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Cursor Position

ESC [#;#H Moves cursor to the position specified by the parameters.  The first
    parameter is the line number, and the second is the column number.
    If no parameter is given, it moves the cursor to the home position.

Cursor Up

ESC [#A Moves the cursor up one line without changing columns.  The value of
  # determines the lines to move up.  The default value for # is one.

Cursor Down

ESC [#B Same as Cursor Up, except it moves the cursor down.

Cursor Forward

ESC [#C Moves the cursor forward one column without changing lines.  The value
  of # determines the number of columns moved.

Cursor Backward

ESC [#D Same as cursor forward, except it moves the cursor backward.

Horizontal and Vertical Position

ESC [#;#f Same as cursor position.

Device Status Report

ESC [6n The console driver will output a CPR sequence on reciept of DSR
   (See below).

Cursor Position Report

ESC [#;#R The CPR sequence reports the current cursor position through the

   standard output device.  The first parameter specifies the current
   line and the second parameter specifies the current column.

Save Cursor Position

ESC [s The current cursor position is saved. This cursor position can be

   restored with the RCP sequence.

Restore Cursor Position

ESC [u Restores the cursor to the value it had when the console driver

   recieved the Save Cursor Position sequence.

Erase Display

ESC [2j Erases all of the screen and the cursor goes to the home position. Erase in Line

ESC [k Erases from the cursor to the end of line and includes the cursor


Set Graphics Rendition

ESC Sets the character attribute specified by the parameter(s). All of [#;…;#m the following characters will have the attribute according to the

   parameter(s) until the next occurrence of SGR.
   0   All attributes Off (normal white on black).
   1   Bold On (high intensity)
   4   Underscore on (IBM Monochrome Display Only)
   5   Blink On
   7   Reverse Video On
   8   Cancelled On (invisible)
   30  Black foreground
   31  Red foreground
   32  Green foreground
   33  Yellow foreground
   34  Blue foreground
   35  Magenta foreground
   36  Cyan foreground
   37  White foreground
   40  Black Background
   41  Red Background
   42  Green background
   43  Yellow Background
   44  Blue background
   45  Magenta background
   46  Cyan background
   47  White background

Set Mode

ESC [=#h Invokes the screen width or type specified by the parameter. ESC [=h ESC [=0h 0 40x25 black and white ESC [?7h 1 40x25 color

   2   80x25 black and white
   3   80x25 color
   4   320x200 color
   5   320x200 balck and white
   6   640x200 black and white
   7   wrap at end of linte (typing past end-of-line results in new

Reset Mode

ESC [=#I Parameters are the same as above except that parameter 7 will reset ESC [=I wrap at end-of-line mode (characters past end-of-line are thrown ESC [=0I away) ESC [?7I

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