fire. She stood up and screamed, "Why's your cock on fire??" I told her my plight and she told me to go to Satan's wife.

      I entered Satan's wife's house and signed the guest register.  I 

ran up to her room where she was actively masturbating with a broom stick. I said "wow!!" She looked up in ecstacy and and asked me what she could do for me. I blushed. She said, "Besides that!" I told her of my story. She said she could help me quench the fires, but I would have to pledge my life to winning over the virginity of younge school girls. She placed my cock in her mouth and the fire was quenched by our ecstacy.

      I asked her what her name was in my last breath of passion.  She said

it was Lita Ford. I asked her if the lady who set my cock on fire back on earth was one of her followers. She said her name was Wendy O. Williams. I said "wow!!!!" After having another engagement of oral sex with her steaming clit, I was wisped away to the land of virginity and high school girls.

      I found myself in a private school for young rich snobby girls.  My

new identity was Angus. I had no last name, but never questioned the intent of my master's wife.

      I first began to hunt out my prey with the high school cheerleaders.

But, after noticing that they stuck to the floor while doing to splits, I decided to go for less virtile girls. I seduced a young girl whose face reminded me of an ancient memory. I took her up to my apartment and she said she needed help with her geometry. I showed her my obtuse angle and she showed me her acute one. As I tore off her bra, I noticed how undeveloped she was. I took off her greasy panties and began to tounge her love channel. She started to moan and said she couldnt believe I was doing that to her. I just told her to sit back and relax. As I licked her wet spot, I noticed her erect nipples and the tiny dew drops forming around her clit. I tounge fucked her for 15 minutes then started to push my shaft up her. She started to moan with pleasure. I proceeded to tie her to the bed with a pair of hot handcuffs which I had borrowed from Wendy. I forced my victim's head down over my pulsating dong. She began to gag a familiar gag. I let her head up for air for a moment. Then to my surprise, she stuck her tounge out and it was flaming. I said "oh, shit, not again!!!" She set my dick on fire.

      As I proceeded to go back to my mistress in the underworld of sex, I

began to think of how good it would feel to get my pecker's fire quenched again by Satan's wife's cool pulsating tounge. I entered Hell for a second time and everybody greeted me with praises and started begging for sexual vibrators to be sold in Hell for a lower price. I said "Why ask me??" They told me it was all a test to see who would be the new number two. I began to understand, as I remembered the ancient lyrics of an Iron Maiden song named "The Prisoner." I lit another Play Xoceeded to my master's flaming house in the depths of sex. I entered and Satan bowed down and kissed my hand. He said I am the new number two since he is getting a little too old to get his cock sucked on anymore by his wife. I took the position gladly.

I realized my new position. I am SATAN!!!!! I have unlimited powers!! I begin to lead unsuspecting virgin girls to my domain. I conquer earth with my flaming nympho's. I proceed to climb up the ladder of Heaven and gang bang all the ladies there and say, "You could have been doing this all your life instead of living in misery trying to draft more people into your false faith!!!!!!!" I then pick up my brand new electric gibson challenger with new tremelo bar and customized locking bolts with the perfect distortion. I yelled the ancient and foreshadowing lyrics of my coming into power…

"Heaven's on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


this is my life and this is my story…the next man you see caught on fire could be me predicting my rule over all and the sexual reign on earth, hell, and heaven.

  1. -psycoe

the keeper of the

                                      cock of fire!!!!!


death to all prudes and nonsexual pussy rockers!!!!! I am in power!!!!!!!!!!!!


dont fuck with this file or someday I might go up and fuck your eight year old daughter and make her a prostitute of my reign on 42 street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brought to you by:

[/] The Ascii Assassin [/]

(> (> (>

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