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                      ALLEGED VIVISECTION MISHAP

Nettwerk/Capitol Records artists SKINNY PUPPY were arrested Sunday, October 23, following their show in Cincinnati, Ohio. Arrested for disorderly conduct following a misunderstanding about a portion of their live performance intended to protest animal vivisection, the band had to spend the night in jail but were released the following day.

Currently on the Head Trauma Tour in support of their recently released LP VIVIsectVI, SKINNY PUPPY simulates an "operation" on a toy stuffed animal named "Chud" as part of the show, graphically symbolizing the horrors of vivisection research. Apparently an audience member mistook "Chud" for a real dog and called the police.

Without identifying themselves, two plain-clothed police officers entered their dressing room after the show demanding to see the dog. Words were exchanged between SKINNY PUPPY and the officers. As a result, bandmembers Ogre, Cevin Key, and the tour manager Dan McGee were arrested for disorderly conduct. They were released after their night in jail and fined $200.00.

Bandmember Ogre issued a statement about the incident, "I find it paradoxical that the police can justify arresting us on the assumption that we mutilate and experiment on live animals for a theatrical performance when the inhuman reality is that it occurs in over 300 laboratories a day."

SKINNY PUPPY has long been outspoken about protesting the use of animals for research and, in fact, chose their name to emphasize their feelings about the issue.

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