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Okay, having read the funny stuff after someone followed up with a URL that explained the Narn Bat Squad, I hereby present "The Babylon-5 Moto-Cross!" Having already done this for DS9, I figure it's time to ask the question here as well, the one question that has been burning in our minds, keeping us up, taking most of our concentration away from daily matters:

What car would everyone drive?

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE. So I've got a car fetish. Sue me.

1) Sheridan – Yet a big Dodge pickup truck with a big magnum engine and a dumb mutt dog on the passenger seat. One of those little license plate frames that look like a chain. 2) Delenn – a Tucker torpedo with a 440 squeezed into it, something truly bizarre yet massively powerful. 3) Ivanova – a jeep with spikes on the wheel covers like the chariots in Ben Hur :-) Optional bumpersticker that says "If you can read this, you are within weapons range," and the little Yosemite Sam mudflaps that say "BACK OFF!" (with "Marcus" written underneath) 4) Garibaldi – a GTO, some big ol' gas-sucker that rips pavement apart, possibly with a tach in the hood and flames painted on the front. BIG tires. 5) Franklin – not sure, seems like the red Jeep Cherokee type. He has to wear hot shit sunglasses while driving. 6) Marcus – a beat-up old MG that has been tinkered with like mad until it can go 250mph (for twelve seconds until it over-revs and shoots the rods right through the hood – lively, cute but rumpled, and looks like it might careen right over a cliff if you're not steering carefully) 7) Bester – anything with a Stealth paint job. Probably a black panel van with government plates 8) Londo – a big obnoxious Cadillac pimpmobile with a wet bar and a jacuzzi in the deck lid. Rotten exhaust – belches black smoke all over everyone.

What would everone else drive?

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  1. - Len Cool, "American Pie"
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