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Subject: torg cards - quick reference


Conflict Lines: S and D, for Standard and Dramatic scenes. All (dis)advantages on the Conflict line affect every person on the indicated side.

    Each character gets 2 rounds of action before other side can
    Removes all shock damage and KO conditions.
    All get an additional roll as if they had spent a possibility. May
    not be countered by a possibility.
    Villains only. damaged characters who fail to hit will flee.
    No player may activate a card from her pool.
    all characters take 2 points of shock damage.
    Triggers setback event, or prevents affected side from taking
    action against their opponents.
    All characters lose one chance to roll a die again for an action.
 Taunt, Test, Trick, and/or Intimidate
    If villain succeeds in a skill use, may remove card(s) from
    opponent's pool.

Dramatic Skill Resolution

 Possible Setback
    Character in Dramatic Skill Resolution who fails this step loses a
    Character in Dramatic Skill Resolution who fails this step, all
    subsequent steps get 1 harder.
 Critical Problem
    Character in Dramatic Skill Resolution who fails this step must
    use a new skill to complete Dramatic Skill Resolution.


Subplots (Martyr, Mistaken Identity, Nemesis, Personal Stake, Romance, Suspicion, True Identity)

 All remain in the pool once placed. Does not count against limit of
 four cards in player's hand. If discarded by GM 1 possibility point
 awarded to PC. If accepted then PC gets one bonus possibility point
 per act. If a Campaign card is placed on an accepted subplot and
 accepted then the subplot is permanent and the PC gets one bonus
 possibility per act whenever the subplot is active in the future of
 the campaign.


 may be played on top of a Subplot card to make it permanent. If
 discarded is worth 1 Possibility point.


 Remains in the pool once you have placed it there. Does not count
 against the limit of four cards in the player's hand. Lets a PC
 notice an item or clue which she otherwise missed.


 Remains in the pool once placed. Does not count against limit of four
 cards in player's hand. Lets a PC know someone in the area who can
 give aid.


 Increases bonus number for an action by 3. Active skill use only.

Adrenalin, Willpower, and Presence

 Add directly to an attribute number for one round.

Coup de Grace

 Increases the effect value for an action.


 Can be played as an extra possibility point.


 Can be played as an extra possibility point. If saved until end of
 adventure can be turned in for 3 bonus possibility points.


 Must be played into pool during first round of encounter. Allows
 entire party to escape the encounter.


 Gives an extra action *at any time* during the round, even during
 villain's turn.


 If played after rolling 60+ for a key action during a dramatic scene,
 increases possibility award for all players in adventure by 3.

Master Plan

 This may be exchanged for any card which has just been placed on the
 discard pile.


 All hostile action stops while PC makes a speech for a round.

Opponent Fails

 An enemy action which has just succeeded fails instead.

Second Chance

 May retry an action after failing to accomplish it.

Seize Initiative

 May keep current card on the stack for next round or immediately flip
 a new card onto the stack. Player choice.


 May add 3 to another player's total after dice roll but before GM
 announces the result.


 All players may discard as many cards as they wish and immediately
 fill up hand to 4 cards, not counting cards in the pool.


 May play up to 2 cards from your hand or pool into other's hands or
 pools, and may discard from your hand if wish and then refill up to 4


 When the player is stumped by a problem, explain your confusion, play
 this card, and the GM will give a hint.

The Subplot Cards Martyr

 The PC playing this card may sacrifice her life and automatically
 produce a victory from disaster. Anyone holding it at the end of
 adventure loses 3 (is this right?) possibility points.

Mistaken Identity

 A PC is thought to be someone else, or believes another character to
 be someone she isn't.


 There is, or will be, someone in the adventure who has a grudge
 against the PC, or vice versa.

Personal Stake

 The PC turns out to be emotionally tied to the major plot at hand.


 The PC becomes emotionally involved with a GM character. Maybe one
 sided, maybe more, but definitely problematic.


 Someone suspects the PC of some crime or terrible action.

True Identity

 The PC is somebody who matters to a GM character, but this is not
 common knowledge.

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