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| | /\ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= /\ | | | -(*)- <[]> Announcing MusicNet - Zone 808 @ musicnet.ftn <[]> -(*)- | | | \/ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= \/ | | |————————————————————————–| |_##_1/4 |

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'' MusicNet is a brand new network devoted to all aspects of all types of music. Whether your interest is in rock, country, jazz, classical, rap or the blues, MusicNet is for you. Whether you are a musician or simply a fan, MusicNet is for you. Whether your interest is in messages or files or both, MusicNet is for you. Simply put, if you have any interest at all in music, you'll probably find something in MusicNet to your liking. Features and benefits of MusicNet include the following: # Membership is FREE! Your only costs will be any phone charges, if you're not able to get a local hub. # Based on Fido-technology. This simply means that if your software is Fido-compatible, you should have no problem running MusicNet. MusicNet uses zone 808 and with a musicnet.ftn domain. # A policy based on democracy. All major decisions are decided on by the general membership. This includes the addition and deletion of any and all echoes. As ZC, my vote counts the same as anyone elses. In addition, all policy proposals will be given plenty of time for discussion before any voting takes place. Nothing will be shoved down anyone's throat. # Charter membership. That really doesn't mean anything, except that because MusicNet is still in its infancy, you have a greater chance to help shape it into something you can really enjoy and be proud of. # Fast growing. Despite still being in diapers <g>, MusicNet is already reaching the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK, with very good prospects for spreading into still further countries in the near future. # Bright future. This is not a network that has been around for years and has gotten stale and boring. This is a network with a lot of excitement and potential. There is no reason why it shouldn't continue to grow and grow and grow. Plateaus are for people lacking imagination and drive. Not a problem in MusicNet. Here are the current MusicNet message echoes: M.ADM.ECHO MusicNet Echo Discussion M.ADM.FDS MusicNet FDS Announcements M.ADM.HOST MusicNet Hosts M.ADM.SYSOP MusicNet SysOps M.ADM.TEST MusicNet Test Echo M.CLASSICAL Classical Music M.COUNTRY Country Music M.JAZZ Jazz Music M.MISC Non-Musical Chit-Chat M.MISC.4SALE For Sale & Wanted Ads M.MUSIC Music General Chat M.MUSIC.LYRICS Song Lyrics M.MUSICIAN Serious Musician Discussion M.RAP Rap Music M.ROCK Rock Music General Chat M.ROCK.CLASSIC Classic Rock Music M.ROCK.METAL Heavy Metal and Thrash You'll note the Internet-style echo names. This allows for better echo organization and easier wildcard areafixing. It does _not_ mean you can expect to find Internet echoes and those huge Internet headers. Here are the current MusicNet file echoes: M-ADM MusicNet Administration Files M-MIDI MIDI Data Files M-MODS Noise/Sound/ProTracker MODs M-NDIFF MusicNet NodeDiffs M-NLIST MusicNet NodeLists M-OTHER Everything not already covered in another file echo M-PICS Music-related Pictures (GIF, JPG, etc.) M-SOUNDS Music-related Samples (AVR, SPL, WAV, etc.) M-TEXT Music-related Text Files If you become a MusicNet sysop and feel there should be other message and/or file echoes, you have every right to propose new echoes and have them voted upon. There's no guarantee they'll become accepted, but at least it will be decided by the general membership and not a dictator. If you're interested in learning more about MusicNet and/or joining, then please freq MUSICNET from one of the following addresses: 1:209/ 51:2/0.0@atarinet.ftn 116:122/0.0@pixnet.ftn

   /erry .\\ay - MusicNet ZC @ 808:100/0.0@musicnet.ftn
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