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SF and Fantasy Alternate Sexuality Listing

NEW NOTE: My paper is due Monday. If anybody knows in what Arthur C. Clarke book he mentions orbitl satellites, please e-mail me title, and, if possible, bibliographic information. MANY MANY THANKS!

(All comments and critique welcome. I'd appreciate any comments on the books listed here, any additional books by these authors, regardless of sexual content, and anything you may have forgotten or assumed somebody else would recommend :-). In addition, I'm also looking for more non-positive renditions of alternate sexuality in fantasy…feel free to send me SF too and I'll add it to the list even though I may not use it for my paper. I don't have time to read all of these, so I'm relying on your comments. Not everything listed here may be sf/f.

Please, if you recommend something, or correct something, let me know if it's fantasy or science fiction.

Many, many thanks…I'm sorry I can't thank you all personally. I'll keep posting updated lists every couple of weeks.)


Garber, Eric & Lyn Paleo

Uranian Worlds: A Reader's Guide to Alternate Sexuality in Science
Fiction and Fantasy


Across the Wounded Galaxy: Interviews with writers

Delany, Samuel R.

The Jewel-Hinged Jaw (contains a critique of LeGuin's
The Dispossessed)

Frye, Northrop

Jamison, Frederick


Amazing Stories

Quick, W.T. - "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" - March


Byers Edward - "The Disconnect" - August 1982
Turtledov, Harry - _The Great Unknown_ = April, May, June 1991


Varley's "Eight Worlds" stories - mid-to-late 70s


Varley, John - "The Barbie Murders" - Feb 1978
Shepard, Lucius - "A Traveler's Tale" - July 1984
Rainbow, Tom - "The Science Fiction of Sex change" - July 1985
Jablokov, Alexander - "The Death Artist" - Aug 1990
Casper, Susan - "Nine Tenths of the Law" - Jul 1991
Varley, John - "Her Girl Friday" - Aug 1992

F & SF Magazine

Heinlein, Robert - "All You Zombies" - March 1959
Varley, John - "Picnic on Nearside" - Aug 1974


Shepard, Lucius - "Life of Buddha"  - May 1988
Calder, Richard - "Mosquito" - Jul 1990


Ellison, Harlan - "Erotophobia" - 1981


Heym, Stefan - "The Wachsmuth Syndrome" - Sept 1972


Baen, Jim - New Destinies IX
	Flynn, Michael - "Werehouse" - Fall 1990
Carr, Terry - Universe 9 & 10
	Varley, John - "Options"
	Busby, F.M. - "First Person Plural"
Datlow, Ellen - Alien Sex
	Baker, Scott - "The Jamesburg Incubus"
Decarnin, Camilla - Worlds Apart:  An Anthology of Lesbian and
Gay Science Fiction and Fantasy
Del Rey, Judy-Lynn - Stellar 7
	Hogan, James - "Identity Crises"
Dozois, Gardner - Year's Best - 7th and 8th
	Brennert, Alan - "The Third Sex"
	Jablokov, Alex - "The Death Artist"
Elder, Joseph - Eros in Orbit
	Scortia, Thomas - "Flowering Narcissus"
Elliot, Jeffrey M. - Kindred Spirits:  An Anthology of Gay and
Lesbian Science Fiction

Foster, Alan Dean - Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves
	Lynn, Elizabeth - "The Man who was Pregnant"
Knight, Damon - Orbit 9
	Wilhem, Kate - "The Infinity Box"
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn - Pulphouse3
	Brennert, Alan - "the Third Sex"
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda - Amazons! & Amazins II
	Tomoe Gozen series
Sargent, Pamela - Bio-Futures
	LeGuin, Ursula K. - "Nine Lives"
Scortia, Thomas - Strange Bedfellows
	Carlson, W. - "Dinner at Helen's"
Torgeson, Ray - Chrysalis 1
	Lynn, Elizabeth - "The Man Who was Pregnant"
ed (?) - Interzone 2
	Gibson, William - "The Brains of Rats" 
			(bisexual transvestite)
ed (?) - Burning Chrome
	Gibson, William & Shirley - "The Belonging Kind"

Fantasy & SF:

Anderson, Poul

Eutopia (short story)

Andros, Phil

Below the Belt % Other Stories
The Boys in Blue
Different Strokes:  Stories
Roman Conquests
Stud:  A Novel

Anthony, Piers (SF)

Trilogy: (threesome)
Pornucopia (bisexual (sorta) male protagonist, good for a

Aspirin, Robert (F)

Thieves' World series, ed.
Myth series
	Myth-ing Persons
	Myth-nomers and Im-pervections
	M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
	Myth Directions
	Myth Conceptions
	Little Myth Marker
	Hit or Myth
	Another Fine Myth

Atwood, Margaret (SF)

The Handmaid's Tale (also made into a reasonably good movie,
	although they change the ending)

Baker, Sharon: (boy prostitute) (SF/F)

Quarreling, They Met the Dragon
Journey to Membliar
The Burning Tears of Sassurum

Barrus, Tim

Genocide (short story collection)

Baudino, Gael (F)

Dragon Trilogy (men changed into women - some become lesbians,
		some don't, some suicide)
Gossamer Axe (woman searching for her lesbian lover)
Strands of Starlight

de Berg, Jean

The Image

Bishop, Michael

Unicorn Mountain

Bradbury, Ray (SF)

I Sing the Body Electric (collection)
	"The Warm Wind and the Cold" ('swishy gay boys')

Bradley, Marion Zimmer (SF/F) (bisexuality accepted, women's society with many lesbians, oppressions of women)

Darkover series
	Thendara House
	The Forbidden Tower
	The World Wreckers
	The Heritage of Hastur
Lythande (cross-dressing lesbian protagonist)
Mists of Avalon (Arthurian fantasy from the point of view of
	three women - quite good)
Warrior Woman (very bad!) (F) (numerous lesbian characters)
Ruins of Isis (SF) (numerous lesbian characters)

Bujold, Lois McMaster (SF)

Shards of Honor
Miles Vorkosigan series (hermaphrodite character)
	The Warrior's Apprentice
	The Vor Game
	Ethan of Athos (gay protagonist from a planet of men)
	Brothers in Arms
	Borders of Infinity (three novellas)

Burroughs, William S.

The Naked Lunch

Busby, F.M.

Zelda M'Tana
Breeds of Man

Butler, Octavia (aliens transform our race - surprisingly good) (SF)

Adulthood Rites
Imago (out of print - if you know where to get a copy, please
	let me know!)

Cadigan, Pat

"Pretty Boy Crossover" (somewhere in Asimov's)

Califa, Pat (SF) (lesbians +)

Doc & Fluff
Macho Sluts (collection)

Card, Orson Scott (SF) (author is rabidly homophobic)

Songmaster (homosexual pedastery)
Heart's Hope (F) (rape)
Ender's Game (excellent, despite author's prejudices)
Speaker for the Dead
The Tales of Alvin Maker

Carter, Lin (F)

Tara of the Twilight

Chalker, Jack L. (gender-changing)

Changewinds series: (SF/F)
	When the Changewinds Blow
	Riders of the Winds
	War of the Maelstrom
Soul Rider series: (SF/F)
	Spirits of Flux and Anchor
	Empires of Flux and Anchor
	Masters of Flux and Anchor
	The Birth of Flux and Anchor
	Children of Flux and Anchor
River of the Dancing Gods series (F)
Rings of the Master series (SF)

Cherryh, C.J. (SF) (bisexual characters - political handicap)

Cyteen trilogy (only a trilogy in US paperback edition)

Clarke, Arthur C. (SF) (recommended)

Imperial Earth (protagonist is bisexual man - bisexuality norm)
Songs of Distant Earth
Rendezvous with Rama (gay couple)

Constantine, Storm (SF)

The Monstrous Regiment (struggle for sexual equality on a
planet slipping from a proto-feminist society to a matriarchal
Wraeththu series: (humans mutating into hermaphrodites)
	The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
	The Bewitchment of Love and Hate (out of print - if
		you know where to get a copy, please tell me!)
	The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire
Hermetech (protagonist is bi female; bi males)

Cooke, John Peyton

Cooper, Edmund (SF)

Seahorse in the Sky (minor gay character)

Delany, Samuel (highly recommended)

Babel-17 (SF)
Dhalgren (SF) (explicit bisexual scenes, alternative
The Jewels of Astor
Neveryona series: (F)
	Tales of Neveryon
	Flight from Neveryon
	Return to Neveryon
	The Bridge of Lost Desire
Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand (SF)
Triton (SF)
The Motion of Light on Water (autobiography)

Heavenly Breakfast (autobiography)

Disch, Tom

334 (sex in pre-pubescents; strange sex roles)
On Wings of Song
+ some short stories

Drake, David & S.M. Stirling

The General series: (3 major characters in a family)
	The Forge
	The Hammer
	The Anvil (forthcoming)
	The Steel (forthcoming)

Dreher, Sarah

Duane, Diane (F) (bisexuality is the norm; positive)

Door into Fire
Door into Shadow
Door into Sunset
Door into Starlight (forthcoming)

Elliot, Jeffrey

Fancher, Jane S. (trilogy with bisexual male protagonists)

Harmonies ofthe Net

Farmer, Philip Jose (bisexual vampires)

Image of the Beast

Finch, Sheila

Infinity's Web

Forrest, Katherine

Dreams & Swords
Daughters of the Coral Dawn

Franklin, Patrick

The Uncertainty of Strangers
Sea Gift (short story)

Gearhart, Sally Miller

The Wanderground

Gerrold, David

The Man Who Folded Himself

Gibson, William (SF)

Sprawl trilogy
	Count Zero
	Mona Lisa Overdrive

Gladney, Heather

Teot's War

Gomez, Jewelle

The Gilda Chronicles

Haldeman, Joe (SF)

The Forever War (homosexuality the norm)
Worlds Apart

Hambly, Barbara (cruel, insane gay character)

The Silent Tower
The Silicon Mage

Harrison, Harry (SF)

Star Smasher of the Galaxy Rangers

Heinlein, Robert A. (SF)

I Will Fear No Evil (male becomes biseuxal female)
Stranger in a Strange Land (bisexual male protagonist)
Number of the Beast
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (clan marriages; line marriages)
Time Enough for Love (bisexual incest, in an odd kind of way)
Friday (bisexual female protagonist)
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Herbert Frank (SF)

God Emperor of Dune (lesbians in the army ?)

Huff, Tanya

Fire's Stone
Blood Price
Blood Trail

Keegan, Mel

Death's Head (gay men)

Kerr, Katherine


Kushner, Ellen (F)

Swordspoint (bisexual man and gay man)
Thomas the Rhymer (no bi or gay content, but a great book)

Lackey, Mercedes (F)

Arrows trilogy: (gay characters)
	Arrows of the Queen
	Arrow's Flight
	Arrow's Fall
Last Herald-Mage trilogy: (gay protagonists)
	Magic's Pawn
	Magic's Promise
	Magic's Price
Winds of Fate
Winds of Change
Knight of Ghosts & Shadows (with Ellen Guon) (triple)
Summoned to Tourney (with Ellen Guon) (sequel to _Knight_)
Diana Tregarde series: (pagan witch)
	Children of the Night
	Burning Water
	Jinx High
Serrated Edge series:
	Born to Run (with Larry Dixon) (boy prostitute)
	Wheels of Fire (with Mark Shepherd)

Lee, Tanith

Flat Earth series (everyone is bi):
	Night's Master
	Death's Master
	Delusion's Master
	Delerium's Mistress
	Night's Sorceries
Birthgrave trilogy (countries where homosexuality
Stormlord		is common)

LeGuin, Ursula K. (SF)

The Left Hand of Darkness (neuter alien, except during mating,
	when can be either sex; seminal work)
The Dispossessed (some bisexuality)

Littell, Jonathan (cyberpunk)

Bad Voltage (gay male protagonist)

Logston, Anne (F)

Shadow Hunt
Shadow Dance

Lynn, Elizabeth (F)

Chronicles of Tornor:
	Dancers of Arun
	Northern Girl
The Sardonyx Net (SF) (sadism and incest; moderately sympathetic)
The Woman Who Loved the Moon (short story collection)
	(also in Amazons!, ed. J.A. Salmonson)
A Different Light (gay male protagonists)
"The Man Who Was Pregnant" (short story)

Marks, Laurie J.

Delan the Mislaid (a world with race of hermaphrodites)
The Moonbane Mage
Ara's Field
The Watcher's Mask (different world; no LBG content)

McCaffrey, Anne (SF/F)

Dragonrider series: (implications that some green riders are gay)
	The White Dragon
The Harper Hall of Pern:
Moreta (specific incident with gay male dragonriders)
Nerilka's Story
Renegades of Pern
All the Weyrs of Pern

McGeehee, Peter

McGregory, Loren (F)

The Net (lesbian, gay and bi characters)

McIntyre, Vonda N. (SF)

Starfarers (partnership of two men and a woman)

Meier, Shirley

Shadow's Daughter (2nd book in series with S.M. Stirling)
The Sharpest Edge (with Stirling)
The Cage (with Stirling)
Shadow's Son (with Stirling and Karen Wehrstein)

Meluch, R.M. (SF)

Sovereign (bisexual male protagonist)

Minns, Eric

Island Boy

Moon, Elizabeth

Deed of Paksenarrion (pair of lesbians; homosexuality fairly
		normal though uncommon, asexual heroine)

Moorcock, Michael (classic)

Gloriana (F) (detailed exploration of sexuality)
many, many SF novels which mention bisexuality in passing
Adventures of Catherine Cornelius and Una Persson in the 20th
	Century (SF)

Morrow, James

Nader, George


Niven, Larry (SF) (recommended)

Ringworld (ritualized sex between species)
The Integral Trees (lesbian warriors)

Piercy, Marge (SF)

Woman at the Edge of Time (bisexual utopia)
He, She, & It (sexual relationship with android)

Pohl, Fred (SF)

Gateway (bisexuality is the norm and concern of protagonist)

Pollack Rachel

"Black Rose, White Rose" (short story)

Pynchon, Thomas

The Crying of Lot 49
V., A Novel
Gravity's Rainbow
Slow Learner (short story collection)

Reage, Pauline (not SF or F, but fascinating anyway)

The Story of O (I & II) (s&m, lesbians, slavery)

Rice, Anne (F)

Vampire series:
	Interview with a Vampire
	The Vampire Lestat
	Queen of the Damned
	Tale of the Body Thief
Cry to Heaven
Exit to Eden (as Anne Rampling) (s&m)
Sleeping Beauty series (as A.N. Roquelaire) (s&m) 
	The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
	Beauty's Punishment
	Beauty's Release

Ridley, Philip

Crocodilia [publ:  Brilliance]

Rivkin, J.F. (F)

Silverglass series: (two bisexual female protagonists)
	Web of Wind
	Witch of Rhosthyl
	Mistress of Ambiguities

Robinson, Spider (SF)

Timepressure (scared butch men discovering bisexuality)
Callahan's Lady 
Lady Slings the Booze 

Russ, Joanna

The Female Man
Zanzibar Cat (short story collection)
	"When It Changed" (also in Ellison's _Dangerous
		Visions_, and Nestle's _Women on Women_)
	"Mr Wilde's Second Chance"
Extraordinary People (short story collection)
	"Mystery of the Young Gentleman"
Hidden Side of the Moon (short story collection)
	"Cliches From Outer Space"

Ryman, Geoff

The Child Garden

Schulman, J. Neil (SF)

The Rainbow Cadenza (gay men, scarcity of women)

Scott, Melissa

Mighty Good Road  (SF) (lesbian protagonist)
The Armor of Light (with Lisa Barnett) (F) (several gay males)

Shirley, John (SF) (gay, lesbian)

A Song Called Youth (aka Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, etc)

Silverberg, Robert (SF/F)

At Winter's End (bisexual woman; twining?; voluntary conception)
Book of Skulls

Slonczewski, Joan (SF) (good)

Door into Ocean

Smith, Cordwainer

The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdahl
	(women die out; men survive by cloning)

Spedding, (Alison) (F) (bisexual female protagonist in sexist and

		homophobic society)
The Road and the Hills
A Cloud over Water
The Streets of the City

Stirling, S.M.

Marching Through Georgia
Under the Yoke (lesbians)
The Stone Dogs (first real treatment of homosexuality in
Snowbrother (rest of series see Meier and Wehrstein)

Sturgeon, Theodore (SF)

Venus Plus X (gender identity)
"The World Well Lost", _E.Pluribus Unicorn_

Tarr, Judith (F)

Avaryan Rising:
	The Hall of the Mountain King (bi mercenaries)	
	The Lady of Han-Gilen
	A Fall of Princes (two rival princes fall in love, one
	eventually undergoes a sorcerous sex-change)

Tepper, Sheri S.

Side Show (SF) (hermaphrodites, incest) 
True Game series: (F)
	The Song of Mavin Manyshaped
	The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped
	The Search of Mavin Manyshaped
	King's Blood Four
	Necromancer Nine
	Wizard's Eleven
	Jinian Footseer
	Jinian Dervish Daughter
	Jinian Star-Eye
The Gate to Women's Country
Raising the Stones

Tiptree, James (SF)

Starsongs of an Old Primate (short story collection)
	Your Haploid Heart
	A Momentary Taste of Being
Her Smoke Rose up Forever (short story col.)
	Your Faces, O My Sisters!
	Houston, Houston, Do Read?
	With Delicate Mad Hands

Vance, Jack (F)

The Green Pearl (second in Lyonesse trilogy - bisexual and
homosexual characters)

Varley, John

Gaea Trilogy: (SF/F) (bisexual woman hero)
Opiuchi Hotline (SF) (sex change)
The Persistence of Vision (SF)
The Barbie Murders (SF)
Hall of the Martian Kings (SF)
Blue Champagne (SF)
Steel Beach

Vinge, Vernor (SF)

Marooned in Realtime (lesbians)
Across Realtime
Peace War series (married lesbians)

Wehrstein, Karen

Lion's Heart
Lion's Soul
Shadow's Son (with Shirley Meier and S.M. Stirling)

Wilhelm, Kate

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Wittig, Monique

Les Guirilleres

Woolf, Virginia

Orlando (sex-changing across time)

Wright, Helen (SF)

A Matter of Oaths (bisexuality is the norm)

Yolen, Jane (F)

Sister Light, Sister Dark (gay themes)
White Jenna


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