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                        Ode to Freddie Mercury
                          Bumhemian Rhapsody
                          Is this the real life?
                           Is this just fantasy
                         Caught with my pants down
                        With no escape from reality
                              Open you thighs
                       Look up to the skies and feel
                            I'm just a gay boy
                          Play with your sexy toy
                      You can ease it in, Ease it out
                         Do not stop until I shout
                        Put it where the wind blows
                       You can stick it right up me
                            For Free, for free
                          Mama, just killed a man
                        I was giving him some head
                       Hes got aids and now hes Dead
                        Mama, stuck it in his mouth
                  And now hes gone and blown it all away
                              Mama, ooh-oooh
                        Didn't mean to make you cry
                If I've not come again this time tommorrow
              Carry on, Carry on, until my arse is shattered
                         Too late, you had my Bum
                         Sent shivers up my spine
                        Bottom aching all the time
                 Goodbye everybody, I've got AIDS you know
               I was taken from behind, Nearly made me blind
                    I see a pair of stilettoes on a man
              Have a go, Have a go, You can do the Gang Bango
                        Thunderbolts and Lightening
               You can stick it tight in meeeeee, in meeeeee
                            Gay e oh, Gay e oh
                            Gay e oh, Magnifico
                    I'm just a rent boy, nobody pays me
                   Hes just a gay boy from a gay family
                       Spare me a dildo for his tea
              Easy suck, easy blow, will you let me have a go
       E .......... No, we will not let you blow - Let me blow (x3)
                               Let you Blow
              Never, Never, Never, Let you Blooo oo ooowwwwww
                Oh Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me blow
      Baelzbub has a devil put a rubber on me, on meeeee, on meeeeeee
             So you think you can leave me and fuckup my life
               If you do I shall go round and tell your wife
                          Oh Baby, I want it baby
                           Just got to get it in
                       Just stick it right in my ear
                  Nothing really matters, anyone can see
              My arse is in tatters, it was all done for free
                     Taken me where the dead go .....
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