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		      "Fed Busters"
	 To the tune of "GhostBusters"-Ray Parker, Jr.
	    By The Slipped Disk & The Data Blitz

Fed Busters!

When you think a tap, is on your line, Who you gonna phone? Fed Busters!

When you're typin' things, that aren't legal, Where should they go? Fed Busters!

I aint fraid' of no Feds! (Repeat)

When your bill's too high, and you have no codes, Who gives ya help? Fed Busters!

And you're very new, to breaking laws, Yow! Who shows the way? Fed Busters!

I ain't fraid' of no Feds! (Repeat)


Who will tell the facts? Fed Busters!

When you need a code, or a testing phone, Then ask, Fed Busters!

I don't care about feds! I ain't been caught just yet.

We aren't fraid of those Feds! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)

Who will spread the word? Fed Busters!

If your in need of some, phreakin' tips, phracker, You better call…… Fed Busters! (Yow!)


Let me lay it on ya.. PHRACKING MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!

They will lose those Feds! They will bust them Feds!

Don't remain unknown, oh no! Fed Busters! If they break down your door, Flashing warrants by the score, I suggest that you call, Fed Busters!

Who you gonna need? Fed Busters! <Repeat until fade>

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