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Research Products - Robotics
YR model stealth attack drone
Purpose:  pest population control
  YR1A - 400.000 yen
  YR1B - 350.000 yen
  YR3  - 700.000 yen


  Dodge 12
  Flight 18 (like Running)
  Maneuver 15
  Melee weapons 13  or Missile weapons 13
  Stealth 11
  Test (24)
  Find 8
  Trick (18)
  Intimidate (5)
  Taunt (40)
Natural Tools: Armor +8 (Reinforced Kyoto Police RKD),
  either Silver Stiletto 17 or Bamboo Needler 15,
  ion jets, solar collectors, mouse brain
Possibilities: Rare (80)
Appearance:  A small sphere about 30 cm. in diameter with quadrapod
  jets and four equally placed light sensors (normal and infrared).
  The "front" contains a small panel covering digestor and weaponry.
Goals:  The YR series robot with mouse brain controller and ion jet
  drive is intended as a fully autonomous seek and destroy drone.
  Each drone is preprogrammed with a type of prey and with a range
  of terrains.  Common to all drones is stealth and survival
  programming.  The drone operates by either lying in wait or by
  stalking its intended prey.  When the prey approaches within
  3 meters, the drone will attempt a vital blow, either by ramming
  (stilleto model YR1A) or by holding position, aiming and firing
  (bamboo dart model YR1B).  Once an attack is made, the drone will
  seek to avoid retalitory attacks and leave the area as quickly as
  possible.  If its target was not killed, then it will stalk that
  target for another attempt.
         The YR1B uses a bamboo dart which it can replenish by itself
  from surrounding materials.  The YR1A has a spring loaded silver
  stilleto which is retracted except when making an attack.  All drones
  will hunt small creatures to support the biological mouse brain
  (mecha-digester unit included) and contain small solar collector
         The YR model is intentionally low cost, so that replication
  replaces reliability.  We hope that you will choose the YR series
  for all of your pest control needs.
NOTE 1:  The YR3 model comes with the silver stilleto and the ability
  to be programmed for an individual target.  This droid will
  self-destruct immediately after killing target.
NOTE 2:  We expect to be comming out with YR2A and YR2B models
  within the year.  These models will be programmed with the species
  of target, but will act as bodyguards and security.  Some
  beta-test versions are available, contact this department if you
  are interested.

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