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[This contains first the popularity rating, followed by a bibliography by author. Messages have been concatenated.]

From: gjerawlins@watdaisy.UUCP (Gregory J.E. Rawlins) Newsgroups: net.sf-lovers Subject: SF POLL - THE RESULTS! Message-ID: 7400@watdaisy.UUCP Date: Wed, 11-Sep-85 07:30:46 Date-Received: Sun, 22-Sep-85 04:21:07 Organization: U of Waterloo, Ontario Lines: 395

42 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress –Heinlein, Robert A 41 The Lord of the Rings –Tolkien, J R R 37 The Foundation Trilogy –Asimov, Isaac 37 Dune –Herbert, Frank 35 Ringworld –Niven, Larry 31 The Mote in God's Eye –Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry 27 Startide Rising –Brin, David 27 Childhood's End –Clarke, Arthur C 23 Stranger in a Strange Land –Heinlein, Robert A 23 Lord of Light –Zelazny, Roger 22 The Left Hand of Darkness –Le Guin, Ursula K 21 Rendezvous with Rama –Clarke, Arthur C 19 The Shadow of the Torturer [1st of The Book of the New Sun]–Wolfe, Gene 19 The Forever War –Haldeman, Joe 18 The Time Machine –Wells, H G 18 Nine Princes in Amber [1st in The Chronicles of Amber] –Zelazny, Roger 18 I, Robot –Asimov, Isaac 17 The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy [1st of tHHGttG] –Adams, Douglas 17 The Book of the New Sun Tetralogy: –Wolfe, Gene 16 Sundiver –Brin, David 16 Stand on Zanzibar –Brunner, John 16 Dragonflight [1st in The Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy] –McCaffrey, Anne 16 Dragon's Egg –Forward, Robert L 16 2001: A Space Odyssey –Clarke, Arthur C 15 The Stars My Destination –Bester, Alfred 15 The Dispossessed –Le Guin, Ursula K 15 Gateway [1st in The Heechee Trilogy] –Pohl, Frederik 15 A Canticle for Leibowitz –Miller, Walter M, Jr 14 The Shockwave Rider –Brunner, John 14 The Lensman Series: –Smith, E E "Doc" 14 The Hobbit, or There and Back Again –Tolkien, J R R 14 The Demolished Man –Bester, Alfred 14 Starship Troopers –Heinlein, Robert A 14 Dragonquest [2nd in The Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy] –McCaffrey, Anne 13 The War of the Worlds –Wells, H G 13 Mission of Gravity –Clement, Hal 13 Another Fine Myth [1st in the Myth Adventures Series] –Asprin, Robert L 12 The Sheep Look Up –Brunner, John 12 The Power That Preserves [3rd Thomas Covenant] –Donaldson, Steven R 12 The Dying Earth –Vance, Jack 12 The Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy –McCaffrey, Anne 12 The Chronicles of Amber Pentalogy: –Zelazny, Roger 12 Little Fuzzy –Piper, H Beam 11 Way Station –Simak, Clifford D 11 To Your Scattered Bodies Go [1st of Riverworld] –Farmer, Philip Jose 11 The Persistence of Vision –Varley, John 11 The Compleat Enchanter –de Camp, L Sprague & Pratt, Fletcher 11 Tactics of Mistake –Dickson, Gordon R 11 Dragonsinger [1st in The Harper Hall of Pern Trilogy] –McCaffrey, Anne 11 A Wizard of Earthsea [1st in The Earthsea Trilogy] –Le Guin, Ursula K 10 The Witches of Karres –Schmitz, James H 10 The Vlad Taltos Books: –Brust, Steven 10 The Man in the High Castle –Dick, Philip K 10 The City and the Stars –Clarke, Arthur C 10 Rite of Passage –Panshin, Alexei 10 Protector –Niven, Larry 10 Macroscope –Anthony, Piers 10 Chronicles Part I [1st Thomas Covenant trilogy] –Donaldson, Steven R 9 The Swords of Lankhmar [5th Fafhrd & Gray Mouser] –Leiber, Fritz 9 The Stainless Steel Rat [1st Stainless Steel Rat] –Harrison, Harry 9 The Martian Chronicles –Bradbury, Ray 9 Soldier, Ask Not –Dickson, Gordon R 9 Neutron Star –Niven, Larry 9 Lord Valentine's Castle [1st Majipoor] –Silverberg, Robert 9 Foundation's Edge [most recent in the Foundation Series] –Asimov, Isaac 9 Fahrenheit 451 –Bradbury, Ray 9 Dorsai! –Dickson, Gordon R 9 Callahan's Crosstime Saloon –Robinson, Spider 8 The Myth Adventures Series: –Asprin, Robert L 8 The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy: –Adams, Douglas 8 The Harper Hall of Pern Trilogy –McCaffrey, Anne 8 The Cyberiad –Lem, Stanislaw 8 Tea With the Black Dragon –MacAvoy, R A 8 Swords and Deviltry [1st Fafhrd & Gray Mouser] –Leiber, Fritz 8 Swords against Death [2nd Fafhrd & Gray Mouser Series] –Leiber, Fritz 8 Norstrilia –Smith, Cordwainer 8 More Than Human –Sturgeon, Theodore 8 Flowers for Algernon –Keyes, Daniel 8 City –Simak, Clifford D 8 Brave New World –Huxley, Aldous 8 Bill the Galactic Hero –Harrison, Harry 8 A Wrinkle in Time [1st in The Time Trilogy] –L'Engle, Madeleine 7 Too Many Magicians [one of the Lord Darcy Books] –Garrett, Randall 7 Thendara House [in the Darkover Series] –Bradley, Marion Zimmer 7 The Skylark of Space [1st in The Skylark Series] –Smith, E E "Doc" 7 The Ship Who Sang –McCaffrey, Anne 7 The Earthsea Trilogy: –Le Guin, Ursula K 7 The Dosadi Experiment –Herbert, Frank 7 The Deathworld Trilogy –Harrison, Harry 7 The Day of the Triffids –Wyndham, John 7 Silverlock –Myers, John Myers 7 Retief at Large [one of The Retief Books] –Laumer, Keith 7 Dreamsnake –McIntyre, Vonda N 7 Creatures of Light and Darkness –Zelazny, Roger 7 Cities In Flight –Blish, James 7 Cat's Cradle –Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr 7 1984 –Orwell, George 6 Titan [1st in The Titan Series] –Varley, John 6 Time Enough for Love –Heinlein, Robert A 6 This Immortal –Zelazny, Roger 6 The Two Faces of Tomorrow –Hogan, James P 6 The Spirit of Dorsai –Dickson, Gordon R 6 The Space Merchants –Pohl, Frederik & Kornbluth, Cyril M 6 The Puppet Masters –Heinlein, Robert A 6 The Many-Coloured Land [1st in Saga of the Pliocene Exile] –May, Julian 6 The Lathe of Heaven –Le Guin, Ursula K 6 The Fuzzy Papers –Piper, H Beam 6 The Final Reflection –Ford, John 6 The Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Series: –Leiber, Fritz 6 The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth –Zelazny, Roger 6 The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat –Harrison, Harry 6 Lucifer's Hammer –Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry 6 Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen –Piper, H Beam 6 Fuzzy Sapiens –Piper, H Beam 6 Doorways in the Sand –Zelazny, Roger 6 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? –Dick, Philip K 6 Davy –Pangborn, Edgar 6 A Case of Conscience –Blish, James 5 World of Ptavvs –Niven, Larry 5 Ubik –Dick, Philip K 5 The White Gold Wielder [6th Thomas Covenant] –Donaldson, Steven R 5 The Warlock in Spite of Himself –Stasheff, Christopher 5 The Wanderer –Leiber, Fritz 5 The Tales of the Five: –Duane, Diane 5 The Snow Queen –Vinge, Joan D 5 The Ophiuchi Hotline –Varley, John 5 The Last Unicorn –Beagle, Peter S 5 The Gods Themselves –Asimov, Isaac 5 The Gentle Giants of Ganymede [1st Minerva Experiment] –Hogan, James P 5 The Flying Sorcerers –Gerrold, David & Niven, Larry 5 The Faded Sun Trilogy: –Cherryh, C J 5 The Face [in The Demon Princes Series] –Vance, Jack 5 The Einstein Intersection –Delany, Samuel R 5 The Darkover Series: –Bradley, Marion Zimmer 5 The Caves of Steel –Asimov, Isaac 5 The Book of Dreams [in The Demon Princes Series] –Vance, Jack 5 The Big Time –Leiber, Fritz 5 The Best of Cordwainer Smith –Smith, Cordwainer 5 The Belgariad Pentalogy: –Eddings, David 5 Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers –Harrison, Harry 5 Slaughterhouse-Five, or the Children's Crusade –Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr 5 Slan –van Vogt, A E 5 Roadmarks –Zelazny, Roger 5 Retief's War [one of The Retief Books] –Laumer, Keith 5 Pilgrimage: The Book of the People –Henderson, Zenna 5 Ozma of Oz [third in the Oz Series of Books] –Baum, L Frank 5 Operation Chaos –Anderson, Poul 5 Nova –Delany, Samuel R 5 Neuromancer –Gibson, William 5 Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions –Abbott, Edwin A 5 Empire of the East –Saberhagen, Fred 5 Downbelow Station –Cherryh, C J 5 Babel-17 –Delany, Samuel R 4 Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang –Wilhelm, Kate 4 Waldo & Magic, Inc –Heinlein, Robert A 4 Valentine Pontifex [third in The Majipoor Trilogy] –Silverberg, Robert 4 True Names –Vinge, Vernor 4 To Reign in Hell –Brust, Steven 4 Timescape –Benford, Gregory 4 The World of Null-A [1st in The Null-A Series] –van Vogt, A E 4 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [1st in the Oz Series] –Baum, L Frank 4 The Weapon Shops of Isher –van Vogt, A E 4 The Warhound and the World's Pain –Moorcock, Michael 4 The Throne of Madness [2nd in The Inquestor] –Sucharitkul, Somtow 4 The Skylark Series: –Smith, E E "Doc" 4 The Silmarillion –Tolkien, J R R 4 The Riddle-Master Trilogy: –McKillip, Patricia A 4 The Practice Effect –Brin, David 4 The People: No Different Flesh –Henderson, Zenna 4 The Past Through Tomorrow –Heinlein, Robert A 4 The Midwich Cuckoos –Wyndham, John 4 The Lord Darcy Books: –Garrett, Randall 4 The Little Fuzzy Series: –Piper, H Beam 4 The Lion of Commare and Against the Fall of Night –Clarke, Arthur C 4 The Invisible Man –Wells, H G 4 The Instrumentality of Mankind –Smith, Cordwainer 4 The Illustrated Man –Bradbury, Ray 4 The Illuminatus! Trilogy –Shea, Robert J & Wilson, Robert Anton 4 The Goblin Reservation –Simak, Clifford D 4 The End of Eternity –Asimov, Isaac 4 The Dorsai Sequence: –Dickson, Gordon R 4 Tau Zero –Anderson, Poul 4 Tales of Known Space –Niven, Larry 4 Stardance –Robinson, Spider & Jeanne 4 Sos the Rope [1st in Battle Circle Trilogy] –Anthony, Piers 4 Something Wicked This Way Comes –Bradbury, Ray 4 Ringworld Engineers –Niven, Larry 4 On a Pale Horse [1st in Incarnations of Immortality] –Anthony, Piers 4 Mindkiller –Robinson, Spider 4 Midnight at the Well of Souls –Chalker, Jack L 4 Men, Martians and Machines –Russell, Eric Frank 4 Martians, Go Home –Brown, Fredric 4 Light on the Sound [1st in The Inquestor Tetralogy]–Sucharitkul, Somtow 4 Lest Darkness Fall –de Camp, L Sprague 4 Jack of Shadows –Zelazny, Roger 4 Inferno –Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry 4 God Stalk –Hodgell, P C 4 Glory Road –Heinlein, Robert A 4 Double Star –Heinlein, Robert A 4 Dhalgren –Delany, Samuel R 4 Deathbird Stories –Ellison, Harlan 4 Conan –Howard, Robert E 4 Citizen of the Galaxy –Heinlein, Robert A 4 Camp Concentration –Disch, Thomas M 4 Bolo –Laumer, Keith 4 All the Myriad Ways –Niven, Larry 3 What Mad Universe –Brown, Fredric 3 Unfinished Tales –Tolkien, J R R 3 Tower of Glass –Silverberg, Robert 3 The Worm Ourobouros –Eddison, E R 3 The Traveller in Black –Brunner, John 3 The Time Trilogy: –L'Engle, Madeleine 3 The Star Diaries –Lem, Stanislaw 3 The Stainless Steel Rat Series: –Harrison, Harry 3 The Saga of the Pliocene Exile Tetralogy: –May, Julian 3 The Princess Bride –Goldman, William 3 The Planet of Adventure Series: –Vance, Jack 3 The Pern Books: –McCaffrey, Anne 3 The Once and Future King –White, T H 3 The Mists of Avalon –Bradley, Marion Zimmer 3 The Minerva Experiment Trilogy: –Hogan, James P 3 The Man Who Folded Himself –Gerrold, David 3 The Knight of The Swords –Moorcock, Michael 3 The King of The Swords –Moorcock, Michael 3 The King of Elfland's Daughter –Dunsany, Lord 3 The Fountains of Paradise –Clarke, Arthur C 3 The Fifth Head of Cerberus –Wolfe, Gene 3 The Demon Princes Series: –Vance, Jack 3 The Deep Range –Clarke, Arthur C 3 The Cosmic Computer –Piper, H Beam 3 The Colour of Magic –Pratchett, Terry 3 The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: –Donaldson, Steven R 3 The Chronicles of Narnia: –Lewis, C S 3 The Change War –Leiber, Fritz 3 The Barbie Murders –Varley, John 3 Star Maker –Stapledon, Olaf 3 Stalking the Nightmare –Ellison, Harlan 3 SongMaster –Card, Orson Scott 3 So You Want to Be a Wizard –Duane, Diane 3 So Long and Thanks for All the Fish [current tHHGttG] –Adams, Douglas 3 Rebirth –Wyndham, John 3 Raphael –MacAvoy, R A 3 Player Piano –Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr 3 Nine Hundred Grandmothers –Lafferty, R A 3 Needle –Clement, Hal 3 Millenium –Varley, John 3 Memoirs found in a Bathtub –Lem, Stanislaw 3 Little, Big –Crowley, John 3 Last and First Men –Stapledon, Olaf 3 Gladiator-at-Law –Pohl, Frederik & Kornbluth, Cyril M 3 Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus –Shelley, Mary 3 Earthman's Burden –Anderson, Poul & Dickson, Gordon R 3 Earthlight –Clarke, Arthur C 3 Dinosaur Beach –Laumer, Keith 3 Damiano –MacAvoy, R A 3 Brain Wave –Anderson, Poul 3 Beauty –McKinley, Robin 3 A Spell for Chameleon –Anthony, Piers 3 A Princess of Mars –Burroughs, Edgar Rice 3 A Fall of Moondust –Clarke, Arthur C 3 2010: Odyssey Two –Clarke, Arthur C 3 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea –Verne, Jules 2 Worlds of the Imperium –Laumer, Keith 2 When HARLIE was One –Gerrold, David 2 We –Zamyatin, Yevgeny 2 Wasp –Russell, Eric Frank 2 Venus Equilateral –Smith, George O 2 Up the Line –Silverberg, Robert 2 Unicorn Variations –Zelazny, Roger 2 Trumps of Doom –Zelazny, Roger 2 Triangle –Asimov, Isaac 2 To Ride Pegasus –McCaffrey, Anne 2 Time Travellers Strictly Cash –Robinson, Spider 2 Thrice Upon a Time –Hogan, James P 2 There Will Be Time –Anderson, Poul 2 The Yngling –Dalmas, John 2 The Year of the Unicorn –Norton, Andre 2 The Wood Beyond the World –Morris, William 2 The Wind's Twelve Quarters –Le Guin, Ursula K 2 The Wild Shore –Robinson, Kim Stanley 2 The Whole Man –Brunner, John 2 The White Plague –Herbert, Frank 2 The Voyage of the Space Beagle –van Vogt, A E 2 The Tree of Swords and Jewels –Cherryh, C J 2 The Titan Series: –Varley, John 2 The Sword and the Stallion –Moorcock, Michael 2 The Space Willies –Russell, Eric Frank 2 The Space Viking –Piper, H Beam 2 The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death –Pinkwater, Daniel 2 The Sirens of Titan –Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr 2 The Silver Metal Lover –Lee, Tanith 2 The Sector General Series: –White, James 2 The Rolling Stones –Heinlein, Robert A 2 The Riverworld Tetralogy: –Farmer, Philip Jose 2 The Retief Books: –Laumer, Keith 2 The Rest of the Robots –Asimov, Isaac 2 The Reluctant King Trilogy –de Camp, L Sprague 2 The Red Magician –Goldstein, Lisa 2 The Queen of The Swords –Moorcock, Michael 2 The Pride of Chanur –Cherryh, C J 2 The Perelandra Trilogy: –Lewis, C S 2 The People Series: –Henderson, Zenna 2 The Oz Series of Books: –Baum, L Frank 2 The Null-A Series: –van Vogt, A E 2 The Naked Sun –Asimov, Isaac 2 The Med Series –Leinster, Murray 2 The Majipoor Trilogy: –Silverberg, Robert 2 The Lion Game –Schmitz, James H 2 The Legends of Camber of Culdi: –Kurtz, Katherine 2 The Jagged Orbit –Brunner, John 2 The Integral Trees –Niven, Larry 2 The Inquestor Tetralogy: –Sucharitkul, Somtow 2 The Incarnations of Immortality Series: –Anthony, Piers 2 The High Crusade –Anderson, Poul 2 The Heechee Trilogy: –Pohl, Frederik 2 The Guardians of the Flame Series: –Rosenberg, Joel 2 The Grey Mane of Morning –Chant, Joy 2 The Genesis Machine –Hogan, James P 2 The Futurological Congress –Lem, Stanislaw 2 The Flight of the Dragonfly –Forward, Robert L 2 The First Men in the Moon –Wells, H G 2 The Durdane Trilogy: –Vance, Jack 2 The Dragon in the Sea –Herbert, Frank 2 The Dragon Waiting –Ford, John 2 The Dragon Masters –Vance, Jack 2 The Door Into Summer –Heinlein, Robert A 2 The Demon Breed –Schmitz, James H 2 The Darwath Trilogy: –Hambly, Barbara 2 The Dancers at the End of Time Series: –Moorcock, Michael 2 The Crystal World –Ballard, J G 2 The Crucible of Time –Brunner, John 2 The Childe Cycle of books: –Dickson, Gordon R 2 The Broken Sword –Anderson, Poul 2 The Black Cloud –Hoyle, Fred 2 The Birthgrave –Lee, Tanith 2 The Best of Jack Vance –Vance, Jack 2 The Battle Circle Trilogy –Anthony, Piers 2 The Avatar –Anderson, Poul 2 The Anubis Gates –Powers, Tim 2 The Anthony Villiers Books: –Panshin, Alexei 2 The Alice Books –Carroll, Lewis 2 The Alastor Cluster Series: –Vance, Jack 2 Tales of Pirx the Pilot –Lem, Stanislaw 2 Tales from the White Hart –Clarke, Arthur C 2 Systemic Shock –Ing, Dean 2 Split Infinity –Anthony, Piers 2 Solaris –Lem, Stanislaw 2 San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories –Reamy, Tom 2 Rocannon's World –Le Guin, Ursula K 2 Robots Have No Tails –Kuttner, Henry 2 Return from the Stars –Lem, Stanislaw 2 Quest of the Three Worlds –Smith, Cordwainer 2 Past Master –Lafferty, R A 2 Paratime –Piper, H Beam 2 Out of the Deeps –Wyndham, John 2 Our Lady of Darkness –Leiber, Fritz 2 On the Beach –Shute, Nevil 2 Oath of Fealty –Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry 2 Millenium –Bova, Ben 2 Michaelmas –Budrys, Algis 2 Master of the Five Magics –Hardy, Lyndon 2 Man Plus –Pohl, Frederik 2 Make Room! Make Room! –Harrison, Harry 2 I Will Fear No Evil –Heinlein, Robert A 2 Hunters of the Red Moon –Bradley, Marion Zimmer 2 Hoka –Anderson, Poul & Dickson, Gordon R 2 Have Spacesuit, Will Travel –Heinlein, Robert A 2 From the Earth to the Moon –Verne, Jules 2 Four for Tomorrow –Zelazny, Roger 2 Escape Velocity –Stasheff, Christopher 2 Elfquest, books 1-4 –Pini, Wendy & Richard 2 Earth Abides –Stewart, George R 2 Dying Inside –Silverberg, Robert 2 Dream Park –Niven, Larry & Barnes, Steven 2 Dracula –Stoker, Bram 2 Don't Bite the Sun –Lee, Tanith 2 Damiano's Lute –MacAvoy, R A 2 Bug Jack Barron –Spinrad, Norman 2 Buckaroo Banzai –Mac Rauch, Earl 2 Blue Adept –Anthony, Piers 2 Berserker –Saberhagen, Fred 2 Beast Master –Norton, Andre 2 Armageddon 2419 AD –Nowlan, Phillip Francis 2 Alone Against Tomorrow –Ellison, Harlan 2 Agent of Vega –Schmitz, James H 2 A Mirror for Observers –Pangborn, Edgar 2 A Midsummer Tempest –Anderson, Poul 2 A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows –Anderson, Poul 2 A Gift from Earth –Niven, Larry 2 A Fine and Private Place –Beagle, Peter S 2 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court –Twain, Mark – gjerawlins%watdaisy@waterloo.csnet Gregory J. E. Rawlins CS Dept., U. Waterloo {allegra,utzoo,inhp4,decvax}!watmath!watdaisy!gjerawlins Waterloo, Ont. N2L3G1

From: gjerawlins@watdaisy.UUCP (Gregory J.E. Rawlins) Newsgroups: net.sf-lovers Subject: SF POLL - THE RESULTS! Message-ID: 7402@watdaisy.UUCP Date: Wed, 11-Sep-85 07:32:44 Organization: U of Waterloo, Ontario Lines: 1014

Abbey, Lynn

Daughter of the Bright Moon [1979] [illus.] [sword & sorcery, female protagonist]
The Black Flame [1980] [illus.] [sequel to "Daughter of the Bright Moon"]
The Guardians

Abbott, Edwin A[bbott] [U.K., 1838-1926]

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions [1884] [as A. Square] [mathematical fantasy] (5)

Abe, Kobo [Japan, China, 1924- ] [Akutawaga Prize 1951]

The Woman in the Dunes [1960:1964]
The Face of Another [:1966]
The Ruined Map [:1969]
Inter Ice-Age 4 [1959:1970] [mankind adapts itself to melting of ice caps]
The Box Man [:1974]

Adams, Douglas [,B.A.] [U.K., 1952- ]

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy: [humour, philosophy] (8)
	The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy [1979] (9)
	The Restaurant at the End of the Universe [1980]
	Life, the Universe and Everything [1982]
	[also in series..]
	So Long and Thanks for All the Fish [1984] (3)

Adams, John

When the Gods Came [1960]

Adams, Richard [U.K., 1920- ]

Watership Down [1972] [Carnegie Medal] [nature fantasy, sentient rabbits search for haven]
Shardik [1974]
The Plague Dogs [1977] [fantasy, two sentient dogs escape from medical research institute]

Adams, Robert

The Horseclans Series:
	The Coming of the Horseclans [1975]
	Swords of the Horseclans [1977]
	Revenge of the Horseclans [1977]
	A Cat of Silvery Hue
	The Savage Mountains
	The Patrimony
	Horseclans Odyssey
	The Death of a Legend
	The Witch Goddess
	Bili the Axe
	Champion of the Last Battle
	A Woman of the Horseclans
	Horses of the North [1985]
The Castaways in Time Series:
	Castaways in Time
	The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland [1984]

Adlard, Mark [,M.A.] [U.K., 1932- ]

The T-City Trilogy: [social and economic effects of business]
	Interface [1971]
	Volteface [1972]
	Multiface [1975]

Adler, Allen [U.S.A., 1916- ]

Terror on Planet Ionus [1957] [aka "Mach 1: A Story of the Planet Ionus"]

Aickman, Robert

Cold Hand in Mine

Aiken, Joan [1924- ]

The Alternate England Series: [alternate history, juvenile]
	The Wolves of Willoughbough Chase
	Black Hearts in Battersea
	Nightbirds in Nantucket
	The Stolen Lake
	The Cuckoo Tree
	The Wispering Mountain [not sequel but set in same world]
The Fairy Tale Collection:
	All But a Few [col.]
	More Than You Bargained For
	A Harp of Fishbones and Other Stories [col.]
A Bundle of Nerves [col.]
AA Touch of Chill [col.]

Aiken, John

World Well Lost [1971]

Aikin, Jim [U.S.A., 1948- ]

Walk the Moon's Road [1985]

Akers, Alan Burt

The Dray Prescott Series:
	Transit to Scorpio [1972]
	The Suns of Scorpio [1973]
	Warrior of Scorpio [1973]
	Swordships of Scorpio [1973]
	Prince of Scorpio [1974]
The Havilfar Cycle:
	Manhounds of Antares [1974]
	Arena of Antares [1974]
	Fliers of Antares [1975]
	Bladesmen of Antares [1975]
	Avenger of Antares [1975]
	Armada of Antares [1976]
The Krozin Cycle:
	The Tides of Kregen [1976]
	Renegade of Kregen [1976]
	Krozair of Kregen [1977]
The Vallian Cycle:
	Secret Scorpio [1977]
	Savage Scorpio [1978]
	Captive Scorpio
	Golden Scorpio
	A Life for Kregen

Alban, Anthony [nee Anthony A. Thompson]

Catharsis Central [1968]
The Day of the Shield [1973]

Aldiss, Brian W[ilson] [U.K., 1925- ]

Non-Stop [1958] [aka "Starship"]
Vanguard from Alpha [1959] [aka "Equator"] [aliens exploit earth]
Bow Down to Nul [1960] [aka "The Interpreter"] [aliens exploit earth]
The Primal Urge [1961] [emotions and sexual attraction]
The Male Response [1961]
Hothouse [1962] [novelized Hugo winner 1962] [aka "The Long Afternoon of Earth"] [earth stops rotating]
Greybeard [1964] [race sterility]
The Dark Light Years [1964] [nature of aesthetics]
Starswarm [1964]
Earthworks [1965] [race sterility]
Cryptozoic! [1967] [aka "An Age"] [hazards of time travel, political philosophy]
Report on Probability A [1968] [parallel worlds]
Barefoot in the Head [1969] [post holocaust, drugs, joycean prose]
Neanderthal Planet [1970]
Frankenstein Unbound [1973] [reprise of Frankenstein, time travel]
The Eighty-Minute Hour [1974] [post holocaust fractured reality, space opera]
The Malacia Tapestry [1976] [recursive fantasy]
Brothers of the Head [1978]
Enemies of the System [1978]
Moreau's Other Island [1980] [aka "An Island Called Moreau"] [reprise of The Island of Doctor Moreau]
The Helliconia Trilogy: [interesting world, complex society, long period rotation planet imply centuries long seasons]
	Helliconia Spring [1982]
	Helliconia Summer [1983]
	Helliconia Winter [1985]
A Rude Awakening
Space, Time and Nathaniel [1957] [col.]
No Time Like Tomorrow [1959] [col.]
The Canopy of Time [1959] [col.]
Galaxies Like Grains of Sand [1960] [col.]
The Airs of Earth [1963] [col.]
The Saliva Tree [1966] [col.] [contains eponymous story-Nebula 1965]
The Best SF Stories of Brian Aldiss [1966] [col.] [aka "Who Can Replace a Man?"]
Intangibles Inc., and Other Stories [1969] [col.]
The Moment of Eclipse [1971] [col.]
The Book of Brian Aldiss [1972] [col.]
Comic Inferno [col.]
New Arrivals, Old Encounters [col.]
Last Orders [col.]

Alexander, Lloyd [U.S.A., 1924- ]

Time Cat [1963] [juvenile fantasy]
The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian [1969] [National Book Award 1970]
The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha [1978] [juvenile fantasy]
Westmark [1981] [American Book Award 1982] [historical]
Kestrel [1982]
The Cat Who Wanted To Be A Man [juvenile fantasy]
The Chronicles of Prydain: [juvenile, welsh mythology]
	The Book of Three [1964]
	The Black Cauldron [1965]
	The Castle of Llyr [1966]
	Taran Wanderer [1967]
	The High King [1968]
	The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain [1973] [col.]

Alexander, Thea

2150 A.D. [1976]


Torch of Honour

Allen, Henry Wilson

Genesis Five [1968]

Alper, Gerald A.

My Name is Vladimir Sloifoiski [1970]

Alter, Robert Edmond

Path to Savagery [1969]

Amis, Kingsley [,M.A.] [William] [U.K., 1922- ]

The Anti-Death League [1966]
The Alteration [1977]

Amosoff, N.

Notes from the Future [1970]

Anderson, Chester [V.] [J.] [U.S.A., ]

The Butterfly Kid [1967] [drugs, pop group foils alien drug pushers]
Fox and Hare [1980] [sequel to "The Butterfly Kid"] [more indepth view of the Village]

Anderson, Chester [V.] [J.] & Kurland, Michael

Ten Years to Doomsday [1964]

Anderson, Colin

Magellan [1970]

Anderson, Poul [William] [,B.S.] [U.S.A., 1926- ] [Gandalf Award 1978]

Works From the Polesotechnic Empire Series: [future history]
	Let the Spacemen Beware! [1963] [aka "The Night Face"]
	The People of the Wind [1973]
	The Day of Their Return [1973]
	The Trader Van Rijn Stories: [adventure, interstellar trader]
		War of the Wing Men [1958] [aka "The Man Who Counts"]
		Trader to the Stars [1964] [col.]
		The Trouble Twisters [1966] [col.]
		Satan's World [1969]
		Mirkheim [1977]
		The Earth Book of Stormgate [1978] [col.]
	The Dominic Flandry Stories: [space secret agent]
		Ensign Flandry [1966]
		A Circus of Hells [1970]
		The Rebel Worlds [1969]
		Mayday Orbit [1961] [aka "A Message in Secret"]
		Earthman, Go Home! [1960] [aka "A Plague of Masters"]
		We Claim these Stars [1959] [aka "A Handful of Stars"]
		Agent of the Terran Empire [1965] [col.]
		Flandry of Terra [1966] [col.]
		A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows [1975] (2)
		The Game of Empire [1985] [flandry's daughter]
		A Stone in Heaven [illus.]
The Holger Danske Stories:
	Three Hearts and Three Lions [1953] [alternate fantasy world]
	A Midsummer Tempest [1974] [connected to "Operation Chaos"] [scientific magic, Shakespearean overtones] (2)
The Psychotechnic History Stories:
	The Psychotechnic League [col.]
	Un-Man and Other Novellas [1962] [col.]
	The Snows of Ganymede [1958]
	Virgin Planet [1959] [one male in completely female society]
	Star Ways [1956] [aka "The Peregrine"]
The Interplanetary Exploration Tales:
	The Worlds of Poul Anderson [1974] [omnibus]
		The War of Two Worlds [1959] [earth occupied by mars]
		Two Worlds [1978] [omnibus]
			Planet of No Return [1956] [aka "Question and Answer"]
			World Without Stars [1966] [survival on world in interstellar void]
	Orbit Unlimited [1961]
	Three Worlds to Conquer [1964]
	The Star Fox [1965] [col.]
	Tau Zero [1970] [hard science, well designed interstellar ship] (4)
Vault of the Ages [1952] [juvenile]
Brain Wave [1954] [effects of increased intelligence] (3)
The Broken Sword [1954] [fantasy, scandanavian mythology] (2)
No World of Their Own [1955] [aka "The Long Way Home"] [first starship returns after millenia]
The Enemy Stars [1959]
The Golden Slave [1959]
Rogue Sword [1960] [historical]
The High Crusade [1960] [fantasy, medieval crusaders in space] (2)
Twilight World [1961] [post holocaust]
The Makeshift Rocket [1962] [adventure with beer as rocket fuel!]
After Doomsday [1962] [post holocaust]
Shield [1963]
Seven Conquests [1969]
Tales of the Flying Mountains [1970]
The Byworlder [1971]
Operation Chaos [1971] [scientific magic, alternate fantasy world] (5)
The Dancer from Atlantis [1971]
Hrolf Kraki's Saga [1973] [ADFA=BFA 1974] [historical fantasy, recreation of a scandanavian myth]
Fire Time [1974]
The Winter of the World [1975]
Tomorrow's Children
Orion Shall Rise [post holocaust]
The Devil's Game
The Dark Between the Stars
The Time Patrolman [time patrol]
There Will Be Time [1972] [time travel] (2)
The Avatar [exploration, first contact] (2)
The Merman's Children [fantasy, faerie]
Guardians of Time [1960] [col.] [the Time Patrol stories]
Strangers from Earth [1961] [col.]
Time and the Stars [1964] [col.]
The Corridors of Time [1965] [col.] [time travel]
The Horn of Time [1968] [col.]
Beyond the Beyond [1969] [col.]
The Queen of Air and Darkness [1973] [col.]
The Book of Poul Anderson [1974] [aka "The Many Worlds of Poul Anderson"] [col.]
Homeward and Beyond [1975] [col.]
Homebrew [1976] [col.]
The Best of Poul Anderson [1976] [col.]
The Night Face and Other Stories [1978] [col.]

Anderson, Poul [William] & Broxon, Mildred Downey

The Demon of Scattery [illus.] [fantasy, scandanavian mythology]

Anderson, Poul [William] & Dickson, Gordon R.

Star Prince Charlie [1975]
The Hoka Stories: [humour, intelligent bears]
	Earthman's Burden [1957] [col.] (3)
	Hoka (2)

Anderson, Poul [William] & Kurland

Ten Years to Doomsday

Anderson, William C.

The Penelope Series:
	Penelope [1963]
	Penelope, the Damp Detective [1974]

Anthony, Piers [nee Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob] [U.K., U.S.A., 1934- ]

Macroscope [1969] [hard science, cosmic adventure, ftl communication] (10)
Prostho Plus [1973]
Rings of Ice [1974]
Triple Detente [1974]
Hasan [1977] [fantasy, arabian mythology]
Mute [projective amnesia]
The Tarot Trilogy:
	God of Tarot
	Vision of Tarot
	Faith of Tarot
The Cal, Veg and Aquilon Series:
	Omnivore [1968]
	Orn [1971]
	Ox [1976]
The Aton Series:
	Chthon [1967]
	Phthor [1975]
The Incarnations of Immortality Series: (2)
	On a Pale Horse [1983] (2)
	Bearing an Hourglass
	With a Tangled Skein
	Wielding a Red Sword
	Being a Green Mother
The Xanth Series: [fantasy, magic, humour]
	A Spell for Chameleon [1977] [BFA 1977] (3)
	The Source of The Magic
	Castle Roogna [1979]
	Centaur Isle [1981]
	Ogre, Ogre [1982]
	Night Mare [1982]
	Dragon on a Pedestal
	Crewel Lye [1984]
The Apprentice Adept Trilogy: [soft sf/fantasy, magic]
	Split Infinity [1980] (2)
	Blue Adept [1981] (2)
	Juxtaposition [1982]
The Biography of a Space Tyrant Series: [space opera]
	Refugee [1983]
	Mercenary [1984]
	Politician [1985]
The Battle Circle Trilogy [1978] [omnibus] [post-holocaust] (2)
	Sos the Rope [1968] (2)
	Var the Stick [1972]
	Neq the Sword [1975]
The Cluster Trilogy: [cosmic adventure]
	Cluster [1977]
	Chaining the Lady [1978]
	Kirlian Quest [1978]

Anthony, Piers & Coulson, R.

But What of Earth? [1976]

Anthony, Piers & Hall, Frances


Anthony, Piers & Margroff, Robert E.

The Ring [1968]

Antoniorrobles [nee Antonio Robles Soler] [Spain, 1897- ]

The Refugee Centaur [:1952]

Anvil, Christopher [nee Harry C. Crosby, Jr.] [U.S.A., ]

The Day the Machines Stopped [1964]
Strangers in Paradise [1969]
Pandora's Planet [1972]
Warlord's World [1975]

Appel, Benjamin [,B.S.] [U.S.A., 1907- ]

The Funhouse [1959] [aka "Death Master"]
The Devil and W. Kaspar [1977]

Arch, E. L. [nee Rachel [Ruth] Cosgrove Payes] [,B.Sc.] [U.S.A., 1922- ]

Bridge to Yesterday [1963]
The Deathstones [1964]
Planet of Death [1964]
The First Immortals [1965]
The Double Minded Man [1966]
The Man With Three Eyes [1967]
Forbidden Island [1973] [as Rachel Cosgrove Payes]

Ariosto, Ludovico

Orlando Furioso [1532:]

Ariss, Bruce Wallace, Jr. [U.S.A., 1911- ]

Full Circle [1963] [survival group in future north america]

Arnold, Edwin [Lester] [U.S.A., 1857-1935]

Phra the Phoenician [1890] [aka "The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician"] [sword & sorcery, considered to have influenced ERB]
The Story of Ulla and Other Tales [1895] [col.] [fantasy]
Lepidus the Centurion: A Roman of Today [1901] [fantasy]
Gulliver of Mars [1905] [aka "Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation"] [sword & sorcery, considered to have influenced ERB]

Arnson, Eleanor

The Sword Smith [1978] [fantasy]

Ashby, Richard

Act of God [1971]

Asimov, [Professor] Isaac [,Ph.D.] [U.S.S.R., U.S.A., 1920- ]

The Foundation Trilogy [1964] [aka "An Isaac Asimov Omnibus"] [omnibus] [Hugo 1966 - Best All Time Series] [sociology, future history, galactic empire] (37)
	Foundation [1951] [abr. as "The 1000 Year Plan"]
	Foundation and Empire [1952] [aka "The Man Who Upset the Universe"]
	Second Foundation [1953]
	[also in series...]
	Foundation's Edge [1982] [Hugo 1983] (9)
The Positronic Robot Stories: [robots]
	The Complete Robot [col.]
		I, Robot [1950] [col.] [laws of robotics] (18)
		[plus other stories some of which are in Eight Stories]
	The Rest of the Robots [1964] [col.] [robots, detective mystery] (2)
		The Robot Novels [1969] [omnibus]
			The Caves of Steel [1954] [murder mystery, underground cities] (5)
			The Naked Sun [1957] [sequel to "The Caves of Steel"] [murder mystery] (2)
		Eight Stories from the Rest of The Robots [1966] [col.]
	Robots of Dawn [1983]
Triangle [1961] [omnibus] [the Trantorian Empire Novels] [galactic empire] (2)
	Pebble In The Sky [1950]
	The Stars Like Dust [1951] [aka "The Rebellious Stars"]
	The Currents of Space [1952]
The David Starr Juveniles: [as Paul French]
	David Starr, Space Ranger [1952]
	Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids [1953]
	Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus [1954]
	Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury [1956]
	Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter [1957]
	Lucky Starr and the Rings of Staturn [1958]
The End of Eternity [1955] (4)
Fantastic Voyage [1966] [based on screenplay of eponymous film] [submarine mininaturized for surgery]
The Gods Themselves [1972] [Hugo 1973] [Nebula 1972] [aliens, bureaucracy] (5)
The Heavenly Host [1976] [juvenile]
The Winds of Change and Other Stories [col.]
Of Time and Space and Other Things [col.]
Adding a Dimension [col.]
The Martian Way and Other Stories [1955] [col.]
Earth is Room Enough [1957] [col.]
Nine Tomorrows [1959] [col.]
Through a Glass Clearly [1966] [col.]
Asimov's Mysteries [1968] [col.] [sf mysteries]
Nightfall and Other Stories [1969] [col.]
The Early Asimov Books 1 & 2 [1972] [col.]
The Best of Isaac Asimov [1974] [col.]
Buy Jupiter and Other Stories [1975] [abr. as "Have You Seen These?"] [col.]
The Bicentennial Man [1976] [col.]

Asprin, Robert L[ynn] [U.S.A., 1946- ]

Cold Cash War [1977]
Tambu [1979]
The Bug Wars
The Myth Adventures Series: [breezy fantasy, humour, many worlds, magic] (8)
	Another Fine Myth [1978] (5)
	Myth Conceptions [1980]
	Myth Directions [1982]
	Hit or Myth [1983]
	Myth-ing Persons [projected title]

Atkins, John [Alfred] [U.K., 1916- ]

Tomorrow Revealed [1955] [future man reconstructs history based on sf books]

Attanasio, A. A.

Radix [alternate history, mystical]

August, Lee

Superdoll [1969]

Avery, Richard

The Expendables Series:
	The Deathworms of Kratos
	The Rings of Tantalus

Aylesworth, John B. [U.S.A., 1938- ]

Fee Fei Fo Fum [1963]

Ayme, Marcel [France, 1902-1967]

The Walker-Through-Walls [:1962] [col.]

Bacon, [Chancellor] Francis

The New Atlantis [1672] [early utopia novel]




Helmsman [space opera]

Ball, Brian N.

The Probability Man
The Regiments of Night

Ballard, J[ames] G[raham] [Shanghai, U.K., 1930- ]

The Wind from Nowhere [1962] [catastrophe]
The Drowned World [1962] [catastrophe]
The Drought [1964] [rewrite of "The Burning World"] [catastrophe]
The Crystal World [1966] [slow crystallization of all organic material] (2)
Vermilion Sands
High Rise [tenants slowly revert to savagery]
Crash [the car as sexual extension]
Concrete Island
The Unlimited Dream Company [1981]
Hello America
Billenium [1962] [col.]
The Voices of Time [1962] [col.]
Passport to Eternity [1963] [col.]
The Four-Dimensional Nightmare [1963] [col.]
Terminal Beach [1964] [col.]
The Impossible Man [1966] [col.]
The Overloaded Man [1967] [col.]
The Day of Forever [1967] [col.]
The Disaster Area [1967] [col.]
The Atrocity Exhibition [1970] [aka "Love and Napalm: Export USA"] [col.]
Chronopolis [1971] [col.]

Barbet, Pierre [France, ]

The Enchanted Planet
Games Psyborgs Play
The Napoleons of Eridanus [Burroughsian space opera]

Barjavel, Rene [France, ]

The Ice People [1968:]


Interplanetary Hunter

Barrie, J. M. [U.K., 1860-1937]

Peter Pan [aka "Peter and Wendy"] [juvenile fantasy, "the boy who wouldn't grow up"]

Barth, John

Giles Goat Boy

Barzman, Ben

Echo X

Batchelor, John Calvin

The Further Adventures of Halley's Comet
The Birth of the People's Republic of Antartica [xenophobia]

Bauer, Steven


Baum, L[yman] Frank [U.S.A., 1856-1919]

Sky Island
Queen Zixi of Ix
John Dough and the Cherub
The Sea Fairies
The Masterkey: An Electrical Fairytale
The Oz Series of Books: [juvenile, fantasy, fairy tale] (2)
	The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [1900] (2)
	The Marvelous Land of Oz [1904]
	Ozma of Oz (3)
	Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
	The Road to Oz
	The Emerald City of Oz
	The Patchwork Girl of Oz
	Tik-Tok of Oz
	The Scarecrow of Oz
	Rinkitink in Oz [1916] [illus.]
	The Lost Princess of Oz
	The Tin Woodman of Oz
	The Magic of Oz
	Glinda of Oz

Bayley, Barrington J.

Star Winds
Empire of Two Worlds

Bass, T. J.

Half Past Human [1971]
The Godwhale [1974] [sequel to "Half Past Human"]

BB [nee Denys Watkins-Pitchford] [U.K., ]

The Forest of Boland Light Railway [illus.] [fantasy, juvenile]
The Wizard of Boland [1959] [illus.] [fantasy, juvenile]

Beagle, Peter S[oyer] [,B.A.] [U.S.A., 1939- ]

A Fine and Private Place [1960] [fantasy romance, ghost story] (2)
The Last Unicorn [1968] [touching fairy tale about a unicorn looking for other of her kind] (5)
Lila the Werewolf [novella] [gothic fantasy, love story between man and female werewolf]
Come, Lady Death
The Fantasy World of Peter Beagle [1979]

Bear, Greg

Strength of Stones
The Wind from a Burning Woman
Hegira [illus.]
The Infinity Concerto
Corona: Star Trek #15 [a star trek novel]
Eon [1985] [first contact]

Beaumont, Charles

The Best of Charles Beaumont

Beckford, William [U.K., 1760-1844]

Vathek: An Arabian Tale [1782:1786] [fantasy classic]

Bellairs, John [1938- ]

The Face in the Frost [1969] [light hearted fantasy]
The Lewis Barnavelt Series: [juvenile fantasy, magic]
	The House with a Clock in Its Walls
	The Figure in the Shadows
	The Letter, the Witch and the Ring

Bellamy, Edward [U.S.A., 1850-1898]

Looking Backward, 2000-1887 [1888] [utopia, considered a classic]

Benford, [Professor] Gregory [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1941- ]

In the Ocean of Night [1976] [near future, first contact]
The Stars in Shroud [1978]
Timescape [1980] [Nebula 1980] [hard science, ftl communication] (4)
Against Infinity [1983]
Deeper than the Darkness
Across the Sea of Suns

Benford, Gregory & Eklund, Gordon

If the Stars are Gods [1977]

Benford, Gregory & Rotsler, William

Shiva Descending [1980] [attempts to destroy big rock aimed at earth]

Bensen, Donald R. [U.S.A., 1927- ]

And Having Writ

Beresford, J[ohn] D[avys] [U.K., 1873-1947]

The Hampdenshire Wonder [1911] [classic mutant story, intellectual superman]

Berry, James R.

Quas Starbrite [space opera]

Bester, Alfred [,B.Sc.] [U.S.A., 1913- ]

The Demolished Man [1953] [Hugo 1953] [telepathy, murder mystery] (14)
The Stars My Destination [1956] [aka "Tiger! Tiger!"] [teleportation, interplanetary war] (15)
The Computer Connection [1975] [aka "The Indian Giver"]
Extro [1975]
Golem 100 [1980]
The Deceivers [1981] [illus.]
The Rat Race [aka "Who He?"]
The Life and Death of a Satellite
Starburst [1958] [col.]
The Dark Side of the Earth [1964] [col.]
Starlight: the great short fiction of Alfred Bester [1976] [col.] [omnibus]
	The Light Fantastic
	Star Light, Star Bright

Bierce, Ambrose

Moxon's Master [1908]

Biggle, Lloyd, Jr. [Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1923- ]

The Jan Darzek Series:
	All the Colors of Darkness [1964] [matter transmitters, aliens]
	Watchers of the Dark [1966]
	This Darkening Universe
	Silence is Deadly
The Angry Espers [1961] [esp]
The Fury Out of Time [1965]
The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets [1968] [musically oriented]
The Whirligig of Time
Monument [sociology]
The World Menders
The Rule of the Door and Other Fanciful Regulations [1967] [col.]

Bilenkin, Dimitri [U.S.S.R., ]

The Uncertainty Principle

Bischoff, David F.

The Gaming Magi Series: [humor, based on role-playing game]
	The Destiny Dice
	Wraith Board

Bischoff, David F. & Brown, Rich & Richardson, Linda

A Personal Demon [magic, college prof conjures up a demon]

Bischoff, D[avid] [F.] & Monteleone, Thomas F.

Day of the Dragonstar
Night of the Dragonstar

Bishop, George

The Shuttle People

Bishop, Michael

A Little Knowledge [1977]
Stolen Faces [1977]
Catacomb Years [1979]
Ancient of Days [1985] [novelization of "Her Habiline Husband"]
Strange at Ecbatan the Trees [aka "Beneath the Shattered Moons"]
A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire
No Enemy But Time [?Nebula 1982?]
Blooded on Arachne [1982] [col.]

Blackburn, John

Children of the Night [horror]

Blaylock, James P. [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1950- ]

The Elfin Ship [1982]

Blish, James [Benjamin] [,B.Sc.] [U.S.A., U.K., 1921-1975]

Cities In Flight [1970] [omnibus] [anti-gravity, anti-agathics, future history, space opera] (7)
	They Shall Have Stars [1957] [aka "Year 2018!"]
	A Life for the Stars [1962]
	Earthman, Come Home [1955]
	The Triumph of Time [1958] [aka "A Clash of Cymbals"]
The Notional "After Such Knowledge" "Trilogy": [analysis of secular knowledge]
	Doctor Mirabilis [1964] [historical Roger Bacon]
	Black Easter [1968] [literally hell on earth, satanic power]
	The Day After Judgement [1971] [sequel to "Black Easter" -blish considered them parts of one work]
	A Case of Conscience [1958] [Hugo 1959] [(mostly christian) religious questions raised by pure reason] (6)
Jack of Eagles [1952] [aka "ESP-er"]
The Warriors of Day [1953]
Fallen Star [1957] [aka "The Frozen Year"]
VOR [1958] [invulnerable robot]
The Star Dwellers [1961]
Titan's Daughter [1961] [aka "Giants in the Earth"]
Mission to the Heart Stars [1965] [juvenile]
Welcome to Mars! [1967] [juvenile]
The Vanished Jet [1968] [juvenile]
And All the Stars a Stage [1971]
Mission to the Heart Stars
Welcome to Mars
Midsummer Century [1972]
Spock Must Die! [a star trek novel]
The Testament of Andros [col.]
The Best of James Blish [1979]
The Seedling Stars [1957] [col.] [genetic engineering, survival through planned mutation]
Galactic Cluster [1959] [col.]
So Close to Home [1961] [col.]
The Best Science Fiction Stories of James Blish [1965] [col.]
Star Trek 1-11 [1967,1968,1969,1971,1972,1972,1972,1972,1973,1974,1975] [col.] [books based on the TV series]
Star Trek 12 [1977] [with J. A. Lawrence] [col.] [based on the TV series]

Blish, James [Benjamin] & Knight, Norman L.

A Torrent of Faces [1967] [far future utopia with huge population]

Blish, James [Benjamin] & Lowdnes, R. W.

The Duplicated Man [1953] [complicated tale of duplicates]

Bloch, Robert [U.S.A., 1917- ] [Life Achievement Award 1975]

Dragons and Nightmares
Strange Eons [Lovecraftian homage]
The Best of Robert Bloch [1977] [col.]

Blum, Ralph

The Simultaneous Man

Borges, Jorge Luis [Argentina, 1899- ] [Life Achievement Award 1979]

Ficciones [:1962] [col.] [clever, intriguing and bizzare views on life and literature]
Labyrinths [:1964] [col.]

Boucher, Anthony [nee William Anthony Parker White] [U.S.A., 1911-1968]

Rocket to the Morgue [1942] [as H.H.Holmes] [detective story including sf authors as characters]
Far and Away [1955] [col.]
The Compleat Werewolf [1969] [col.]

Boulle, Pierre [France, 1912- ]

Planet of the Apes [1963] [aka "Monkey Planet"]
Garden on the Moon [1964:1965]
Time Out of Mind and Other Stories [:1966] [col.]

Bova, Ben[jamin] [William] [,B.A.] [U.S.A., 1932- ]

Kinsman [astronaut cajoles Mankind into space]
The Exiles Trilogy:
	Exiled from Earth
	Flight of Exiles
	End of Exile
Colony [hard science, adventure]
Millenium (2)
The Duelling Machine [1971]
As on a Darkling Plain

Boyd, John [nee Boyd Bradfield Upchurch] [U.S.A., 1919- ]

The Last Starship from Earth [1968] [racial problems, eugenics]
The Rakehells of Heaven [1969]
The Pollinators of Eden [1969]
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes [1978]
Sex and the High Command
The Doomsday Gene
The Organ Bank Farm
The Gorgon Festival
The I.Q. Merchant
The Andromeda Gun
Barnard's Planet

Boyer, Elizabeth [,B.A.] [U.S.A., ]

The Elves and the Otterskin [1981]
The Sword and the Satchel

Brackett, Leigh [Douglas] [U.S.A., 1915-1978]

The Starmen of Llyrdis [1952] [aka "The Galactic Breed"] [space opera]
The Long Tomorrow [1955] [holocaust leads to reactionary regime]
The Big Jump [1955]
The Nemesis from Terra [1961] [aka "Shadow Over Mars"] [sword and sorcery]
Alpha Centuri - or Die! [1963] [invincible robots]
The Coming of the Terrans [1967] [col.] [martian novelettes]
The Halfling [col.]
The Eric John Stark of Mars Series: [Burroughsian sword & sorcery]
	The Secret of Sinharat [1964]
	People of the Talisman [1964]
	The Sword of Rhiannon [1953]
	The Book of Skaith:
		The Ginger Star [1974]
		The Hounds of Skaith [1974]
		The Reavers of Skaith [1976]
The Best of Leigh Brackett [1977] [col.]

Bradbury, Ray[mond] [Douglas] [U.S.A., 1920- ] [Gandalf Award 1980] [Nebula Grand Master 1977] [Life Achievement Award 1977]

Fahrenheit 451 [1953] [censorship] (9)
Something Wicked This Way Comes [1962] [fantasy, horror] (4)
Dark Carnival [1947] [col.] [a collector's item]
The Martian Chronicles [1950] [col.] [aka "The Silver Locusts"] [colonization, first contact] (9)
The Illustrated Man [1951] [col.] (4)
The October Country [1955] [col.]
Dandelion Wine [1959] [col.]
The Small Assassin [1962] [col.]
R is for Rocket [1962] [col.]
The Machineries of Joy [1964] [col.]
The Vintage Bradbury [1965] [col.]
S is for Space [1966] [col.]
Twice Twenty-Two [1966] [col.]
	The Golden Apples of the Sun [1953] [col.]
	A Medicine for Melancholy [1958] [col.] [aka "The Day It Rained Forever"]
I Sing the Body Electric! [1969] [col.]
The Halloween Tree
The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and Other Plays
Long After Midnight

Bradley, Marion [Eleanor] Zimmer [U.S.A., 1930- ]

Seven from the Stars [1961]
The Colours of Space [1963]
The House Between the Worlds [1981] [fantasy]
The Mists of Avalon [1982] [fantasy, retelling of Arthurian cycle] (3)
Web of Light
Web of Darkness
The Catch Trap
The Ruins of Isis
Endless Universe
Hunters of the Red Moon (2)
City of Sorcery
Survey Ship [illus.]
The Halfling
Endless Voyage
The Door Through Space [1961] [?considered protoDarkover?]
The Falcons of Narabedla [1964] [considered protoDarkover]
The Darkover Novels: [fantasy/sf] (5)
	Darkover Landfall [1972]
	Hawkmistress! [1982]
	Two to Conquer [1980]
	Stormqueen! [1978]
	The Shattered Chain [1976]
	The Spell Sword [1974]
	The Forbidden Tower [1977]
	Thendara House [1983] (2)
	City of Sorcery [1984]
	The Winds of Darkover [1970]
	Star of Danger [1965]
	The Bloody Sun [1965, rev. 1979]
	The Heritage of Hastur [1975]
	The Sword of Aldones [1962]
	Sharra's Exile [1981] [complete rewrite of Sword of Aldones]
	The Planet Savers [1962]
	The World Wreckers [1971]
	The Keeper's Price [1980] [col.] [with "The Friends of Darkover"]
	Sword of Chaos [1982] [col.] [with "The Friends of Darkover"]

Bradley, Marion [Eleanor] Zimmer & Zimmer, Paul Edwin


Bradshaw, Gillian

The Hawk of May Trilogy: [arthurian cycle]
	Hawk of May
	Kingdom of Summer
	In Winter's Shadow

Bramah, Ernest [nee Ernest Bramah Smith] [U.K.,1869?-1942]

The Kai Lung Books: [humourous fantasy about a "china that never was", dragons etc.]
	The Wallet of Kai Lung [1900]
	The Transmutation of Ling [1911]
	Kai Lung's Golden Hours [1922]
	Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat [1928]
	The Moon of Much Gladness [1932]
	Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree [1940]

Bretnor, Reginald

Spear of Mars
The Schimmelhorn File: Memoirs of a Dirty Old Genius [1979] [col.] [humour]

Brin, David [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1950- ]

Startide Rising [1983] [Hugo 1984] [Nebula 1983] [hard science, dolphin intelligence, contact] (27)
Sundiver [1980] [mystery, dolphin intelligence, contact] (16)
The Practice Effect [1984] [alternate universe, humour] (4)
The Tides of Kithrup
The Uplift War [expected july 1986]

Brooks, Terry [U.S.A., 1944- ]

The Sword of Shannara [1977] [considered a ripoff of Tolkien]
The Elfstones of Shannara [1982] [sequel to "The Sword of Shannara"]

Brooks, Walter R.

Freddy and the Men from Mars
Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars

Brown, Fredric [William] [U.S.A., 1906-1972]

What Mad Universe [1948] [humour, satire on sf, alternate universe] (3)
The Lights in the Sky are Stars [1953] [aka "Project Jupiter"]
Martians, Go Home [1955] [humour, invasion of little green men] (4)
Rogue in Space [1957]
The Mind Thing [1961] [alien symbiote]
Space on My Hands [1951] [col.]
Angels and Spaceships [1954] [col.] [aka "Star Shine"]
Honeymoon in Hell [1958] [col.] [humour]
Nightmares and Geezenstacks [1961] [col.] [humour, very short stories]
Daymares [1968] [col.]
The Best of Fredric Brown [1977] [col.]

Brown, Rosel George [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1926-1967]

A Handful of Time [1963] [col.]
Sybil Sue Blue [1966] [aka "Galactic Sybil Sue Blue"] [tough lady cop]
Waters of Centaurus [?unclear-no references found?]

Broxson, Mildred Downey [1944- ]

Too Long a Sacrifice [fantasy, contemporary politics]

Brunner, John [Kilian] [Houston] [U.K., 1934- ]

Echo in the Skull [1959]
Threshold of Eternity [1959]
The World Swappers [1959]
The Brink [1959]
The Skynappers [1960]
Sanctuary in the Sky [1960]
The Atlantic Abomination [1960]
Meeting at Infinity [1961]
I Speak for Earth [1961] [as Keith Woodcott]
Ladder in the Sky [1962] [as Keith Woodcott]
The Super Barbarians [1962]
Times Without Number [1962] [alternate history]
Secret Agent of Terra [1962]
The Space-Time Juggler [1963] [sword and sorcery]
The Rites of Ohe [1963]
The Psionic Menace [1963] [as Keith Woodcott]
The Astronauts Must Not Land [1963]
Castaway's World [1963] [survival on a hostile planet]
Listen, the Stars! [1963]
The Dreaming Earth [1963]
The Whole Man [1964] [aka "The Telepathist"] (2)
Endless Shadow [1964]
To Conquer Chaos [1964]
The Repairmen of Cyclops [1965]
Day of the Star Cities [1965]
The Squares of the City [1965] [chess, subliminals, sociology]
The Long Result [1965]
Enigma from Tantalus [1965] [alien polymorph]
The Martian Sphinx [1965] [as Keith Woodcott]
A Planet of Your Own [1966]
Quicksand [1967]
Double, Double [1967] [alien polymorph]
Born Under Mars [1967]
The Productions of Time [1967]
Quicksand [1967]
Bedlam Planet [1968]
Into the Slave Nebula [1968] [rev. of "Slavers of Space"]
Father of Lies [1968]
Catch a Falling Star [1968] [rev. of "The 100th Millenium"]
Stand on Zanzibar [1968] [Hugo 1969] [overpopulation, sociology] (16)
The Jagged Orbit [1969] (2)
The Sheep Look Up [1972] [ecological disaster] (12)
The Shockwave Rider [1976] [computers, networks] (14)
The Crucible of Time [1983] [development of an alien race] (2)
The Tides of Time [1984]
Age of Miracles
Total Eclipse
The Wrong End of Time
The Avengers of Carrig
Interstellar Empire
The Stardroppers
The Dramaturges of Yan
The Infinitive of Go
The Stone That Never Came Down
The Webs of Everywhere
Players at the Game of People
No Future in It [1962] [col.]
No Other Gods But Me [1966] [col.]
Out of My Mind [1967] [col.]
Not Before Time [1968] [col.]
Now Then [1965] [col.]
The Traveller in Black [col.] [fantasy] (3)

Brust, Steven [Karl] [Zoltan] [U.S.A., 1955- ]

The Vlad Taltos Books: [scientific magic] (10)
	Jhereg [1983]
	Yendi [1984]
To Reign in Hell [1984] [biblical mythology, fall of satan] (4)

Bryant, Edward

Cinnabar [col.]
Among the Dead [col.]

Bryant, Edward & Ellison, Harlan

Phoenix Without Ashes [novelization of tv script by ellison]

Budrys, Algi[rda]s [Jonas] [Prussia, U.S.A., 1931- ]

False Night [1954] [abr. of "Some Will Not Die"]
Who? [1958] [mystery]
The Falling Torch [1959]
Rogue Moon [1960] [teleportation, rite of passage]
Some Will Not Die [1961] [recivilization after catastrophe]
The Iron Thorn [1967] [aka "The Amsirs and the Iron Thorn"]
The Falling Torch
Michaelmas [1977] (2)
The Unexpected Dimension [1960] [col.]
The Furious Future [1963] [col.] [aka "Budrys' Inferno"]

Bullfinch, Thomas [U.S.A., 1796-1867]

Bullfinch's Mythology [retelling of world's mythology]

Bulmer, [Henry] Kenneth [U.K., 1921- ]

Encounter in Space [1952]
Space Treason [1952]
The Stars Are Ours [1953] [robots]
Galactic Intrigue [1953]
Empire of Chaos [1953]
Space Salvage [1953] [interstellar war]
Challenge [1954] [voyage to Saturn]
World Aflame [1954]
City Under the Sea [1957]
The Secret of ZI [1958] [alien invaders]
The Changeling Worlds [1959]
The Fatal Fire [1960]
The Earth Gods are Coming [1961] [aka "Of Earth Foretold"] [androids used as religious missionaries to other planets]
The Wind of Liberty [1961] [colonies fight for freedom]
Behold the Silver Sky [1961] [humanity underwater tries to regain heritage]
No Man's World [1962] [aka "Earth's Long Shadow"]
Defiance [1963] [planetary exploration]
The Wizard of Starship Poseidon [1963]
Demons' World [1964] [aka "The Demons"]
Behold the Stars [1965] [matter transmitters]
Land Beyond the Map [1965]
World for the Taking [1966]
Cycle of Nemesis [1967]
To Outrun Doomsday [1967]
The Key to Irunium [1967]
The Key to Venudine [1968]
The Doomsday Men [1968]
On the Symb-Socket Circuit
Roller Coaster World
The Chariots of Ra

Bulmer, [Henry] Kenneth [U.K., 1921- ] & Clarke, A. V.

Cybernetic Controller [1952] [revolt against scientific segregation]

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward

The Coming Race [1873] [utopia through science]

Bulychev, Kirill [U.S.S.R., ]

Half a Life

Burdick, Eugene [Leonard] [U.S.A., 1918- 1965] & Wheeler, [John] Harvey [,Jr.]

Fail-Safe [1962] [contemporary nuclear crisis]

Burgess, Anthony [,B.A.] [U.K., 1917- ]

A Clockwork Orange [1962] [linguistics, dystopia, conditioning]
The Wanting Seed [1962] [over population, rationed procreation, permanent war]

Burkett, William R., Jr. [U.S.A., 1943- ]

The Sleeping Planet [1965] [invasion of earth]

Burroughs, Edgar Rice [U.S.A., 1875-1950]

The Mars Series: [fantasy, sword & sorcery]
	A Princess of Mars [1917] (3)
	The Gods of Mars [1918]
	The Warlord of Mars [1919]
	Thuvia, Maid of Mars [1920]
	Chessmen of Mars [1922]
	The Mastermind of Mars [1928]
	A Fighting Man of Mars [1931]
	Swords of Mars [1936]
	Synthetic Men of Mars [1940]
	Llana of Gathol [1948] [col.]
	John Carter of Mars [1964] [col.]
The Venus Series: [fantasy, sword and sorcery]
	Pirates of Venus [1934]
	Lost on Venus [1934]
	Carson of Venus [1939]
	Escape on Venus [1946]
	The Wizard of Venus
The Pellucidar Series: [fantasy, hollow earth]
	At the Earth's Core [1922]
	Pellucidar [1923]
	Tanar of Pellucidar [1930]
	Tarzan at the Earth's Core [1930]
	Back to the Stone Age [1936]
	Land of Terror [1944]
	Savage Pellucidar [1963]
The Caspak Series: [fantasy, lost race]
	The Land that Time Forgot [1918]
	The People that Time Forgot [1918]
	Out of Time's Abyss [1918]
The Tarzan Series:
	Tarzan of the Apes [1912]
	The Return of Tarzan [1913]
	The Beasts of Tarzan [1914]
	The Son of Tarzan [1915]
	Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar [1916]
	Jungle Tales of Tarzan [1916]
	Tarzan the Untamed [1919]
	Tarzan the Terrible [1921]
	Tarzan and the Golden Lion [1922]
	Tarzan and the Ant Men [1924]
	Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle [1927]
	Tarzan and the Lost Empire [1928]
	Tarzan at the Earth's Core [1930]
	Tarzan the Invincible [1930]
	Tarzan Triumphant [1932]
	Tarzan and the City of Gold [1932]
	Tarzan and the Lion Man [1934]
	Tarzan and the Leopard Men [1932]
	Tarzan's Quest [1935]
	Tarzan and the Forbidden City [1938]
	Tarzan the Magnificent [1936]
	Tarzan and the Foreign Legion [1947]
	Tarzan and the Madman [1964]
	Tarzan and the Castaways [1964] [col.]
Beyond the Farthest Star [1964] [contains "Tangor Returns"]
The Cave Girl [1913]
The Eternal Savage [1914] [aka "The Eternal Lover"]
The Lad and the Lion [1917]
The Land of Hidden Men [1931] [aka "Jungle Girl"]
The Lost Continent [1915] [aka "Beyond Thirty"]
The Mad King [1914]
The Moon Maid [1926]
The Moon Men [1925] [sequel to "The Moon Maid"] [contains "The Red Hawk"]
Back to the Stone Age [1936] [aka "Seven Worlds to Conquer"]
The Mucker [1914]
Return of the Mucker [1916] [aka "The Monster Men" and "The Man Without a Soul"]
The Oakdale Affair
The Outlaw of Torn
The Rider
Tales of Three Planets [1964] [col.]

Burroughs, John Coleman

Treasure of the Black Falcon

Burton, Richard Francis

Arabian Nights [trans.]

Busby, F. M.

The Saga of Rissa:
	Rissa Kerguelen [1977] [omnibus]
		Rissa Kerguelen [1976]
		The Long View [1976]
	Young Rissa
	Rissa and Tregare
The Barton Series:
	Cage a Man [1973]
	The Proud Enemy [1975]
All Those Earths
The Demu Trilogy
The Alien Debt
Rebel's Quest
Star Rebel

Bushyager, Linda E.

Master of Hawks

Butler, Octavia E.

Mind of my Mind
Wild Seed [1981]

Butler, Samuel [U.K., 1835-1902]

Erewhon, or Over the Range [1872] [classic utopia]

Butterworth, Michael

The Space 1999 Series:
	Planets of Peril
	The Mind Breaks of Space
	The Space Jackers
	The Psychomorph
	The Time Fighters

Cabell, James Branch [U.S.A., 1879-1958]

The Devil's Own Dear Son [1949] [fantasy about the devil's son]
The Biography of Manuel of Poictesme Series: [fantasy]
	Beyond Life: Dizaine des Demiurges [1919]
	Figures of Earth: A Comedy of Appearances [1921]
	The Silver Stallion: A Comedy of Redemption [1926]
	The Witch Woman: A Trilogy about Her [1948] [col.]
	Domnei: A Comedy of Woman-Worship [1913] [aka "The Soul of Melicent"]
	Chivalry: Dizain des Reines [1909]
	Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice [1919]
	The Line of Love: Dizain des Mariages [1905]
	The High Place: A Comedy of Disenchantment [1923]
	Gallantry: Dizain des Fetes Galantes [1907]
	Something About Eve: A Comedy of Fig-Leaves [1927]
	The Certain Hour: Dizaine des Poetes [1916]
	The Cords of Vanity: A Comedy of Shirking [1909]
	From the Hidden Way: Dizain des Echoes [1916]
	The Jewel Merchants: A Comedy in One Act [1921]
	The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck: A Comedy of Limitations [1915]
	The Eagle's Shadow: A Comedy of Purse-Strings [1904]
	The Cream of the Jest: A Comedy of Evasions [1917]
	The Lineage of Lichfield: An Essay in Eugenics [1922]
	Straws and Prayer Books: Dizain des Diversions [1924]

Caidin, Martin [U.S.A., 1927- ]

The Long Night [1956]
Marooned [1964] [near future rescue in high orbit]
No Man's World [1967] [near future U.S.A. U.S.S.R. battle for the moon]
The Last Fathom [1967] [near future U.S.A. U.S.S.R. nuclear submarines]
Four Came Back [1968]
The God Machine [1968]
Aquarius Mission [first contact]

Calvino, Italo [Italy, 1923- ]

The Non-existent Knight [1956:]
The Cloven Viscount [1957:]
The Baron in the Trees [1957:]
Cosmicomics [1965:] [col.]
t zero [1967:] [col.]

Campbell, John W[ood] [,Jr.] [U.S.A., 1910-1971]

The Arcot, Wade and Morey Stories: [space opera, superscience]
	The Black Star Passes [1953]
	Islands of Space [1956]
	Invaders from the Infinite [1961]
The Mightiest Machine [1947] [space opera, superscience]
The Incredible Planet [1949] [sequel to "The Mightiest Machine"]
The Ultimate Weapon [1966] [space opera, superscience]
Who Goes There? [1948] [col.] [aka "The Thing & Other Stories" and "The Thing from Outer Space"] [title story filmed as "The Thing"]
The Moon is Hell [1950] [col.] [contains "The Elder Gods"]
The Cloak of Aesir [1952] [col.]
The Planeteers [1966] [col.]
The Space Beyond [1976] [col.]
The Best of John W. Campbell [col.]

Campbell, Ramsey [1946- ]

To Wake the Dead [1980] [aka "The Parasite"] [BFA 1980] [horror]
The Doll Who Ate His Mother
The Face That Must Die
The Nameless

Capek, Karel [Czechoslovakia, 1890-1938]

R.U.R. [Rossum's Universal Robots] [1921:1923] [a play] [robots]
Krakatit: An Atomic Fantasy [:1925]
The Makropoulos Secret [:1925] [a play] [immortality]
The Absolute at Large [:1927]
War with the Newts [1936:1939] [humour, political satire]

Card, Orson Scott

A Planet Called Treason [mutant]
SongMaster [politics] (3)
Ender's Game [novella]
Hart's Hope [literate fantasy]
Dragons of Light [illus.]
Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories [col.]

Caro, Dennis R.

The Man in the Darksuit [1980] [sf hardboiled detective]

Carroll, Lewis [nee Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, B.A.] [U.K., 1832-1898]

The Hunting of the Snark [juvenile, humor, poetry]
The Alice Books [surrealistic fantasy, juvenile, humor, logical puzzles, word play] (2)
	Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [1865]
	Through the Looking Glass (2) [1872]

Carter, Lin[wood] [Vrooman] [U.S.A., 1930- ]

The Man Without a Planet [1966]
The Star Magicians [1966] [sword and sorcery]
The Flame of Iridar [1967]
Tower at the End of Time [1968]
The Thief of Thoth [1968]
The Man Who Loved Mars
The Wizard of Zao
Lost Worlds
The Pirate of World's End
The Warrior's of World's End [1974] [1st book of Gondwane Epic]
The Green Star Series:
	Under the Green Star
	When the Green Star Calls
	By the Light of the Green Star
	As the Green Star Rises
	In the Green Star's Glow
The Callisto Series:
	Jandar of Callisto
	The Black Legion of Callisto
	Sky Pirates of Callisto
	The Mad Empress of Callisto
	The Mind Wizards of Callisto
	Lankar of Callisto
	Ylana of Callisto
	Renegade of Callisto
The Adventures of Eric Carstairs in Zanthodon:
	Journey to the Underground World
	Hurok of the Stone Age
	Darya of the Bronze Age
	Eric of Zanthodon
The Thongor Series: [Burroughsian sword and sorcery]
	The Wizard of Lemuria [1965]
	Thongor of Lemuria [1966]
	Thongor Against the Gods [1967]
	Thongor in the City of Magicians [1968]
	Thongor at the End of Time [1968]

Carver, Jeffrey A

Star Rigger's Way
The Infinity Link

Cave, Hugh B.

Murgunstrumm and Others [col.] [WFA 1978]

Chalker, Jack L[aurence] [,M.L.A.] [U.S.A., 1944- ]

The Soul Rider Trilogy:
	Spirits of Flux and Anchor
	Empires of Flux and Anchor
	Masters of Flux and Anchor
The Four Lords of the Diamond Tetralogy:
	Lilith: A Snake in the Grass [1981]
	Cerberus: A Wolf in the Fold
	Charon: A Dragon at the Gate
	Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail [1983]
The Dancing Gods Series: [humor, magic, adventure]
	The River of Dancing Gods [1984]
	Demons of the Dancing Gods
	Vengence of the Dancing Gods
The Saga of The Well World: [hard science, aliens, artificial worlds]
	Midnight at the Well of Souls [1977] (4)
	Exiles of the Well of Souls [1978]
	Quest for the Well of Souls [1978]
	The Return of Nathan Brazil [1980]
	Twilight at the Well of Souls
And the Devil Will Drag You Under [1979] [artificial worlds, scientific magic]
The Web of the Chozen
A Jungle of Stars
Dancers in the Afterglow
Identity Matrix

Chambers, Robert W[illiam] [U.S.A., 1865-1933]

The King in Yellow [1895] [elegant horror fantasy, connected short stories]
The Maker of Moons [1896] [col.] [fantasy]
The Mystery of Choice [1897] [col.]
The Tracer of Lost Persons [1906]
The Tree of Heaven [1907] [col.]
Police!!! [1915] [col.]
The Slayer of Souls [1920] [melodramatic fantasy, sorcery]
In Search of the Unknown [col.] [fantasy, connected short stories]

Chandler, A[rthur] Bertram [U.K., Australia, 1912- ]

Bring Back Yesterday [1961] [time cycle]
The Hamelin Plague [1963] [mutant rats threaten mankind]
The Coils of Time [1964]
Glory Planet [1964]
The Deep Reaches of Space [1964]
Empress of Outer Space [1965]
Space Mercenaries [1965] [sequel to "Empress of Outer Space"]
The Alternate Martians [1965]
Nebula Alert [1967]
The Commander Grimes Novels: [sf-cloaked sea stories]
	[not sure as to order...]
	To Run the Rim [1959]
	The Big Black Mark
	The Way Back
	Star Courier
	To Keep the Ship
	The Quillian Sector
	The Rim Worlds Series: [colonization of the galactic rim worlds]
		The Rim of Space [1961]
		Rendezvous on a Lost World [1961]
		Beyond the Galactic Rim [1963] [col.]
	The Ship from Outside [1963]
	Into the Alternate Universe [1964]
	Contraband from Otherspace [1967]
	The Road to the Rim [1967]
	False Fatherland [1968]
The Hard Way Up
The Inheritors
The Gateway to Never
The Last Amazon

Chant, Joy [1945- ]

Red Moon and Black Mountain [1970] [Tolkinesque fantasy]
The Grey Mane of Morning [1979] [fantasy, same world as Red Moon and Black Mountain] (2)
When Voiha Wakes [1983] [fantasy]

Charkin, Paul

Light of Mars

Charnas, S. M.

Walk to the End of the World

Chayefsky, Paddy

Altered States [1978]

Chaykin, Howard

American Flagg!: Hard Times [graphic novel]

Cherryh, C. J.

The Faded Sun Trilogy: [adventure, politics] (5)
	The Faded Sun: Kesrith [1978]
	The Faded Sun: Shon'Jir [1979]
	The Faded Sun: Kutathh [1980]
The Quest of Morgaine: [science fantasy]
	Gate of Iverel [1976]
	Well of Shiuan [1978]
	Fires of Azeroth [1979]
The Chanur's Pride Novels:
	The Pride of Chanur [1982] [first contact] (2)
	Chanur's Venture [1984]
	The Kif Strike Back [1985]
	Chanur's Homecoming [projected title]
Arafel's Saga:
	The Dreamstone [1983] [celtic mythos, sword & sorcery]
	The Tree of Swords and Jewels [1983] [sequel to "The Dreamstone"] (2)
Downbelow Station [1981] [Hugo 1982] [politics, colonies revolt, aliens] (5)
Mechanter's Luck [1982] [same universe as Downbelow Station]
Port Eternity [1982] [same universe as Downbelow Station]
Forty Thousand in Gehenna [1984] [same universe as Downbelow Station]
Serpent's Reach [1980] [alien sociology]
Brothers of Earth [1976] [indepth portrayal of aliens]
Wave without a Shore [1981]
Hunter of Worlds [1977]
Hestia [1979]
Voyager in the Night [1984]
Sunfall [1981] [col.]

Chesney, [Sir] George Tomkyns [U.K., ]

The Battle of Dorking [1871] [successful german invasion of england]

Chester, William L.

Hawk of the Wilderness

Christopher, John [nee Christopher Samuel Youd] [U.K., 1922- ]

The Will Parker Trilogy: [juvenile]
	The White Mountains [1967]
	The City of Gold and Lead [1967]
	The Pool of Fire [1968]
The Prince in Waiting Trilogy:
	The Prince in Waiting
	Beyond the Burning Lands
	The Sword of the Spirits
The Year of the Comet [1955] [aka "Planet in Peril"] [society run by business]
No Blade of Grass [1956] [aka "Death of Grass"] [biological holocaust]
The World in Winter [1962] [aka "The Long Winter"] [new ice age]
The Possessors [1964] [alien parasitic spores]
Sweeny's Island [1964] [aka "Cloud on Silver"]
The Ragged Edge [1965] [aka "A Wrinkle in the Skin"] [earthquake joins england to europe]
The Little People [1967] [telepathy]
The Pendulum [1968]
The Twenty-Second Century [1954] [col.]

Clapp, Patricia


Clarke, Arthur C[harles] [,B.Sc., F.R.A.S.] [U.K., Sri Lanka, 1917- ] [Kalinga Prize 1962]

Childhood's End [1953] [maturing of human race, aliens] (27)
Earthlight [1955] [hard science, politics, conflict on the moon] (3)
The City and the Stars [1956] [rev. of Against the Fall of Night] [future evolution of man] (10)
The Deep Range [1957] [undersea farming] (3)
A Fall of Moondust [1961] [hard science, rescue on the moon] (3)
Dolphin Island [1963]
2001: A Space Odyssey [1968] (16)
The Lion of Commare and Against the Fall of Night [1968] (4)
Report on Planet Three [1972]
Rendezvous with Rama [1973] [Hugo 1974] [Nebula 1973] [JWCA 1973?] [first contact, hard science] (21)
Imperial Earth [1976]
The Fountains of Paradise [1979] [Hugo 1980] [Nebula 1979] (3)
2010: Odyssey Two [1982] [sequel to "2001: A Space Odyssey"] (3)
The Sands of Mars
The Space Dreamers
Prelude to Space
Prelude to Mars
Time Probe
Islands in the Sky
The Other Side of the Sky
Glide Path [not sf, early use of radar]
Reach for Tomorrow [1956] [col.]
Tales from the White Hart [1957] [col.] [humour] (2)
The Challenge of the Spaceship [1959] [col.]
Profiles of the Future [1963] [col.]
Voices from the Sky [1965] [col.]
The Nine Billion Names of God [1967] [col.]
Tales of the Ten Worlds [1973] [col.]
The Wind from the Sun [1973] [col.]
Expedition to Earth [col.]

Claudy, Carl H.

Mystery Men of Mars

Clayton, Jo

Diadem from the Stars

Clement, Hal [nee Harry Clement Stubbs] [U.S.A., 1922- ]

The Nitrogen Fix [hard science, ecology]
Mission of Gravity [1954] [classic hard science, aliens] (13)
Needle [1950] [symbiotic aliens, detective story] (3)
Through the Eye of a Needle [1978] [sequel to "Needle"]
Iceworld [1953] [high base temperature aliens visit earth]
Close to Critical [1964]
Cycle of Fire
The Best of Hal Clement [col.]

Clifton, Mark [U.S.A., 1906-1963] & Riley, Frank

They'd Rather Be Right [1955] [Hugo 1955]

Clingerman, Mildred [McElroy] [U.S.A., 1918- ]

A Cupful of Space [1961] [col.]

Cogswell, Theodore R[ose] [U.S.A., 1918- ]

The Wall Around the World [1962] [col.] [space opera]
The Third Eye [1968] [col.]

Cogswell, Theodore R[ose] & Spano, Charles A., Jr.

Spock, Messiah! [a star trek novel]

Collier, John [1901- ]

His Monkey Wife
Fancies and Goodnights [col.] [IFA 1952] [macabre fantasy]

Collins, Hunt

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Collins, Michael

The Planets of Death

Compton, D. G. [U.K., 1930- ]

Farewell Earth's Bliss [1966] [social behaviour under stress]
Synthajoy [1968] [artificial empathy]
The Steel Crocodile [1970]
The Unsleeping Eye [1979] [aka "The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe"] [television as a form of social control]
The Silent Multitude
The Missionaries
Chronicules [1971] [aka "Hot Wireless Sets"]

Coney, Michael G.

Gods of the Greataway
Monitor Found in Orbit
The Celestial Steam Locomotive
The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch
Syzgzy [1973]

Conklin, Groff

A Way Home

Conner, Mike


Conway, Gerald


Cook, Glen

The Starfishers Trilogy: [space opera]
	Star's End
The Dread Empire Series:
	October's Baby [Book 2]
	All Darkness Met [Book 3]
The Heirs of Babylon
A Shadow of All Night Falling
A Matter of Time
The Black Company
Shadows Linger
The White Rose
Passage at Arms
Fire in His Hands
With Mercy Toward None

Cook, Paul H.


Coombs, Charles

Mystery of Satellite 7

Cooper, Edmund

Gender Genocide
Five to Twelve
News from Elsewhere
A Far Sunset
All Fools Day
Sea Horse in the Sky
The Cloud Walker
The Last Continent

Cooper, Edmund & Green, Roger Lancelyn

Double Phoenix

Cooper, Sonni

Blackfire: Star Trek #8 [a star trek novel]

Cooper, Susan [,B.A.] [U.K., U.S.A., 1935- ]

Mandrake [1964]
The Dark is Rising Sequence: [juvenile, fantasy, welsh mythology]
	Over Sea, Under Stone [1965]
	The Dark is Rising [1973]
	Greenwitch [1974]
	The Grey King [1975] [Newbery 1976]
	Silver on the Tree [1977]

Corey, Lee

The Abode of Life: Star Trek #6 [a star trek novel]

Correa, Hugo [Chile, ]

Alter Ego [1967] [short story] [robot as ultimate extension of self]

Cory, Howard L.

The Sword of Lankor [1966] [Howardesque sword and sorcery with an sf twist]

Coulson, Juanita

Tomorrow's Heritage

Cowper, Richard [U.K., ]

Profundis [1979]
Twilight of Briareus
Out There where the Big Ships Go
The Road to Corlay
A Dream of Kinship [1981] [sequel to "The Road to Corlay"]
Time out of Mind
The Custodians [col.]

Crane, Robert

Hero's Walk

Crawford, F. Marion


Crichton, Michael [,M.D.] [U.S.A., ]

The Andromeda Strain [1969] [hard science, alien life form]
The Terminal Man [1972] [hard science, conditioning]

Crispin, A. C.

Yesterday's Son: Star Trek #11 [a star trek novel]

Crowley, John [U.S.A., 1942- ]

Little, Big [fantasy] (3)
The Deep [1975] [soft sf]
Beasts [1976] [manipulated evolution of animals, species war]
Engine Summer [1979] [soft sf]

Cullen, Seamus

Astra and Flondrix [erotic fantasy, humour]

Cummings, Ray

The Exile of Time
Tama of the Light Country

Curtis, Richard A.

Future Tense

Cutcliffe Hyne, C. J. [U.K., ]

The Lost Continent [1899] [fantasy, atlantis]

Daley, Brian

Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds
The Doomfarers of Coramonde
The Starfollowers of Coramonde
Han Solo at Star's End
Han Solo's Revenge

Dalmas, John

The Yngling [post-plague] (2)

Dann, Jack


Darnay, Arsen

The Karma Affair

Davidson, Avram [1923- ]

The Phoenix and the Mirror [1966] [fantasy]
Strange Seas and Shores
Peregrine: Primus
Peregrine: Secundus
The Kar-Chee Reign
Rogue Dragon
Mutiny in Space
Clash of Star-Kings
The Island Under the Earth
Or All the Seas with Oysters [col.]
The Enquiries of Dr. Eszterhazy [1976] [col.] [WFA 1976]

Dean, Pamela C. [?Pamela Dyer-Bennet?]

The Secret Country [1985] [fantasy]

de Bergerac, [Savinien] Cyrano [nee Savinien Cyrano] [France, 1619-?]

Other Worlds [1657]
	The States and Empires of the Moon [aka "Journey to the Moon"]
	The States and Empires of the Sun

de Camp, L[yon] Sprague [,M.S.] [U.S.A., 1907- ] [Gandalf Award 1976] [Nebula Grand Master 1978]

The Reluctant King Trilogy [omnibus] [fantasy, humour] (2)
	The Goblin Tower [1968]
	The Clocks of Iraz [1971]
	The Unbeheaded King [1983]
The Krishna Series: [space opera]
	The Queen of Zamba
	The Tower of Zanid
	The Hostage of Zir [1977]
The Queen of Zamba [space opera]
The Tritonian Ring [1953]
Lest Darkness Fall [1939] [time travel, alternate history] (4)
The Fallible Fiend [1972] [ADFA=BFA 1973] [fantasy, humour]
Rogue Queen
The Glory That Was
The Wheels of If [1949] [col.]
The Best of L. Sprague de Camp [col.]

de Camp, L[yon] Sprague & Carter, Lin[wood] [Vrooman]

Conan the Swordsman (Conan #1)
Conan the Liberator (Conan #2)

de Camp, L[yon] Sprague & Miller, P. Schuyler

Genus Homo [world dominated by intelligent apes - predates Planet of the Apes]

de Camp, L[yon] Sprague & Pratt, [Murray] Fletcher

The Harold Shea Stories: [scientific magic, humour]
	The Compleat Enchanter [omnibus] (11)
		The Incomplete Enchanter [1941]
			The Roaring Trumpet [1940] [novella]
			The Mathematics of Magic [1940] [novella]
		The Castle of Iron [1950]
	The Wall of Serpents [1960] [aka "The Enchanter Compleated"]
		The Wall of Serpents [novella]
		The Green Magician [novella]
Land of Unreason [1942] [illus.] [fantasy, shakespearean]
The Carnelian Cube [1948]
Tales from Gavagan's Bar [1953] [col.] [tall tales]

de Capoulet-Junac, Edward [France, ]

Pallas, or The Tribulation [humans kept as pets by aliens]

Defontenay, C[harlemagne] I[schir] [France, 1819-1856]

Star [1854:1975] [orig. Star Psi Cassiopeia] [long lost classic]

deFord, Miriam Allen


Delaney, Joseph H. & Stiegler, Marc

Valentina: Soul in Sapphire [1984] [ai, hackers, computers, networks]

Delany, Samuel R[ay] [U.S.A., 1942- ]

The Jewels of Aptor [1962,rev. 1968]
The Ballad of Beta-2 [1965] [generation ship]
Babel-17 [1966] [Nebula 1966] [linguistics, semiotics, strong female character] (5)
The Einstein Intersection [1967] [Nebula 1967] [post-holocaust, allegory] (5)
Nova [1968] [inter-world relationships, space opera, homage to bester's stars my destination] (5)
The Fall of the Towers [1970]
	Out of the Dead City [1963] [aka "Captives of the Flame"]
	The Towers of Toron [1964]
	City of a Thousand Suns [1965]
Dhalgren [1974] [post-catastrophe] (4)
Triton [1976] [sexual roles]
Tales of Neveryon [1979] [fantasy, semantics, reworking of Epic of Gilgamesh??]
Empire Star
Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand [1984]
Driftglass [col.]

de Larrabeiti, Michael

The Borribles
The Borribles Go For Broke [1981]

de Lint, Charles

The Riddle of the Wren [1984] [fantasy]
Moonheart [1984] [fantasy]

del Rey, Lester [nee Ramon Alvarez del Rey] [1915- ]

Nerves [1956] [nuclear power station incident]
Moon of Mutiny
And Some Were Human
Gods and Golems
The Eleventh Commandment
Mortals and Monsters
The Mysterious Planet
The Sky is Falling
Badge of Infamy
Marooned on Mars
Outpost of Jupiter
Attack from Atlantis
The Best of Lester Del Rey [col.]

del Rey, Lester [nee Ramon Alvarez del Rey] & van Lhin, Erik

Police Your Planet

Derby, Pat & Beagle, Peter S[oyer]

The Lady and Her Tiger

De Vet, Charles V.

Special Feature

DeWeese & Coulson

Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats

Dexter, William

Children of the Void
World in Eclipse

Dibell, Ansen

Pursuit of the Screamer
Circle, Crescent, Star

Dick, Philip K[endred] [U.S.A., 1928-1982]

Solar Lottery [1955] [aka "World of Chance"]
Eye in the Sky [1956] [alternate realities]
The Man Who Japed [1956] [extrapolation of advertising and morals]
The World Jones Made [1956] [a man able to see a year into the future]
The Cosmic Puppets [1957]
Time Out of Joint [1959]
Vulcan's Hammer [1960]
Dr. Futurity [1960]
The Man in the High Castle [1962] [Hugo 1963] [alternate history] (10)
The Game Players of Titan [1963]
Martian Time-Slip [1964]
The Penultimate Truth [1964]
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch [1964] [drug allows world creation]
The Simulacra [1964]
Clans of the Alphane Moon [1964]
The Zap Gun [1965]
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb [1965]
The Crack in Space [1966]
The Unteleported Man [1966,1983] [earlier edition heavily censored]
Counter Clock World [1967] [time runs backward, future black power movement]
Now Wait for Last Year [1967] [drug causes time travel]
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] [filmed as Blade Runner] [androids] (6)
We Can Build You [1969,1972]
Ubik [1969] (5)
Galactic Pot-Healer [1969]
A Maze of Death [1970]
Our Friends from Frolix 8 [1970]
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said [1974]
Confessions of a Crap Artist [1975] [not sf]
A Scanner Darkly [1977]
The Divine Invasion [1981]
VALIS [1981]
In Milton Lumky Territory [1985] [not sf]
The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike [not sf]
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer [not sf]
A Handful of Darkness [1955] [col.]
The Variable Man [1956] [col.]
The Preserving Machine [1969] [col.]
The Book of Philip K. Dick [1973] [col.]
The Best of Philip K. Dick [1977] [col.]
The Golden Man [1980] [col.]

Dick, Philip K[endred] & Nelson, Ray

The Ganymede Takeover [1967]

Dick, Philip K[endred] & Zelazny, Roger

Deus Irae [1976]

Dickerson, Peter


Dickson, Gordon R[upert] [1923- ]

The Childe Cycle of books: [development of human race] (2)
	[a projected three part cycle, past-present-future, dorsai is future]
	Necromancer [1962] [aka "No Room for Man"]
	The Dorsai Sequence: [future history, military mystique] (2)
		The Tactics of Mistake [1971] (7)
		Soldier, Ask Not [1968] [novelization of Hugo 1964 novella] [future society, military] (5)
		Dorsai! [1960] [rev. of "The Genetic General"] (5)
		The Final Encyclopedia
		Childe [forthcoming]
		"Illuminations" [stories not in the cycle but related]
			The Spirit of Dorsai [1979] [col.] [illus.] (2)
			Lost Dorsai [1980] [col.]
			Three To Dorsai!
The Alien Way [1965] [aliens, psi]
The Space Swimmers [1967]
Wolfling [1968]
None But Man [1969]
The Outposter [1971]
The Dragon and the George [1976] [ADFA=BFA 1976] [light hearted fantasy]
Time Storm [1977] [messiah, psychology]
Home from the Shore [1978]
Naked to the Stars
The R-Master
The Far Call
On the Run
Pro [illus.]
Hour of the Horde
Spacial Deliver
Sleepwalker's World
Alien Art
Masters of Everon
Arcturus Landing
The Pritcher Mass
Ancient My Enemy [col.]
The Star Road [col.]

Disch, Thomas M[ichael] [U.S.A., 1940- ]

The Genocides [1965] [mankind exterminated as vermin]
Mankind Under the Leash [1966] [novelization of "White Fang Goes Dingo"] [humans as pets]
Echo Round His Bones [1967] [doppleganger]
Camp Concentration [1968] [experimentation on humans, nature of intelligence, psychology] (4)
The Prisoner [1969] [tv tie-in, ?based on scripts?]
334 [1974]
The Puppies of Terra
On Wings of Song
The Man Who Had No Idea
The Business Man: A Tale of Terror [forthcoming]
White Fang Goes Dingo [1966] [col.] [aka "102 H-Bombs"] [dark humour]
Under Compulsion [1968] [col.]
Fun With Your New Head [1971] [col.]
Getting Into Death [1976] [col.]
The Early SF Stories of Thomas Disch [1977] [col.]

Dixon, Roger

Noah II [1970] [generation ships, humanity seeking new home]

Dolinsky, Mike [?Meyer?]

Mind One [1972]

Dozois, Gardner & Dunn


Donaldson, Steven R. [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1947- ]

Daughter of Regals and Other Stories [col.]
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: [grim fantasy, leper wanders a created world] (3)
	Chronicles Part I: [BFA 1978] (7)
		Lord Foul's Bane [1977]
		The Illearth War [1977]
		The Power that Preserves [1977] (2)
	Chronicles Part II:
		The Wounded Land [1980]
		The One Tree [1982]
		The White Gold Wielder [1983] (2)

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan [U.K., 1859-1930]

The Professor Challenger Stories:
	The Lost World [1912] [lost race]
	The Poison Belt [1913] [earth's atmosphere poisoned]
	The Land of Mist [1927]
	When the World Screamed [1929] [earth is a living organism]
	The Disintegration Machine [1929]

Drake, Asa

The Lair of Ancient Dreams

Drake, David

Hammer's Slammers

Drake, David & Morris, Janet

Active Measures

Drake, David & Wagner


Drew, Wayland


Duane, Diane

The Tales of the Five: [fantasy] (5)
	The Door into Fire
	The Door into Shadow
So You Want to Be a Wizard [juvenile] (3)
Deep Wizardry [sequel to "So You Want To Be a Wizard"]
My Enemy, My Allay: Star Trek #18 [star trek novel]
The Wounded Sky [star trek novel]

Dumas, Alexander

The Wolf Leader [1857] [werewolf]

Duncan, David

Dark Dominion
Beyond Eden

Dunn, Philip

The Cabal:
	The Black Moon [book 2 in series]

Dunsany, Lord [The 18th Baron Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett] [U.K., 1878-1957]

The King of Elfland's Daughter [1924] [high fantasy] (3)
The Charwoman's Shadow [1926]
At the Edge of the World
Don Rodriguez
The Jorkens Series: [tall tales told in a club]
	Jorkens Remembers Africa
	Jorkens Has a Large Whisky
	Jorkens Borrows Another whisky
	The Fourth Book of Jorkens
Beyond the Fields We Know [col.] [high fantasy]
The Gods of Pegana, and Associated Tales [1905] [col.]
Time and the Gods [1906] [col.]
A Dreamer's Tales [1910] [col.]
The Book of Wonder [1912] [col.]
Tales of Three Hemispheres [1919] [col.]

Dvorkin, David

The Trellisane Confrontation: Star Trek #14 [a star trek novel]

Eddings, David [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1931- ]

The Belgariad Pentalogy: [fantasy, sword & sorcery, epic] (5)
	Pawn of Prophecy [1982]
	Queen of Sorcery [1982]
	The Magician's Gambit [1983]
	Castle of Wizardry [1984]
	Enchanter's Endgame [1984]

Eddison, E[ric] R[ucker] [U.K., 1882-1945]

The Worm Ourobouros [1922] [epic fantasy, convoluted prose] (3)
Styrbiorn the Strong [1926] [viking novel]
The Zimiamvian Trilogy:
	The Mezentian Gate [1958]
	A Fish Dinner at Memison [1941]
	Mistress of Mistresses [1935]

Edmondson, G. C.

Blue Face
The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream

Effinger, George Alec

The Wolves of Memory
What Entropy Means to Me
Escape to Tomorrow
Journey into Terror
Man the Future

Efremov, Ivan [U.S.S.R., 1907- ]

Andromeda Nebula [1958:] [communist utopia, means vs ends]
Hour of the Bull [1970:]


Best Laid Schemes

Elgin, Suzette Haden

Native Tongue [linguistics and communication]
At the Seventh Level [sexual chauvinism]
The Ozark Trilogy: [fantasy]
	Twelve Fair Kingdoms
	The Grand Jubilee
	And Then There'll Be Fireworks

Ellison, Harlan [U.S.A., 1934- ]

Paingod and Other Delusions [1965] [col.]
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream [1967] [col.] [rage]
Alone Against Tomorrow - Stories of Alienation in Speculative Fiction [1971] [col.] (2)
Ellison Wonderland [1962,1974] [col.]
Deathbird Stories [1975] [col.] (4)
Strange Wine [1978] [col.]
The Man With Nine Lives
All the Sounds of Fear
The Time of The Eye
Shatterday [col.]
Stalking the Nightmare [col.] (3)
Approaching Oblivion [col.]

Emtsev, Mikhail & Parnov, Eremei [U.S.S.R., ]

World Soul

England, George Allan

The Darkness and Dawn Novels:
	Darkness and Dawn
	Beyond the Great Oblivion
	The People of the Abyss
	Out of the Abyss
	The Afterglow

Ernsting, Walter

The Day the Gods Died

Estey, Dale

A Lost Tale

Evans, E. Everett

Man of Many Minds

Fairman, Paul W.

The Doomsday Exhibit

Fadiman, Clifford

Fantasia Mathematica [anthology, mathematics]


The Radio Planet
The Radio Beasts

Farmer, Philip Jose [U.S.A., 1918- ]

The World of Tiers Series: [fantasy, alternate worlds]
	The Maker of Universes [1967]
	The Gates of Creation [1968]
	A Private Cosmos [1968]
	Behind the Walls of Terra [1970]
	The Lavalite World [1977]
The Riverworld Tetralogy: [eschatology] (2)
	To Your Scattered Bodies Go [1971] [Hugo 1972] (9)
	The Fabulous Riverboat [1971]
	The Dark Design [1977]
	The Magic Labyrinth [1980]
	[also in series..]
	Riverworld and Other Stories [col.]
	The Gods of the Riverworld [1984]
The Lovers [1952] [interspecies sex]
Flesh [1960] [sexuality, future fertility rites]
Inside-Outside [1964]
Night of Light [1966]
The Gate of Time [1966]
Riders of the Purple Wage [novella] [Hugo 1968]
Image of the Beast [1968,1969] [contains "Blown"] [considered pornographic]
A Feast Unknown [1969] [extreme sex and sadism, considered hard core pornography]
The Stone God Awakens [1970]
Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin [1970] [omnibus] ["clean" sequels to "A Feast Unknown"]
Lord Tyger [1970]
Tarzan Alive [1972] ["biography" of Tarzan]
Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life [1973,1975] ["biography" of Doc Savage]
Hadon of Ancient Opar [1974] [Burroughsian adventures in atlantean africa]
Venus on the Half-Shell [1975] [as Kilgore Trout]
Flight to Opar [1976] [sequel to "Hadron of Ancient Opar"]
Dark is the Sun [1979]
Jesus on Mars [1979] [judeo-christian mythology, j.c. alive on mars]
Two Hawks from Earth [1979] [fantasy]
The Day of Timestop
The Alley God
Time's Last Gift
Traitor to the Living
A Barnstormer in Oz [1982]
Father to the Stars
Tongues of the Moon
The Green Odyssey
The Unreasoning Mask
The Grand Adventure
A Woman a Day
The Wind Whales of Ishmael
Strange Relations [1960] [col.] [sex]
The Book of Philip Jose Farmer [1973] [col.]
Down in the Black Gang [col.]

Farmer, Philip Jose & Rosny, J. H.


Farren, Mick

Texts of Festival
	Quest of the DNA Cowboys
	Synaptic Manhunt
	The Neural Atrocity

Fast, Howard

The General Zapped An Angel [1970] [col.]

Feist, Raymond E.


Felice, Cynthia & Willis, Connie


Finney, Charles G.

The Magician out of Manchuria
The Circus of Dr. Lao
The Ghosts of Manacle [col.]

Finney, Jack

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1954,1955,1978]

Fisher, Lou

Sunstop 8

Fisher, Paul R.

The Ash Staff

Flint, Homer Eon

The Devolutionist

Flint, Kenneth C.

A Storm Upon Ulster
The Riders of the Sidhe
Champions of the Sidhe

Fontana, Dorothy C.

The Questor Tapes

Ford, John

The Final Reflection: Star Trek #16 [a star trek novel, klingon history] (6)
The Dragon Waiting [WFA 1984] [historical fantasy] (2)
Web of Angels [computer crime]
Princes of the Air

Forward, Robert L. [,Ph.D.]

Dragon's Egg [1980] [hard science, interesting aliens] (16)
The Flight of the Dragonfly [1984] [hard science, space flight] (2)

Foster, Alan Dean [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1946- ]

The Humanax Commonwealth Books: [telepathy, space opera, aliens]
	Nor Crystal Tears [1982] [prequel to the flinx books]
	The Flinx Books:
		For Love of Mother Not
		The Tar-Aiym Krang [1972]
		Orphan Star
		The End of the Matter
	Mission to Moulokin [sequel to "Icerigger"]
The Spellsinger Tetralogy: [fantasy, alternative universe, magic]
	Spellsinger [1983]
	The Hour of the Gate [1984]
	The Day of the Dissonance [1984]
	The Moment of the Magician [1984]
Books Based on Eponymous Movies
	The Black Hole
	Clash of the Titans
	The Last Starfighter
Dark Star [?the original alien?]
Star Trek Log One-Eleven [based on scripts of the animated cartoon]
Splinter of the Mind's Eye
The Man Who Used the Universe
With Friends Like These .....

Foster, M. A.

The Gameplayers of Zan [1977]
The Warriors of Dawn [1975]
The Day of the Klesh [1979]
Waves [1980]
The Morphodite

Frank, Pat [Harry] [Hart] [U.S.A., 1907- ]

Alas, Babylon [1959] [racially mixed group survives holocaust]
Forbidden Area [1956] [aka "Seven Days to Never"] [contemporary nuclear crisis]
Mr. Adam [1946] [all males except one sterilized, satire]

Franke, Herbert W. [,Ph.D.] [West Germany, 1927- ]

The Green Comet [1960:] [col.] [short-shorts]
The Mind Net [1961:]
The Orchid Cage [1961:]
The Desert of Steel [1962:]
The Glass Trap [1962:]
Zone Null [1970:] [this has been translated]

Frayn, Michael [U.K., ]

The Tin Men [1965] [humourous dystopia]
A Very Private Life [1968] [dystopia, rich live in totally self-contained homes]

Free, Colin

The Soft Kill

Friedberg, Gertrude

The Revolving Boy [1966]

Friedell, Egon

The Return of the Time Machine

Gallun, Raymond Z.

People Minus X
The Eden Cycle [1974]
The Planet Strappers [first space colony]
The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun [col.]

Galouge, Dan

Dark Universe

Gardner, John

Grendel [1971] [Beowulf told from the monster's point of view]

Garner, Alan [U.K., 1934- ]

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen [1960] [juvenile, pictish mythology]
The Moon of Gomrath [1963] [sequel to "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen"] [juvenile, celtic mythology]
Elidor [1965] [juvenile, magic]
The Owl Service [1967] [juvenile, magic]

Garrett, Randall

The Shouded Planet [1957]
Dawning Light [1958]
Unwise Child [1962]
The Lord Darcy Books: [scientific magic, detective, alternate history] (4)
	Too Many Magicians [1966] (3)
	Murder and Magic [1979] [col.]
	Lord Darcy Investigates [1981] [col.]

Garrett, Randall & Janifer, L. M. [writing as "Mark Phillips"]

The Malone Series: [psi, humour]
	Brain Twister [1962]
	The Impossibles [1963]
	Supermind [1963]

Garrett, Randall & Harris, Larry M. [nee L[aurence] M[ark] Janifer]

Pagan Passions [1959]

Garrett, Randall & Heydron, Vicki Ann

The Gandalara Cycle: [fantasy, alternate worlds]
	The Steel of Raithskar
	The Glass of Dyskornis
	The Bronze of Eddarta
	The Well of Darkness
	The Search for Ka
	Return to Eddarta
	The River Wall [due 1986]

Gaskell, Jane [U.K., 1941- ]

The Dragon
Strange Evil [1957] [fantasy]
The King's Daughter [1958] [fantasy, magic]
The Atlantis Trilogy: [fantasy, witchcraft]
	The Serpent [1963]
	Atlan [1965]
	The City [1966]

Gedge, Pauline


Gentle, Mary

Golden Witchbreed

George, Peter

Red Alert [basis of Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove]

Gernsback, Hugo [Luxembourg, U.S.A., 1884-1967]

Ralph 124C41+ [1911] [utopia based on technological advances]

Gerrold, David

The Galactic Whirlpool
The Man Who Folded Himself [1973] [time travel, paradox] (3)
Yesterday's Children
When HARLIE was One [1972] [computers] (2)
Space Skimmer
With a Finger in my I
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
The War Against the Chtorr: [machiavellian war against aliens]
	A Matter for Men
	A Day for Damnation

Gerrold, David & Niven, Larry [/Laurence] [Van Cott]

The Flying Sorcerers [1971] [humour, hard science] (5)

Geston, Mark S.

The Day Star
Out of the Mouth of the Dragon
Lords of the Starship

Gibson, William [U.S.A., Canada, 1944- ]

Neuromancer [1984] [Nebula 1984] [Hugo 1985] [hard science, computers] (5)

Gilliland, Alexis

The Rosinante Trilogy:
	The Pirates of Rosiante [1982]
	The Revolution from Rosiante
	Long Shot for Rosiante

Gillon, Diana & Meier

The Unsleep

Goble, Lou

The Kalevide

Godwin, Parke


Godwin, Tom

The Survivors

Goldman, William

The Princess Bride [1973] [humourous fantasy] (3)

Goldstein, Lisa

The Red Magician [fantasy] (2)
The Dream Years [1985] [historical fantasy]

Goulart, Ron [U.S.A., 1933- ]

The Panchronicon Plot [1977] [time travel]
Suicide, Inc.
After Things Fell Apart
A Whiff of Madness
The Fire-Eater [1970]
Broke Down Engine
The Chameleon Corps and Other Shape Changers
What's Become of Screwloose? [col.]
Upside Downside

Gordon, Rex

First on Mars

Gordon, Stuart

Smile on the Void
Fire in the Abyss

Grant, Charles L.

A Quiet Night of Fear
A Glow of Candles and Other Stories [col.]

Gray, Curme

Murder in Millenium VI

Green, Joseph

Gold the Man [1971]
The Mind Behind the Eye

Green, Roland

Wandor's Ride
Wandor's Journey

Green, Sharon

An Oath to Mida
The Crystals of Mida
The Warrior Within
The Warrior Enchained

Greenfield, Irving A.

Star Trials

Gregg, Percy

Across the Zodiac [1880] [journey to mars]

Gregorian, Joyce Ballou

The Broken Citadel

Gregory, Guy

The Heroes of Zara Keep

Griffin, Russell M.

The Makeshift God
Century's End

Griffith, George [U.K., 1857-1906]

The Angel of the Revolution [1893] [future war - everyone vs england]
Olga Romanoff, or the Siren of the Skies [1894] [serialized sequel]
The Outlaws of the Air [1894]
The Great Pirate Syndicate [1898]
Honeymoon in Space [1900] [early space opera, interplanetary tourists]
The Great Weather Syndicate [1906]

Grinnel, David

Martian Missile

Gunn, James E.

The Misogynist [1952] [women are a different species]
The Immortals
The Joymakers
The Magicians

Gyertyan, Ervin [Hungary, ]

The Splendor and Decline of Cyberneros [1963:] [robots as perfect lustmates]


Uhuru's Song: Star Trek #21 [a star trek novel]

Haggard, [Sir] H[enry] Rider [U.K., 1856-1925]

Eric Brighteyes [1891] [classic viking novel]
The She Books: [fantasy, classic lost race story]
	Wisdom's Daughter [1923]
	She and Allan [1921]
	She [1887]
	Ayesha: The Return of She [1905]
King Solomon's Mines [1886] [fantasy, classic lost race story]
The People of the Mist [1894] [lost race]
When the World Shook [1919] [lost race]

Haggard, [Sir] H[enry] Rider & Lang, Andrew

The World's Desire [1890] [a sequel to Homer's "Odyssey"]

Haiblum, Isadore

Transfer to Yesterday
The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders [1971]
The Hand of Ganz
The Identity Plunderers
The Return

Haldeman, Joe[seph]

The Forever War [1974] [Hugo 1976] [Nebula 1975] [interstellar war] (19)
All My Sins Remenbered
Planet of Judgement [a star trek novel]
There is no Darkness
Worlds [1981]
Worlds Apart
The Fall of Winter

Hamilton, Edmond [U.S.A., 1904-1977]

[One of the original space opera hacks, known as "World Destroyer/Saver" Hamilton]
The Captain Future Series:
	Danger Planet [1967] [as Brett Sterling]
	The Magician of Mars [1970]
	Captain Future and the Space Emperor [1970]
	Outlaw World [1968]
	Quest Beyond the Stars [1968]
	Outlaws of the Moon [1969]
	The Comet Kings [1942]
	Planets in Peril [1969]
	Calling Captain Future [1969]
	Captain Future's Challenge [1969]
	Galaxy Mission [1969]
The Starwolf Series:
	The Weapon from Beyond [1967]
	The Closed Worlds [1968]
	World of the Starwolves [1968]
The Interstellar Patrol: [space opera]
	Outside the Universe [1964]
	Crashing Suns [1965]
The John Gordon Series: [space opera]
	The Star Kings [1949] [aka "Beyond the Moon"]
	Return to the Stars [1970]
Tharkol, Lord of the Unknown [1950] [martians invade for earth's water]
A Yank at Valhalla [1950] [aka "the Mosters of Juntonheim"] [us airman meets norse gods, norse mythology]
City at World's End [1951] [town hit by superbomb hurled into future earth!]
The Sun Smasher [1959]
The Star of Life [1959] [space opera]
The Haunted Stars [1960]
Battle for the Stars [1961] [space opera]
The Valley of Creation [1964]
Fugitive of the Stars [1965]
Doomstar [1966]
The Horror on the Asteroid [1936] [col.]
What It's Like Out There [1974] [col.]
The Best of Edmond Hamilton [1977] [col.]

Hambly, Barbara [,M.A.] [U.S.A., ]

The Darwath Trilogy: [fantasy] (3)
	The Time of the Dark [1982]
	The Walls of Air
	The Armies of Daylight
The Ladies of Mandrigyn
Ishmael: Star Trek 23 [1985] [a star trek novel]
Keep of Dare

Hancock, Niel

The Circle of Light Series:
	Greyfax Grimwald
	Faragon Fairingay
	Calix Stay
	Squaring the Circle
The Wilderness of Four Series:
	Across a Far Mountain
	The Plains of the Sea
	On the Boundaries of Darkness
	The Road to the Middle Islands

Harbinson, W. A.

Genesis [explanation of ufos, conspiracy theories]

Hardy, Lyndon [U.S.A., ]

Master of the Five Magics [1980] [fantasy, formalized magic] (3)
Master of the Sixth Magic [1984] [fantasy, formalized magic]

Harness, Charles L.

The Rose
The Ring of Rintornel

Harrison, Harry [U.S.A., 1925- ]

The Deathworld Trilogy [1976] [omnibus] [hostile planet] (7)
	Deathworld [1960]
	Deathworld 2 [1964]
	Deathworld 3 [1968]
The HomeWorld Trilogy:
The Stainless Steel Rat Series: [humour] (3)
	The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat [1978] [omnibus] (3)
		The Stainless Steel Rat [1961] (3)
		The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge [1970]
		The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World [1972]
	The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You!
	The Stainless Steel Rat For President
	A Stainless Steel Rat is Born [forthcoming]
Bill the Galactic Hero [1965] [humour, war, space marines parody] (8)
Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers [1973] [humour, burlesque of space opera] (5)
Space Rats of the CCC [humour]
One Step From Earth [1970] [effects of teleportation extended into far future]
West of Eden
In Our Hands the Stars
Captive Universe
War with the Robots
The Daleth Effect
Prime Number
Planet of the Damned
Planet of No Return [sequel to "Planet of the Damned"]
Make Room! Make Room! [1966] [filmed as Soylent Green] [overpopulation] (2)
The Technicolour Time Machine [1967] [time travel, humour]
Tunnel Through the Deeps [1972] [aka "A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!"] [alternate history, victorian burlesque]

Harrison, M. John

The Centauri Device
The Machine in Shaft Ten
The Committed Men

Heard, H. F.


Heinlein, Robert A[anson] [U.S.A., 1907- ] [Nebula Grand Master 1975]

The Day After Tomorrow [1941] [aka "Sixth Column"] [yellow peril scare story]
Beyond this Horizon [1948]
The Puppet Masters [1951] [alien invasion] (6)
Double Star [1956] [Hugo 1956] [politics] (4)
The Door Into Summer [1957] (2)
Starship Troopers [1959] [Hugo 1960] [war, politics] (14)
Stranger in a Strange Land [1961] [Hugo 1962] [superman, sociology] (23)
Glory Road [1963] [adventure, scientific magic] (4)
Podkayne of Mars [1963]
Farnham's Freehold [1965] [race war, holocaust]
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress [1966] [Hugo 1967] [intelligent computers, penal lunar colony revolts] (42)
I Will Fear No Evil [1970] (2)
The Number of the Beast [1980]
Friday [1982]
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls [1985] [expected nov 85]
The stories for juveniles: [juvenile]
	Tunnel in the Sky [survival]
	Rocket Ship Galileo [1947]
	Space Cadet [1948]
	Red Planet [1949]
	Farmer in the Sky [1950]
	Between Planets [1951]
	The Rolling Stones [1952] [aka "Space Family Stone"] [family space travel] (2)
	Starman Jones [1953]
	The Star Beast [1954]
	Time for the Stars [1956]
	Citizen of the Galaxy [1957] [rite of passage, future society] (4)
	Have Spacesuit, Will Travel [1958] (2)
The Future History Series: [future history]
	The Past Through Tomorrow [1967] [col.] (4)
		Methuselah's Children [1958]
		The Green Hills of Earth [1947] [col.]
		The Man Who Sold The Moon [1950] [col.]
		Revolt in 2100 [1953] [col.]
		Orphans of the Sky [1963] [col.] [generation ship]
	Time Enough for Love [1973] (6)
Universe [generation spaceship]
Waldo & Magic, Inc. [two novellas] [scientific magic] (4)
Job: A Comedy of Justice
If This Goes On.. [col.]
World of Robert A. Heinlein [1966] [col.]
Expanded Universe [col.] [contains World of RAH]
Endless Universe
Assignment in Eternity [col.]
The Menace from Earth [col.]
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag [1959] [col.] [aka 6 x H?]

Helprin, Mark

Winter's Tale [literate fantasy]

Henderson, Zenna [1917- ]

The People Series: [psi aliens on Earth] (2)
	Pilgrimage: The Book of the People [1961] (3)
	The People: No Different Flesh [1967] (2)
The Anything Book
Holding Wonder

Herbert, Frank [U.S.A., 1920- ]

The Dune Series:
	Dune [1965] [Hugo 1966] [Nebula 1965] [ecology, superman, esp, war] (37)
	Dune Messiah [1969]
	Children of Dune [1976]
	God-Emperor of Dune [1981]
	Heretics of Dune
	Chapterhouse: Dune
The Dragon in the Sea [1956] [aka "Under Pressure" -also- "21st Century Sub"] [undersea war, psychological mystery] (2)
Whipping Star [1969]
The Dosadi Experiment [1977] [sequel to "Whipping Star"] [hard science, politics, psychology] (7)
The Santaroga Barrier [utopia]
The White Plague (2)
Soul Catcher
Hellstrom's Hive
The Heaven Makers
New World or No World
The Blue Angels
The Green Brain [ecology, symbiosis]
The God Makers [psi, sex]
The Eyes of Heisenberg
Destination: Void
Direct Descent [illus.]
The Worlds of Frank Herbert [col.]
The Best of Frank Herbert [col.]

Herbert, Frank & Ransom, Bill

The Jesus Incident

Hersey, John

The Child Buyer [1960] [intelligence, gestalt psychology]

High, Philip E.

The Time Mercenaries [interstellar war]
The Mad Metropolis
Twin Planets
These Savage Futurians
The Prodigal Sun [superman, explanation of human agression]

Hill, Carol

The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer

Hilton, James

Lost Horizon [1933] [utopia, shangri-la in tibet]

Hipolito, Jane

Mars, We Love You

Hjortsberg, William

Gray Matters [1971]

Hoban, Russell

Riddley Walker [post holocaust parable, linguistic change]

Hodder-Williams, Christopher [U.K., ]

The Main Experiment
A Fistful of Digits [1968]
98.4 [1969]

Hodgell, P. C.

God Stalk [1982] [fantasy] (4)

Hodgson, William Hope [U.K., 1877-1918]

The House on the Borderland [1908] [horror fantasy]
The Night Land [1912] [far future, terror]
Carnacki the Ghost-Finder

Hoffman, Lee

The Caves of Karst

Hogan, James P[atrick] [U.K., U.S.A., 1941- ]

The Minerva Experiment Trilogy: [hard science] (3)
	Inherit the Stars [1977]
	The Gentle Giants of Ganymede [1978] [first contact] (2)
	Giants' Star
The Two Faces of Tomorrow [1979] [ai] (6)
Thrice Upon a Time (2)
Voyage from Yesteryear [1982] [generation ship]
Code of the Lifemaker [1983] [hard science, robotic intelligence]
The Genesis Machine [hard science, unified field theory] (2)

Holdstock, Robert

Where Time Winds Blow

Holland, C[ecelia]

Floating Worlds [1977]

Holmes, John Eric

Mahars of Pellucidar [1976] [ERB pastiche]

Hoover, H. M.

The Rains of Eridan
The Lost Star
The Delikon

Hoskins, Robert

Infinity Three

Howard, Hayden

The Eskimo Invasion

Howard, Robert E[rvin] [U.S.A., 1906-1936]

Marchers of Valhalla
Son of the White Wolf
The Gods of Bal-Sagoth
Swords of Shahrazar
Skull in the Stars [first Solomon Kane]
Black Canaan
The Conan Books: [sword & sorcery]
	Conan [1955] (4)
	Conan of Cimmeria
	Conan the Freebooter
	Conan the Wanderer
	Conan: the Flame Knife
	Conan the Adventurer
	Conan the Warrior
	Conan the Usurper
	Conan the Conqueror
	Conan the Avenger

Hoyle, [Professor] [Sir] Fred[erick] [,Ph.D., F.R.S.] [U.K., 1915- ] [Royal Medal 1974]

The Black Cloud [1957] [hard science, catastrophe] (2)
Ossian's Ride [1959] [hard science, celtic mythology, aliens]
Element 79
October the First is Too Late [1966] [nature of time and consciousness]

Hoyle, [Professor] [Sir] Fred[erick] & Hoyle, Geoffrey [U.K., 1942- ]

Fifth Planet [1963]
Rockets in Ursa Major [1969]
Seven Steps to the Sun [1970]
The Molecular Men [1971]
The Inferno [1972]
The Incandescent Ones [1977]
The Westminster Disaster [1978]
Into Deepest Space

Hoyle, [Professor] [Sir] Fred[erick] & Elliot, John

A for Andromeda

Hoyle, Trevor

Seeking the Mythical Future [1977] [alternate realities, down a black hole]
The Last Gasp [ecological disaster]

Hubbard, L[a Fayette] Ron[ald] [1911- ]

Fear [1940] [paranoia]
Death's Deputy [1940]
Final Blackout [1948] [post-holocaust rise of dictator]
Typewriter in the Sky [1951] [humour]
Slaves of Sleep
Ole Doc Methuselah [space doctor]
Battlefield Earth

Hughart, Barry

Bridge of Birds

Hughes, Robert Don

The Pelmen The Powershaper Trilogy:
	The Prophet of Lamath
	The Wizard in Waiting
	The Power and the Prophet

Hughes, Zach

The Legend of Mairee
Seed of the Gods
The Stork Factor
The Book of Rack the Healer
Pressure Man
Gold Star

Huxley, Aldous [U.K., 1894-1963]

Brave New World [1932] [dystopia, eugenics] (8)
Ape and Essence [1949] [post holocaust]
After Many a Summer [1939] [immortality]

Ing, Dean

Systemic Shock [1981]  [nuclear holocaust, religious government] (2)
Single Combat [1983] [post holocaust, religious dictatorship]
Soft Targets

Ireland, David

A Woman of the Future

Jakes, John [1932- ]

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Six-Gun Planet [sf western]
The Brak the Barbarian series: [Howardesque sword and sorcery]
	Brak the Barbarian [1968]
	Brak the Barbarian versus the Sorceress
	Brak the Barbarian versus the Mark of the Demons [1969]
	The Fortunes of Brak
Mention My name in Atlantis [humour, sword and sorcery parody]

Jeppson, J. O.

The Last Immortal

Johannesson, Olof

The End of Man? [1969] [aka The Tale of the Big Computer]

Johnston, William

Sam Weskit on the Planet Framingham

Jokai, Maurus [Hungary, 1825-1904]

The Novel Of the Next Century [1872:]

Jones, D. F.

The Colossus Series:
	The Fall of Colossus
	Colossus and the Crab
The Forbin Project
Eye of the Lens
Don't Pick the Flowers [disaster]

Jones, Neil R.

The Professor Jameson Series:
	The Planet of the Double Sun
	The Sunless World
	Space War
	Twin Worlds
	Doomsday on Ajiat

Judd, Cyril

Outpost Mars

Juster, Norton [U.S.A., 1929- ]

The Dot and the Line [juvenile, humor]
The Phantom Tollbooth [juvenile, humor, fantasy]

Kafka, Franz [Czechoslovakia, 1883-1924]

The Complete Stories [col.] [experimental fiction]

Kahn, James

World Enough, and Time [future history]

Kapp, Colin

Transfinite Man

Karr, Phyllis Ann

Frostflower and Thorn
Frostflowers and Windbourne
The Idylls of the Queen
Wildwraith's Last Battle [fantasy]

Kavan, Anna [nee Helen Edmonds] [U.K., ]

Ice [1967]

Kaye, Marvin & Godwin, Parke

The Masters of Solitude [post-holocaust]
Wintermind [sequel to The Masters of Solitude]

Kellogg, M. B.

A Rumour of Angels

Kelley, Leo P.

Time Rogue

Kendall, Carol

The Gammage Cup [Tolkienesque fantasy, juvenile]
The Whisper of Glocken [sequel to "The Gammage Cup"]

Kernaghan, Eileen

Journey to Aprilioth
Songs from the Drowned Land

Kersh, Gerald

The Secret Masters

Key, Alexander

The Forgotten Door [juvenile]

Keyes, Daniel [U.S.A., 1927- ]

Flowers for Algernon [1966] [Hugo 1960-novella] [Nebula 1966] [filmed as Charly] [intelligence] (8)
The Contaminated Man [1971] [aka "The Touch"] [radioactive contamination]

Kilian, Crawford


Kilworth, Garry

In Solitary

King, Stephen

The Dead Zone

King, Vincent

Candy Man
Another End

Kingsbury, Donald

Courtship Rite [1982] [sociology, biological engineering, evolution, graphic cannibalism]

Klein, Gerard [France, 1937- ]

The Day Before Tomorrow [1967:1972]
Starmaster's Gambit [1958:1971]
The Overlords of War [1971:1973]

Kline, Otis Adelbert

Jan of the Jungle
The Swordsman of Mars
The Outlaws of Mars
Planet of Peril
Prince of Peril
Maza of the Moon

Knebel, Fletcher [U.S.A., 1911- ] & Bailey, Charles W[aldo] [U.S.A., 1929- ]

Seven Days in May [1962] [contemporary, generals plot to depose president]

Knight, Damon [1922- ]

The Rithian Terror
A for Anything [aka "The People Maker"]
Hell's Pavement [1955] [aka "The Analogue Men"] [economics, mind control]
Far Out
In Deep
The World and Thorinn
The Man in the Tree

Knobel, Philip

Mr. Moon [humour, first contact]

Komatsu, Sakyo [Japan, 1931- ]

Robbers of the Future
Japan Sinks [1973:] [japan sinks through ecological mishandling]

Koontz, Dean R[ay]

A Darkness in My Soul [1972] [superman, genetic engineering]
Starblood [1972] [mutant psionic genius made a cyborg]
Night Chills [1972] [subliminals use to control an entire town]
A Werewolf Among Us [1973] [cybernetic symbiosis, detective]
The Haunted Earth [1973] [humour, occult]
Demon Seed [1973] [sentient computer rapes a woman and begets a child]
Nightmare Journey [1975] [telepathy]
Phantoms [1983] [horror]
Whispers [horror]
Phantoms [horror]
Darkfall [horror]
Shattered [horror]
Hanging On [non-sf]
The Flesh in the Furnace
Hell's gate

Kornbluth, C[yril] M. [U.S.A., 1923-1958]

Takeoff [1952] [building the first space ship, detective story]
The Syndic [1953] [gangsters take over the government, considered a classic]
Not This August [1955] [aka "Christmas Eve"] [U.S.A conquered by U.S.S.R. and China]
The Explorers [1954] [col.]
Mindworm and Other Stories [1955] [col.]
A Mile Beyond the Moon [1958] [col.]
The Marching Morons [1959] [col.]
The Best of C. M. Kornbluth [1976] [col.]

Kotzwinkle, William

Doctor Rat [1977] [WFA 1977]
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial In His Adventures on Earth [based on screenplay]
E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet [based on a story by Spielberg]
Superman III

Kress, Nancy

The Prince of Morning Bells [fantasy]

Kube-McDowell, Michael P.

Emprise [Book 1 of the Trigon Disunity]

Kurtz, Katherine [,B.S., M.A.] [U.S.A., 1944- ]

The Deryni Cycle: [fantasy, psi, magic]
	The Legends of Camber of Culdi: [prequels to the Dernyi Series] (2)
		Camber of Culdi [1976]
		Saint Camber [1978]
		Camber the Heretic [1981]
	The Chronicles of The Dernyi: [gifted segment of population persecuted]
		Deryni Rising [1970]
		Dernyi Checkmate [1972]
		High Deryni [1973]
	The Bishop's Heir

Kuttner, Henry [U.S.A., 1914-1958]

Fury [1950] [as Lawrence O'Donnell] [rage, immortality, underwater cities]
Mutant [1953] [as Lewis Padgett] [telepathic mutants persecuted]
The Dark World [1965] [soft sf, sentient animals]
The Well of the Worlds [1965]
The Time Axis [1965]
The Mask of Circe [soft sf, greek mythology]
Return to Otherness
Bypass to Otherness
The Fairy Chessmen
I am Eden
Man Drowning
The Brass Ring [as Lewis Padgett]
The Day He Died [as Lewis Padgett]
A Gnome There Was [as Lewis Padgett]
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and The Fairy Chessmen [as Lewis Padgett]
Robots Have No Tails [1952] [col.] [as Lewis Padgett] [humour, mystery] (2)
Ahead of Time [1953] [col.]
The Best of Henry Kuttner [1975] [col.]
The Proud Robot [col.] [humour]

Kuttner, Henry & Moore, C[atherine] L[ucille]

No Boundaries
Clash By Night and Other Stories [1980]

Kyle, D.

The Dragon Lensman
Lensman from Rigel

Lafferty, R[aphael] A[loysius] [1914- ]

Past Master [1968] [utopia] (2)
Fourth Mansions
The Devil is Dead Trilogy: [fantasy]
	The Devil is Dead
	More Than Melchisedech [projected title]
Arrive at Easterwine
Nine Hundred Grandmothers [1970] [col.] (3)

Lainez, Manuel Mujica

The Wandering Unicorn

Lake, David J.

Walkers on the Sky
Warlords of Xuma
The Right Hand of Dextra
The Ring of Truth

Landis, Arthur H.

The Camelot Series:
	A World Called Camelot
	Camelot in Orbit
	The Magick of Camelot

Lanier, Sterling E.

Hiero's Journey [post-holocaust]
Unforsaken Hiero [sequel to "Hiero's Journey"]

Lasswitz, Kurd [Germany, ]

Two Planets [1897:]

Laubenthal, Sanders Anne


Laumer, [John] Keith [U.S.A., 1925- ]

The Retief Books: [diplomacy, aliens, humour] (2)
	Retief Unbound
	Envoy to New Worlds [1965]
	Galactic Diplomat [1965] [col.]
	Retief's War [1965] (3)
	Retief and the Warlords
	Retief of the CDT
	Retief at Large [col.] (5)
	[not sure of order...]
	The Return of Retief
	Retief: Diplomat at Arms
	Retief to the Rescue
	Retief: Emissary to the Stars
	Retief's Ransom [1971]
The Lafayette O'Leary Series:
	Time Bender
	Shape Changer
	World Shuffler
Worlds of the Imperium [1962] [alternate worlds] (2)
The Other Side of Time [1965] [sequel to "Worlds of the Imperium"]
Assignment in Nowhere [1968]
Bolo [1976] [robots at war] (4)
Planet Run
The Glory Game
Dinosaur Beach (3)
The Star Treasure
Galactic Odyssey
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy
The House in November
The Monitors
Catastrophe Planet
The Big Show
A Trace of Memory
The Breaking Earth
The Great Time Machine Hoax [humour, time travel]
The Invaders [1967] [from eponymous TV series]
Nine by Laumer [col.]

Laumer, [John] Keith & Brown, Rosel George

Earthblood [1966]

Laumer, [John] Keith & Dickson, Gordon R[upert]

Planet Run [sf western]

Lauria, Frank

Raga Six

Lee, Tanith [U.K., 1947- ]

Don't Bite the Sun [1976] [adolescent tries to find herself] (2)
Drinking Sapphire Wine [1977] [sequel to Don't Bite the Sun]
The Silver Metal Lover [1981] (2)
Kill the Dead [ghost story]
Companions on the Road
Sung in Shadow
The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales
The Wars of Vis
	The Storm Lord
Electric Forest
Sabella, or the Bloodstone [vampire, occult]
Lycanthia [gothic, werewolves]
Sometimes, After Sunset
The Gods Are Thirsty [forthcoming]
Day by Night
Red as Blood, or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer
The Birthgrave Series: [soft sf]
	The Birthgrave [1975] (2)
	Vazkor, Son of Vazkor
	Quest for The White Witch
The Flat Earth Series: [fantasy, occult]
	Night's Master
	Death's Master [1979] [BFA 1979]
	Delusion's Master
	Delerium's Mistress [forthcoming]

Le Fanu, Sheridan

The House By the Churchyard [1863]
Uncle Silas [1864]
Through a Glass Darkly [1872] [col.] [contains Carmilla a vampire tale]

Le Guin, Ursula K[roeber] [U.S.A., 1929- ] [Gandalf Award 1979] [National Book Award]

Earthsea [1977] [omnibus] [fantasy, juvenile, magic, rite of passage] (7)
	A Wizard of Earthsea [1968] (4)
	The Tombs of Atuan [1971]
	The Farthest Shore [1972] [National Book Award 1973]
Three Hainish Novels [1978] [omnibus]
	Rocannon's World [1966] [space opera] (2)
	Planet of Exile [1966]
	City of Illusions [1967]
The Left Hand of Darkness [1969] [Hugo 1970] [Nebula 1969] [psychology, unusual sex roles] (22)
The Lathe of Heaven [1971] [a man's dreams come true, dickian homage] (6)
The Dispossessed, An Ambiguous Utopia [1974] [Hugo 1975] [Nebula 1974] [allegory, capitalism vs socialism] (15)
The Word for World is Forest [1976]
Very Far Away From Anywhere Else [1976] [aka "A Very Long Way Away From Anywhere Else"]
Malafrena [1979] [fantasy, an orsinian novel]
The Beginning Place [aka "Threshold"] [fantasy]
The Wind's Twelve Quarters [1975] [col.] (2)
Orsinian Tales [1976] [col.] [fantasy]
The Compass Rose [col.]

Leiber, Fritz [Reuter] [,Jr.] [U.S.A., 1910- ] [Gandalf Award 1975] [Nebula Grand Master 1976] [Life Achievement Award 1976]

Gather, Darkness! [1950] [religion]
Conjure Wife [1953] [biological origin of witchcraft, horror]
The Green Millenium [1953]
The Big Time [1958] [Hugo 1958] [time warfare, alternate worlds] (5)
The Wanderer [1964] [Hugo 1965] [catastrophe] (5)
Our Lady of Darkness [1977] [WFA 1978] [horror] (2)
A Spectre is Haunting Texas
The Change War (3)
You're All Alone
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
Night's Black Agents
Shadows With Eyes
A Pail of Air
The Night of The Wolf
Ships to the Stars
The Silver Eggheads
The Worlds of Fritz Leiber [col.]
The Best of Fritz Leiber [col.]
The Book of Fritz leiber [col.]
The Second Book of Fritz Leiber [1975] [col.] [ADFA=BFA 1976]
The Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Series: [sword & sorcery, humour] (6)
	Swords and Deviltry [1970] [col.] [contains the novella "Ill Met in Lankhmar"-Nebula 1970] (2)
	Swords against Death [1970] [col.] (2)
	Swords in the Mist [1968] [col.]
	Swords against Wizardry [1968] [col.]
	The Swords of Lankhmar [1968] [col.] (3)
	Swords and Ice Magic [1977] [col.]

Leiber, Justin

Beyond Rejection

Leigh, Stephen

Dance of the Hag
Slow to Fall Down

Leinster, Murray [nee William Fitzgerald Jenkins] [U.S.A., 1896-1975]

Murder Madness [1931]
The Murder of the U.S.A. [1946] [as Will Jenkins] [aka "Destroy the U.S.A."]
The Last Space Ship [1949]
Gateway to Elsewhere [1954] [fantasy]
The Forgotten Planet [1954]
Operation: Outer Space [1954] [interstellar exploration]
The Black Galaxy [1954]
The Brain Stealers [1954] [one man against aliens who control earth]
The Other Side of Here [1955] [invasion from another dimension]
Colonial Survey [1956] [aka "The Planet Explorer"]
Out of this World [1958] [unschooled genius invents superscience]
War With the Gizmos [1958] [alien invasion]
Fight for Life [1958]
The Pirates of Zan [1959]
The Monster from Earth's End [1959] [invisible monster from antartica]
Men Into Space [1960] [based on TV series]
Miners in the Sky [1960] [surviving while mining asteroids]
Creatures of the Abyss [1961]
The Wailing Asteroid [1961]
Talents, Incorporated [1962] [psi]
Time Tunnel [1964]
The Duplicators [1964] [galactic economy threatened by matter duplicators]
The Greks Bring Gifts [1964] [apparently altruistic aliens visit]
The Other Side of Nowhere [1964] [mutiny in a gigantic ship]
Space Captain [1966]
Tunnel Through Time [1966] [time travel]
Space Gypsies [1967]
The Time Tunnel [1967] [based on TV series]
Timeslip! [1967] [based on the Time Tunnel TV series]
Land of the Giants [1968] [based on TV series]
Four from Planet Five [1969] [4 kids from planet 5 come to earth as scouts]
Proxima Centauri [generation ship]
The Joe Kenmore Series: [juvenile]
	Space Platform [1953]
	Space Tug [1955]
	City on the Moon [1957]
A Murray Leinster Omnibus [1968] [omnibus]
	Operation Terror [1962] [alien invasion]
	Checkpoint Lambda [1967] [space pirates commandeer a vital ship]
	Invaders of Space [1964] [space opera]
The Med Service Series [col.] [space doctor] (2)
	S. O. S. From Three Worlds [1967] [col.]
	The Mutant Weapon [1959]
	Doctor to the Stars [1964] [col.]
This World is Taboo [1961]
Sideways in Time [1950] [col.]
Monsters and Such [1959] [col.]
Twists in Time [1960] [col.]
The Aliens [1960] [col.]
Get Off My World [1966] [col.]
The Best of Murray Leinster [1978] [col.]

L'Engle, Madeleine [nee Madeleine L'Engle Frankline]

The Time Trilogy: [fantasy, juvenile] (3)
	A Wrinkle in Time [1962] [Newbery Award] (5)
	A Wind in the Door [1973]
	A Swiftly Tilting Planet [1978]
A House Like a Lotus

Lem, Stanislaw [,M.D.] [Poland, 1921- ]

The Astronauts [1951:]
The Magellan Nebula [1955:]
The Investigation [1959:1974]
Eden [1959:]
Solaris [1961:1970] (2)
The Invincible [1964:1973]
His Master's Voice [1968:1974]
The Futurological Congress [1971:1974] (2)
The Chain of Chance [1975:1978]
Sesame [1955:] [col.]
The Star Diaries [1957:1976] [col.] (3)
Invasion from Aldebran [1959:] [col.]
Return from the Stars [1961:] [col.] (2)
Book of Robots [1961:] [col.]
Memoirs found in a Bathtub [1961:1973] [col.] (3)
Lunar Night [1963:] [col.]
Fairytales for Robots [1964:1974] [col.]
The Chase [1965:] [col.]
The Cyberiad [1965:1974] [col.] [humour, philosophy] (8)
Save the Cosmos and Other Stories [1966:] [col.]
Tales of Pirx the Pilot [1968:1979] [col.] (2)
Stories [1969:] [col.]
Insomnia [1971:] [col.]
Mortal Engines [1972:1977] [col.]
More Tales of Prix the Pilot [col.]

Lewis, C[live] S[taples] [U.K., 1898-1963]

The Perelandra Trilogy: [allegory, religion] (2)
	Out of the Silent Planet [1938]
	Perelandra [1943] [aka "Voyage to Venus"]
	That Hideous Strength [1945]
The Chronicles of Narnia: [juvenile, allegorical] (3)
	The Magician's Nephew
	The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
	Prince Caspian
	The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
	The Silver Chair
	The Horse and His Boy
	The Last Battle

Lewis, Matthew Gregory

The Monk [1796] [considered the apotheosis of the gothic novel, powerful and upsetting]

Lichtenberg, Jacqueline

The Zeor Books:
	House of Zeor
	Unto Zeor Forever
City of a Million Legends
Molt Brother

Lightner, A[lice] M. [U.S.A., 1904- ]

The Day of the Drones

Lindholm, Megan

Harpy's Flight

Lindsay, David [U.K., 1876-1945]

A Voyage to Arcturus [1920] [interesting planet, considered a classic story]

London, Jack [U.S.A., 1876-1916]

The Scarlet Plague [1915] [apocalypse through plague]
The Unparalleled Invasion [1910] [yellow peril scare story]

Long, Frank Belknap [U.S.A., 1903- ] [Life Achievement Award 1978]

Survival World
Mars is My Destination

Longyear, Barry B.

The Greatest Show on Earth:
	City of Baraboo
	Circus World [1981]
	Elephant Song [unintentional colony]
The Tomorrow Testament [alien war]
Manifest Destiny [1980] [col.]
Enemy Mine [col.] [title story won Hugo and Nebula] [alien war]

Lorrah, Jean

The Vulcan Academy Murders: Star Trek #20 [a star trek novel]
The Savage Empire:
	The Savage Empire
	Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire
	Captives of the Savage Empire


Veiled World

Lovecraft, H[oward] P[hillips] [U.S.A., 1890-1937]

Dagon and Other Macabre Tales [col.]
At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror [col.]
The Tomb and Other Tales [col.]
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
The Lurking Fear and Other Stories [col.]
The Colour Out of Space
The Haunter of the Dark
The Dunwich Horror
The Doom that Came to Sarnath
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath [1939] [col.]

Lovecraft, H[oward] P[hillips] & Derleth, August

The Lurker at the Threshold
The Shuttered Room

Lucas, George

Star Wars [1976]
The Empire Strikes Back

Lukeman, Tim


Lumley, Brian

The Burrowers Beneath [Lovecraftian horror]

Lundwall, Sam J. [Sweden, ]

2018 A.D. or the King Kong Blues [1973:1975] [satire]
Bernhard the Conqueror [:1973] [20,000 mile long spaceship]

Lupoff, Richard A. [1935- ]

Sword of the Demon [1976]
Space War Blues [1978]
Into the Aether [burlesque of victorian exploration novels]
Sun's End

Lustbader, Eric Van

The Sunset Warrior Cycle:
	The Sunset Warrior
	Shallows of the Night
	Beneath an Opal Moon

Lymington, John

Ten Million Years to Friday

Lynn, Elizabeth A.

The Sardonyx Net [space, drugs, crime]
The Chronicles of Tornor Trilogy:
	Watchtower [1980] [WFA 1980]
	The Dancers of Arun
	The Northern Girl
The Woman Who Loved the Moon and Other Stories [col.]
A Different Light


Humanity Prime

MacAvoy, R. A.

Tea With the Black Dragon [1983] [gentle fantasy, computers, magic] (8)
The Book of Kells [1985]
The Damiano Trilogy: [historical fantasy]
	Damiano [1983] (3)
	Damiano's Lute [1984] (2)
	Raphael (3)

McCaffrey, Anne [Inez] [1926- ]

The Pern Books: [soft sf, telepathy, teleportation, dragons] (3)
	The Dragonriders of Pern Trilogy [omnibus] (9)
		Dragonflight [1968] (4)
		Dragonquest [1970] (2)
		The White Dragon
	The Harper Hall of Pern Trilogy [omnibus] (5)
		Dragonsinger (3)
	Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern
The Ireta Adventure
	Dinosaur Planet
The Ship Who Sang [1969] [hard science, cyborg, many worlds, psychology] (7)
To Ride Pegasus [psionics, sociology] (2)
The Crystal Singer [adventure, rites of passage]
Decision at Doona
Get off the Unicorn [col.]

McCauley, Kirby

Night Chills

McCauley, Robie

A Secret History of Time To Come [race war]

McCollum, Michael

A Greater Infinity [1982]
LifeProbe [1984] [hard science, first contact]
Proycon's Promise [1985] [sequel to "LifeProbe"] [hard science, exloration, ftl]

McDaniel, David

The Arsenal out of Time [1967]

MacDonald, George [U.K., 1824-1905]

Phantastes [1858] [fantasy]
Lilith [1895] [fantasy]
At the Back of The North Wind [1871] [juvenile fantasy]
The Princess and the Curdie [juvenile fantasy]
The Princess and the Goblin [sequel to "The Princess and the Curdie"]
The Wise Woman [moralistic fairy tale]

MacDonald, John D. [U.S.A., 1916- ]

Wine of the Dreamers
The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything [fun]
Ballroom of the Skies

McEnroe, Richard

The Shattered Stars

McGarry, Mark J.

Blank Slate

Machen, Arthur

The Three Impostors [fantasy]

McIntosh, J. T.

One in Three Hundred [earth is about to go and only 1/300 can leave]
Flight from Rebirth
The Suiciders
The Fittest
Norman Conquest 2066

McIntyre, Vonda N.

Dreamsnake [1978] [Hugo 1979] [Nebula 1978] [hard science, post-holocaust] (7)
Fireflood [1981]
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Star Trek #7 [1983] [star trek novel based on screenplay of eponymous movie]
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Star Trek #17 [1984] [star trek novel based on screenplay of eponymous movie]
Superluminary [1984]
The Exile Waiting
The Entropy Effect: Star Trek #2 [a star trek novel, time travel]

Mackey, Mary

The Last Warrior Queen

McKillip, Patricia A. [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1948- ]

The Quest of the Riddlemaster
The Riddle-Master Trilogy: [fantasy] (4)
	The Riddle-Master of Hed [1976]
	Heir of Sea and Fire [1977]
	Harpist in the Wind [1979]
The House on Parchment Street [1973] [juvenile, ghost story]
The Throme of Erril of Sherril [1973] [illus.] [lighthearted juvenile fantasy]
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld [1975] [WFA 1975] [fantasy]
Stepping from the Shadows [1982] [fantasy, semi-autobiographical]
Moonflash [1984]

McKinley, Robin

Beauty [1978] [retelling of beauty and the beast] (3)
The Door in the Hedge
The Blue Sword [juvenile fantasy]
The Hero and the Crown [juvenile fantasy]

Mackleworth, R. M.

Starflight 3000

McLaughlin, Dean

Dome World
The Fury from Earth [1963]

MacLean, Katherine

Missing Man [future society]
The Diploids

MacLeod, Sheila

Xanthe and the Robots

McQuay, Mike

The Mathew Swain Novels: [hardboiled detective in sf trappings]
	Mathew Swain: The Deadliest Show in Town
	Mathew Swain: The Odds are Murder
	Mathew Swain: Hot Time in Old Town

Mac Rauch, Earl

Buckaroo Banzai [humour] (2)


How We Will Reach the Stars

Maddock, Larry

Agent of T.E.R.R.A. [sf espionage, alien symbiote as sidekick]
	The Flying Saucer Gambit
	The Golden Goddess Gambit [time travel to Atlantis]
	The Emerald Elephant Gambit

Maine, Charles Eric


Major, H. M.

The Alien Trace #1
The Alien Trace #2: Time Twister

Malory, Sir Thomas

Le Morte d'Arthur [Arthurian cycle in verse]

Malzberg, Barry [N.]

Phase Four
The Falling Astronauts
In the Enclosure
The Day of the Burning [1974]
Oracle of the Thousand Hands
The Sodom and Gomorrah Business
The Confessions of Westchester County
Beyond Apollo
Herovit's World
On the Planet Alien
The Best of Barry N. Malzberg
Guernica Night
Tactic of Conquest
The Destruction of the Temple
Out from Ganymede and Other Stories

Mann, Philip

The Eye of the Queen

Manning, Laurence

The Man Who Awoke

Margroff, Robert E. & Anthony, Piers

The E.S.P. Worm [1970]

Marshak, Sondra & Culbreath, Myrna

The Price of the Phoenix [a star trek novel]
Star Trek: The New Voyages [a star trek novel]
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 [a star trek novel]
Triangle: Star Trek #9 [a star trek novel]
The Prometheus Design: Star Trek #5 [a star trek novel]

Martin, George R. R. [U.S.A., ]

Fevre Dream
The Dying of the Light
Songs of Stars and Shadows [col.]
SandKings [1981] [col.] [horror fantasy]
A Song for Lya and Other Stories [col.]

Martin, George R. R. & Tuttle, Lisa


Martinson, Harry

Aniara [generation ship]

Mason, Anita

The Illusionist [historical fantasy]

Mason, David

The Sorcerer's Skull
The Shores of Tomorrow

Mason, Douglas R.

The End Bringers
Eight Against Utopia
The Resurrection of Roger Diment
Satellite 54-zero
Horizon Alpha
Dilation Effect

Matheson, Richard [1926- ]

Bid Time Return [1976] [WFA 1976] [fantasy/sf, time travel]
I Am Legend [fantasy/sf, vampires]
The Shores of Space
The Shrinking Man
A Stir of Echoes
Third from the Sun [col.]
Shock I [col.]
Shock II [col.]

Maxwell, Ann

Dancer's Illusion
Dancer's Luck
Fire Dancer

May, Julian

The Saga of the Pliocene Exile Tetralogy: [time travel, aliens, esp] (3)
	The Many-Coloured Land [1981] (3)
	The Golden Torc [1982]
	The Nonborn King [1983]
	The Adversary [1984]

Mayhar, Ardath

The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn

Mead, Harold

The Bright Phoenix

Mead, Shepherd

The Big Ball of Wax [1954] [satire on advertising and business]

Merle, [Professor] Robert [France, ]

The Day of the Dolphin [1967:1969] [intelligent dolphins]
Malevil [1972:1973] [post holocaust Swiss Family Robinson]

Merril, Judith

The Tomorrow People

Merritt, A[braham] [U.S.A., 1884-1943]

The Moon Pool [1919] [lost race]
The Metal Monster [1920]
The Ship of Ishtar [1926] [fantasy]
Seven Footsteps to Satan [1928]
The Face in the Abyss [1931] [lost race]
Dwellers in the Mirage [1932] [lost race]
Burn, Witch, Burn! [1932] [filmed as "The Devil Dolls"]
The Conquest of the Moon Pool [sequel to "The Moon Pool"]
The Fox Woman and Other Stories [1949] [col.]

Merwin, Sam, Jr.

The Time Shifters

Meyers, Roy E.

Daughters of the Dolphin
Dolphin Boy

Meyrink, Gustav

The Golem [1916] [most famous modern version of the golem legend]

Miller, Walter M., Jr. [U.S.A., 1923- ]

A Canticle for Leibowitz [1959] [Hugo 1961] [religion, post-holocaust] (15)
Conditionally Human
The View from the Stars
The Best of Walter M. Miller Jr. [1980] [col.] [contains The Darfstellar-Hugo 1953]

Moffitt, Donald

The Jupiter Theft [hard science, sociology]

Monaco, Richard

Parsival, or a Knight's Tale
The Grail War
The Final Quest
Blood and Dreams [Parsival #4]

Moorcock, Michael [U.K., 1939- ]

[note: all series heroes are considered the same "Eternal Champion"]
The Elric Series:
	Elric of Melnibone [aka "The Dreaming City"]
	A Sailor on the Seas of Fate
	The Weird of the White Wolf [aka "The Stealer of Souls"]
	The Vanishing Tower [aka "The Sleeping Sorceress"]
	The Bane of the Black Sword
	Elric at the End of Time [col.]
The Runestaff Series:
	The Jewel in the Skull
	The Mad God's Amulet
	The Sword of the Dawn
	The Runestaff
The Castle Brass Series:
	Count Brass
	The Champion of Garathorm
	The Quest for Tanelorn
The Corum Series:
	The Swords Trilogy:
		The Knight of The Swords [1971] [ADFA=BFA 1972] (3)
		The Queen of The Swords (2)
		The King of The Swords [1972] [ADFA=BFA 1973] (3)
	The Chronicles of Corum:
		The Bull and the Spear
		The Oak and the Ram
		The Sword and the Stallion [1974] [ADFA=BFA 1975] (2)
The John Daker Series:
	The Eternal Champion
	The Silver Warriors [aka "Phoenix in Obsidian"]
The Dancers at the End of Time Series: (2)
	An Alien Heat
	The Hollow Lands [ADFA=BFA 1976]
	The End of All Songs
	The Legends from the End of Time
	A Messiah at the End of Time
The Michael Kane Trilogy: [as Edward P. Bradbury]
	City of the Beast [aka "Warriors of Mars"]
	Lord of the Spiders [aka "Blades of Mars"]
	Masters of the Pit [aka "Barbarians of Mars"]
The Nomad of Time:
	The Warlord of the Air [1971] [alternate history]
	The Land Leviathan
	The Steel Tsar
The Cornelius Chronicles [omnibus] [sf and contemporary satire]
	The Final Programme [1968]
	A Cure for Cancer
	The English Assassin
	The Condition of Muzak
Behold the Man [1968] [novelization of Nebula 1967] [time travel, christian religion]
Breakfast in the Ruins [1972]
Gloriana [1978] [WFA 1979] [fantasy]
The Warhound and the World's Pain [1981] (4)
The Fireclown
The Sundered Worlds
Dilvish the Damned
The Black Corridor
The Singing Citadel
The Time Dweller
The Ice Schooner
The City of the Beast
The Lord of the Spiders
The Masters of the Pit
The Silver Warriors

Moorcock, Michael & Butterworth, Michael

The Time of the Hawklords
Queens of Deliria

Moore, C[atherine] L[ucille] [U.S.A., 1911- ] [Nebula Grand Master 1981] [Life Achievement Award 1981]

Doomsday Morning [1957]
Judgement Night [1952]
Northwest Smith [space opera]
Jirel of Joiry [sword and sorcery, strong female heroine]
Best of C. L. Moore [1975] [col.]
Scarlet Dream [1981] [col.]

Moore, C[atherine] L[ucille] & Kuttner, Henry

Earth's Last Citadel [1943]

Moore, Ward C. [1903- ]

Bring the Jubilee [1952] [alternate history]
Greener than You Think

More, Sir Thomas

Utopia [1516] [very early utopia novel]

Morgan, Dan

The Country of the Mind [1975] [telempathy, race conflict, breakdown of society]
The New Minds
The Several Minds
Mind Trap

Morgan, Dan & Kipax, John

The Neutral Stars
Seed of Stars

Morris, Janet E.

Returning Creation [1977,1984] [rev. of "High Couch of Silistra"]
The Wind from the Abyss
The Golden Sword
Carnelian Throne
The Kerrion Empire Trilogy:
	Dream Dancer
	Cruiser Dreams
	Earth Dreams

Morris, William [U.K., 1834-1896]

News from Nowhere [1890] [utopia]
The House of the Wulfings [1889] [historical fantasy]
The Wood Beyond the World [1895] [heroic fantasy] (2)
The Well at the World's End [1896] [fantasy]
The Water of the Wondrous Isles [1897] [fantasy]
The Sundering Flood

Morrow, James

The Wine of Violence

Morrow, William

The Continent of Lies

Moskowitz, Sam

Under the Moons of Mars
The Coming of the Robots
Exploring Other Worlds

Mundy, Talbot

Om: the Secret of Ahbor Valley
The Devil's Guard
The Nine Unknown
The Tros of Samothrace Books:

Munn, H. Warner

The Ship from Atlantis


Web of the Romulans [a star trek novel]

Myers, John Myers [U.S.A., 1906- ]

Silverlock [1949] [picaresque fantasy with characters from literature] (7)
The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter [1981] [sequel to "Silverlock"]
The Trumpet Sounds [1965]
The Harp and Blade [historical fantasy]

Myrabo & Ing

The Future of Flight

Naha, Ed

The Suicide Plague
The Paradise Plot [1980] [sf detective mystery on an L5 colony]

Nation, Terry [U.K., ]

Survivors [1976] [survival after biological holocaust]

Nesbit, Edith [U.K., 1858-1924]

[all titles are juvenile with "everyday magic" - magic in everyday settings]
The Five Children Trilogy;
	Five Children and It [1902]
	The Story of the Amulet [1907]
	The Phoenix and the Carpet [1904]
The Enchanted Castle [1907] [considered the best of its kind, a classic]
The House of Arden [1908]
Harding's Luck [1909] [sequel to "The House of Arden"]
The Magic City [1910]
Wet Magic [1913]

Nesvadba, Josef [,M.D.] [Czechoslovakia, 1926- ]

Vampire Ltd. [1964]
In The Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman [1970] [aka "The Lost Face"]

Newman, Sharen


Nichols, Ruth

Song of the Pearl

Niven, Larry [/Laurence] [Van Cott] [,B.A.] [U.S.A., 1938- ]

Works from the Known Space Series: [future history, interesting aliens]
	World of Ptavvs [1966] [telepathy, aliens] (5)
	A Gift from Earth [1968] [organ banks, colonization] (2)
	Ringworld [1970] [Hugo 1971] [Nebula 1970] [hard science, planetary engineering] (35)
	Protector [1973] [human origin, hard science] (10)
	Ringworld Engineers [1980] [sequel to "Ringworld"] (4)
	The Patchwork Girl [1980] [illus.] [more Gil Hamilton, sf detective]
	Neutron Star [1968] [col.] [title story Hugo 1967] [hard science] (9)
	The Shape of Space [1969] [col.]
	Tales of Known Space [1975] [col.] (4)
	The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton [1976] [col.] [sf detective]
A World out of Time [1976] [hard science]
The Magic Goes Away [1978] [illus.] [fantasy, magic]
The Integral Trees [1983] [hard science] (2)
A Hole in Space
All the Myriad Ways [1971] [col.] [contains Inconstant Moon-Hugo 1972] (4)
The Flight of the Horse [1973] [col.] [time travel, humour]
Convergent Series [1979] [col.]

Niven, Larry [/Laurence] [Van Cott] & Barnes, Steven

The Descent of Anansi
Dream Park [real life adventure gaming] (2)

Niven, Larry [/Laurence] [Van Cott] & Pournelle, Jerry

The Mote in God's Eye [1974] [first contact, hard science, war] (32)
Inferno [1976] [fantasy, mythology, retelling of dante's inferno] (4)
Lucifer's Hammer [1977] [catastrophe] (6)
Oath of Fealty [1981] [near future, monolithic metropolis] (2)
Footfall [1985] [alien invasion]

Nolan, William F.

A Sea of Space
Space for Hire
Logan's World

Nolan, William F. & Johnson, George Clayton

Logan's Run

Norman, John [nee [Professor] John F. Lange, Jr. Ph.D.]

Time Slave [1975] [fantasy, time travel, subjugation of women]
Ghost Dance
Imaginative Sex [sf sex manual for people into bondage]
The Chronicles of Counter-Earth: [Burroughsian sword and sorcery, sadism, bondage, fetishism, demeaning to women]
	Tarnsman of Gor
	Outlaw of Gor
	Priest-Kings of Gor
	Nomads of Gor
	Assassin of Gor
	Raiders of Gor
	Captive of Gor [1972]
	Hunters of Gor [1974]
	Marauders of Gor [1975]
	Tribesmen of Gor
	Slave Girl of Gor
	Beasts of Gor
	Explorers of Gor
	[not sure of order from here on .. also list not complete...]
	Mercenaries of Gor
	Fighting Slave of Gor [Jason Marshall I]
	Rogue of Gor [Jason Marshall II]
	Guardsman of Gor [Jason Marshall III]
	Kajira of Gor
	Blood Brothers of Gor
	Savages of Gor
	Players of Gor [1984]

North, Edmund H. & Coen, Franklin

Meteor [based on screenplay of movie] [big rock aimed at earth causes panic]

Norton, Alders

Futures Unlimited

Norton, Andre [nee Alice Mary Norton] [U.S.A., 1912- ] [Gandalf Award 1977]

[almost all of her books are considered to be fantasies written for juveniles but read by adults]
Android at Arms
Beast Master [1959] [exploration] (2)
Breed to Come [1972]
The Crossroads of Time [1956] [time travel]
Dark Piper
Daybreak 2250 A.D.
Dragon Magic
Dread Companion
Exiles of the Stars
The Eye of the Monster
Garan the Eternal
Here Abides Monsters
High Sorcery
Horn Crown
Huorn of the Horn
Ice Crown
Iron Cage
Judgement on Janus
Knave of Dreams
The Last Planet
Lavender Green Magic
Lord of Thunder
Merlin's Mirror
Moon of Three Rings
Night of Masks
Operation Time Search
Perilous Dreams
Quag Keep
Quest Crosstime
Red Hart Magic
Sea Siege
Secret of the Lost Race
Shadow Hawk
The Sioux Spacemen
Star Born
Star Gate
Star Guard
Star Hunter
The Stars are Ours
Uncharted Stars
Steel Magic [1964] [aka "Gray Magic"]
Victory on Janus
Wizard's World [1967]
The X Factor
Yurth Burden
The Zero Stone
The Witch World Series: [fantasy, magic in a medieval atmosphere]
	Witch World [1963]
	Web of the Witch World [1964]
	The Year of the Unicorn [1965] (2)
	Three Against the Witch World [1965]
	Warlock of the Witch World [1967]
	Sorceress of the Witch World [1968]
	Spell of the Witch World [1972] [col.]
	The Crystal Gryphon [1972]
	Gryphon in Glory
	The Jargoon Pard [1974]
	The Trey of Swords [col.]
	Zarsthor's Bane [illus.]
	Lore of the Witch World [col.]
	'Ware Hawk
The Ross Murdock Series:
	The Time Traders
	Galactic Derelict
	The Defiant Agents
	Key out of Time
The Solar Queen Series:
	Sargasso of Space
	Plague Ship
	Voodoo Planet
	Postmarked the Stars
The Forerunner Series:
	Storm Over Warlock
	Ordeal in Otherwhere
	Forerunner Foray [1973]

Norton, Andre [nee Alice Mary Norton] & Crispin, A. C.

Gryphon's Eyrie

Norwood, Warren C.

The Windhover Tapes Series:
	The Windhover Tapes: An Image of Voices [1982]
	The Windhover Tapes: Flexing the Warp [1983]
	The Windhover Tapes: Fize of the Gabriel Ratchets

Norwood, Warren & Myllvs, Ralph

The Seren Cenacles

Nourse, Alan E[dward] [,M.D.] [1928- ]

A Man Obsessed [1955] [abr. of "The Mercy Men"]
Trouble on Titan [1955] [juvenile]
Rocket to Limbo [1957]
Star Surgeon [1959] [alien attempts to train as earth doctor, attacks bigotry, juvenile]
Scavengers in Space [1959] [juvenile]
Raiders from the Rings [1962] [juvenile]
The Universe Between [1965]
The Bladerunner [1974] [juvenile]
Tiger By the Tail and Other Science Fiction Stories [1961] [col.] [aka "Beyond Infinity"]
The Counterfeit Man and Others [1963] [col.]
Psi High and Other Stories [1967] [col.]
Rx for Tomorrow [1971] [col.] [juvenile]

Nourse, Alan E[dward] & Meyer, J. A.

The Invaders Are Coming [1959]

Nowlan, Phillip Francis [1887-1940]

Armageddon 2419 AD [1962] [original Buck Rogers] (2)

Nye, Robert


O'Donnell, Kevin M., Jr. [pseudonym of Barry N. Malzberg]

The Journeys of McGill Feighan:
War of Omission
The Empty People
Gather in the Hall of the Planets
Univers Day
Dwellers of the Deep
Final War and Other Fantasies [col.]
In the Pocket and Other S-F Stories [col.]

Offutt, Andrew J.

Ardor on Aros
King Dragon
The Mists of Doom
The Sword of Skelos (Conan #3)

Offutt, Andrew J. & Lyon

Demon in the Mirror
Web of the Spider

Oliver, Chad

The Winds of Time
Shadows in the Sun
The Shores of Another Sea
Another Kind

O'Neill, Scott

Martian Sexpot

Orkow, ben

When Time Stood Still

Orwell, George [nee Eric Arthur Blair] [India, U.K., 1903-1950]

Animal Farm [1945] [political allegory]
1984 [1949] [dystopia, totalitarianism] (7)

Page, Thomas

The Hephaestus Plague

Palmer, David R. [U.S.A., 1941- ]

Emergence [1984]

Palumbo, Dennis

City Wars

Pangborn, Edgar [U.S.A., 1909-1976]

West of the Sun [1953]
A Mirror for Observers [1954] [IFA 1955] (2)
The Post Holocaust Stories:
	Davy [1964] [post-holocaust return to medieval times] (6)
	The Judgement of Eve [1966]
	The Company of Glory [1975] [prequel to Davy]
	Still I Persist in Wondering [1978] [col.]
Good Neighbors and Other Strangers [1972] [col.]
Atlantean Nights' Entertainments [col.] [projected title]

Panshin, Alexei [1940- ]

Rite of Passage [1968] [Nebula 1968] [rite of passage] (10)
The Anthony Villiers Adventures: (2)
	Star Well [1968]
	The Thurb Revolution [1968]
	Masque World

Paxson, Diana

Lady of Light
Lady of Darkness

Peake, Mervyn [Laurence] [,F.R.S.L.] [China, U.K., 1911-1968]

The Gormenghast Trilogy [omnibus] [fantasy]
	Titus Groan [1946]
	Gormenghast [1950]
	Titus Alone [1959]

Petaja, Emil

The Stolen Sun
Caves of Mars
The Time Twister
Saga of Lost Earths

Pfeil, Donald J.

Voyage to a Forgotten Sun [1975]
Through the Reality Warp
Look Back to Earth

Phillifent, John T.

Genius Unlimited

Pierce, Meredith Ann

The Darkangel [fantasy, juvenile, vampire]

Pini, Wendy & Richard

Elfquest: Journey to Sorrows End [1982] [fantasy, magic]
Elfquest, books 1-4 [graphic novels] (2)

Pinkwater, Daniel

The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death [fun] (2)

Piper, H. Beam [U.S.A., 1900-1964]

The Terran Federation Stories: [future history, rise and fall of civilization]
	Four Day Planet [1961] [juvenile]
	The Cosmic Computer [1963] [aka "Junkyard Planet"] [interstellar federation] (3)
	The Space Viking [1963] [interstellar war] (2)
	The Little Fuzzy Series: [sympathetic aliens, humour] (4)
		The Fuzzy Papers [1977] [omnibus] (2)
			Little Fuzzy [1962] (8)
			The Other Human Race [1964] [aka "Fuzzy Sapiens"] (2)
The Paratime Stories: [policing alternate worlds]
	Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen [1965] [alternate history, military] (6)
	Paratime [alternate earths] (2)

Piper, H. Beam & McGuire, John J.

Crisis in 2140 [1957] [aka "Null-ABC"] [literacy]
A Planet for Texans [1958] [sf western]

Piserchia, Doris

The Dimensioneers
The Spinner

Platt, Kin

The Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear

Poe, Edgar Allen [U.S.A., 1809-1849]

The Fall of the House of Usher [1839]

Pohl, Frederik [U.S.A., 1919- ]

The Heechee Trilogy: [near future, alien artifacts] (2)
	Gateway [1977] [Hugo 1978] [Nebula 1977] (13)
	Beyond the Blue Event Horizon [1980]
	Heechee Rendezvous [1984]
Slave Ship [1957]
Drunkard's Walk [1960]
The Age of the Pussyfoot [1969]
Jem [1978]
Man Plus [1976] [Nebula 1976] [cyborg] (2)
In the Problem Pit
Edge of the City
A Plague of Pythons
The Cool War
The Gold at the Starbow's End [1972]
Demon in the Skull
The Best of Frederik Pohl [1975]
The Abominable Earthman [col.]
Digits and Dastards [1966] [col.]
Alternating Currents [col.]
Tomorrow Times Seven [col.]
Turn Left at Thursday [col.]
The Man Who Ate the World [col.]
The Case Against Tomorrow [col.]
Day Million [col.]

Pohl, Frederik & Kornbluth, Cyril M.

The Space Merchants [1953] [extrapolation, satire on advertising] (6)
Search the Sky [1954] [colonies, far future, matriarchal society]
Gladiator-at-Law [1955] [extrapolation, satire on business] (3)
Wolfbane [1957] [invasion, cyborg]
Presidential Year
A Town is Drowning
The Wonder Effect [1962] [col.]

Pohl, Frederik & Williamson, Jack

Farthest Star [1975]
Wall Around a Star
The Undersea Books:
	Undersea Quest
	Undersea Fleet
	Undersea City
The Starchild Trilogy:
	The Reefs of Space [1964]
	Starchild [1965]
	Rogue Star [1969]
Exiles to Glory

Pope, Elizabeth Marie

The Perilous Gard

Pournelle, Jerry [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., ]

High Justice [military]
The Mercenary [military]
West of Honour [military]
Janissaries [military]
King David's Spaceship [military]
Exiles to Glory [military]
Escape From the Planet of the Apes

Pournelle, Jerry & Green, Roland

Clan and Crown [sequel to Janissaries]

Powers, Tim

The Anubis Gates [time travel] (2)
The Drawing of the Dark [1979] [fantasy, humour]
Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Pratchett, Terry

The Carpet People
The Dark Side of the Sun [1976]
The Colour of Magic [1983] [fantasy, humour, magic] (3)

Pratt, [Murray] Fletcher [U.S.A., 1897-1956]

Alien Planet [1932]
The Well of the Unicorn [1948] [as George U. Fletcher] [fantasy]
The Blue Star [1952] [fantasy]
Invaders from Rigel [1960]
The Undying Fire

Prescot, Dray

Delia of Vallia

Prest, Thomas Prescott

Varney, the Vampyre, or the Feast of Blood [1847] [gory gothic chiller]

Preuss, Paul

The Gates of Heaven [1980]
Re-entry [1981]
Broken Symmetries

Priest, Christopher

The Inverted World
Fugue for a Darkening Island [influx of african refugees to england sparks race war]
The Perfect Lover
The Affirmation [1981] [nature of memory, paranoia]
The Glamour [1984] [paranoia, fractured reality]
Real-Time World [1974] [col.]
An Infinite Summer [1981] [col.]

Price, E. Hoffman [U.S.A., 1898- ]

The Jade Enchantress [fantasy, chinese mythology]
The Devil Wives of Li Fong [1979] [fantasy, chinese mythology]

Purdom, Tom

The Tree Lord of Imeten
The Barons of Behaviour


Against Arcturus

Rackham, John

Time Thieves
Earth Strings
Danger from Vega
The Double Invaders

Radcliffe, Ann

The Mysteries of Udolpho [1794] [classic gothic]

Rand, Ayn [U.S.S.R., U.S.A., ]

Anthem [1938] [dystopia]
Atlas Shrugged [1957] [capitalism uber alles, railroads cause collapse of civilization]

Randall, Marta

Those Who Favour Fire
The Sword of Winter
Journey [family saga in space]


Operation Umanaq

Raymond, Alex

The Flash Gordon Series:
	Flash Gordon: The Lionmen of Mongo
	Flash Gordon: The Plague of Sound
	Flash Gordon: The Space Circus
	Flash Gordon: The Time Trap of Ming VIII
	Flash Gordon: The Witch Queen of Mongo

Reamy, Tom [U.S.A., 1935-1977]

Blind Voices [realistic fantasy!?]
San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories [1979] [col.] [title story-Nebula 1976] [fantasy] (2)

Reaves, J. Michael

The Shattered World
Darkworld Detective

Reaves, J. Michael & Perry, Steven


Reed, Kit

Magic Time

Reeve, Clara

The Old English Baron [1777] [classic gothic]

Resnick, mike

Tales of the Velvet Comet #1: Eros Ascending
The Wild Alien Tamer (Tales of the Galactic Midway #3)
The Branch

Reynolds, Mack

The Joe Mauser Series:
	Mercenary from Tomorrow
	The Earth War
	Time Gladiator
	Fracas Factor
The United Planets Series:
	Section G: United Planet
	Code Duello
	Planetary Agent X
	The Rival Rigelians
	Amazon Planet
	Dawnman Planet
	Brain World
The North Africa Series:
	Black Man's Burden
	Border, Breed, Nor Birth
	The Best Ye Breed
The Towers of Utopia
Ability Quotient
Lagrange Five
Satellite City
Day After Tomorrow
Looking Backward from the Year 2,000
Computer War
Depression or Bust
Equality in the Year 2000
Five Way Secret Agent
Galactic Medal of Honour

Reynolds, Mack & Ing

Other Time
Trojan Orbit

Richmond, Walt & Leigh

Shock Wave

Roberts, Keith [U.K., ]

Pavane [1966] [alternate history]
The Furies

Robinson, Frank M.

A Life in the Day of .... and Other Stories [col.]

Robinson, Kim Stanley

The Wild Shore [1984] [post-holocaust] (2)
Icehenge [1984] [interpretation of history]

Robinson, Philip Bedford [U.K., ]

Masque of a Savage Mandarin [1969] [dark humour, psychopathology]

Robinson, Spider [U.S.A., Canada, ]

Telempath [1976] [novelization of "By Any Other Name"-Hugo 1977]
Mindkiller [1982] (4)
The Best of All Possible Worlds
Melancholy Elephants
The Callahan Books: [tales told in a bar, humour]
	Callahan's Crosstime Saloon [1977] [col.] (9)
	Time Travellers Strictly Cash [1981] [col.] (2)
Antimony [col.]

Robinson, Spider & Jeanne

Stardance [novelized Hugo winner 1983?] (4)


The Men and the Mirror
The Sun Destroyers

Rohmer, Sax [nee Arthur Henry[changed to Sarsfield] Ward] [U.K., 1883-1959]

The Day The World Ended [1930]

Rosenberg, Joel

The Guardians of the Flame Series: [fantasy, magic, adventure] (2)
	The Sleeping Dragon
	The Sword and the Chain
	The Silver Flame

Roshwald, Mordecai

Level 7

Roth, philip

Our Gang [1971] [sf-cloaked attack on president nixon]

Rothman, Tony

The World is Round

Rotsler, William

Patron of the Arts
To the land of the Electric Angel

Rucker, Rudy

Software [mind and nature of consciousness]

Russ, Joanna [,B.A.] [U.S.A., 1937- ]

Picnic on Paradise [1968]
And Chaos Died [1970] [psi, lost colony]
The Female Man [1975] [sex roles]
We Who Are About To .... [1977]
The Two of Them [1978]
Alyx [1976] [col.] [includes "Picnic on Paradise"] [fantasy, strong female heroine]
The Zanzibar Cat [col.]
Extra(ordinary) People [col.]

Russell, Eric Frank [U.K., 1905-1978]

Sinister Barrier [1948]
Dreadful Sanctuary [1951] [conspiracy]
Three to Conquer [1956]
Wasp [1957] [adventure, humour] (2)
The Space Willies [1958] [humour] (2)
The Great Explosion [1962] [satire]
The Mindwarpers [1965]
Sentinels from Space [1953] [aka "Sentinels of Space"]
Deep Space [1954] [col.]
Men, Martians and Machines [1955] [col.] [adventure, robots] (4)
Six Worlds yonder [1958] [col.]
Somewhere a Voice [1965] [col.]
The Best of Eric Frank Russell [1979] [col.]

Ryan, Thomas J. [U.S.A., 1942- ]

The Adolescence of P-1 [1977] [ai, computers, networks]

Saberhagen, Fred[erick] [Thomas] [1930- ]

Empire of the East [war, post-holocaust, magic, future history] (5)
Love Conquers All
The Mask of the Sun
The Veils of Azlaroc
The Black Mountains [1971]
The Golden People
The Water of Thought
The Broken Lands
Specimens [1976]
The Book of Swords
	The First Book of Swords
	The Second Book of Swords
	The Third Book of Swords
The Dracula Series: [fantasy, vampire]
	The Holmes-Dracula File [Holmes meets Dracula]
	The Dracula Tape
	An Old Friend of the Family
The Berserker Series: [killer robots]
	Berserker [1967] [col.] (2)
	Berserker Man
	Berserker's Planet [1975]
	Brother Assassin [1969]
	The Ultimate Enemy
	Berserker Base
Pawn to Infinity [col.]

Saberhagen, Fred[erick] [Thomas] & Zelazny, Roger [Joseph]


St. Clair

The Dancers of Noyo

Salgari, Emilio [Italy, ]

The King of the Air [1906:] [a verne imitation]
The Wonders of the Year 2000 [1908:] [a verne imitation]

Salmonson, Jessica Amanda

The Tomoe Gozen Trilogy: [fantasy set in mythical japan]
	Tomoe Gozen
	The Golden Naginata
	Thousand Shrine Warrior
The Swordswoman
Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman

Sanders, Lawrence

The Tomorrow File

Santesson, Hans Stefan

The Mighty Swordsmen


The Sound of His Horn [alternate history, nazis win wwii]

Sargeant, Pamela


Scarborough, Elizabeth

Bronwyn's Bane
The Christening Quest
The Unicorn Creed
The Harem of Aman Akbar
The Song of Sorcery

Schenck, Hilbert

Wave Rider [1980] [col.]
At the Eye of the Ocean [1981]
A Rose for Armageddon [1982]

Schmidt, Dennis


Schmitz, James H. [1911- ]

The Telzy Amberdon Stories:
	The Universe Against Her [1964] [psi]
	The Telzey Toy [1973] [col.]
	The Lion Game [1973] (2)
A Tale of Two Clocks [1962] [aka "Legacy"]
The Witches of Karres [1966] [magic, rites of passage, witchcraft vs. technology] (10)
The Demon Breed [1968] [interplanetary war] (2)
The Eternal Frontiers [1973]
Agent of Vega [1960] [col.] [adventure] (2)
A Nice Day For Screaming and Other Tales of the Hub [1965] [col.]
A Pride of Monsters [1970] [col.]

Scholz, Carter & Harcourt, Glenn

Palimpsests [1984]

Schwartz, Alan

The Wandering Tellurian

Schweitzer, Darrell

The Shattered Goddess

Scortia, Thomas

Caution! Inflammable!

Scott, Melissa

Game Beyond
Five-Twelfths of Heaven

Selley, Curt

I, Zombie

Selling, Arthur


Serviss, Garrett P. [U.S.A., 1851-1929]

The Second Deluge [1911] [Noah's Ark redone]
A Columbus of Space
Invasion of Mars [1898] [Thomas Edison retaliates against Wells' martians]

Sharkey, Jack

Secret Martians

Shaw, Bob [/Robert] [U.K., 1931- ]

Orbitsville [1975]
A Wreath of Stars
Ship of Strangers
Other Days, Other Eyes
Ground Zero Man
One Million Tomorrows
The Palace of Eternity
The Two Timers
The Ceres Solution
Shadows of Heaven
Tomorrow Lies in Ambush [1973] [col.]
Cosmic Kaleidoscope [col.]

Shaw, Frederick L., Jr.

Envoy to the Dog Star

Shea, Michael

A Quest for Simbilis

Shea, Robert J. & Wilson, Robert Anton

The Illuminatus! Trilogy [omnibus] [conspiracy theories, obscure humour] (4)
	The Eye in the Pyramid [1975]
	The Golden Apple [1975]

Sheckley, R[obert] [U.S.A., 1928- ]

Immortality, Inc. [1959] [humour]
The Status Civilization [1960] [penal colony]
Journey Beyond Tomorrow [1962]
Mindswap [1966] [humor, philosophy, man changes minds with an ape]
Dimension of Miracles [1968] [humour, man is awarded a galactic trip]
Options [1975] [experimental fiction]
Crompton Divided [1978]
The 10th Victim
Immortality Delivered
Pilgrimage to Earth
The Store of Infinity
Dramocles: An INtergalactic Soap Opera
White Death
Dead Run
Calibre .50
Gray Flannel Armour
The Big Blow
Live Gold
Time Limit
The People Trap
Citizen in Space
Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? [col.]
The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley [col.]
Untouched by Human Hands [1954] [col.]
Notions: Unlimited [1960] [col.]
Shards of Space [1962] [col.]
The Robot Who Looked Like Me [1982] [col.]

Sheffield, Charles

Sight of Proteus
The Web Between the Worlds [hard science, near future engineering]
Between the Strokes of Night
Vectors [col.]

Shelley, Mary [Wollstonecraft] [Godwin] [U.K., 1797-1851]

Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus [1818] (3)
The Last Man [1826] [classic apocalypse, holocaust through plague]

Shepard, Lucius

Green Eyes

Sherred, T. L.

First Person Peculiar

Sherrell, Carol


Sherriff, R. C.

The Hopkins Manuscript [1939] [the moon falls on Europe]

Shetterly, Will

Cats Have No Lord

Shiel, M[atthew] P[hipps] [1866-1947]

The Purple Cloud [1901] [disaster, humanity wiped out by gas]

Shiner, Lewis

Frontera [hard science, near future space adventure]

Shiras, Wilmar H.

Children of the Atom [1953] [superior children]

Shirley, John

City Come A-Walkin' [1980]
Dracula in Love [1979]
The Exploded Heart

Shirley, Robert


Shute, Nevil [U.K., 1900-1960]

On the Beach [1957] [nuclear holocaust, slow end of mankind, despair] (2)
In the Wet
The Legacy [non-sf]

Sidney, Kathleen M.

Michael and the Magic Man

Sikawa, Shunru [Japan, ]

Undesea Battleship [1900:] [a sort of japanese hugo gernsback]

Silverberg, Robert [U.S.A., 1936- ]

The Majipoor Trilogy: [alien civilization, adventure, interspecies relationships, psychology] (2)
	Lord Valentine's Castle (7)
	The Majipoor Chronicles
	Valentine Pontifex [1984] (2)
Up the Line [1969] [time travel] (2)
Nightwings [1969] [novelized Hugo winner 1970] [earth destroyed by aliens]
Tower of Glass [1970] [androids, mythic symbolism] (3)
The World Inside [1970] [over population]
Son of Man [1971]
A Time of Changes [1971] [Nebula 1971]
The Book of Skulls [1972]
Dying Inside [1972] [a lone telepath fears he's losing the gift] (2)
Born with the Dead [1974]
The Stochastic Man [1975]
Conquerors from the Darkness
The Silent Invaders
The Mound Builders
Dimension Thirteen
Man in the Maze
The Seed of Earth
Downward to the Earth
The Conglomeriod Cocktail Party
The Cube Root of Uncertainty
The Lord of Darkness
Shadrach in the Furnace
Moonferns and Starsongs
The Man in the Maze
Gilgamesh the King [mesopotamian mythology -retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh]
Needle in a Timestack
Tom O'Bedlam
The Masks of Time
To Open the Sky
To Live Again
Unfamiliar Territory
A Time of Changes
Hawksbill Station
Time of the Great Freeze
The Reality Trip and Other Implausibilities [col.]
Capricorn Games [col.]
The Best of Robert Silverberg [col.]

Simak, Clifford D. [U.S.A., 1904- ] [Nebula Grand Master 1977]

Time and Again [1951]
City [1952] [future of humanity, robots and dogs] [IFA 1953] (8)
They Walked Like Men [1962]
The Big Front Yard [novella] [Hugo 1959]
Way Station [1963] [Hugo 1964] [first contact, teleportation] (11)
All Flesh is Grass [1965]
The Werewolf Principle [1967]
The Goblin Reservation [1968] (4)
Out of Their Minds [1970]
Time is the Simplest Thing [1971]
Cemetery World [1972]
Skirmish [1977]
The Fellowship of the Talisman [1978] [fantasy]
Special Deliverance [1982]
So Bright the Vision
The Trouble with Tycho
Cosmic Engineers
The Visitors [alien invasion]
Why Call Them Back from Heaven?
Shakespear's Planet
Strangers in the Universe [col.]
Mastodonia [time travel]
Project Pope
A Choice of Gods
Destiny Doll
Enchanted Pilgrimage
Our Children's Children
All the Traps of Earth and Other Stories [1962] [col.]

Siodmak, Curt

Riders to the Stars

Skal, Dave

When We Were Good

Skinner, B. F. [U.S.A., ]

Walden Two [1948] [behaviour modification, utopia]

Sky, Kathleen


Sladek, John [U.S.A., ]

Mechasm [1968] [aka "The Reproductive System"] [humour]
Roderick [1982]
The Muller-Fokker Effect [1970] [humour, biting satire]
The Steam Driven Boy and Other Strangers [1973] [col.] [includes parodies of many sf greats styles]
The Best of John Sladek [col.]

Slonimski, Antoni [Poland, ]

The Torpedo of Time [1923:] [classic time travel paradox]

Smith, Clarke Ashton [1893-1961]

Genius Loci
The Abomination of Yondo
Out of Space and Time vols. 1 & 2 [1971] [col.]
Lost Worlds vols. 1 & 2 [1971] [col.]

Smith, Cordwainer [nee Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1915-1954]

[all books in the same future history] [hard science, human animals, future history]
Norstrilia [1975] [rewrite] (8)
	The Planet Buyer [1964]
	The Underpeople [1968]
You Will Never Be the Same [1963] [col.]
Space Lords [1965] [col.]
Quest of the Three Worlds [1966] [col.] (2)
Under Old Earth [1970] [col.]
The Best of Cordwainer Smith [1975] [col.] (5)
The Instrumentality of Mankind [1979] [col.] (4)

Smith, D. Alexander


Smith, E[dward] E[lmer] "Doc" [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1890-1965]

Spacehounds of IPC [1947]
Lord Tedric
Lord Tedric: The Space Pirates [1979]
Subspace Encounter
Subspace Explorers
The Lensman Series: [considered THE classic space opera] (14)
	Triplanetary [1948]
	First Lensman [1950]
	Galactic Patrol [1950]
	Gray Lensman [1951]
	Second Stage Lensman [1953]
	Children of the Lens [1954]
	The Vortex Blaster [1960] [aka "Masters of the Vortex"] [in same universe but not sequel]
The Skylark Series: [space opera] (4)
	The Skylark of Space [1946] (3)
	Skylark Three [1948]
	Skylark of Valeron [1949]
	Skylark DuQuesne [1965]

Smith, E[dward] E[lmer] "Doc" & Goldin, Stephen

[series written by goldin based on notes left by smith]
The Family d'Alembert Series:
	Imperial Stars
	Stranglers' Moon
	The Clockwork Traitor
	Getaway World
	Appointment at Bloodstar
	The Purity Plot
	Planet of Treachery
	Eclipsing Binaries
	The Omicron Invasion
	Revolt of the Galaxy

Smith, Evelyn E.

The Perfect Planet [1962] [planetary spa for overweight women rediscovered after galactic interregnum]
Unpopular Planet [1975] [picaresque adventures of an intergalactic stud, ten dollar words]

Smith, George O[liver] [1911- ]

Venus Equilateral [1947] [interplanetary communications, techies] [col.] (2)
The Path of Unreason
The Fourth "R"
The World of George O. [col.]

Smith, L. Neil

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon
Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu
The Probability Broach Series: [light read, parallel universes]
	The Probability Broach
	The Nagasaki Vector
	The Venus Belt
	Tom Paine Maru
	The Gallatin Connection
	Their Majesties' Bucketeers [in same universe but not sequel]


Web of the Romulans: Star Trek #10 [a star trek novel]
Tears of Singers: Star Trek #19

Somers, Bart

Beyond the Black Enigma
Abandon Galaxy!

Spinrad, Norman [Richard] [U.S.A., 1940- ]

Bug Jack Barron [1969] [near future, cryogenics, politics] (2)
The Iron Dream [1972] [alternate history, hitler writes fantasy novel]
A World Between [1979] [sexual polarization, media manipulation]
The Men in the Jungle
The Void Captain's Tale
The Solarians
The Star-Spangled Future
Songs from the Stars
Child of Fortune
The Mind Game [hack sf writer creates a new religion]

Springer, Nancy

The Black Beast
The White Hart [fantasy, magic, celtic mythology]
The Golden Swan
The Sable Moon
The Silver Sun

Spruill, Steven G.

Keepers of the Gate
The Psychopath Plague

Stableford, Brian

The Daedalus Novels:
	The Florians
	Critical Threshold
	Wildblood's Empire
	The City of the Sun
	Balance of Power
The Deus Irae Series:
	The Days of Glory
	In the Kingdom of the Beasts
	Day of Wrath
The Star Pilot Grainger Series:
	Halcyon Drift
	Rhapsody in Black
	Promised Land
	Paradise Game
	The Fenris Device
	Swan Song
Journey to the Center
The Gates of Eden
To Challenge Chaos
Cradle of the Sun

Stagg, John

The Vampyre [1810] [grisly gothic horror]

Stallman, Robert [?-1983]

The Beast Trilogy:
	The Orphan
	The Captive
	The Beast

Stapledon, [William] Olaf [U.K., 1886-1950]

The Last and First Men Trilogy:
	Last and First Men [1930] [far far future history of man] (3)
	Last Man in London [1932]
	Star Maker [1937] [history of everything!, philosophy] (3)
Odd John [1935] [superhumans, utopia]
Sirus [1944] [intelligent dog, interspecies relationship]

Starr, Bill

The Way to Dawnworld

Stasheff, Christopher [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1944- ]

Escape Velocity (2)
A Wizard in Bedlam
Her Majesty's Wizard [forthcoming]
The Warlock Series: [scientific magic, psi]
	The Warlock in Spite of Himself [1969] (5)
	King Kobold Revived
	The Warlock Unlocked [1982]

Steakley, John


Steinbeck, John [U.S.A., 1902-1968]

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights [Arthurian cycle]

Stephenson, Andrew M.


Sterling, Bruce

The Artificial Kid

Stevens, Francis [nee Gertrude Barrow] [U.S.A., 1884-194?]

The Citadel of Fear [1946] [classic fantasy, recommended by A. Merritt]
The Heads of Cerberus [1952]
Claimed [1966]

Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1888] [externalization of evil]

Stevermer, C. J.

The Alchemist Series:
	Death of a Brgia
	The Duke and the Veil

Stewart, Fred Mustard

The Methuselah Enzyme [1970]
Star Child [1974]

Stewart, George R. [U.S.A., ]

Earth Abides [1949] [IFA 1951] [ecological disaster, post-holocaust] (2)

Stewart, Mary [1916- ]

The Life of Merlin: [fantasy, told from Merlin's point of view]
	The Crystal Caves [1970]
	The Hollow Hills [1973]
	The Last Enchantment [1979]

Stine, Harry G.

The Space Enterprise [illus.] [?is this sf?]

Stoker, [A]Bra[ha]m [U.K., 1847-1912]

Dracula [1897] [partly based on Prest's "Varney the Vampyre"] (2)

Stoutenburg, Adrien

Out There

Stratton, Chris

Change of Mind

Strugatski, Arkadi & Boris [U.S.S.R., 1925- , 1933- ]

Hard to Be a God [1964:1973] [questions necessity of intervention]
The Inhabited Island [1969:] [attack on Stalinism]
The Second Invasion of the Martians [1967:] [earth conquered by Wells' martians by rumour and collaboration]
Roadside Picnic / Tale of the Troika [:1977]
Definitely Maybe [:1978]
Prisoners of Power
Monday Begins on Saturday
Noon: 22nd Century
The Snail on the Slope [1968:] [Kafkesque dark study]
The Final Circle of Paradise [1965:] [dystopia]

Stuart, L. T.

The House of the Lions

Stuart, W. J.

Forbidden Planet [?connected with the movie?]

Sturgeon, Theodore [nee Edward Hamilton Waldo] [U.S.A., 1918-1985]

Not Without Sorcery [1948]
The Dreaming Jewels [1950] [aka "The Synthetic Man"]
More Than Human [1953] [IFA 1954] [symbiosis, development of a group mind] (8)
Venus Plus X [1960] [utopia, sex roles]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea [1961] [based on screenplay of eponymous movie]
Visions and Ventures [illus.]
Sturgeon in Orbit
Some of Your Blood
Case and the Dreamer and Other Stories [1974] [col.]
The Stars are the Styx [1979] [col.]
E Pluribus Unicorn [1953] [col.]
Caviar [1955] [col.]
A Way Home [1955] [col.]
A Touch of Strange [1958] [col.]
Beyond [1960] [col.]
Sturgeon is Alive and Well [1971] [col.]
The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon [1972] [col.]

Sucharitkul, Somtow [Thailand, ]

The Inquestor Tetralogy: [fall of empire, language, utopias] (2)
	Light on the Sound [?JWCA ?] (2)
	The Throne of Madness (2)
	Utopia Hunters [1984]
	The Darkling Wind
The Aquiliad [1983] [humour, alternate reality]
Mallworld [bizzare humour, governing ETs catalogue humans living in a mall]
Starship and Haiku [post-holocaust, only japan not decimated]
V: The Alien Swordmaster
Vampire Junction [1985] [as S. P. Somtow] [jungian vampire tries to find happiness]

Sullivan, Tim

V: The New England Resistance

Sutton, Jeff

The Mindblocked Man
The Atom Conspiracy

Suyin, Han

The Enchantress

Swann, Thomas Burnett

How Are the Mighty Fallen [fantasy of prehumans]
Where is the Bird of Fire
The Goat without Horns

Swanwick, Michael

In the Drift [post meltdown usa, vampire-like humans, politics]

Swift, [Dean] Jonathan [U.K., 1667-1745]

Gulliver's Travels [1726] [satire]

Tabori, Paul

The Green Rain

Taine, John [nee Professor Eric Temple Bell, Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1883-1960]

The Purple Sapphire [1924] [adventure in Tibet]
The Gold Tooth [1927]
Quayle's Invention [1927]
Green Fire [1928] [mad scientist!, weird science]
The Greatest Adventure [1929] [adventure in Antarctica, evolution run wild]
The Iron Star [1930] [metallic meteorite reverses evolution]
Before the Dawn [1934] [weird science, time viewing device]
The Time Stream [1946] [possibly the earliest story with time as a stream]
The Forbidden Garden [1947]
The Cosmic Geoids and One Other [1949] [contains "Black Goldfish"]
Seeds of Life [1951] [a scientist produces a superman]
The Crystal Horde [1952] [horror, weird science]
G.O.G. 666 [1954]

Tate, Peter

Moon on an Iron Meadow

Taylor, Keith


Temple, William F.

Battle of Venus
Shoot at the Moon

Tenn, William [nee Philip Klass]

Of All Possible Worlds
The Human Angle
Of Men and Monsters
The Seven Sexes
The Wooden Star
The Square Root of Man

Tepper, Sheri S.

The True Game Trilogy: [fantasy]
	Kings Blood Four [1983]
	Necromancer Nine [1983]
	Wizards Eleven [1984]
The Revenants [fantasy]
The Song of Mavin Manyshaped
The Search of Mavin Manyshaped [sequel to "The Song of Mavin Manyshaped"]
Jinnian Footseer

Tevis, Walter

The Steps of the Sun
The Man Who Fell to Earth

Thomas, Dan

The Seed
Seeds of Destruction

Thomas, Martin

Beyond the Spectrum

Thompson, A.

The Azriel Uprising

Thurston, Robert

A Set of Wheels

Tilley, Patrick


Timlett, Peter Valentine

The Seedbearers
The Power of the Serpent
Twilight of the Serpent

Tiptree, James, Jr. [also as Racoona Sheldon] [nee Alice Sheldon]

Up The Walls of the World [1978]
A Momentary Taste of Being [generation ship]
Brightness Falls from the Air
Ten Thousand Light Years from Home [1973] [col.]
Star Songs of an Old Primate [1978] [col.] [contains "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" - Hugo 1976 Nebula 1976]
Warm Worlds and Otherwise [col.]

Tolkien, [Professor] J[ohn] R[onald] R[euel] [South Africa, U.K., 1892-1973] [Gandalf Award 1974]

The Chronicles of Middle Earth: [fantasy, epic mythology]
	The Hobbit, or There and Back Again [1937] [juvenile] (14)
	The Lord of the Rings [omnibus] [IFA 1957] [epic fantasy, quest, linguistics] (41)
		The Fellowship of the Ring [1954]
		The Two Towers [1954]
		The Return of the King [1955]
	The Silmarillion [1977] [background tales about middle earth preceding The War] (4)
	Unfinished Tales [1982] [col.] [more background tales about middle earth] (3)
	The Book of Lost Tales [1984] [col.] [yet more...sigh]
Leaf By Niggle [fairy tale, includes Tolkien's On Fairystories]
Farmer Giles of Ham [fairy tale]
Smith of Wotton Major [faerie]
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil [col.] [epic poetry]

Tolstoy, Alexsey [U.S.S.R., ]

Ayelita [1922:]

Toomey, Robert E., Jr.

A World of Trouble [1973] [humour, galactic industrial spy]

Trimble, Louis

The City Machine

Tsiolokovskiy, Konstantin [U.S.S.R., ]

On the Moon [1893:] [classic exploratory sf by the father of rocketry]
Fantasies About Heaven and Earth [1895:]
Beyond Earth [1896:] [a russian favourite]

Tubb, E. C. [U.K., ]

The Dumarest of Terra Novels: [space opera]
	The Winds of Garth [1967]
	Toy Man
	Jester at Scar
	Eye of the Zodiac
	Jack of Swords
	Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun
	Haven of Darkness
	Prison of Night
	Incident on Ath
	Quillian Sector
	Web of Sand
The Space-Born [generation ship]
A Scatter of Stardust
Earth is Heaven
Century of the Manikin
C.O.D. Mars

Tucker, [Arthur] Wilson [1914- ]

The Long Loud Silence [1952] [post-holocaust]
The Year of the Quiet Sun [1970] [JWCA 1970] [time travel, race war]
The Time Masters [1971]
Ice & Iron [1975]
Resurrection Days [1981]
Wild Talent
To the Tombaugh Station
This Witch
The Warlock
A Procession of the Damned
Last Stop
The Lincoln Hunters
The Man in My Grave
City in the Sea
The Stalking Man
The Hired Target
Time Bomb
The Science-Fiction Subtreasury
Red Herring
The Dove
The Chinese Doll
To Keep or Kill

Twain, Mark [nee Samuel Langhorne Clemens]

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court [1889] [satire, time travel, Arthurian cycle] (2)

Van Arnam, Dave

Lord of Blood

Vance, Jack [/John] [Holbrook] [U.S.A., 1916- ]

The Planet of Adventure Series: [adventure] (3)
	City of the Chasch [1968]
	Servants of the Wankh [1969]
	The Dirdir [1969]
	The Pnume [1970]
The Demon Princes Series: [future civilization] (3)
	Star King [1964] [revenge]
	The Killing Machine [1964]
	The Palace of Love [1967]
	The Face (2)
	The Book of Dreams (2)
The Durdane Trilogy: (2)
	The Anome [1971] [aka "The Faceless Man"]
	The Brave Free Men [1972]
	The Asutra [1973]
The Alastor Cluster Novels: [travelogue] (2)
	Trullion: Alastor 2262 [1973]
	Marune: Alastor 993 [1975]
	Wyst: Alastor 1716
The Dying Earth Series: [far future, magic]
	The Dying Earth [1950] [col.] (12)
	The Eyes of the Overworld [1966]
	Cugel's Saga [1983]
Big Planet [1957] [survival on a very large planet]
The Languages of Pao [1957] [sociopolitical effects of different languages]
The Dragon Masters [1963] [novella] [Hugo 1963] [genetics] (2)
Lyonesse, Book I: Suldrun's Garden [1983]
The Narrow Land
Maske: Thaery
The Gray Prince
To Live Forever
Slaves of the Klau
Monsters in Orbit
The Brains of Earth
The Many Worlds of Magus Ridolph
The Blue World
Son of the Tree
House of Iszm
The Five Gold Bands
Showboat World [1975] [adventure on big planet]
Eight Fantasms and Magics [1970] [col.]
The World Between and Other Stories [col.]
The Best of Jack Vance [1976] [col.] [contains "The Last Castle" Hugo 1967 Nebula 1966] (2)

Van Scyoc, Sydney J.

Daughters of the Sunstone
	Starsilk [1985]

van Vogt, A[lfred] E[lton] [Canada, U.S.A., 1912- ]

The Weapon Shop Series: [superman, freedom through personal armament]
	The Weapon Shops of Isher [1951] (4)
	The Weapon Makers [1946]
The Null-A Series: [space opera, supermen] (2)
	The World of Null-A [1945] (2)
	The Players of Null-A [1956] [aka "The Pawns of Null-A"]
Slan [1946] [supermen] (5)
The Book of Ptath [1947] [aka "Two Hundred Million A.D."]
The Voyage of the Space Beagle [1950] [adventure] (2)
The Mixed Men [1952] [aka "Mission to the Stars"]
The War Against the Rull [1959] [war, gestalt psychology]
The Silkie [1969]
Pendulum [1978]
More than Superhuman
Future Glitter
Darkness on Diamondia
The Battle of Forever
The Children of Tomorrow
The Changeling
Empire of the Atom
Masters of Time
The Wizard of Linn
The Beast
M 33 in Andromeda
The Proxy Intelligence and Other Mind Benders [col.]
The Mind Cage
Earth Factor X
Rogue Ship
The Universe Maker
Quest for the Future
The House that Stood Still
The Violent Man
The Universe Maker
Away and Beyond [1952] [col.]
Destination: Universe! [1952] [col.]
Monsters [1965] [col.] [aka "A. E. van Vogt's Monsters]
The Book of A. E. van Vogt [1972] [col.]
The Best of A. E. van Vogt [col.]
The Far Out Worlds of A. E. van Vogt [col.]

van Vogt, A[lfred] E[lton] & Hull, E. Mayne

The Winged Man

Vardeman, R[obert] E.

The Cenotaph Road Series: [sword and sorcery]
	Cenotaph Road
	The Sorcerer's Skull
	World of Mazes
	Iron Tongue
	Fire and Fog
	Pillar of Night
The Jade Demons Series:
	The Quaking Lands
	The Frozen Waves
The Klingon Gambit: Star Trek #3 [star trek novel]
Mutiny on the Enterprise: Star Trek #12 [star trek novel]

Vardeman, R[obert] E. Milan, Victor

The War of Powers:
	The Sundered Realm

Varley, John

The Ophiuchi Hotline [1977] (5)
Millenium [time travel, future] (3)
The Titan Series: [world as organism] (3)
	Titan [1979] [first contact] (4)
	Wizard [1980]
The Barbie Murders [col.] (3)
Picnic on Nearside
The Persistence of Vision [1978] [col.] (11)

Verne, Jules [Gabriel] [France, 1828-1905]

Five Weeks in a Balloon [1863:]
Journey to the Center of the Earth [1864:]
From the Earth to the Moon [1865:] (2)
Around the Moon [1870:]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [1870:] (3)
Around the World in Eighty Days [1873:]
The Mysterious Island [1874] [return of captain nemo]
Michel Strogoff [1876:]
Robur the Conqueror [1886:]
The Purchase of the North Pole [1889:] [return of the baltimore gun club]
Propeller Island [1895:]
For the Flag [1896:]
The Ice Sphinx [1897] [sequel to Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym"]
Master of the World [1904:] [return of robur]
The Secret of Wilhem Storitz [1910:]

Vidal, Gore [U.S.A., 1925- ]

Messiah [1954]

Vinge, Joan D.

The Snow Queen Cycle:
	The Snow Queen [1980] [Hugo 1981] [alien civilization, anthropology] (5)
	World's End
Eyes of Amber and Other Stories [1979] [col.] [title story won Hugo]
The Outcasts of Heaven Belt

Vinge, Vernor

True Names [1984] [illus.] [ai, hackers, computers] (4)
The Peace War [1985]

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. [U.S.A., 1922- ]

Player Piano [1952] [satire, dystopia] (3)
The Sirens of Titan [1959] [space opera satire] (2)
Cat's Cradle [1963] [end of the world, purpose of religions] (7)
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater [1965]
Slaughterhouse-Five, or the Children's Crusade [1969] [sardonic satire, time travel] (5)
Welcome to the Monkey House [1970] [col.]
Breakfast of Champions [1973]
Slapstick [1976]
Jailbird [1979]
Deadeye Dick [1982]
Mother Night

Wagner, Karl Edward [1945- ]

The Road of Kings (Conan #4)
In a Lonely Place [col.]
The Kane Stories: [grim fantasy, bloodshed, magic]
	Darkness Weaves with Many Shades
	Death Angel's Shadow
	Dark Crusade
	Night Winds

Waldrop, Howard

Them Bones [parallel universe]

Waldrop, Howard & Saunders, Jake

The Texas-Israel War: 1999

Wallace, F[loyd] L. [U.S.A., ]

Address: Centauri [1955] [accidentals and mutants travel to the stars]

Wallace, Ian

The Adventure of Minds-In-Bodies Series:
	Every Crazy Wind
	The World Asunder
	Pan Sagittarius
The Croyd Spacetime Maneouvres Series:
	Dr. Orpheus
	A Voyage to Dari
	Heller's Dive
The St. Cyr Interplanetary Detective Mysteries:
	The Purloined Prince
	Deathstar Voyage
	The Sign of the Mute Medusa

Wallis, Dave

Only Lovers Left Alive [1964] [teen gangs, near future]

Walpole, Horace [U.K., 1717-1797]

The Castle of Otranto [1764] [classic gothic tale]

Walters, Hugh

First on the Moon

Walton, Evangeline [U.S.A., 1907- ]

Witch House [1945] [witchcraft]
The Sword of Forged
The Mabinogi Series: [fantasy, celtic mythology based on the Mabinogion]
	The Prince of Annwn [1974]
	The Children of Llyr [1971]
	The Song of Rhiannon [1972]
	The Island of the Mighty [1970] [aka "The Virgin and the Swine"]

Waters, T. A.

Center Force

Watson, Ian [U.K., ]

The Jonah Kit
The Gardens of Delight
Miracle Visitors
The Embedding

Waugh, Evelyn [Arthur] [St. John] [U.K., 1903-1966]

Love Among the Ruins [1953] [near future, huxleyan satire on mechanization]

Webb, Sharon

The Adventures of Terra Tarkington

Weinbaum, Stanley G[rauman] [,B.S.] [U.S.A., 1900-1935]

The Black Flame [1948] [two connected stories -title + "The Dawn of Flame"]
The New Adam [1939] [superman, philosophy]
The Dawn of Flame - The Weinbaum Memorial Volume [1936] [col.] [VERY rare collectors item, only 500 copies issued]
The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum [1974] [col.] [contains A Martian Odyssey]

Weinstein, Howard

The Covenant of the Crown: Star Trek #4 [a star trek novel]

Wellman, Manly Wade [West Africa, U.S.A., 1905- ] [Nebula Grand Master 1980] [Life Achievement Award 1980]

Beasts from Beyond [1950] [folklore, parallel universe]
Sojarr of Titan [1950]
The Devil Planet [1951]
Twice in Time [1957] [time travel]
The Dark Destroyers [1959] [alien invaders]
Giants from Eternity [1959] [plague, weird science]
The Solar Invasion [1968] [a Captain Future story]
The Lost and the Lurking
The Old Gods Waken
After Dark
The Hanging Stones
Who Fears the Devil [1963] [col.]
Worse Things Waiting [1975] [col.] [WFA 1975] [fantasy, horror]

Wellman, Manly Wade & Wellman, Wade

Sherlock Holmes's War of the Worlds [1975] [Sherlock and Professor Challenger retaliate against Well's martians]

Wells, H[erbert] G[eorge] [,B.Sc., D.Litt.] [U.K., 1866-1946]

The Time Machine [1895] [aka "The Chronic Argonauts"] [classic time travel, sociology] (19)
The Island of Dr. Moreau [1896] [animal mutations, nature of humanity, allegory]
The Invisible Man [1897] (4)
The War of the Worlds [1898] [classic alien invasion] (14)
When the Sleeper Wakes [1899] [aka "The Sleeper Wakes"] [sociology, dystopia]
The First Men in the Moon [1901] [classic exploration] (2)
The Food of the Gods [1904]
A Modern Utopia [1905] [efficient utopia, modern welfare state]
In the Days of the Comet [1906]
The War in the Air [1908]
Men Like Gods [1923] [utopia]
A Story of the Days to Come [1927]
The Shape of things To Come [1933]
The Star-Begotten [1937] [hypnopaedia]
The Country of the Blind and Other Stories [1913] [col.]
The Empire of the Ants and Other Stories [1977] [col.]

Wells, Robert

Right-Handed Wilderness

Werfel, Franz [Czechoslovakia, 1890- ]

Star of the Unborn [:1946]

White, James [U.K., 1928- ]

The Sector General Series: [space doctor] (2)
	Hospital Station [1962] [col.]
	Star Surgeon [1963] [col.]
	Major Operation [1971]
	[also in series...]
	Ambulance Ship [1979]
The Secret Visitors [1957] [galactic tourist agency exploits earth]
Second Ending [1962] [one man left in universe of robots]
The Escape Orbit [1965] [aka "Open Prison"] [escape from p.o.w. planet]
The Watch Below [1966] [people survive in submerged ship]
All Judgement Fled [1968]
The Dream Millenium
Tomorrow is Too Far
The Aliens Among Us
Deadly Litter [1964] [col.]

White, T[erence] H[anbury] [,B.A.] [India, U.K., 1906-1964]

The Arthurian Cycle:
	The Once and Future King [1958] [rewrite, Candle in the Wind added] [aka "Camelot"] [fantasy, arthurian cycle] (3)
		The Sword in the Stone [1938] [juvenile]
		The Illmade Knight [1940]
		The Witch in the Wood [1939] [aka "The Queen of Air and Darkness"]
	The Book of Merlyn [1977]
Mistress Masham's Repose [1946] [juvenile, fantasy, child meets descendants of Lilliputians]
The Elephant and the Kangaroo [1947] [juvenile fantasy, ark]
The Master [1957] [juvenile fantasy]
The Maharajah and Other Stories [col.]

White, Ted [/Theodore] [Edward] [U.S.A., 1938- ]

Android Avenger [1965]
Phoenix Prime [1966] [adventure, superman]
Lost in Space [1967] [as Ron Archer] [with Dave Van Arnam] [based on TV series]
Secret of the Marauder Satellite [1967] [juvenile]
The Sorceress of Qar [1968] [sequel to "Phoenix Prime"]
Captain America [1968] [based on the comic]
Jewels of Elsewhen [1968] [alternate universe]
Spawn of the Death Machine [1968]
Star Wolf!
Invasion from 2500 [as Norman Edwards]

White, Ted [/Theodore] [Edward] & Van Arnam, Dave

Sideslip [1968] [alternate universe]

Wibberley, Leonard [Francis] [U.S.A., 1915- ]

The Mouse Series: [humour]
	The Mouse that Roared [1955] [aka "The Wrath of Grapes"]
	Beware of the Mouse [1958]
	The Mouse on the Moon [1962]
Attar of the Ice Valley [1968] [juvenile]
The Coming of the Green [1958]
Encounter Near Venus [1967] [juvenile]
A Feast of Freedom [1964]
McGillicuddy McGotham [1956] [fantasy, leprechauns]
The Quest of Excalibur [1959] [arthurian]

Wilcox, Don

The Voyage That Lasted 600 Years [generation ship]

Wilder, Cherry

A Princess of the Chameln

Wilhelm, Kate [U.S.A., 1928- ]

The Nevermore Affair [1966] [immortality, politics]
The Killer Thing [1967] [aka "The Killing Thing"] [killer robot]
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang [1976] [Hugo 1977] [post-holocaust, cloning] (4)
Juniper Time
Let the Fire Fall
The City of Cain
Margaret and I
Listen, Listen
Welcome, Chaos
The Mile-Long Spaceship [1963] [col.] [aka "Andover and the Android"]
The Downstairs Room and Other Speculative Fiction [1968] [col.]
The Infinity Box [1979] [col.]


Aubade for Gamelon

Williams, Gordon

The Micronauts [1977] [illus.]
The Microcolony [1979] [sequel to "The Micronauts"]

Williams, Paul O.

The Breaking of Northwall
The Ends of the Circle
The Dome In the Forest
The Fall of the Shell
An Ambush of Shadows
The Song of the Axe

Williamson, Jack [/John] [Stewart] [,Ph.D.] [U.S.A., 1908- ]

The Humanoid Touch
The Star Bridge
The Moon Children
Starburst [generation ship]
The Humanoids [1950] [robots]
The Legion of Space Series:
	The Legion of Space [1934] [space opera]
	The Cometeers [1950] [sequel to "The Legion of Space"]
	One Against the legion
The Legion of Time [1952]
Darker Than You Think [1940] [horror]
The People Machines
Power of Darkness
The SeeTee Books [omnibus] [as Will Stewart] [antimatter]
	SeeTee Ship [1951]
	SeeTee Shock [1950]
The Best of Jack Williamson [col.]

Wilson, Colin [U.K., 1931- ]

The Mind Parasites [1967]
The Space Vampires [1976]
The Philosopher's Stone
The Killer [non-sf]

Wilson, F. Paul

Wheels Within Wheels
The Keep [fantasy about nazis vs a vampire]
An Enemy of the State

Wilson, Richard

The Girls from planet Five

Wilson, Robert Anton

The Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy: [philosophy of quantum mechanics, humour]
	The Universe Next Door
	The Trick Top Hat
	The Homing Pigeons [1981]
Masks of the Illuminati!
The Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of Illuminati!
The Illuminati! Papers [col.]
The Earth Will Shake

Wold, Allen

V: The Crivit Experiment

Wolfe, Gene [U.S.A., 1931- ]

The Book of the New Sun Tetralogy: [soft sf, far future, world creation] (17)
	The Shadow of the Torturer [1980] [WFA 1981] [BSFA 1982] (2)
	The Claw of the Conciliator [1981] [Nebula 1981]
	The Sword of the Lictor
	The Citadel of the Autarch
Peace [Chicago Foundation of Literature Award 1977]
Operation Ares
The Devil in a Forest [1976] [fantasy]
Free Live Free [1984]
The Gene Wolfe Book of Days [col.]
The Fifth Head of Cerberus [1972] [col.] (3)
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and other stories [1980] [col.] [title story - Nebula 1973]

Wollheim, Donald A.

Secret of the Martian Moons
Secret of Saturn's Rings

Wrede, Patricia C.

The Seven Towers
Talking to Dragons [illus.] [juvenile, fantasy]
Daughter of Witches
Shadow Magic
The Harp of Imach Thyssel [1985]

Wren, M. K.

The Phoenix Legacy Trilogy:
	Sword of the Lamb
	Shadow of the Swan
	House of the Wolf

Wright, S[idney] Fowler [1847- ?]

Deluge [1928] [extremely literate early disaster story]
Dawn [1929] [sequel to "Deluge"]

Wrightson, Patricia

The Ice is Coming [fantasy]

Wurts, Janny

Sorcerer's Legacy

Wylie, Philip [1902-1971]

Gladiator [1930] [supeman]
Triumph! [post holocaust]
Tomorrow [us-ussr nuclear exchange, civil defence]
The End of the Dream [1972] [catastrophe through environmental disasters]
The Disappearance [1951] [sexual dichotomy, parallel worlds]

Wylie, Philip & Balmer, Edwin

When Worlds Collide [1932] [early disaster novel]
After Worlds Collide [1933] [sequel to When Worlds Collide]

Wyndham, John [nee John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris] [U.K., 1903-1969]

Stowaway to Mars [1935] [aka "Planet Plane"] [as John Beynon]
The Secret People [1935] [as John Beynon]
The Day of the Triffids [1951] [catastrophe, killer plants] (8)
Out of the Deeps [1953] [aka "The Kraken Wakes"] [catastrophe, deep sea monsters] (2)
Rebirth [1955] [aka "The Chrysalids"] [post-holocaust, politics, prejudice] (3)
The Midwich Cuckoos [1957] [filmed as The Village of the Damned] (4)
The Outward Urge [1959] [with "Lucas Parkes"-also Wyndham]
Trouble with Lichen [1960]
Chocky [1968]
The Infinite Moment
Tales of Gooseflesh and Laughter [col.]
Wanderers of Time [col.] [as John Beynon]
The Seeds of Time [1956] [col.]
Consider Her Ways and Others [1961] [col.]
Sleepers of Mars [1973] [col.] [as John Beynon]

Yano, Ryukei [Japan, ]

A Castle on the Sea [1890:] [a sort of japanese jules verne]

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn [1942- ]

The Count de Saint-Germain Series: [occult, historical, vampires]
	Hotel Transylvania
	The Palace
	Blood Games
	Path of the Eclipse
	Tempting Fate [1982]
Ariosto [historical fantasy, alternate reality]
False Dawn

Yates, W. R.

Diasporah [1985] [post nuclear exchange Israel goes to space]

Yep, Laurence

Shadow Lord: Star Trek #22

Yermakov, Nicholas


Yolen, Jane

Dragon's Blood [fantasy]
The Cards of Grief

Zahn, Timothy

Blackcollar [1984] [resistance against conquering aliens]

Zamyatin, Yevgeny [Ivanovich] [U.S.S.R., France, 1884-1937]

We [1920:1924] [dystopia, considered to have heavily influenced 1984] (2)

Zebrowski, George

The Omega Point

Zelazny, Roger [Joseph] [,M.A.] [U.S.A., 1937- ]

The Chronicles of Amber Pentalogy: [alternate magic worlds] (12)
	Nine Princes in Amber [1970] (6)
	The Guns of Avalon [1972]
	Sign of the Unicorn [1975]
	The Hand of Oberon [1976]
	The Courts of Chaos [1978]
	[also in series....]
	Trumps of Doom (2)
This Immortal [1966] [Hugo 1966] [aka "...And Call Me Conrad"] [immortal superman] (6)
The Dream Master [1966] [novelization of "He Who Shapes" Nebula 1965] [psychiatry]
Lord of Light [1967] [Hugo 1968] [superhumans, mythology, religion] (23)
Creatures of Light and Darkness [1969] (7)
Isle of the Dead [1969]
Damnation Alley [1969]
Jack of Shadows [1971] [alternate earth, magic, superman] (4)
To Die in Italbar [1973]
Doorways in the Sand [1976] [eternal undergrad is embroiled with ETs] (6)
Roadmarks [1979] [time travel, time as a highway, superbeings] (5)
The Last Defender of Camelot
Unicorn Variations (2)
The Changeling [illus.]
Eye of Cat
The Changing Land
My Name is Legion
Four for Tomorrow [1967] [col.] (2)
The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth [1971] [col.] [contains eponymous story Nebula 1965] (6)

Zimmer, Paul Edwin

The Lost Prince
King Chondos' Ride

Zulawski, Jerzy [,Ph.D.] [Poland, 1847-? ]

The Lunar Trilogy: [religion, sociology, philosophy] [considered an untranslated classic]
	The Silver Globe [1903:]
	The Victor [1910:]
	The Old Earth [1911:]

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