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		   "Some Hackers Card"
       To the tune of "Some Like it hot" -Power Station
Written By The Slipped Disk because he hasn't written a parody in six months.

You want a new PC, How you gonna get it? They said it costs two G's, How you gonna get it? You know you cannot pay, How you gonna get it? Just let me show the way, And I'll let you get it.

Get a card, in any store trash bin, Find a place, to drop it off, you're on your way….

Some Hackers Card and some just like to rip stuff off, \ Some will protest but the stuff is always dropped off. \ (Chorus) Some Hackers Card, But they never know just when to stop, / Some Hackers Card and they get stuff that's real hard to top. /

I think we got it down, We are gonna get it. We found a place Downtown, We are gonna get it. Just sit and wait it out, We are gonna get it. This stuff is fun without Doubt, We're gonna get it.

This is Crime, of that there is no doubt, But I think, That it's worth it, let's try it now….

Some hackers Card and some will like to rip stuff off… Some Hackers Card…. Some Hackers Card….


Get a card, in a local trash bin, Find a drop, It's that easy, go try it now…


Some hackers card… (Repeat)

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