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McCoy sayings: Lifted from various sources:

"I'm a doctor, not a … "

Pocket novels:

  dream merchant           Killing Time         page  30
  theoretical scientist    Killing Time         page 111
  carrier pigeon           Killing Time         page 156
  film critic              Killing Time         page 188
  magician                 Triangle             page  82
  an engineer              The IDIC Epidemic    page 168
  an actor                 Time for Yesterday   page  94*
  star-happy spacerat      Dreams of the Raven  page  78
  cosmological physicist   Time for Yesterday   page  33
  magician                 Mindshadow           page  28
  wizard                   Time for Yesterday   page 244
  computer                 Time Trap            page  88
  soldier                  Demons               page 159
  spy                      Battlestations       page  25
  secret agent             Battlestations       page  33

DC Comics:

  computer programmer      DC Comics #10:       page  14
  prospector               DC Comics #12:       page  17
  prizefighter             DC Comics #23:       page  10
  mind reader              DC Comics #34:       page   7
  mother hen               DC Comics #35:       page  10
  painter                  DC Comics #36:       page  23
  country gentleman        DC Comics #37:       page   5
  knight in shining armor  DC Comics #43:       page  15

TV series:

  coal miner               The Empath
  bricklayer               The Devil In the Dark
  an engineer              Mirror, Mirror
  mechanic                 The Doomsday Machine
  psychiatrist             Metamorphosis
  magician                 The Deadly Years
  • Spoken by Jim Kirk
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