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                     Deities of the World of Greyhawk
            The people of Oerth worship many gods.  Only deities of
       the central Flanaess are detailed here, and of those, only
       the lesser gods (in most cases) have been detailed.  In
       general, the greater gods are far to removed from the world
       to have much to do with humanity, and while they are
       worshiped, few people hold them as patrons.
            These deities have been known to intercede directly in
       the affairs of men, but only if these affairs have a direct
       and crucial bearing upon the concerns of the deity.  Even so,
       the annals of historians list only a few such instances in
       the history of the Flanaess.
            Deities have Weightily affairs to attend to, and in
       general they can not be bothered with the trivial needs of a
       party of lowly mortals.  However, under certain circum-
       stances, a demigod and a godling might well become embroiled
       in human affairs -- as your further reading will discover.
       Because of plots of Iuz and various demons and evil elemen-
       tals, ST. Cuthbert has become actively aware of events (and
       has indirect assistance from Beory, who resists elemental
       destruction).  The enmity between Iuz and St. Cuthbert may
       yet result in direct confrontation.
            A list of the greater, lesser and active demigod deities
       of Flanaess are given hereafter.
            "ORG" is the racial origin of the god, the following is
       a list of abbreviations and there meanings.
                   C = common in most areas
                   O = Oeridian
                   S = Suloise
                   F = Flan
                   B = Baklunish
                   U = unknown or indeterminate origin
            "AL" is their alignment.
                               GREATER GODS
       Name          ³ORG ³Sphere of Influence          ³AL  ³Sex
       Beory         ³FC  ³Oerth Mother, Nature, Rain   ³N   ³F
       Boccob        ³C   ³Magic, Arcane Knowledge      ³N   ³M
       Incabulbuos   ³C   ³Evil, Plagues, Nightmares    ³NE  ³M
       Istus         ³B   ³Fate, Destiny                ³N   ³F
       Kord          ³S   ³Athletics, Sports, Brawling  ³CG  ³M
       Lendor        ³S   ³Time, Tedium                 ³LN  ³M
       Nerull        ³FC  ³Death, Darkness, Underworld ³NE  ³M
       Pelor         ³FC  ³Sun, Strength, Light, Healing³NG  ³M
       Procan        ³OC  ³Oceans, Seas, Salt           ³NC  ³M
       Rao           ³FC  ³Peace, Reason, Serenity      ³LG  ³M
       Tharizdun     ³U   ³Eternal Darkness, Decay      ³E   ³M
       Ulaa          ³UC  ³Hills, Mountains, Gemstones  ³LG  ³F
       Wee Jas       ³S   ³Magic, Death                 ³LN  ³F
       Zilchus       ³OC  ³Power, Prestige, Influence,  ³LN  ³M
                     ³    ³Money, Business              ³    ³
       Cyndor        ³C   ³Time, Continuity, Infinity   ³LN  ³M
                               LESSER GODS
       Name          ³ORG ³Sphere of Influence          ³AL  ³Sex
       Allitur       ³FC  ³Ethics, Propriety            ³LG{N³M
       Atroa         ³OC  ³Spring, East Wind            ³NG  ³F
       Beltar        ³S   ³Malice, Pits, Deep Caves     ³CE{N³F
       Berei         ³FC  ³Home, Family, Agriculture    ³NG  ³F
       Bleredd       ³C   ³Metal, Mines, Smiths         ³NC  ³M
       Bralm         ³SC  ³Insects, Industrious         ³N{L}³F
       Celestian     ³OC  ³Stars, Space, Wanderers      ³N{G}³M
       Delleb        ³O   ³Reason, Intellect            ³LG  ³M
       Ehlonna       ³C   ³Forests, Flowers, Meadows    ³NG  ³F
       Erythnul      ³OC  ³Hate, Envy, Malice, Panic    ³CE{N³M
       Fharlanghn    ³OC  ³Horizons, Distance, Travel   ³N{G}³M
       Fortubo       ³S   ³Stone, Metals, Mountains     ³LG{N³M
       Geshtai       ³BC  ³Lakes, Rivers, Wells         ³N   ³F
       Heironeous    ³OC  ³Chivalry,Honor, Justice,Valor³LG  ³M
       Hextor        ³OC  ³War, Discord, Massacre       ³LE  ³M
       Joramy        ³C   ³Fire,Volcanoes,Anger,Quarrels³N{G}³F
       Kurell        ³O   ³Jealousy,Revenge,Thievery    ³CN  ³M
       Lirr          ³C   ³Prose, Poetry, Art           ³CG  ³F
       Llerg         ³S   ³Beasts, Strength             ³CN  ³M
       Lydia         ³SC  ³Music, Knowledge, Daylight   ³NG  ³F
       Myhriss       ³C   ³Love, Beauty                 ³NG  ³F
       Norebo        ³S   ³Luck, Gambling, Risk         ³CN  ³M
       Obad-hai      ³FC  ³Nature, Wildlands, Freedom,  ³N   ³M
                     ³    ³Hunting                      ³    ³
                           LESSER GODS (CONT.)
       Name          ³ORG ³Sphere of Influence          ³AL  ³Sex
       Olidammara    ³C   ³Music, Revelry, Roguery,Wine ³NC  ³M
       Phaulkon      ³S   ³Air, Winds, Clouds           ³CG  ³M
       Pholtus       ³OC  ³Light, Resolution, Law       ³LG{N³M
       Phyton        ³S   ³Beauty, Nature               ³CG  ³M
       Pyremius      ³S   ³Fire, Poison, Murder         ³NE  ³M
       Ralishaz      ³C   ³Chance, Ill-luck, Misfortune ³CN{E³M
       Raxivort      ³M   ³Xvarts, Rats                 ³CE  ³M
       St. Cuthbert  ³C   ³Wisdom, Dedication, Zeal     ³LG{N³M
       Sotillion     ³OC  ³Summer,South Wind,Ease,      ³CG{N³F
                     ³    ³Comfort                      ³    ³
       Syrul         ³S   ³Deceit, False Promises, Lies ³NE  ³F
       Telchur       ³OC  ³Winter, North Wind, Cold     ³CN  ³M
       Trithereon    ³C   ³Individuality, Liberty,      ³CG  ³M
                     ³    ³Retribution                  ³    ³
       Velnius       ³O   ³Sky, Weather                 ³N{G}³M
       Wenta         ³OC  ³Autumn,West Wind,Harvest     ³CG  ³F
       Xan Yae       ³BC  ³Twilight,Shadows,Stealth,    ³N   ³F
                     ³    ³Mind over Matter, et. al.    ³    ³
       Xerbo         ³S   ³Sea, Water Travel, Money,    ³N   ³M
                     ³    ³Business                     ³    ³
       Zodal         ³FC  ³Mercy, Hope, Benevolence     ³NG  ³M
       Name          ³ORG ³Sphere of Influence          ³AL  ³Sex
       Iuz           ³FC  ³Oppression, Deceit, Pain     ³CE  ³M
       Rudd          ³OC  ³Chance,Good Luck, Skills     ³CN{G³F
       Wastri        ³U   ³Bigotry, Amphibians          ³LN{E³M
       Zagyg         ³C   ³Humor, Occult Studies,       ³CN{G³M
                     ³    ³Eccentricity                 ³    ³
       Zuoken        ³BC  ³Physical and Mental Mastery  ³N   ³M

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