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From: bc770@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (George Burgyan) Date: 15 Oct 93 04:01:28 GMT Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror,alt.cult-movies,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Rocky Horror Theater List

Archive-name: movies/rocky-horror-theaters Frequency: Monthly

This is a monthly posting that is posted on or about the 15th of each month.

This list is from the Rocky Horror fan club and from people that E-Mailed me. Since I didn't go to all of these theaters, I cannot guarantee their accuracy. Entries marked with `*' have more information about them at the end of the list. Entries marked with `!' are temporary. Some of these entries have been slightly edited (mostly for conciseness) from the original message sent to me, but the content is the same. Also note that this is the official list of the Rocky Horror Fan Club. (Thanks to all the people that helped make it that!)

I have recently changed colleges and I'm sorry if any additions got lost in the shuffle.

Many periodic postings, including this one, are available on the archive site ( in the directory pub/usenet/news.answers. The name under which a FAQ is archives appears in the "Archive-Name:" line at the top of the article. This posting is archived as "movies/rocky-horror-theaters".

This list is Copyright 1993, but you are free to distribute it. But please leave my name on it, and tell me if you are going to publish it. Thanks.

If you have any additions or changes to the list, E-Mail me at or snailmail me at:

George Burgyan
1380 Dill Road
South Euclid, OH 44121-3969
George Burgyan (


*The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ

Metro Mall - Phoenix, AZ
Valley Art Theater - Tempe, AZ
Arcata - Arcata, CA
Fiesta - Chula Vista, CA
Birdcage - Citrus Heights, CA
Kings Drive Inn - Hanford, CA
Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA
Nuart - Los Angeles, CA
Central Park Fox - San Antonio, CA
Ken - San Diego, CA
Fiesta 5 - Santa Barbara, CA

*Rialto - So. Pasadena, CA

Mayfair - Ventura, CA

*Varsity Theatre - Palo Alto, CA

Sacramento Inn - Sacramento, CA

*SouthBay Galleria General Cinemas - Redondo Beach, CA

Noyo - Willits, CA

*UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA *Camera One - San Jose, CA

Bloor Cinema - Toronto, CAN
Bytown - Ottawa, CAN
Cinema de Paris - Montreal, CAN
Lux - Vancouver, CAN
Marks - Osgawa, CAN

*Palace - Montreal, Canada (St. Catherine St. W.)

Starlight - Vancouver, CAN
Westminster - New Westminster, CAN
Esquire - Denver, CO

*Flatiron - Boulder, CO *????? - Ft. Collins, CO

Groton UA - Groton, CT
Sono - S. Norwalk, CT

*York Square - New Haven, CT

Carefree - West Palm Beach, FL
Countryside - Clearwater, FL
Fashion Village - Orlando, FL
Hillsboro West, Tampa, FL
Metro Twin - W. Melbourne, FL
Orange Park Mall - Jacksonville, FL
Park Cinema - Pinellas Park, FL
Regency Mall - Jacksonville, FL
Southport - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Volusia - Daytona Beach, FL
Galleria - Atlanta, GA

*Northlake 8 - Atlanta, GA

Northlake Festival - Tucker, GA

*The Wave - Honolulu, HI *Henenway Theater - University of Hawaii Manoa campus, HI

Billy Joe's - Des Moines, IA
Cineplex Odeon - Nampa, ID
400 Theater - Chicago, IL
Harlem-Cermak - No. Riverside, IL
Lakehurst - Waukegam, IL
Mundelein Cinema - Mundelein, IL
New Art - Champaign, IL
Northwood - Ft. Wayne, IN
Loews - Merrillville, IN

*Greenbriar Theater - Indianapolis, IN

Boulevard 3 - Topeka, KS

*Fine Arts Theatre - Kansas City, KS

Vogue - Louisville, KY
Lakeside - Metairie, LA

*Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA *Southside Marketplace - Baltimore, MD

Capitol - Flint, MI
Spartan - E. Lansing, MI

*Uptown - Minneapolis, MN

Avalon - St. Louis, MO
Tivoli - St. Louis, MO
Shady Oaks - St. Louis MO
Deville Theater - Jackson, MS
Rialto - Raleigh, NC
??? - Charlotte, NC
Fort Cinema - Kearney, NE
Blaker Twin - Wildwood, NJ

*Cinema 35 - Paramus, NJ *Harwan - Mt. Ephraim, NJ *Cinema Classics - Redbank, NJ *Brook Theatre - Bound Brook, NJ

Guild Art - Albuquerque, NM

*Torrey Pines Cinema - Las Vegas, NV *Amherst - Buffalo, NY *Lockport Mall - Buffalo, NY

Arts - Binghamton, NY
Marboro - Brooklyn, NY

*Movieland 8th Street - New York, NY *Cinema East - Nyack, NY *Jo-Mor's Stoneridge Theater - Rochester, NY

Plaza 1 & 2 - Rotterdam, NY
Strand - Plattsburgh, NY
Amboy Twin - Staten Island, NY

*Cedar Lee - Cleveland Heights, OH

Cinema Circle - Circleville, OH

*Graceland - Columbus, OH

Loews Theater - Glendale, OH
Cinema West - Hamilton, OH
Neon Movies - Dayton, OH
Tri-County Cinemas - Cincinnati, OH
Third Wave Cinema - LaGrande, OR

*Clinton Street - Portland, OR *Lehigh - Allentown, PA *The Hollywood Theatre - Dormont, PA

Holly Theater - Mt. Holly Springs, PA
Roxy - Philadelphia, PA
Wyoming Valley - Wilkes Barre, PA

*Meadowbrook - Warwick, RI *Jane Pickens Theater - Newport, RI

Franklin - Franklin, TN
Jolly's View & Brew - Amarillo, TX
Bell-Air - Euless, TX
Caruth Plaza - Dallas, TX
Dobie Mall Theater - Austin, TX
Forum - Arlington, TX

*Northcross 6 - Austin, TX *Central Park Fox - San Antonio, TX

Town Crossing - Mesquite, TX
Windchimes - Houston, TX

*River Oaks Theatre - Houston, TX *Tower Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT

Camelot - Staunton, VA
Naro - Norfolk, VA
UA Lynnhavan - Virginia Beach, VA
Midlothian Mall - Midlothian, VA
Kitsap - Silverdale, WA
Lewis & Clark - Seatlle, WA
Lido - Mt. Vernon, WA
Lincoln Plaza - Tacoma, WA
Magic Lantern - Spokane, WA

*Neptune - Seattle, WA

Pasco Theater - Pasco, WA
City Centre - Green Bay, WI
Majestic - Madison, WI
Oriental - Milwaukee, WI
Park Place - Charleston, WV

*Hoyts Centre - Sydney, Australia *Valhalla - Melbourne, Australia !*Cinema Mondo - Helsinki, Finland *Studio Galande - Paris, France *Berliner Kammerspiele - Berlin, Germany *Paramount Theatre - Wellington, New Zealand *Prince Charles Cinema - London, UK


These comments are not mine (mostly) but of some of the readers of alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror

The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ Sat, Midnight, $4.50 Comments: Huge theater, big screen, new film. Audience mostly high

school and college students. Some cast members have an awful sense of
timing. Virgins are married before sacrificed. (We have morals... NOT

Rialto - So. Pasadena, CA Sat, Midnight, runs about 8 months per year Comments: This place is in the National Registry of Historical

Landmarks.  It is one of the few remaining original vaudville
theatres, complete with orchestra pit, bizarre pseudo-Egyptian decore,
and gaudy paint.  The balcony is usually closed.  You might recognize
it, because it has been used in _many_ motion pictures.  I recall at
least Kentucky Fried Movie being filmed there.  It has been several
years since I saw Rocky Horror there, but they still line up every

Comments: "The Player" is the best known most recent film which takes

place at the Rialto.

Varsity Theatre - Palo Alto, CA Sat, Midnight, $6.75; $3.75 if in RHPS costume. Phone: 415-323-6411 (program info recording)

415-323-6431 (box office)

Comments: A very large (~800 seat?) vintage theatre with a full

stage.  The cast, Erotic Nightmares, just celebrated its 6th

SouthBay Galleria General Cinemas - Redondo Beach, CA Cast: "Tonight's Menu", Cinema 3 at midnight on Saturday (or thereabouts) Cost: $5, Props: Everything except rice, tortillas, and open flame. Directions: 405 to Hawthorne Blvd. Theatre is nestled beside a mall

(The Galleria) between Artesia and 182nd about a mile SouthWest of the
freeway on Hawthorne.

Comments: The theatre is a large commercial (500 seat) theatre with no

atmosphere, but the cast makes every attempt to get the audience in
the "Rocky" mood.  A stage is set up in the front of the theatre and
professional lighting is used to illuminate the actors.  Prior to the
show is what has been described as "one of the most continuously
original pre-shows ever done" where virgins are sacrificed in
different ways each week.  There is usually a social smoke-fest in the
lobby where regulars tend to ignore long stretches of the movie.  The
cast is open and very friendly with the audience. "Tonight's Menu" is
3 years old.

UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA Sat, Midnight, $6.00 Comments: It's about 5 blocks below UCB. The cast is excellent and it

is considered the best cast in the country (so say the fan club in
NY).	We have official virgin hunters outside the theater before the
show.  The virgins are marked with "V" or "Fuck Me" in lipstick on
their faces so that they can be easily identified by those with rice
and other projectiles.  We also have Super Heroes in the uncut version
of the film. We also show shorts or music videos before the main
feature.  Sometimes the cast isn't there, but we have a good time
anyway.  About four times a year we have lengerie night complete with
a competition for the best outfit.  Other goofy things are known to
happen, like last night when the entire cast was dressed as Star Trek
characters who had been forced to play out the roles of RH. Our next
lengerie night is tentatively scheduled for early July.

Comments: Berkeley has been running the longest of them all..

Camera One - San Jose, CA Sat, Midnight Phone: 408-294-3800

Palace - Montreal, Canada St. Catherine St. W.

Flatiron - Boulder, CO Every other week (?) Phone: 303-442-1944. Comments: The theater is at the corner of 13th Street and College, just

one block from the CU-Boulder campus.  It seems to show only every two
weeks.  The cast is called Deep Throat Nine, and they are a crazy
bunch:  they yell backa t the audience and throw things at them,
including a two-quart pitcher of water in the water-cooler scene in
Sweet Transvestite. Before the show are cast-lead cheers and songs and
jokes.  No Super Heroes. A lot less structure than the show at
Berkeley CA.

????? - Ft. Collins, CO Comments: The cast "The Rocky Whores" is organized by the Rocky Horror

society at Colorado State University.  for the last 2 years, the cast
has been able to convince the Aggie Theater (I don't remember the
address) to allow limited showings once or twice a semester, usually
3-4 shows over a weekend shows will no longer be done at the Aggie
since new seats were installed over the summer.  the Rocky Horror
society is now trying play the show at the CSU Lory Student Center
Theater. the the cast is comprised of Rocky Horror society members as
well as members of Boulder's Deep Throat 9 cast.  the show is
basically the same as the one in boulder, except for the print and a
few props and pre-show activities. the Rocky Whores have had a Super
Heroes print. additional props include a tank, and a 7 foot stuffed
gorrilla during the floor show. pre-show contests include "lets fake
an orgasm" and "lets fake oral sex". other than this, the show is
similar to any other. the audience usually contains more virgins than
veterans, but that is fun as well.

York Square - New Haven, CT Fri & Sat, 11:30, $5.50 - Comes and goes, usually stays for several

		   weeks at a time.

Comments: They usually search you for props. Current reels are heavily


Northlake 8 - Atlanta, GA Comments: If you are looking for a really professional cast, might I

suggest the Northlake 8 in Atlanta. The cast really does a good job
(and, I played Brad/Riff/Magenta there for a year prior to moving to
Gainesville).   The Northlake 8 is a great theater! For directions,
just take I-75 to Northlake Drive and head east.   You cannot miss the
Mall, it is on the right side of Northlake Drive, and the AMC is near
Toys-R-Us.  Tell them Tom Servo sent ya!   Ask for Kim McFarland, she
is the area Rep of the Nat'l Fan Club, as well as a teriffic Frank!

The Wave - Honolulu, HI Last Saturday of the month, 8:00pm, *FREE* Comments: Here is a great deal for any Rocky fan if they are planning a

trip to Hawaii.  If you are in town on the last Saturday of the month
a club called "The Wave" plays the movie for free.  The only problem
with this showing is that there is no cast to speak of, and that the
show begins at 8:00 p.m. or there about.  There are us few regulars
that go almost every month and we are starting to get more to come to
the show.  Who knows we might get a cast on of these days.

Henenway Theater - University of Hawaii Manoa campus, HI Saturday at midnight, $4.00

Greenbriar Theater - Indianapolis, IN Sat. Midnight $4.00 Comments: We are an up-and-comming cast that has been around for a

while but is just now getting up on our feet.  If you have just come
to Indiana for college or whatever and are looking for a regular
Rocky, we can use some dedicated cast members.  We get wild and out of
control, but hey, it's Rocky Horror and it is a hell of a time.  To
get to Greenbriar, take the northern leg of I465, take the Meridian
street exit and go south and then turn right onto 86th street and go
for several blocks until you get to 86th and Ditch.

Fine Arts Theatre - Kansas City, KS Fri & Sat, 11:30 PM, $4.00 Phone: 913-262-4466

Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA Midnight on Fri and Sat, $6.75 Comments: Across the street from Harvard.

Southside Marketplace - Baltimore, MD Fri & Sat Comments: Highly recommended Comments: [this is] TERRIBLE. It certainly is *NOT* a must see and I

tried them out several times. It was ok at the other theater, but this
show is horrible.

Uptown - Minneapolis, MN Fri & Sat, Midnight Comments: I saw the RHPS there many times growing up: The Uptown is a

relatively small theatre with great atmo.  Don't try to sneak in
alcohol or too much rice, they frisk you at the door. Their motto:
"Drink it before you get here."  The cast is good, the crowd is odd,
as usual, and the people are relatively friendly, if messed up.

Cinema 35 - Paramus, NJ Fri & Sat, Midnight, $5.00 Comments: Our cast went to the Rocky Horror mini convention in

Washington DC on April 24th. Out of the six of us who went, three of
us pulled first places in the costume contest. Out of all the other
theatres represented there we were told by all of them that we had the
loudest most enthusiastic Rocky crew any of them had ever seen. Even
Sal heard some lines he never heard before. Our lines are always up to
date. On that weekend we had some David Koresh lines strewn about by
us. Our theatre allows most things except it only allows cast members
and the five transylvanians we haqve to go up to the first few rows of
the theatre and up to the screen. THere are no open flames permited in
our theatre (well except for mike but hes okay) so the lighter scene
is done with flashlights. We are allowed to throw just about anything.
New lines are always welcome. The only problem with our theatre is
that our film is falling apart. The entire dinner scene is cut from
when Frank turns off the magnet until Eddies Teddy begins. During the
wedding scene a huge blue line runs accross the screen back an forth.
Its cool sometimes because every so often our film's mess ups lead to
new lines. We are currently in the process of getting a new film fron
TC Fox.

Harwan - Mt. Ephraim, NJ Saturday, midnight, $5.00 Comments: I am a member of the Transducer Players from the Harwan

Theater in Mount Ephraim, NJ.  We are one of the oldest casts in the
country.  We are also the only cast in South Jersey. The Transducer
Players are pictures on pages 120-121 of Sal's 15th anniversary book,
as well as pictured on the back cover with the eastside cinema cast.
(That was just after they lost the 8th street playhouse in the
village.) We haven't had Friday night shows in over two years.  Thank
the econnomy for that.  What we do have are shows EVERY saturday night
at midnight, admition is still only $5.00.  The theater itself is a
single screen, 640 seat theater complete with stage.	It's actually an
old vaudville theater.  An average show is 200-250 people.  We sell
out every weekend in october.
Our important show is undoubtably Halloween, and we put on the best
show anywere.  But this year on October 16th, Sal Piro himself is
going to visit. Sal will host the show, as well as sell stuff.  (Ever
meet him?  Ya know how he is...)  I wanted you to be aware of that.
For more info on the Transducer Players, or to subscribe to our weekly
newsletter, (Non-profit.  Just pay the postage.  A stamp a week.) mail
The Transducer Players
110 Warren Avenue
Voorhees, NJ	08043-1235
[ed: directions deleted, if you want them, mail me and I'll send them]

Brook Theatre - Bound Brook, NJ Comments: The Brook Theatre on Hamiltong Street in Bound Brook, NJ shows Rocky

Horror on Friday and Saturday nights.  [ed: They have a cast, I met
some of them at Age of Consent :) ]

Cinema Classics - Redbank, NJ Saturdays

Torrey Pines Cinema - Las Vegas, NV Fri-Sat, ca. Midnight, $3.50 Comments: Cast, virgin ceremonies, the usual (?). No Super Heroes.

Torrey Pines also runs Heavy Metal, Sid and Nancy, animation, anime,
other midnight-type movies on the same schedule. (93 May 14)

Amherst - Buffalo, NY Comments: Has cancelled Rocky for summer BUT it will be back up the

last week of August,approximately.. Most of our cast has been going to
see it at the StoneRidge , in Rochester..:)

Comments: Rocky will be back at the Amherst as of Aug 28,hopefully..

Lockport Mall - Buffalo, NY Price: $5.50 Comments: The crowds are small and the cast is sporadic..but it's fun!!

It is off of Transit Rd.,FYI

Movieland 8th Street - New York, NY Price - $7.50 (Just like most New York City movies…Yuck) Every Friday and Saturday night Comments: Rocky is still going strong in New York City at Movieland, on

8th St. (Just 1 block from the now closed 8th St. Playhouse). While
the cast is constantly changing, there are a few regulars, including
several people who date back to the Playhouse, and even the Waverly,
before that.	Rice isn't allowed, but lighters, and noisemakers are.
In fact, they are sold by the cast for people who forgot to bring
props.  Virgins are sacrificed, sometimes (when time, and the
projectionist allow) we have a few pre-show numbers.	We have
Superheroes.	After the show the cast (and as many people as we can
drag with us) usually go to Polyesthers (A 70's theme bar with Rocky
in the Jukebox).  They love us.  We usually go in costume, and they
put Rocky on the TV when we get there.

Cinema East - Nyack, NY Comments: I enjoyed this theater. went there twice. they have a pink

panther short at the beginning, and (when i was there) a good cast.
mostly the same lines as 8th street playhouse.

Jo-Mor's Stoneridge Theater - Rochester, NY Fri & Sat, midnight, $5.00 Comments: I am a former member of the cast that performs here, "Sweet

Temptations".  When I left, the show had deteriorated to the point of
being just not fun anymore--obnoxious management, random horsing
around while in costume, etc.  However, the cast finally saw the low
attendance which resulted from this, and is now trying to get serious
and rebuild itself.  I'm always willing to give second chances when
they're go check 'em out, and give them some well-needed

Comments: I'm a current member of the cast. It's fairly open, and

we're always trying to recruit new cast members.  We enjoy good
relations with management, the cast and regulars regularly hang out
together (after the show, and otherwise), and we interact strongly
with our audiences.

Cedar Lee - Cleveland Heights, OH Sat, midnight, $6.50 Address

2163 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Phone +1-216-321-5411

(Show information) +1-216-321-8232

Comments: There is a good show here. People that saw it in other

theaters say that this is very good. There is a fine cast and good
managment. This is where the editor of this list goes.

Graceland - Columbus, OH Fri & Sat, Midnight, $4.00 (614) 888-3523 Comments: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at the Graceland

Twin Cinema in Columbus, Ohio at the Graceland shopping Center off of
High Street.	It plays both Friday and Saturday nights at midnight (of
course) with a live cast both nights (two members of which are writing
this message). Price of admission is $4.00, though the cast does get
in for free.	If you have any questions, call the theatre at (614)
888-3523 and ask for Brian, Mae, or Wendy.  If you have any virgins
amongst you, ask for Brian, he'll take care of them. P.S. only rice is
allowed for audience props! and no fucking rice at the cast!!!

Clinton Street - Portland, OR Sat, $4.00 with cast, $3.50 without Comments: Shows run every Saterday night with the Caberiet performing

about every other weekend. It has been showing RHPS for almost 17
years which I believe makes it the longest running show in the US.
Audience varies, tends to be louder on cast nights, but good. There
are often theme nights, last night, for example was "Fuck with your
character night" The one con is that you are considered a virgin if
you have never seen RHPS at Clinton Street. Overall it's lots of fun.

Lehigh - Allentown, PA Fri & Sat, Midnight, $5.50 Comments: Name of the cast is "Sins of the Flesh" out of Bethlehem, PA.

Excellent cast, all ages and skill levels.  Has been known to perform
RHPS at more than one location at the same night.  (ie  enuff talented
cast for two complete performances.)

The Hollywood Theater - Pittsburgh, PA Sat, midnight, $3.00 Comments: They have a performance cast. They also show TWO Tim Curry

Videos before Rocky starts, Paradice Garage and I do the Rock. They
are the only place in the Pitsburgh area that has the current rights.
You are allowed all standard props except WATER. we also have a brand
new Print of it and it looks GREAT!

Comments: Not only that, but it *does* contain the entire "Super

Heroes"--only time in 10+ years of viewing in both SoCal and
Pittsburgh I have ever seen that scene.

Meadowbrook Cinema - Warwick, RI Fri & Sat, midnight, $5.00 Cast: Creatures of the Night Comments: The management of this theater is REALLY obnoxious…he

doesn't allow any religious comments, the house lights are up during
the show so the security can force people to stay in their seats
(except for the Time Warp, of course), the audience has to sign a
WAIVER before buying tickets, etc.). In February of 1993, the original
cast had a huge fallout with said management, and left the theater.
The current cast has been assembled by management.  They haven't been
around long enough to develop much of the petty politics that are
associated with some casts, and so they can concentrate more on the
show. Personally, I don't recommend this theater, but if you're in the
neighborhood....  The original cast is now at the Jane Pickens

Comments: [this] is a great show for anyone not involved in the petty

politics which are associated with some RHPS casts.  All they did was
get rid of some of the trouble makers and still have a great cast.  It
sounds like sour grapes in [this] list.

Jane Pickens Theater - Newport, RI Will run Fri. & Sat. as long as attendance is good; may be just Sat. in winter Cast: Absolute Pleasure Players Comments: This is the new home of the Absolute Pleasure Players, after

we fled the Meadowbrook (see above).	We do lipsynch preshows before
the movie, and we have special "V.I.P." virgin seating.  No rice
allowed (you can throw popcorn instead), but all other audience props
are fine.  It's a very good show... highly recommended.  Some cast
members may cross over between the two RI theaters on occasion (but
not often...we're better.  :-)  ).

Comments: some of the Meadowbrook (Warwick, RI) cast still perform at

both and on friday nights, this is a good show ( not so good on

Northcross 6 - Austin, Texas Fri & Sat, midnight, $4.50 Northcross Mall 2525 West Anderson Lane (512) 454-1650 Comments: It's a decent theatre in a north Austin shopping mall. My

teenaged daughters go regularly and have a great time!

Central Park Fox - San Antonio, TX Fri & Sat, 10pm, $1.50 Comments: Cast is on Friday only. (Cast does not get in free, tho)

River Oaks Theatre - Houston, TX Price: $6.00

Tower Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT Irregular, usually at least once a month, always at a midnight show.

Neptune - Seattle, WA Saturday, midnight, $6.50 Comments: Continuous over 15 years. Virgin games before the show.

Live cast.

Hoyts Centre - Sydney, Australia Fri, 11:30pm, AUS$11.50 Concession AUS$8 Comments: Cast usually hang out in the bar at Hoyts, so come by and say

hello! Hoyts is a 'family' cinema, so no fucking swearing, alright? We
have been running in this incarnation for four years (Anniversary show
is Fri May 28, 1993). The cinema is quite good, and we have a great
print, *including* the SuperHeroes ending! Props are mostly cool, just
no fried rice or anything squishy :( As always, we need fresh lines,
so feel free to bring your along!

Comments: Good cast, some innovative callbacks, and a good quality film

(with Super Heroes at the end, incidently). Movie doesn't start until
around 12:00, with the cast building the atmosphere with audience
participation prior to the screening by sing-a-longs and virgin
introductions etc. All props are permitted and encouraged (with the
exception of naked flames). Sheets of newspaper handed out at the
door, to bewilder the virgins who don't know what to expect.

Valhalla - Melbourne, Australia This show only plays once a month, on Saturday night Comments: (they show Blues Bros every Fri night) Very traditional cast,

I think they stick to the audience participation album!

Cinema Mondo - Helsinki, Finland, Europe Sat, 11:00 - Used to be every Sat at 11:00, but it has been on a break for

      few months now, though they promised that it'll get back to

Was 40 FIM, what is about $8.00 Comments: A small one, but shows used to be good. And as I said: RHPS

hasn't been on the programme for some months, but it might come back
next autumn or later on the summer.

Studio Galande - Paris France 42, rue Galande 75005 PARIS Metro St Michel (Near Notre-Dame) 42 Francs Thursday 22H30 Friday 22H30 & 0H30 Saturday 22H30 & 0H30 Fan-Club : The Zen Room (Newsletter, Penpal list) Comments : Cast come quite irregularly.

Berliner Kammerspiele - Berlin, Germany Is anyone in Germany reading this thing except me? I have a small contribution to your list of theatres, Rocky is playing in. There is a private theatre

 Berliner Kammerspiele,
 Alt-Moabit 99
 1000 Berlin

showing a live show of the Rocky Horror Show for years now. After a winter's break Rocky comes back in March 94, I think. Furthermore Rocky plays in some state theatres in Germany. I know of a production in

  Musiktheater im Revier

starting in October or November 93, and of a promising production of Rocky in

  Staatstheater Saarbrucken

starting in October 94 (!). Anyone interested in German musical productions may e-mail me under

or write to:

  Arne Beeker
  Bult 1-3
  48143 Munster

Paramount Theatre - Wellington, New Zealand Either Fri or Sat at 11:15pm, $8.00 or $6.50 Comments: Either Friday or Saturday nite at 11:15pm. Generally best

to watch the papers to see if it's on.   Admission is $8, or $6.50 if
you have a Radio Active Sub Card. The theatre is pretty small, but any
props are allowed except water.   There's a fairly large hardcore
cast, but the average age of them is pretty low (~17- 19).   We're
loud, and we're rowdy, but it's good fun and we love to come up with
new AP.   The film is somewhat cut, missing the entire reprise of 'I
can Make you a Man' to halfway through the Narrator's speech, and it
jumps in a few places.   We've moved from 3 other theatres; we're
running out of options, but we stillknow how to party.

Prince Charles Cinema - London, UK Fridays Comments: off Leicester Square, and they are still performing there,

every Friday (I think).  Their Space Riff & Magenta are a couple
called Stephanie and David who run the British RHPS Fan Club. Their
address is:
     Time Warp Fan Club
     1 Elm Grove
     Kent TN11 9HE, ENGLAND
If you write to them and enclose an international reply coupon, they
can send details of how to join, and they have loads of info on casts
around the UK. (And there are some!)


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Loren Finkelstein <>
Jeff Fishbein <>
Artemas Flanagan <bornmann@rintintin.Colorado.EDU>
Teri Flora <>
Doug Freyburger <dougf@dgr.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
Paul Fritschle <>
Paul A Gallegos <gallegos@GAS.uug.Arizona.EDU>
Herb Gellis <>
Sean German <>
Nicolle Green <>
Sean Gugler <gugler-sean@CS.YALE.EDU>
Dana L. Hall <ST1ZP@Jetson.UH.EDU>
Matthew Hall <>
Matthew J Healy <>
Dave Hollinsworth <>
Eric B. Hymowitz <>
Gordon C Joly <>
Thomas Kaeding <kaeding@physics.Berkeley.EDU>
Marytara Kraus <>
Kirby Lawton <>
Scott Lubin
Laurent Hagimont MAC KAUFFMAN <>
Dave C. LeFevre <>
Michael Macchione <>
Steph Mabie <>
Donna McNamara <>
Brian J. McClung <>
Terry McConnell <>
Campbell March <>
Eugene N. Miya <>
Karen Johnson Morgan <>
Stephen Owens <>
Joanne Petersen <>
Patrick Quinn
Roope Ritvos <>
Shawna Rosen <>
Jace C Schivins <>
Laurence How Scheinman <>
Jon R Shepherd <>
Amy Sokolow <>
Michael Tchou <>
Gabe Schaffer <>
Michael Andrew Shaffer <>
SiD ViCioUs <drc!sid@PacBell.COM>
Kevin Vigor <>
Ellen M. Webster <>
Scot Joseph Wilson <>

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