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S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death) Speak English Or Die CombatCore Records, 1985

Sargent "D" and the S.O.D.

Ruthless and vicious he'll stomp on your face Deadly, malicious, stay out of his space He'll rip your eyes out, don't look the wrong way And once you meet him, there's no time to pray He'll rip your heart out, make you eat your own lips Then crack your elbows, and crush fingertips

CHORUS: He'll make you wish that you didn't exist Cause Sargent D is coming, and you're on his list

Don't cut the line, cause he'll cut off your leg Don't take your time or you'll spend time with the dead Don't try to trick him, he'll fill you with lead Don't beg for mercy, he'll piss on your head He'll kill your sister, then mail back the tits He'll beat you senseless, then break out the whips


He'll put gas on your kids, then throw them a match He'll back the car over grandma, then dissect her cat With his Stormtroopers of Death, he'll come to your town Their uzi's rip through flesh, then it's time to chow down Their cause is justified, their reason is clear The word revenge is all that they hear


Kill Yourself

Can't take it, never could Time to end it, wish you would Friends and family, they're all gone Life for you is just a con Dig yourself a hole in the ground Push up daisies six feet down Take a dirt nap, by the farm Inject a bubble in your arm

CHORUS: Kill yourself, kill yourself Why don't you kill yourself Don't rely on no one else End it all just kill yourself

Life is just a one-way ticket Everyone must go around Here's a bucket go and kick it Slit your wrist without a sound When you go don't make a big deal No dramatics, don't overplay Cause don't you know that we'll all feel Better once you've gone away


You're a loser, there's nothing left for you A worthless loser, at everything you do

Milano Mosh

You think that, you're really hard You think, that you can mosh Got your suspenders, and got your boots You better wear armor, you fuckin fool We mosh, until we die We mosh, until you fry You think that you can try But can you do…the Milano Mosh


Speak English or Die

You come into this country You cant get real jobs Boats and boats and boats of you Go home you fuckin slobs Selling hot-dogs on the corner Selling papers in the street Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating Where you come from must be beat

CHORUS: You always make us wait You're the ones we hate You can't communicate Speak english or die

You don't know what I want You don't know what I need Why must I repeat myself Can't you fuckin read Nice fuckin accents Why can't you speak like me What's that dot on your head Do you use it to see


United Forces

It doesn't matter how you wear your hair It's what's inside your head United Forces stand for all strong and fair Black, white and yellow and red

CHORUS: United Forces, United Forces, united United Forces, United Forces, united

Skinheads and bangers and punks stand as one Cross-over to a final scene United Forces and their job won't be done Until the world can see


No rednecks, no jocks, no macho-bullshit attitudes United Forces can't be stopped - (REPEAT 2X)

Chromatic Death

Chromatic death Chromatic death

Pi Alpha Nu

Going out to drink beer Having loads and loads of fun Don't complain spring break is here Hanging out in P and G's

CHORUS: Pi Alpha Nu Pi Alpha Nu

Hanging out in the trippin fields Jumping into mud puddles Toga party was a blast Don't know how the people last


Antiprocrastination Song

Antiprocrastination song

Freddy Krueger

He's hands spells death He breathes his vile breath No way you can stop him once he's out He haunts your sleep in the tub he hides down deep He rips your face and no one hears you shout

CHORUS: He's come for you, what will you do He slash you and rip you and cut you in two

His teeth are black Flex metal knuckles with a crack Maggots crawling all throughout his skin He'll get them all Everyone will hear his call When his razors grip beneath their chin


As the blood begins to splat On his sweater and on his hat His rotted mouth smiles as you die His colors red and green His skin's not what it seems He rips at it and tears off his own flesh



I woke up, can't wait to eat Got my cereal, boy was I beat Open the fridge, and to my dismay There was no milk, my mother will pay

CHORUS: I want some milk, my coffee grows cold I want some milk, I should've been told

BRIDGE: I wish I had some goddamn milk My cheerio's just ain't the same I wish I had some goddamn milk Too bad the milkman never came

I can't go out to the store I just wait till my mother buys more I'll just have wheat-thins and beer If I get sick, the toilet is near


Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues

Erving! Where are my maxi-pads? Help me find them before I paint the whole house red! You men have it soooo easy… I wish that you could feel this just one…. I'm passing clots the size of basketballs

CHORUS: Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues

Oh God. It stained right on to my new dress!! Godammit, why'd this have to happen now Oh…you're hungry are you? Well come here Erving darling… How about a bloody merry!!!


Pussy Whipped

Walk the dog, do the dishes Your lips are brown from kissing ass Sorry guys I can't make it Maybe next time, think I'll pass Don't make her mad, don't make her sad A fate for you that's worse than death You're a slave and you don't know it It always happens to the best

CHORUS: Pussy whipped, pussy whipped Don't you know you're pussy whipped Pussy whipped, pussy whipped Don't you know you're pussy whipped

She wants to be involved with you In every little thing you do Always has to add her two cents It's obvious who wears the pants Your friends all hate you, you don't care Cause you have been trapped in her lair And hopefully one day you'll see That pussy can be caught for free


Fistbanging Mania

You see them in the front At every fuckin show Fistbanging maniacs With heads that move so slow Who wants to see your fist Right in their fuckin face They should learn to mosh Or leave the fuckin place

CHORUS: Fistbanging mania Fistbanging mania Fistbanging mania Fistbanging mania


You know that they mean well But it still makes you frown Why can't they really thrash And put their fistbangs down Save that fistbanging shit For bands like Motley Crue Or when you come see us We'll dive on top of you


No Turning Back

We will fry We never learn, so now we burn

The time has come to start again But first we must all see the end By hand of God or man To oblivion we descend I think that this is understood Wouldn't stop it if I could Time for the human race to die And give this world a chance to thrive


Fuck the Middle East

Fuck the middle east There's too many problems They just get in the way We sure could live without them They hijack our planes They raise our oil prices We'll kill them all and have a ball And end their fuckin crisis Beirut, Lebanon - won't exist once we're done Libya, Iran - we'll flush the bastards down the can Syrians and Shites - crush their faces with our might Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these dicks

Douche Crew

Why do you play so fast…to be cool If you think you'll last…you're just fools You try to be something…that you're not And all you do is fill our ears…with rot You claim to play hardcore Well that's a bunch of shit You're just a bunch of snot-nosed kids A real group of tits You make your bed you lay in I bet it's made of shit You think you're all so macho I bet you all have clits

CHORUS: You're just a Douche Crew You're just a Douche Crew You're just a Douche Crew You're just a Douche Crew

We offered you our hands You just turned your backs You're just a bunch of poser douche-bags Faggot, dickless, hacks Wearing all the douchy clothes They like to watch each other pose They're all the same so fuckin lame We shove their spikes up their holes


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