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                          BOOKS FOR BULLET SWAGERS
        Learn about bullet swaging, the fast accurate process that gives 
   you  total  control over bullet design and  production!   The  combined 
   knowledge of generations of master die-makers has been collected in the 
   Corbin  Swaging Library -- seven volumes of  easy-to-read,  fact-filled 
   information.   More  than 840 pages of authorative work,  with  charts, 
   photos,  data, drawings, and technical reports, in a special package to 
   save you money!
   The Corbin Swaging Library includes these books:
                       The BULLET SWAGE MANUAL, T.Smith
                       The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Vol. I
                       The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Vol. II
                       The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Vol. III
                       POWER SWAGING, D. Corbin
                       RE-DISCOVER SWAGING, D. Corbin
                       The CORBIN HANDBOOK & CATALOG of BULLET SWAGING
                       Order catalog number BP-7
   The BULLET SWAGE MANUAL, T. Smith, 1976, 45 pgs.
        This book is one of the earliest works on bullet swaging,  written 
   by  a  pioneer in the field.   Many of the illustrations are  of  early 
   Corbin swaging tools.   The book is intended as a primer for beginners, 
   but belongs in any complete library of swaging as a historical work.
                       Catalog number BSM
   The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Volume I   1977, 66 pgs.
        The  first  collection  of  Corbin  technical  papers,  this  book 
   contains  a  detailed section of definitions,  specific  questions  and 
   answers  about  swaging  technique,  comparisons  of  cost,  speed  and 
   accuracy between casting and swaging,  and answers to the most commonly 
   asked  questions about bullet swaging.   Rimfire jacket-making,  hollow 
   and  cup  points,  designs  for deep  penetration,  and  other  similar 
   subjects are covered.
                       Catalog number TB-1
   The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Volume II   1980, 102 pgs.
        This  book  gives  a  detailed chapter by  chapter  discussion  of 
   specific  calibers  and how to make bullets  for  them.   Included  are 
   obsolete,  foreign,  current centerfire rifle and handgun calibers,  in 
   fifteen  chapters.   In addition,  there is an experimental .375 design 
   with loading data,  chamber dimensions,  and test results.  A wealth of 
   information about the history of swaging is included.
                       Catalog number TB-2
   The CORBIN TECHNICAL BULLETINS, Volume III   1983, 106 pgs.
        Experimental work with custom bullets, the rise of the survivalist 
   movements,  and concerns about the future supplies of bullets in the US 
   and  abroad  brought  a flood of technical  articles  addressing  these 
   subjects.   Original  papers  and translations from trade journals  are 
   included.  Bonding and heat treatment of jackets, manufacture of copper 
   tubing bullets, and hunting bullets are covered in detail.
                       Catalog number TB-3  
   POWER SWAGING, D. Corbin   1984, 195 pgs.
        Also known as Corbin Technical Bulletins,  Volume IV,  this is the 
   bible of commercial bullet making. It is filled with data on pressures, 
   forces,  and die strength, calculations, charts, computer programs, and 
   photos.   Hundreds  of dollars worth of dies were destroyed to test the 
   limits of the formulae, and photos of these are included as well.  
        The  book  serves  as an operator's  guide  for  the  Hydro-press, 
   although  it  also covers several earlier models of air  and  hydraulic 
   power  presses  that  are no longer manufactured.   Two  very  valuable 
   chapters deal with organization of a custom bullet business,  and  with 
   the  numbers  involved in  production  volume.   Marketing,  promotion, 
   feasibility  studies,  and  selection of a product line are written  so 
   they can be understood by a beginner, yet interesting enough to attract 
   experienced engineers.  
                       Catalog number TB-4
   RE-DISCOVER SWAGING, D. Corbin   1983, 244 pgs.
        This  is the standard textbook of swaging.   The washable  morroco 
   cover  is gold-embossed.   It is used by law enforcement  agencies  and 
   schools around the world, in public and private libraries from Brussels 
   to Perth, read by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and by the students 
   at  gunsmithing schools.   You'll find detailed,  accurate  information 
   arranged in twenty-two chapters,  covering everything from lubricant to 
   lead,  pressure to press design, history of swaging (including original 
   letters  from  Biehler and Astles,  Fred  Huntington,  and  Capt.  G.L. 
   Wotkyns  at  critical points during the 1940 to 1960 period)  and  just 
   about anything else you might care to know about swaging.   If you only 
   want one book, make it this one.
                       Catalog number RDS 
        Data  has  been collected from all over the world for a decade  on 
   bullet  markets,  and  the people who are active in the  custom  bullet 
   field.   If you are looking for a certain caliber -- modern,  obsolete, 
   wildcat,  foreign, or experimental -- this is the sourcebook for people 
   who  can make it!   Articles of interest to  experimenters,  purchasing 
   agents, engineers, and ballisticians as well as those who might wish to 
   enter the custom bullet field as suppliers are included.
        Editors,  writers,  and publishers of firearms journals around the 
   world have a copy of this book for reference.  Buyers in government and 
   industry, defense agencies and law enforcement operations, game control 
   commissions,  ballistic labs, and applied science libraries can turn to 
   the sources listed to find out who makes what.  
        Corbin  customers who are selling bullets commercially are invited 
   to  write for a free listing in the book's next  edition.   Advertising 
   space is periodically available  to qualified firms.   Agencies dealing 
   with firearms-related suppliers should check out the tremendous  market 
   exposure this book gives.
                       Catalog Number WD-1 
        You are reading a copy now!   If you would like additional  copies 
   for friends,  order directly from Corbin.  This is the seventh edition: 
   it  is  not the seventh book of the collection,  or the  seventh  year, 
   since Corbin has been in business much longer than that.   We publish a 
   new  edition  whenever the information becomes outmoded  and  continued 
   editions of the same book begin to lose their relevance to newer ideas.
                       Catalog number HB-7
        This  is a color brochure,  6-pages,  telling what swaging is  and 
   what you can do with it.   Single copies are available postpaid for  $1 
   (to  cover postage and handling).   Write for quantity prices to  clubs 
   and schools.
   The Corbin HYDRO-PRESS brochure
        A color folder describing the powerful CHP-1 Hydro-press.   Single 
   copies  are  $1 (for postage and handling) -- no additional  charge  if 
   ordered with other literature.   Write for quantity prices to clubs and 
        This  is a list of dies available for immediate  delivery.   Since 
   Corbin dies are all hand-made products, individually diamond lapped and 
   fitted,  there  can be a considerable backlog on certain calibers  from 
   time  to time.   The Immediate Delivery List tells what is on the shelf 
   right now.   It changes from month to month, and is not a guarentee but 
   only  a  temporary  listing.   If you  see  something  you  want,  call 
   immediately  and  use your VISA/MASTER-CHARGE card to have  it  shipped 
   right  away.   (Sorry - no holding for future payment!   Demand is just 
   too high to tie up products in this manner.)
        This  list  is  free  for the  asking,  when  ordered  with  other 
   literature  or  products.   Included with most shipments  is  also  our 
   current  price list,  any specials we may have on supplies or products, 
   announcements of new books or computer software, etc.
  1. ———————————————————————-
        Now you can design bullets quickly,  easily, with Corbin's DC-1001 
   Bullet Design program.  All you need to know is the weight and style of 
   bullet you want to make -- the program asks these simple questions, and 
   then  calculates  the  ballistic  coefficient,   form  factor,  average 
   density, stable twist rate, core and jacket volumes, core weight, over-
   all length,  length of ogive and length of shank, and a number of other 
   parameters of importance to makers of commercial bullets.  
        If you don't know what to answer,  the program supplies a standard 
   default  value.   You  can  just  hit the  "enter"  key,  and  run  the 
   calculation  automatically with all default values if you wish,  to see 
   how it works.  You need absolutely NO math background, NO experience in 
   bullet design or ballistics.  Automatic tables appear on the screen for 
   each  question that requires some special knowledge,  and  the  program 
   checks  your input to see if it is reasonable.   If not,  it gives  you 
   another chance to input a value, or just hit return and let the program 
   supply a value.
        There is no way you can "mess up" this program.   And best of all, 
   when  you  have designed the bullet (which takes perhaps two  seconds), 
   those values can be printed out,  and/or automatically used in a second 
   program that is part of the first one:   kinetic parameters.   You  can 
   "fire"  the  bullet  at any velocity within reason,  see what  kind  of 
   energy density,  muzzle energy,  momentum,  and other values the bullet 
   would  have.   And,  you can change one or more parameters and  try  it 
   again to see the effect, all within seconds.  The program keeps all the 
   values  you put in last,  and uses them until you change them.   If you 
   turn  off  the program,  it resets to standard default  values  so  you 
   can't "get lost" or forget important standard values.
        The  DC-1001 program is currently available on 5-1/4" floppy  disk 
   for  IBM-PC/XT  or  /AT computers.  The  program  is  completely  self-
   contained  in executable machine code for the 8088 processor,  and runs 
   at either 4.77 mhz or at accelerated clock rates.   Either color or B&W 
   monitors will work.   All display is in the text mode.  The disk is NOT 
   copy  protected and can be loaded onto your hard disk drive.              
        Don't confuse DC-1001 with ordinary external ballistics  programs:  
   it  is  not  merely  an electronic table  of  values,  but  a  powerful 
   calculus-based  tool  for design of bullets.   It is not the same as  a 
   program  that  gives  you drop and remaining  energy  for  an  existing 
   bullet,  but  a way to create new bullets of your own design.   You can 
   input various densities of core and jacket material,  and find out what 
   effect aluminum,  tungsten,  brass, or plastic might have on the bullet 
   paramters.   You  can even select the target material density and  find 
   out what spin rate would stabilize the bullet in space,  in air,  under 
   water,  or in any other media.   DC-1001 is a one-of-a-kind program for 
   the bullet maker. (To run the program, simply type "Bullets").
                       Catalog Number DC-1001
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