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Filename: Guide to Being a Pimp

	      Your guide to become a Pimp
		     By The Flash
The first thing that you must do is decide that this is the thing for

you and that you will be able to handle this responsibility. Things that you need to get or have is access to a motel or some good form of shelter in which to house the items for sale. Next you should be located close to a large city and have many contacts with students such as college or high school level.

You have to be in possession of an automobile. This is extermly necessary for transportation of girls and you to get to partys. You must have understanding parents that will let you leave the house on weekdays during late hours but not later than 12 at night. Drug dealers; they are a big help in recruting the girls. Girls that need some money to pay for their drug habbits are easy targets. They will do anyhing to keep the supply of whatever that they are hooked on continuing. [All children under the age of 18 and even 12 ar good targets to take advantage of if they have drug habbits.] Tell your local pusher that when he sells his goods that he should refer any young and fairly good looking girls to you for some extra cash. [They will jump at the offer.] employer. DO NOT TAE FREE SAMPLES!! The girls will only feel intimidated. You what he thought.

Could the girl do better? Will she improve with practice? Did she resest only in the beginning, or also later? What is your total over-all feeling of her? Can you spread the word around about my services?

Thank You… See you again!

Once that you have a clientell set-up and a good list of girls, have a

Data-Base like Apple Works keep track of appointments and other things. If you decide to continue with the bussiness, invest in Real Estate. That will also pay-off in the end! Open up a descrete Whore-House.

This is NO joking matter, this is the exact thing that you should do.
If you decide that drug pushing is a better money maker, then do it, but

whatever you do, don't do what you sell. It is allways better that you do not sample what you sell!!! Allways remember this! That was the down-fall of some friends that I knew that had a few bussiness like that of which we are refering to.

The final thing that you should do, to keep your investment going, is to

allways have the girls checked-up weekly. You do not want any deseases going around. That may hurt you reputation.

Keep it clean, don't sample what you sell, and be curtios to the customer. If you follow what I have told you, you will be able to relax in luxury in just a year or less and afford anything that you want. This is what we call capitol gain, something like Monopoly…


		       The Flash

Your Guide to Pimping

by The Flash (C) 1986

Part 1 of How to Make Money the Illegal Way

Part 2 of How to Make Money the Easy Way By The Flash

Well, I think that the next best thing to being a pimp is a drug dealer
This is a more dangerous way to make money because you are dealing with more

dangerous people. To start it off, you must find your way to being a dealer through other dealers. You have to get contacts and find out where your local dealer is getting his stash from. I am not an expert on this subject but once you get the connections all you have to do is be carefull of gready dealers that do not want to share customers with you. The best place to pass off a few drugs the you have been stocking up on, is the good ole' PARTY!!! This is the best place that you can sell all kinds of things to everyone. Don't be afraid of the cops in just the average friday night party, they are only there when they make themselves noticable. When you see a few cop cars drive up to the house or whatever, get rid of your stash if the situation looks real bad. Don't worry about loosing a few bucks. It is much better to loose a little illegal money than it is to get cought with it and the dope. If the party gets raided, and they usually do, get the hell out of there via the back door leading into the backyard. You must not run right to the cops who are o in the front of the place. Get going to the neighbor's yard and keep going.

The party is a very good place to make a few bucks when you have gotten

a supplyer. Remember what I said about the first file… Don't do what you sell, it will only get you fucked-up.


		       The Flash

Guide to Drug Dealing

By The Flash © 1986

Part 2 of How to Make Money the Illegal Way

		   By The Flash
    Part 3 of How to Make Money
		the Illegal Way
		       (C) 1986
   Here's the third part of a series. I think that I will start to write a

book on the subject.

   The best place to find victims are in incredibally crouded places someplace

like a concert or a movie the theater, someplace that is dark or something. I have found that the movies during everyone is leaving and bumping against everybody. I also like the Factory of Nightmares, a holloween festival. The only good concerts to hit are New-Wave, Pop or Jazz concerts because you don't want to fuck with a bug ass punker that has 20 friends that can beat the shit out of you.

   Once you have found a target (victim), approach him or her. Wallets are

easy prey and in my opinion, are much easier to get. Besides, the male usually carries more cash with him. Don't go for purses unless you have some sissors to cut the strap connected to the purse (this makes it much easier.) Well, if your victim is male and carries a wallet, push him away from you while you are holding on to his wallet. Kinda fake that you bumped into him on accident; well, you know. This way, he moved and his wallet didn't, it will still be in your grimy little hands. HA HA…. He won't even feel it. If you are just begining, quickly drop the wallet on the floor, and put your foot over it. If the man turns around, just say if he asks about it, "Ohhh, looky there… Is this your wallet that just feel out of ya pocket? WOW what do you know!!" You will be off the hook. Later, and have fun;

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