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From davek@uhunix3.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu Sat Mar 26 22:19:29 EST 1994 Article: 2838 of alt.zines Newsgroups:,,alt.binaries.sounds.misc,alt.zines Path:!!gatech!swrinde!!ames!news.Hawaii.Edu!uhunix3.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu!davek From: davek@uhunix3.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (David Komatsu) Subject: Announce: Sound Newsletter #18: Info on Computer Sound Message-ID: CLp4Cz.A5F@news.Hawaii.Edu Sender: news@news.Hawaii.Edu Organization: University of Hawaii Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 21:14:59 GMT Lines: 67 Xref: alt.binaries.sounds.misc:16467 alt.zines:2838


The Sound Site Newsletter
Issue #18 November/December 1993


Copyright (C) 1993 by David Komatsu All Rights Reserved.


This may be distributed to bulletin boards, FTP sites or other
media as long as there is no charge to receive the newsletter
o Submissions for next issue accepted until December 1


In Issue #18

o Special Thanks o Do you want to announce a new product? o News

o MOD Charts

o Sound Bits

o Noisemaster 2.0 *Update*
o CD-BOX V3.05 *Update*
o DMP 2.77 *Update*
o The Wave Utilities 2.3 *Update*
o Mod4Win *New*

o Anonymous FTP sound Sites o Bulletin Board Listing o Extra Files

o Sound Authors List (author.txt)
o Sound BBS list (sound.bbs)
o Index of sound Newsletters (index.txt)
o List of Modplayers (modplayr.txt)
o Sound Site CD-ROM (cd-rom.inf)

Available by anonymous FTP from (misc/sound) (pc/sound)

If you do not have FTP request it via the following mailserver:

Please use "" as the subject line and include the following in the body of the message. A uuencoded version will be mailed directly to you. Please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.

connect binary uuencode chdir pub/misc/sound get quit IS the NEW sound site. Try it out today ! ! ! Editor of the Sound Newsletter
—–> Dave Spreading the word about the
latest in sound technology


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